Keyloggers And Bank Access

This Blog is unlike anything I have ever posted. Much will be actual dialogue, word taken for word. This all took place in 2020. The second half is long, but worth the read…. guaranteed to make you “blow.” 😉 This is a slave very special to me. 


Anthony had been in front of the computer staring at porn for 7 hours straight, high out of his mind. He would edge on and off watching videos on xTube among other sites. He had been a cash faggot for years, taking breaks while thinking his instincts could magically change.  His credit card is still thousands in debt. He has many kinks and has one of the darkest minds compared to the average individual. He longed for something new, something daring, something potentially dangerous. During sessions with masters, he always seemed annoyed when they would end communication once he was fully drained. (“Its so hot to get fucked over, but fun ends so quickly.”) This was one of many reasons Anthony goes back and forth. (“I’m so annoyed with guys doing the same thing, not truly trying to get in my head.”) He is a horny perverted man regardless and always will be.

When he works, he is a rational man who can put aside his dark thoughts and be professional. He is truly passionate about what he gives to the world, and how he cares about the well being of others. On another note, Anthony is very handsome as well. Outside of the BDSM world, most of my slaves are good people that I deeply respect. Anthony is truly a needle in a haystack, being a man of honor in the public eye and being a walking cash cunt, serving another purpose. Today in most countries, you can be openly gay bi trans whatever. Being a human wallet is like having a sexual orientation, it just never goes away. It’s an orientation you keep hidden from everyone, because nobody truly seems to understand…

One horny methed out night, Anthony stumbled upon an email from a site we were on that was sent out to all members (which I happened to write.) (“Its always a bore going there,”) Anthony thought to himself. (“But hey there are some new changes, a lot actually. May as well check it out.”) He slowly began going through new profiles getting hard seeings photos of men’s pits, one of his weaknesses. As Anthony viewed the new video section, his eyes caught some of my videos. The video that drew him in the most, was “Cash Fucking Feels Amazing.” (“Fuck that is so hot, its so true. Its another form of sex, he totally gets it!”) Anthony began watching it over and over, stroking his limp dick. He then found my blogs, which truly triggered his dripping cunt. (“Damn this kid is a good writer.”) He read every single blog with a second window open playing the same videos on repeat.

Anthony Then Contacted me on Skype, “I saw some of Your videos and blogs on the site Sir.” I replied, “Oh what did you think of them?” Typing back, “I found them very exciting, You seemed powerful and able to get inside a sub’s head. I guess that attracted me Sir.”

Me – I operate very differently then most. Have the second most reviews, 44 (50 Now.)

Anthony – Judging from Your videos and blogs, I think I understand why Sir

Me – How do you see findom, slaves answer differently many times

Anthony – Depends. Sometimes Masters give orders for payment and I send cash. Other times Masters use TeamViewer instead.

Me – Do you use poppers

Anthony – No Sir, but I do smoke Tina

Me – Tell me what you’re into and tell me as much detail as possible I will read it.

Anthony – I’m really into armpits. I also get turned on by findom obviously. Giving up control through TeamViewer is fun. Getting mindless/intoxed is hot too.

Me – I’m very creative and get off on the power sexually, I don’t just see profit in mind. The hornier you are, the more creative my brain operates in spreading the cunt inside your brain. Just to get my dick wet as you moan for me to SCREW you

Anthony – Fuck yeah, I’m always horny Sir so that shouldn’t be a problem. Wish I’d come across You sooner then!

The conversation ended in planning for his next payday, Anthony was rock hard every single day reading the same blogs over and over. (“That would be crazy to give him my ID and address… it sounds so dangerous yet I can’t stop thinking about it.”) Anthony was yet to realize just how far he would go, and where I would take his mind. After coming home from work and his days off, Anthony would stare mindlessly at my videos. His eyes were that of a man on morphine, raging horny at the thought of giving me access to his facebook. (“Fuck now that’s some fucked up shit… am I really stupid enough to do that? I totally am and I don’t care, I’m so tired of the same stuff… Kris seems so different the way he talks and makes me weak. He knows how my head thinks.”) For the first time, thoughts of perversion invaded his mind even at work, the grocery store, and random hook ups on grindr. One evening as a man was thrusting in him, he had strange thoughts, (“I wish Kris was pounding my wallet the way this man is pounding my ass.”)

Days before Payday:

Me : I have so many losers who use Tina it’s not even funny

Anthony : Do they get stupid when on Tina?

