Cycle Of Scammers And Time Wasters

Throughout the last decade I’ve seen certain issues becoming not only more evident, but becoming more frequent. I’ve had other masters tell me they’ve actually read some of these blogs, so I’m taking into account who may read them. Masters have complained about time wasters while subs have retaliated, “what about the scammers?” Note: I will also cover “Con-Slaves” to be fair.


Have you ever wondered why paypal, cash app, venmo and everyone else is against their users using their services for findom? There have so many cases of people reporting “what they paid for and never received” or “fraud.” Now it’s very true we masters have been scammed by slaves, but thats NOT the majority of fraud/charge back cases. These payment services aren’t run by CEOs into kinky BDSM like we are, and they personally don’t wanna deal with the drama caused by the scene from inside. They’re a business and don’t wanna put up with all these reverse transactions.

Many times I’ve had slaves vent to me and tell me that they’ve ordered a custom video, bought used socks, or a drain session that goes wrong. For example a slave sends an initial tribute with the impression that “Sir” will get on camera and make him weaker… resulting in the master running off, asking to send again before turning on cam, or simply calling them “cheap” then blocking them. They’re not into BDSM, which is what Findom is. They are scam artists and you DAMN well know it.  If you are a slave reading this and are considering a chargeback, do NOT let them get away with it!!!! Don’t just stay silent in fear of being criticized, other slaves know EXACTLY how you feel. I encourage ALL of you to share your experiences good and bad. Fuck the enablers, which I will get to in a bit.

Because of their bad experiences, I get grouped as “one of them” and am told “I’m nervous because I’ve been screwed over before. I paid a master for a starting tribute and he never turned his cam on.” When slaves go through the same bullshit over and over, they stop trusting people…. (I don’t blame them!) and that’s where a lot of this ugly cycle starts to FEED on itself. I’m not angry at the slaves with trust issues, I’m angry at those who caused the trust issues in the first place.

What was once considered standard “sending a tribute first” is now morphing into “I’ll tribute if I can see you on cam first.” I am more then willing to do that for certain slaves, because I know EXACTLY why they are asking. When I take that leap of faith, most of the time its rewarding.  Note: To a new master, alarm bells may go off and this can instantly sound like a time waster. My advice to them is “have a little faith” and over time you will be able to judge on your own. Like I’ve said before, patience and creativity is KEY in this game.  We fall and make mistakes along the way, but we get back up and keep going. Even masters with years of experience still get “scammed” by true “time wasters.” We work together as a community and warn others when that happens.

Time Wasters And Con-Slaves

There may be a debate about this, but I have a very strong opinion of what a time waster is vs what the standard meaning is to others.

Slaves who con masters are usually disgruntled after getting scammed and turn around by doing it to genuine masters. Sometimes they are too afraid to pay and try to get whatever free stimulation they can get. (“I’m gonna get screwed anyway so fuck them.”) While I think its wrong for what happened to them in the past, two wrongs do not make a right. Slaves who scam masters are just as guilty and push other masters to keep the cycle going and going and going….

To any masters reading this… how many times have you had a slave beg you to drain them on team viewer/anydesk and then have it closed out without warning? They’re probably jerking off to you going in their computer with no intention of spreading their cash cunt. In 10-11 years doing this, something tells me its not because they are broke. These slaves can easily go elsewhere and find non findom masters to control their computer, so its not a matter of cost. They are simply CHOOSING not to tribute, which is outright disrespectful regardless of any wrongs done to them.

My PERSONAL take on why they do this is because they feel “entitled” to waste our time since “we” wasted not just their time but money as well. There is this fiery resentment due to past experiences which also leads to unfair chargebacks as well. THESE slaves need to be reported immediately, for they will give masters the wrong impression of slaves overall. If masters get a bad impression of slaves as a general whole, the cycle just keeps going like the energizer bunny.

Some of these slaves tribute starting low, when in the past they used to tribute starting higher. That sends a mixed signal to masters thinking “this is a cheap slave and not worth my time.” Much of the time they aren’t being cheap, they’re just being cautious. I’ve had many small starting tributes that ends up being a decent drain and a fun time for both of us. I understand how they feel and I do not blame them. I do personally get upset when I’m categorized as a scammer when I did nothing wrong. I don’t blame the slave, I blame the cycle that keeps building on itself.


I’ve been seeing this way too often lately and its quite disturbing. I’ve witnessed slaves complaining (rightfully) that a master took a starting tribute then just blocked them. I’ve seen slaves get called cheap or “annoying” which is totally unfair to the slave. What makes things WORSE, are other slaves ENCOURAGING this type of behavior from scam masters. Sometime last year I saw one slave respond to another slave being ripped off, “Oh well at least its in a real man’s pocket anyway.” That is the wrong way to think, and these slaves clearly don’t care about the reputation of our community. There are slaves who get told to fuck off because they didn’t tribute enough, only to result in getting blocked or called names that are unjustified. New and curious slaves who join the site will see this, and then walk away saying “never mind fuck this shit.”

The more slaves continue encouraging this, the worse the problem will become. It is another self-feeding cycle that just ravages the minds of uncertainty. When slaves ENABLE masters to con slaves and not in the “good way,” they will continue to do it. Not only that, other new masters (with little to no experience) see this and may also think its ok. And as more masters continue to think its ok, slaves will retaliate against other innocent masters out of anger. More masters are starting to exhibit this behavior and then running off with the cash. A slave recently told me about how a master controlled his PC which was a fetish for him. The master who locked his computer (who was supposed to have fun long term) took off after one tribute and was to never be heard from ever again. That master had the passwords and wouldn’t even respond. Out of the kindness of my heart, I spent TWELVE hours resetting his bios password that made his computer a brick. This type of behavior HAS TO STOP.

To the slaves encouraging this behavior, you are WORSE then the time wasters and Con masters combined.

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