To subs reading this, have you ever felt at times you were in another world while in a submissive state? Do you make decisions you normally wouldn’t make as you’re being dominated/fucked over? Did you spend more then you intended to, did you give out sensitive information, or perhaps did you let a man black out your computer screen because you “weren’t thinking clearly?”  This is totally normal because financial domination is a form of BDSM as subs do other “abnormal” things with non findom BDSM.   The correct term for this state of mind is “Subspace.” The ability to reach TRUE subspace is not the same thing as sniffing and sending.

When the average person thinks of Bondage of any kind the first thing that comes to mind is blind folds, leather, whips, chains, paddles, and rope. The power transfer of your life source coming from your wallet is a MENTAL form of bondage rather then physical. Subspace to many feels like you are almost hypnotized. Some say they feel like they are in a trance after staring at a pendulum. Many have a hard time reaching subspace when they crave to submit, which is where things like poppers or other drugs come into play. A truly skilled dominant can push a submissive into subspace without any substance if he or she knows what they are doing.  With Findom, I sometimes like to mix physical BDSM with Findom rather then alone. For example torturing their balls, twisting their nipples, a spiked chastity device, or whatever comes to my mind. In BDSM its easier to get into someone’s mind into subspace when mixing pain and pleasure.

When you mix pain and pleasure, your adrenal glands naturally release something called epinephrine (a hormone and neurotransmitter) as your brain releases endorphins from the pleasure you are feeling. During intense stress (doesn’t have to be bad stress) and high tension your adrenals can also release something called enkephalins, and enkephalins are very important to understand among these other natural brain chemicals. Enkephalins bind/attach to your opioid receptors during pain as an automatic response as a natural pain killer. Despite feeling some pain or being reminded of mental anguish as you’re being manipulated, your brain will release endorphins as you are “getting off” on losing control or being humiliated. And SOMETIMES if you know the submissive well enough, you can get their brain to release enkephalins without physical pain but it’s not that easy. In findom its much harder to activate opioid receptors naturally as the bondage is more mental. This is why intoxication comes into play and can be useful. Intense fear from things like dangerous thrills, blackmail, or info extraction can certainly trigger enkephalins to be released as an automatic response. A skilled dominant will be able to travel through someone’s mind like a long corridor and knowing which doors to enter. Many of my slaves are curious as to some of the questions I ask them, and each time I reassure them I have a reason for everything. 🙂

When You combine enkephalins, endorphins, and epinephrine the chemical combination creates a mild MDA or Morphine like effect. This is why pain can go away during the state of subspace. I’ve had old ancient slaves with spinal issues crawl on the floor feeling nothing at all as I manipulate their thinking as they are under my “spell.” Those opioid receptors combined with the rush of endorphins is literally like you just took a narcotic. And these brain chemicals create a unique effect, as its not just them all being present at once. The temporary altered brain chemistry can truly render one’s logic completely out the door! Subspace for some is like Heroin for the mind.. as many of the problems that bother you go away for a short while, nothing else matters but where your mind is focused in the world of subspace. When you feel that “urge” to get fucked over you remember those pleasurable feelings at times when you are feeling bored or at an emotional low. Subspace becomes a coping mechanism that you become hooked on, like staring at a book and hearing nothing as others call your name.

Like a young one walking near the top of the stairs, they aren’t aware they can be hurt themselves if they fall. In subspace, a sub trusting a “non compassionate” dominant may be hurt beyond the realms of what they intended to happen let alone their limits. It’s up to the responsibility of the dominant to check in on a human level if he/she feels that the session/playtime will harm the individual. Its also wise to check in on how your sub is feeling not just for moral reasons, but for the sake of long term dynamics. For example, if the submissive loses control and starts acting out on serious actions that could be detrimental in anyway, the dominant can expect a looming “Drop” when subspace has ended. A skilled master who knows what their doing does their best to make sure Drops don’t happen. And remember, A happy slave is a loyal slave.


One example of someone going into subspace, is stepping on their face while they beg to be abused. The harder I stomp, the more their opioid receptors are actived. They may feel pleasure from this degredation, creating the subspace effect. In subspace, he may give me sensitive information, his cash, or anything related to Findom.


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