Me : They’re already stupid to begin with! But if you meant more reckless.. depends on the situation

Anthony : Haha true Sir. I’ve found Tina makes me more reckless

Me : Makes you who you truly are it brings out the real you

Anthony : Yes, exactly Sir

Me : You discover a losers true sex drive.  Spreading your legs to vulnerability. It just feels right doesn’t it? Having a man slide in and out of your brains as I melt it?

Anthony : Yes Sir. It does. I’ll spread my legs for You Sir. Yes Sir, mentally and physically

Me : If I was there in person I would have dollar symbols written on your ass cheeks

Anthony : Fuck

Mind Fuck goes farther..

Me : I’m going to save my load for when I fuck your cunt. When I am horny and full of testosterone I just take what I deserve. I like when losers give me personal information, It makes my dick even harder and makes your pussy wet for me to fuck it. It makes your life source wet waiting to be flushed out

Anthony : My pussy should be wet so You can fuck it Sir. Did You really want personal information from me Sir? What sort of information do You want Sir?

Me : It turns me on. It depends how I’m feeling during our session, Sometimes that information can be useful long-term. Anyway, I’m about to start a session with another Slave so chat later.

Anthony : Have fun Sir. Chat later

Anthony’s Mind was going wild with excitement. (“I can’t believe I am going to give him my personal information. The fact that he just wants it makes me even hornier.. he wants it.. he wants it.. he wants my fucking cash, he wants to fuck me.”)


First Session


I called Anthony on Skype as he answered with his iPad. I took off my shirt and let his mouth water, then he begged If I could log into his anydesk. “My cunt has been twitching all week Sir. Yes I want You between my legs. Fucking my mind. I’m a willing victim.” It pleased me to see his handsome face in such a submissive mindset, willing to give me anything I demanded. I circled my mouse around his PayPal as he gasped, playing with his limp dick. I took 50 USD for the first time. I watched him gazing at the computer screen while he talked to me, “My legs are spread, it feels amazing Sir.” I asked if he wanted me to fuck his cunt like a pussy. “My cash cock is rock hard, your cash is basically lube for me to fuck you over. Your hard earned cash is nothing but pussy juice for me to slide in your mind to rob and fuck you over.” Anthony lit up his pipe once more, holding the smoke in as long as he could. He spoke as he blew out, “Fuck yes God. I am a fucking idiot. Fuck it turns me on too… it turns me on more knowing its turning you on God.”

I smirked again as I positioned the camera as if I were hovering over him in a fucking motion. (“Oh please fuck me hard God!”) “When people have sex, both people are turned on. We’re having sex Anthony, its called cash fucking. My 8 Inch dick is poking around the gSpot in your bank account.” Moving the cursor I took 100 from his PayPal as he moaned loudly. Anthony was entering a world he had never felt before, letting go of all insecurities and boundaries he had placed his entire life. There were no limits with me, he truly had his legs spread for me to fuck him over. “Yes God. I want Your cashcock. You should be able to log into my AnyDesk whenever You want.” I smiled as he suggested me logging into his any desk whenever I wanted. “Well Anthony, we could go beyond that, such as placing a trojan or key logger into your computer.” Anthony took another hit playing with his clit, opening and closing his legs physically back and forth. “Fuck, it’d be pretty reckless. But an idiot, It’s what I am.” My response to that was taking another 100.

I was turned on as Anthony was totally into letting me have total control over his life and privacy. I could log into whatever I wanted to while he was at work, and the thought of that made me jerk off to how fucking dumb he was. I told him I wanted to cum inside his cash cunt. “Yes you deserve to cum in my cunt. I love being fucked up in the head. I love that my stupidity makes You hard Sir.” I was starting to precum, turned on from the power I was gaining over his mind. “Your bank account feels amazing on my dick, just gliding in and out as you get weaker while I become more powerful.” Anthony started groaning from lust as I took another 75. “Your cashcock feels amazing, I’m proud to be fucking stupid.” I began manipulating his mind deeper. “When people fuck, the bottom  usually does some of the work such as riding a big dick. I love when a warm pussy grips my dick and moves against me in sync.” Anthony seemed to get it, and it felt so right sending 100 on his own. “Fuck I want to push my cashcunt against Your cashcock.” Shortly after, he sent 50 again. “I want You to keep fucking me Sir. My mind is already starting to twist.” Anthony’s checking account was almost empty, but I didn’t care as I was getting close to cumming.

Me : Take another hit for 15 seconds

Anthony : I love how You fuck my mind

Me : And remember that you’re jerking your cash away like a dumb loser. 

