Reviews: SirKraze


  1. Unlike many “lesser Doms,” SirKraze never fails to deliver as promised in its experience. It’s primary interest is popper videos. Many “Doms” will take a subs money but never deliver on the agreed vid in its experience. Based on experience, you never have to fear SirKraze will not deliver.

    He truly enjoys what he does and it shows. Highly recommend.

  2. Most affective Dom Master, need your day made knowing you SERVED your Master for the day, well Kraze is Your MASTER. He delivers and knows how to use you he way you need. A very unique Master that I have grown to know. And I know you will SERVE HIM WELL . Now do your GOOD DEED for today and fall to your knees and SERVE ….. You won’t REGRET IT !! 🤪😜😉

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