Not All Non-Paying Slaves Are Time Wasters

One of the biggest things masters/mistresses complain about are what they call time wasters. Yes I get them too, but my definition of a time waster has its own variation. 

This does not apply AS MUCH to those looking for a brutal hard ruthless rape in one sitting, as why the “fag tax” wheel exists. 

To me a time waster is someone who is not truly into findom but wants to talk my ear off (I usually pick up on that pretty quickly) or a man that is paying just to see me. I did that for years before being a cash dom and I’m past that. If you aren’t turned on by losing control of your wallet but wanna pay to see me jerk off, youre a time waster. 

BDSM is hot to me, and I want to ROB YOU. I want to milk your bank account and fuck you over. I want to hurt you. Just like other forms of BDSM, a dom gets off abusing a sub in whatever type of BDSM it is.

So if you wanna send me 50 to watch me jerk off, keep your fucking money. Im into cash fucking. You in my eyes are a time waster even if you are paying me 50. Even 100 I dont care. That doesnt turn me on. How is that fucking you over? 

I’d rather a REAL cash sub pay me small tributes even if its less, because I am rinsing the idiot that gets off on being broke.  Id rather take 60 from a true cash sub then 100 from a simple horny man. If its off niteflirt thats different. Its side change to me (Although making 34 grand in just 4 years alone is good pocket change.)


Now that I got that out of the way, the most important of this written piece. 

New/Curious Subs

Alot of masters quickly block “awakening” cash subs because they dont send instant money right away. I DO NOT ALWAYS NEED an upfront tribute. A skilled dom has money out of his head, and tries to get to know the sub on the other side of the computer (I’m talking online.)

There are subs who lurk the community not just this site, but the scene in general. They dont tribute but are turned on by the idea because they have that barrier. They need to talk because they dont know alot of the dynamics, and its more confusing when they are expected to hand cash over right away just because. Its plain stupid. This is why they are UNFAIRLY considered time wasters. Ive taken my time with new subs. I Ignore them if they are just talking my ear off. If they open up and talk about their dark thoughts, I pick away at their brain slowly. It pays off half the time! Patience for new subs is key, instead of just SHUTTING them out. 

Its a gain for me and a loss for a master whos impatient.

More cash subs would be in this scene if doms took their time. 

Cautious Subs:

Many many times I’ve had slaves message me for days, and If I feel they are truly into financial domination I will know. If they just wanna talk about it and not participate, then you are wasting my time. I’ll make it clear at why hes barking up the wrong tree and to go read a story on “nifty.”

Cautious subs are cautious for VERY good reasons. Half the reason many are cautious can be blamed on sloppy performance of cash seekers rather then genuine kinky doms. 

I’m saying this to subs openly: Don’t you hate when you send an upfront tribute and then get ignored? Remember buying that custom video and not hearing back? Remember that last master that did that one thing you asked him not to do? Think about all the masters that act like a cat coming back for a saucer of milk because the master is a street rat. For a mild cash sub, there is nothing worse then a master thinking it is made of money. 

Yes in fantasy its hot to be a full functioning ATM 24/7, but you know thats not realistic. (To the subs that control their addiction to this and are somewhat normal.)

After awhile, cautious subs do whatever they can do avoid these types. 


Don’t block out those who contact you right off the bat without a tribute, and GET RID OF that automatic message on twitter that says “tribute to get my attention.” It works on lowly demented subs but not for the majority.

Throughout the years, I’ve talked with a sub a week or two, only to end up serving me from months to years!  No tribute over 2 weeks, and has lost at least 15 grand to me total over 3 years.

As I mentioned about this mostly applying to mostly mild subs… sometimes those cautious subs arent mild rather…. DARK. Take your time…. and cash fuck the shit out of it later. It pays off.

Even if the baby isn’t in the bathwater, there may be a diamond ring at the bottom of the basin.

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