Anthony : Fuck yeah, I’m a dumb loser for You God. Happy to have You keep slamming Your cock in my brains

Me : Ur sexual high is dwindling your life source knowing how happy it makes me

Anthony : Are there other ways I could be more pathetic?

Me : Going negative or giving me passwords

Anthony : Hmm what passwords God?

Me : Facebook

Anthony : What will You do with it?

Me : Just turned on by you being more vulnerable to me

Anthony : Fuck I want to give it to You God

Anthony did exactly just that, giving me his log in to facebook along with the recovery email and password. He went on about how much his bank account could overdraft by. I sent heart emojis, “I want your cunt red and sore.”

Anthony found it surprising that he was getting close to cumming as well. “I’m a reckless fucking idiot.” I took $150 as he told me he was almost about to cum. Playing with his mind yet being honest, I was about to cum too… “Wouldn’t it be hot if we both came at the same time while getting cash fucked? Just like cumming at the same time with average boring sex.” Anthony couldn’t hold on for much longer as his eyes began to close while his mouth widened. “Fuck. Spread my cunt Sir.” He sent another 50 on his own.  “I’m a reckless fucking idiot. Yes Sir. Feel my cunt. Fuck me hard!” Anthony told me he was almost about to be negative.. then asked if he should be left flat broke. Without waiting for an answer he sent me what was remaining till he had $13 left. “Cum inside me Sir, I love being fucked up in the head, Fuck my mind Sir, fuck $1500 AUD. I love You Sir as You take advantage of me.. Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum, I’m a loser, I’m gonna cum!!” We both came at the same time as jets shot from Anthony while my own cum shot below the camera. Both of us moaned, coming out from our headspace.

Anthony then left me feedback on dominants, the same reason others do. We talked about how hot it was as he asked about my other videos. Since he already spent his entire paycheck, I sent him just about everything. To this day he still has everything in his computer, a folder dedicated to me. I walked to the sit down restaurant by my house. I sent him a picture of my breakfast, smiling sadistically that I lived like a powerful God while he became worthless to serve his purpose.


Weeks Later…


Anthony : My legs are always spread for You

Me : I shoot my load staring at your misery, stupidity, and vulnerability. I’m DRAINING your life and walking all over you. While you spread your cunt and let me keep doing it. Because you are THAT STUPID!

Anthony : I love spreading my cunt for You God. My mind is fucked up God.

Me : You’ve always been fucked up. One day I wanna be swimming through your facebook messages as your cunt gets wet because of your recklessness

Out of nowhere Anthony sent me his full government license revealing his address.

Me : Thats fucking HOT, You’re really turning me on now.

Anthony : I’ve never sent my driver’s license like that before

Me : How does it make you feel

Anthony : Happy that it’s turning You on God

Me : Our birthdays are close, Dec 1st here, Both Sagg.

Anthony : Yeah I noticed that too God

Me : Ur a cute slave, take it as a compliment. Most are ugly as fuck. Not sure if you’ve only served str8 gods

Anthony : Thank You God, Yeah pretty much only str8 masters. It seems they always take the money and just go. They rob me and poof they are gone. With you I have never cum harder getting my cunt fucked. You are actually into it.

Me : Different experience? The more I get to know you, the more things will evolve

Anthony : Yeah different but because of Your mind fucking

Me : I don’t play from scripts or use looks simply to make one weak, I use my brains as ammunition. I’m equally turned on by the power trip as you are becoming worthless just for my pleasure and benefit. I’m hard as fuck at the thought of fucking ur cunt till it’s sore n red. The most humiliating thought, truly being worthless and shooting your load to the misery I put you through. It’s blissful sinking into nothingness, Fucking ur cunt till it’s dripping cum and tossing you aside like a bitch after I’m done with her.

Anthony : Sounds like a cashcunt. My head is so fucked up

Me : That just got me hard again

Anthony : Yeah? You like me fucked up?

Me : Ur cash makes me even harder, It made me shoot a huge fucking load like you saw,  I shot as you told me what ur check was. I love when a dumb losers pushes that cunt against my cock willingly. It’s even more submissive

For the first time, me and Anthony talked about environmentalism, an issue we are both passionate about. We talked about how much we hated Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. But I won’t get into that to avoid breaking the mood to readers here. I would randomly screenshot messages on his facebook to tease him on various days. “Thank You for invading my life God.”

