Terms of Service

  1. We are non for profit and will never charge you for anything. Users May Choose To Verify Their Profile Via Webcam With The Admin, However It Is Not Required.
  2. If You Are Uploading Anything On The News Feed Or Your Timeline That Can Be Considered “Explicit,” Do Not Post It as “Public.”
  3. You are not to talk about any illegal activity unless its about “Intoxication.”
  4. We Will Not Tolerate Members Bullying Each Other either Dom, Sub, Or Switch. I will NOT tolerate that behavior. This is the easiest way to get banned.
  5. We are not gate keepers. If a slave is owned by you, she/he will be loyal if she/he chooses to. We personally don’t want to hear your high-school drama about someone draining a slave that is “yours.” Slaves may state they are owned on their profile, but they are not obligated to abide by it. It’s an informal declaration. 
  6. Please Do Not Post Images of Weapons, Or anything obviously illegal. We don’t care if you smoke weed. I do and so do the staff, just don’t post pics or videos with your bongs or ounces of reefer.
  7. By Viewing The “Exposures” Section You Acknowledge You Are 21 Years Of Age Or Older. Any Voluntary Submission For The Exposure Section Will Be Removed Upon Request If Asked.
  8. We Will FILTER out Time Wasters and Masters/Mistresses who Scam Subs/Switches. There are too many “Instadoms” flooding the internet.
  9. “Fuck You Pay Me” may be allowed on other sites but not on here. Its tacky to have it appear on the newsfeed. You can “talk this way” via private messages and on any private chat room you create. Don’t ever demand cash outside the chatroom.
  10. If A Dom/Switch gets 3 bad marks of scamming with PROOF from a slave/switch, they will be banned. If A Slave/Switch does something dumb like shutting off team viewer or scamming Doms/Switches, they will also get a bad mark. A bad mark will fall off your account in 3 months.
  11. A Switch Must be addressed as Sir/Mistress by default, unless they identify as Sub-Switch. 
  12. Derogatory terms may only be used in a BDSM context. Flat out bigotry is not tolerated, racist, sexist, homophobic ect. Only in a fantasy context is this allowed.
  13. You Agree by registering that we are no responsible for the actions of our members, as we are a free public service. The actions and words of our members do not reflect the views or intentions of this site.
  14. We will enforce our terms of service and can/will update our TOS at anytime. You will be notified of any changes by email.

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