Advanced BDSM Dominant Of A Decade

Experienced Genuine Dom of 11 years. Before being a findom I have always enjoyed aspects of BDSM in general. I treat each sub as a human being outside of session/subspace. Im dark minded, kinky, and not one that does this just for cash. As with certain other forms of BDSM, Financial Domination is a power transfer. Money to me is never the main focus of findom, rather more the power transfer, domination, and control aspect. Findom is a sexual high to me as a dominant, not as way of income.

Nothing shocks me as I’ve heard everything. I fully understand the mind of a sub and can gage where your head is at to get you into full subspace. I respect all limits and safewords. You should feel free to express what you’re into. I have many loyal subs. I have a Happy and content personal life. I may push limits a bit here and there, but thats it. My dick gets hard by the concept of power transfer. There’s nothing more submissive then handing over your hard earned cash, as you’re transferring your life source. I like to break into a sub’s mind and fuck it to my advantage. 🙂

BTW, I have NO criminal history record, and it’s something I’m proud of.
PS, I’m Not Straight. 😁

Favorite Color: Green
Shoe size : 12
Heroes: Karl Marx, Jimmy Carter, Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, Tony Hawk, John Lennon
Job: Volunteer At an animal shelter in my hometown.
What I spend most of my cash on: Rare and sought after music, mostly vinyl records. Have over 5000 albums and 45s.

Favorite Bands : Beatles, Carpenters, Green Day, Ledd Zepplin, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Eminem, Olivia Newton John, Poison, Owl City, Journey, Mamas n Papas, Sarah Brightman, Savage Garden, Beach Boys, Donna Summer, Billy Joel, George Strait, Bee Gees, Bob Dylan

Favorite Movies: Titanic, Amittyville Horror 1 + 2 (70s), The Shining (90s Remake), Misery, Terminator 2, Green Lantern, Gone With The Wind, The Notebook, The entire “Conjuring” series

Favorite Shows: American Horror Story, Family Ties, Threes Company, Big Brother, South Park, Queer As Folk, Twilight Zone, All In The Family, American Dad, Will & Grace
Favorite Foods: Pastries
Dislikes: Fighting and World Greed
Favorite Quote: It takes true hurt to feel compassion

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