Another Session weeks later…

Anthony told me he was feeling a bit stupid, so I flat out asked him to give me full access to his checking account. Anthony told me it sounded so hot, “I would be so fucking stupid to do that God.” I laughed on my end, “You ARE that fucking stupid.” (“It always turns me on when he insults me…”) I called him on Skype again as he stared at me, “Yeah I am stupid God.” I was getting rock hard, and so was he. “Ready to get fucked between that Gspot?” Anthony took another hit of Tina. “Paypal is just LUBE for fucking.” (“He wants access to my checking account fuck that sounds so hot. It sounds so dangerous.”) Like an idiot Anthony typed in the login to his checking account as he moaned “fuck.” I layed back taking my shirt off once more. “Those pits make my cunt so wet.” I played with his checking account, transferring money back and forth between his savings and main checking while we jerked off to how dumb he was. “I’m proud to be fucked up in the head. I’m proud to have a cashcunt.” At this point, Anthony’s computer background was a collage of various photos of me.

Anthony sent me 100 on his own, “Pushing my cunt up against Your cashcock.” I sent him a hard live pic of my cash cock to make him weaker. “I am a fucking idiot, I’m so fucking high.” We kept fucking into the night, moaning as the numbers in his bank account continued to dwindle into nothingness. “I’m an addicted little whore spreading my fucking cunt.” I began digging in his recovery email to his iCloud and facebook. I asked him how vulnerable he has been before. “Well I’ve never given anyone else my Facebook and email log in passwords.” I asked how it made him feel inside. “Scary, vulnerable, powerless.”  I told him about my collection of all kind of personal info and records. “I like waving physical copies as the loser jerks his/her cash away. I love power over you, I check your facebook on a daily basis now.” Anthony was turned on knowing he could keep no secrets. “Hearing that makes my cunt so wet.” I sent his bank account into the negative once more. Despite him being negative, I wasn’t done having fun with him yet. Instead of putting a trojan in his computer, I figured that a key logger would suffice.

The key logger I placed in his computer was brilliant. It logged every key, showed me all the websites he had visited, what applications he used, and even a screenshot of his computer every 10 minutes. Anthony’s eyes danced wildly as he took a long hit letting his stupidity take over all logic and reason. While I continued adjusting settings to take away any remaining privacy in his life, I sent him another “Cash Fucking Feels Amazing Video, aimed directly at him. Its also on the site as we speak, Cash Fucking Feels Amazing 3. For months on end, Anthony would watch the same video over and over again. Anthony didn’t care when I just swiped over 100 passwords linked to his iCloud keychain and his google chrome settings. He just took a big hit muttering how he loved being an idiot.

Me : What’s running through your head

Anthony : How much of a cashcunt I am

Me : Wanna know what’s running in my head? How amazing it felt shooting my load just now knowing I destroyed ur Cunt really hard tonight. Are you feeling any negative emotions? (ALWAYS use subliminal aftercare to any masters reading this.)

Anthony : Fuck that’s hot God. Nope

Me : I just came really hard earlier. When I started looking at the numbers I busted

Anthony : Haha fuck!

Me : Thinking of how easy it was to manipulate you into transferring your life source

Anthony : It should be easy

Me : Not even caring you’re negative, That’s even hotter. And the idea is just making me horny again

Anthony : Haha that’s fucking hot

Me : I love leaving ur Cunt negative and torn up by my cock.

Anthony : Fuck, I love it too. My cunt will always spread for You God

Me : I’m gonna keep making you cum harder and harder, And I wanna stare into those eyes each time

Anthony : Fucking my hole while You’re fucking me over

Me : Some swear on the Bible it’s the hottest orgasm ever, getting fucked in both cunts together. You being hot makes it even more fun

Anthony : Haha thanks God. I’m glad You like. I definitely find You irresistibly hot

Me : Ok I’m horny again

This shows why I like him as a person.

Anthony : Haha I have stopped being horny. Are You tired though God?

Me : I can let you go if you have things to do

Anthony : It’s cool. Got nothing better to do God, I enjoy talking with You too God

Me : I like you as a slave but have a crush too. I think that breaks unwritten rules but I don’t care. You’re liberal like me. I like your mind

Anthony : Haha, yeah it’s great how we get on and have common interests. I like how we can talk normally but that still doesn’t stop You from fucking me over haha

Me : Climate change is my biggest concern for the world, If I could have one wish, it would be to be a world leader who puts a stop to pollution.

Anthony : Yeah that’d be awesome. Just gotta get all the politics out of politics if that makes sense. Like getting into power but then things like lobby groups, political party deals etc could stop the progress or whatever

Me : I know what you mean. The flaws of capitalism are what’s keeping anything from being done. If doing the right thing causes profit loss, the system takes a hit. The system comes before doing the right thing

Anthony : Yep, that’s very accurate God

Me : People care about themselves only. “I won’t be here so why should I care? It’s disgusting.”

