Understanding Findom In General

Note: Not all financial subs think the same, are into the same thing, and generally have other BDSM kinks on top of findom.

When the average person hears about financial domination, they think of money. While that may be a general notion, money does NOT represent financial domination. It’s an element but not the core of what is, power transfer.

Whether you love or hate it, money is the ultimate power in this world. Some say money is the root of all evil, it helps the world communicate, and keeps some “order.” (Not gonna state my own political opinions here.) But the first thing to understand from a philosophical standpoint, Money is someones life source. You need money to eat, buy things you enjoy, go out to a movie, pay off the mafia, buy a car, pay your rent, anything you can think of.

To explain why Findom is a form of BDSM, I will just compare basic PHYSICAL BDSM with mental BDSM.

Kim is into BDSM. She enjoys being blindfolded, being whipped, and verbally humiliated. Kim is a manager who makes a decent living and has big responsibilities. She constantly has to scold other employees and has to pick up the mess for employees that make mistakes that she has to correct. She has a friend at work who she has a crush on, and like wise. She makes mistakes at work and is always struggling to be on top of things. She’s loves her job but feels overwhelmed. She wishes she could just say fuck it all. John does hard work but is widely unnoticed by most at work. He longs for something more. She has a fling with “John” at work and are both kinky.

John Blindfolds her and whips her for each thing she does wrong. Being blindfolded takes away power, her sense to be able to see. Not being able to see makes her feel vulnerable. John gets sexually/emotionally excited as Kim is transferring her dignity and feelings of worth over to John, making him feel on top of the world. Being blind gives her a rush of not knowing what will happen, and John realizes he can do anything he want (with limits and safe word established.)

John can unleash his emotions and do more as she transfers more freedom, such as not being able to move when tied up. She wants to be abused and punished as she feels helpless in the outside world. To cope, she longs to transfer that power of being in control to another, making her feel low and worthless, satisfying her need to release all tension. She feels relieved of making herself worthless and making John more powerful as she longs for him. John craves this control as the rush of being unnoticed, which now converts to having control over his boss. This gives him a feeling of gratification.

Now for Understanding financial domination. Look at the examples of Kim and John and keep them in mind.

With money in mind, it is a submissive’s life source. It goes beyond being able to see or not being able to move around. Finances are what control your life in every way you think of. Consider being hit with a second tribute/tax as being whipped each time. If one can enjoy being whipped to be hurt, you can understand why one would enjoy being hurt financially, as it takes away power from the submissive. Just like not being able to move when tied up.. being immobilized.

Like transferring power to someone being your “vision”, you are transferring the ultimate form of power, the very thing that everyone needs to survive. Capitalism determines ones worth despite that notion being humane or not. For those who want to lose control on extreme levels financial is one of the most appealing (snuff fetish being the most extreme.. life transfer.) Like Kim enjoys feeling low and worthless while she carries the world on her shoulders, other BDSM subs enjoy feeling low in many forms. Transferring your hard earned cash to survive is one of the most submissive acts and extreme forms of humiliation possible.

I won’t use the word financial control as the most important aspect is POWER TRANSFER, not how much money someone is handing over to me. The amount doesn’t turn me on, its the aspect they are making me more powerful and superior.

Not all financial submissive/dominants are the same, male or female, gay bi or str8.

1. A Sub may enjoy sending tributes on his or her own. Poppers is very popular with loosing control even outside of findom as it lowers inhibitions. A submissive knows that transferring their life worth (cash) is very extreme and reckless, which can be fun but scary at the same time. Just like getting your ass beaten knowing something may go wrong even though it.
2. Some subs like the idea of a “locked/durable power transfer.” Examples are black screens on team viewer, as the sub has put himself in a situation to where the choice is no longer in his/her hands. A Sub may be into the idea of blackmail/power of attorney due to the rush of being “trapped” into giving up life control. This form of power transfer is quite different even though it still falls under findom. It’s quite different then willingly transferring your life source. You are transferring FREEDOM to however the master/misstress decides do convert it. A Power rush and sense of amusement is what is what usually freedom transfer is converted to.
3. Another odd example is forced power transfer. One example is being robbed in person, along with certain extreme measures. One example of this that also fits under #2 to some degree, is having someone implant trojans/keystrokes in your computer so you can be drained without notice and feel violated.

When I said in depth I meant it.

Like I said those into BDSM also have some other kink or into other forms of BDSM. For example most of my black subs are into racial degradation. You have no clue how many times I hear “white men are superior.” MANY have told me “n****rs*” are all born to serve. While that may be his fantasy, it has NOTHING do to do with financial domination, even if the black slave thinks so. Because I have black slaves who find it outright offensive. And also there are black doms/misstresses.

Now the big elephant in the room. Sexual orientation does NOT define dominants. Just like the example with racial degradation, homophobic degradation has somehow become popular in certain corners of the male findom scene. (Wasn’t plastered all over when I first started.) I used to be an admin on a femdom site because they wanted a male (wasn’t allowed to touch bisexual males… just do my job moderating.) I will tell you that there are lesbian cash subs who like to ALSO be called a dyke by heterosexual femdoms. Yes it happens but its nowhere near as common as it is here. On top of that, most male cash subs are heterosexual males. These facts completely defy the notion of what some feel is fact when its really just THEIR fetish. Just like the black subs who believe I’m superior just because I’m white. Of COURSE its rubbish. It ALL is.

To clarify things, many have their own meaning of findom. Just don’t confuse your other fetishes with what findom is, a power transfer. Not Minorities being put down.

During power transfer, I am equally as sexually excited as the submissive is the more in tune we are. Thats the way it should be. It’s an art. A good dom can get into the deep part of the mind and get them to surrender their cash without them even realize they are doing it. Yeah its hot when those amounts climb higher, but not all subs have large amounts of cash. I never turn the broke ones away, as they are STILL giving me most of what they have. Sometimes its hot to watch a poor man leave himself in further misery. It gets my dick hard watching a man cry with regret after he cums.
Over 10 I ended up being turned on by financial domination more then any fetish. Ive always been turned on by the power rush.

NOTE: There is a MAJOR difference between a a sugar daddy and a cash sub. There is a BIG difference between a BDSM Findom, a cam boy, and a cash hustler


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