Anthony : Yep exactly. Mostly it’s all selfishness. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. They’re probably the same sort of people who will say things like they won’t go to Tokyo because of Fukushima back in 2012. Anything for profits


Weeks Later


At this point, I was able to log into Anthony’s computer anytime I wanted. Even when he was at work I’d get stoned going through his shit and bragging about it on whatsapp. For the first time his cunt began to get wet even though he was supposed to be working. (“Oh fuck I wanna get screwed over at work!”) Anthony was tapping his fingers wildly on the desk between classes, contemplating on begging me to fuck him while he casually sat at the desk. He text me during his lunch break, “My cunt is wet sir, I’ve never been soaked at work before! Are you enjoying digging through my privacy?” I responded to him that I was horny, addicted to $crewing him and cumming inside his bank account. Anthony flat out asked me to fuck him right then and there, the desk where he taught his students. (“This is so not right, my mind should be in other places right now. I’m not even high and I want his cash cock fucking me hard. I’m working right now just for him to take it in the end.”)

Me : Wrap those legs around me and beg me to destroy ur hole

Anthony : I love You for screwing me over and taking advantage of me 😍 I’m Your willing victim God. You Having sex with ur wallet makes me cum harder then anything. It’s so strange I’m not even High!

Me : Ur cunt gets naturally wet.. it’s almost like a sexual orientation that will never go away. You’re dumb fag pride washes over you when you get wet, I enjoy talking down to you

Anthony : It’s just making my cashcunt even more wet

Me : How bad do you want to have sex with my cash cock inside you thrusting hard? I could slide my cock in partially and not too deep.

Anthony : Fuck, spread my cunt God

Me : I need to be inside you as i make love to ur wallet while making you moan and scream at the same time.

Anthony reminded me that he was at work and couldn’t moan from long distance sex… even though he wanted to. Having no control over his computer I began to start TAKING what I WANTED. I started with $100 as I waited to see his response. “Oh Fuck God fuck me harder.” I took $150 while he tried to act normal in the classroom. He set his phone down as be begged me to wreck him hard. (“He’s gonna fuck my cunt while I don’t even see what’s going on!”) Anthony proceeded back to his students as I began doing drains of $50. I stared into his bank account and began jerking off while screwing him over. I was edging myself as I refreshed the page to his checking account each time I sent on PayPal through his 24/7 any desk. I eventually left him with $500 AUS then shot my load. Anthony later checked his phone with a message telling him to look into his bank account. Right in the middle of a change in his classes he wanted to cum hands free after being robbed.

Anthony : I love when You treat me like an object, like Your property

Me : I love fucking you out of your paychecks

Anthony : Those are YOUR paychecks God. Thank you for fucking me at work.

Me : I enjoyed just taking it while you mindlessly set your phone down without watching.

Anthony : Just log in and take it if I disobey you, that will teach me a lesson.


Additional Logs From Whattsapp

2/8/20, 5:27:55 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m thinking of other things as well, like your hands tied to your ankles with that ass up and mouth gagged with my boxers.

[2/8/20, 5:29:02 AM] Anthony Slave: I’m Your property. Use me how You want God

[2/8/20, 5:29:12 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love when you call me god

[2/8/20, 5:29:54 AM] Anthony Slave: It’s what You are to me God

[2/8/20, 5:30:51 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: See me as the man you love that abuses you

[2/8/20, 5:30:59 AM] Anthony Slave: I actually used to be full on Christian

[2/8/20, 5:31:11 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Yeah me too 😂

[2/8/20, 5:31:21 AM] Anthony Slave: Haha

[2/8/20, 5:31:35 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I was actually raised Catholic

[2/8/20, 5:32:03 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I can still be twisted when I’m horny

[2/8/20, 5:32:18 AM] Anthony Slave: Haha fuck yeah!

[2/8/20, 5:34:07 AM] Anthony Slave: My dad’s side of the family is Catholic but it was really only my grandparents who practised it. My aunts, uncles, cousins etc aren’t religious about it

[2/8/20, 5:36:36 AM] Anthony Slave: I ended up going to a Protestant church and everything though because my friends were involved in it

[2/8/20, 5:36:51 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’ll be honest I do still go to mass but like once a month. Yes I do believe, but I’m a catholic-agnostic because I know I could be wrong. I’m intelligent enough to understand “indoctrination”

[2/8/20, 5:38:01 AM] Anthony Slave: Ah fair enough. Hope you’re not bothered by me calling You God then

[2/8/20, 5:38:10 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: No not at all

[2/8/20, 5:38:16 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I like it

[2/8/20, 5:38:31 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Usually it’s sir or master, so a bit different

[2/8/20, 5:38:58 AM] Anthony Slave: Good. Because You are the only God I believe in

[2/8/20, 5:39:07 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 😈😏

[2/8/20, 5:39:58 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’ve planted seeds in your head, I already have some control as it is. Putting a key logger in reports everything you have typed even if you are offline

[2/8/20, 5:40:37 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I wanna be the one managing your bills, stepping into true hardcore findom.

[2/8/20, 5:40:43 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m hard thinking of that

[2/8/20, 5:41:12 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I think we’re both equally turned on right now

[2/8/20, 5:41:39 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yes God

[2/8/20, 5:42:23 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’ll be going through bank statements and see copies of every bill, paying them off while you just work and tell me you love me for taking over your life.

[2/8/20, 5:43:12 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I would probably manage your money better than you do now

[2/8/20, 5:43:25 AM] Anthony Slave: Yeah You definitely would

[2/8/20, 5:43:34 AM] Anthony Slave: I’m fucking stupid

[2/8/20, 5:44:59 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: That’s why I need to be in control

[2/8/20, 5:45:47 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Your needs and basic wants would always be priority of course, but the thrill of having no power is a rush you can’t fathom as of now. I’ve done it before obviously

[2/8/20, 5:46:25 AM] Anthony Slave: Absolutely God. You need to be in control

[2/8/20, 5:46:57 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m already in your Facebook and have your  iCloud login, that’s very dangerous, yet it turns us both on

[2/8/20, 5:49:18 AM] Anthony Slave: You have no idea God! I don’t even care how dangerous it is, I just want to sink deeper

[2/8/20, 5:49:48 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: The way I dig deep in your cash cunt

[2/8/20, 5:50:02 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love overdrafting your account

[2/8/20, 5:51:52 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, me too. I love just spreading my legs and letting You ruin my cashcunt

[2/8/20, 5:53:18 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I like to leave it red because I know how to fuck like a real man

[2/8/20, 5:53:43 AM] Anthony Slave: Fucking Amen God!

[2/8/20, 6:06:16 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Hey I have an order for you.

[2/8/20, 6:08:06 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[2/8/20, 6:48:55 AM] Anthony Slave: I am so lucky I found You God

[2/8/20, 6:49:00 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: ❤️❤️

[2/8/20, 6:49:34 AM] Anthony Slave: I can’t imagine living any other way than as Your property now God

[2/8/20, 6:50:04 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 😏

[2/8/20, 6:57:07 AM] Anthony Slave: I’m a faggot cashcunt ATM and will be for life. I want to give up all control to You God

[2/8/20, 6:58:01 AM] Anthony Slave: My whole life is Yours God. My only purpose is to serve You

[2/8/20, 7:06:02 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 🥰

[2/8/20, 9:50:18 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Already working on my next blog

[2/8/20, 9:54:11 AM] Anthony Slave: Nice God. Can’t wait to read it

[3/3/20, 1:27:02 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Did you get your edge?

[3/3/20, 1:28:24 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[3/3/20, 1:28:32 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 😍😍😍

[3/3/20, 1:28:50 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I can’t wait to use that on you. My user is SkaterStud

[3/3/20, 1:30:09 AM] Anthony Slave: Hehe sounds exciting God

[3/3/20, 1:30:54 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Oh it will be, prepared for the most erotic orgasm of your life, in a pro at controlling those to feel like ur getting fucked

[3/3/20, 1:31:24 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: On cam I’ll show you how to properly bend it and how to make contact with your body which is important

[3/3/20, 1:34:38 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

[3/3/20, 1:34:55 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Be fucking ur ass and cash Cunt as one as I shoot my load in it

[3/3/20, 1:35:04 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I got a fleshlight that can sync with ur ass

[3/3/20, 1:35:23 AM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck

[3/3/20, 1:35:34 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m hard now thinking about it

[3/3/20, 1:38:36 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I wanna cum knowing I’m pleasuring both of your Cunts as one for my benefit and gratification while you moan and beg me to fuck you hard

[3/3/20, 1:39:26 AM] Anthony Slave: Oh God

[3/3/20, 1:39:53 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: What we do is have sex the way an alpha and a dumb loser fuck even if nobody understands

[3/3/20, 1:39:59 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: All that matters is that we do

[3/3/20, 1:40:23 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[3/3/20, 1:40:35 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I want you to tell me you love me as I fucking this shit out of both your cunts

[3/3/20, 1:40:47 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Love me for screwing you over

[3/3/20, 1:41:42 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God, I love You

[3/3/20, 1:42:18 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love be inside you… now I’ll physically feel your cash Cunt in sync as my cash cock vibrates and pulses inside you

[3/3/20, 1:42:43 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yes

[3/3/20, 1:42:55 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I want your legs spread on cam as I’m fucking you so I can see my cock pleasuring your hole as you moan

[3/3/20, 1:44:19 AM] Anthony Slave: My legs always spread for You God

[3/3/20, 1:44:42 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Can’t wait for our next session. I still have your logins

[3/3/20, 1:45:06 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I want you spreading the legs to your life even wider for me to get inside

[3/3/20, 1:45:56 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yes God!

[3/3/20, 1:53:05 AM] Anthony Slave: Can’t wait to get fucked in both cunts

[3/3/20, 1:53:46 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I wanna see that sweet smile as you see me cum, being turned on by the power I have over you

[3/3/20, 1:55:24 AM] Anthony Slave: You have complete power over me God

[3/3/20, 1:55:41 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 😏

[3/3/20, 1:56:41 AM] Anthony Slave: 😈

[3/3/20, 1:56:50 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You work everyday just to have the hottest sex possible a dumb Faggot can enjoy

[3/3/20, 1:57:54 AM] Anthony Slave: And it’s fucking worth it to get fucked by You God

[3/3/20, 1:58:36 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I enjoy making love to your cash Cunt and even more turned on seeing your face

[3/3/20, 2:00:13 AM] Anthony Slave: Everything about You turns me on God

[3/3/20, 2:00:26 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You turn me on just as equally

[3/3/20, 2:00:42 AM] Anthony Slave: Hehe good

[3/3/20, 2:19:29 AM] Anthony Slave: I’ve missed Your pits God

[3/3/20, 2:19:51 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I know you love seeing them as I’m on top of you trusting in

[3/3/20, 2:20:34 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God, as I spread my legs

[3/3/20, 2:21:33 AM] Anthony Slave: I’m Your cashcunt

[3/3/20, 2:21:43 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Just to cum inside

[3/3/20, 2:21:55 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Your life source is my pussy that I own

[3/3/20, 2:22:12 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[3/3/20, 2:22:26 AM] Anthony Slave: You own it

[3/9/20, 12:45:12 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: What do you do for fun in your spare time

[3/9/20, 12:48:35 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Besides smoke T

[3/9/20, 12:49:02 AM] Anthony Slave: Hang with friends, watch tv shows/movies, practice my language skills, maybe read

[3/9/20, 12:49:30 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: It’s good you have a social life, I wondered about that. Only so much I can tell with your Facebook

[3/9/20, 12:49:48 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love horror films 😁

[3/9/20, 12:50:14 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You ever see American horror story? Not sure if that made it over there

[3/9/20, 12:50:52 AM] Anthony Slave: Yeah. I love that show. But we are a few seasons behind. Or at least Netflix is

[3/9/20, 12:51:19 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: It’s amazing, one of my favorites

[3/9/20, 12:52:02 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You watch one episode, tell yourself one more, and it never works out that way

[3/9/20, 12:54:28 AM] Anthony Slave: Lol. That’s true for most things I do

[3/9/20, 2:09:21 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You’re my 6th loser who was in the teacher profession. For some reason I’ve had a ton of lawyers…

[3/9/20, 2:29:22 AM] Anthony Slave: Lol

[3/9/20, 2:29:49 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I have one slave whos a college professor that has been my slave 7 years now

[3/9/20, 2:30:00 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: He’s spent thousands…..

[3/9/20, 2:30:19 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Not as much as he used to as he had a bf

[3/9/20, 2:30:39 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: We have met in person many times. Very nice man

[3/9/20, 2:31:42 AM] Anthony Slave: At least he knew his purpose in life

[3/9/20, 2:33:15 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: He still does

[3/9/20, 2:33:36 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: My cash cock is better then his bfs dick. He’s proud to say it too.

[3/9/20, 2:33:57 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck I bet it is God

[3/9/20, 2:34:38 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: The longest slave to serve me is 8 years now. My last slave from my first year starting is no longer here… served me 8 1/2 years

[3/9/20, 2:34:55 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Told me he had no clue how I kept him so long

[3/9/20, 2:35:05 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Because he was a whore lol

[3/9/20, 2:35:12 AM] Anthony Slave: Lol

[3/9/20, 2:36:03 AM] Anthony Slave: Because You get inside faggots’ minds God

[3/9/20, 2:37:12 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love when you call me god

[3/9/20, 2:43:13 AM] Anthony Slave: You are my God

[3/23/20, 4:57:07 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Watching your porn? 😉

[3/23/20, 5:03:50 AM] Anthony Slave: Lol yep

[3/23/20, 5:04:32 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I might watch porn with you later I’m hard again. Enjoy 😁

[3/23/20, 5:05:33 AM] Anthony Slave: Haha fuck yeah You’re hard God

[3/23/20, 5:06:55 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I have a high sex drive

[3/23/20, 5:07:31 AM] Anthony Slave: Fucking love that about You God

3/23/20, 5:21:17 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I wanna eat out that cunt

[3/23/20, 5:21:22 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Make you moan

[3/23/20, 5:22:03 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck I’d be moaning

[3/23/20, 5:22:42 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Blowing out T smoke as you beg for more cash cock

[3/23/20, 7:47:39 AM] Anthony Slave: How’s it feel almost overdrafting my cunt?

[3/23/20, 7:47:47 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Mmm that cum shot made me tired.. huge rush

[3/23/20, 7:48:21 AM] Anthony Slave: Nice God

[3/23/20, 7:48:46 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: If I pass out I apologize

[3/23/20, 7:48:58 AM] Anthony Slave: It’s ok God

[3/23/20, 7:48:59 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: That was so fucking hot

[3/23/20, 7:49:07 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Both times tonight

[3/23/20, 7:49:13 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah it was

[3/23/20, 7:50:01 AM] Anthony Slave: So glad You wanted to keep cashfucking me

[3/23/20, 7:50:27 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Yeah I was torn morally but I said this would be the last “night” for awhile unless you tempt me…

[3/23/20, 7:50:39 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: So I justified it 😁

[3/23/20, 7:50:55 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah!

[3/23/20, 7:51:20 AM] Anthony Slave: I will tempt You 😈

[3/23/20, 7:51:47 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Oh fuck I’m trying to do the right thing and you’re purposely gonna keep turning me on 🤤

[3/23/20, 7:52:19 AM] Anthony Slave: The right thing is me being an absolute cashcunt

[3/23/20, 7:52:27 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I know…

[3/23/20, 7:52:54 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m trying to prevent a “crawl cycle”

[3/23/20, 7:53:07 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Last thing I want

[3/23/20, 7:53:43 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’ll let you rub against my cash cock and get it hard for now when you need to get fucked

[3/23/20, 7:54:48 AM] Anthony Slave: Then I’ll beg You to shove it in my cashcunt

[3/23/20, 7:54:57 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 🤤

3/24/20, 7:33:33 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You’re going to be in a blog very soon if we do some things we mentioned… I can already write one now but it would be on the “mild side.”

[3/25/20, 2:17:38 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Reading your Facebook

[3/25/20, 2:18:08 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Interesting pic you posted 7 min ago about the prime minister’s “ramblings”

[3/25/20, 2:18:51 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: ‎

[3/25/20, 2:19:09 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You’re right that makes no sense. Such a smart loser makes me like you more

[3/25/20, 2:32:02 AM] Anthony Slave: Haha. He is aiming to be Mini-Trump for sure 🤣

[3/25/20, 2:32:12 AM] Anthony Slave: He really is so stupid

[3/25/20, 2:32:20 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Both our leaders

[3/25/20, 2:35:17 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Trump wants to end the stay at home protocol, saying “several people die by the flu anyway! I want everyone back in church Easter Sunday!” He’s going back into denial despite republican governors closing more states

[3/25/20, 2:47:12 AM] Anthony Slave: Yeah other teachers were saying that today. That Trump was ending the isolation in 3 weeks 🤦‍♂️

[3/25/20, 2:49:06 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Here the states have their own rights, trump can’t control what governors do. Then again he can find some shady way to do what he wants like he always seems to do. We just gotta hope all remaining states close before he does anything so he looks stupid

[3/25/20, 2:50:45 AM] Anthony Slave: Just like ours. I don’t know about other states but ours and Victoria have taken very different approaches to the Federal Government

[3/25/20, 2:51:12 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Interesting

[3/25/20, 2:51:18 AM] Anthony Slave: Most states, except ours for some reason, have closed their borders

[3/27/20, 11:41:57 PM] Anthony Slave: Everything is negative

[3/27/20, 11:42:04 PM] Anthony Slave: ‎

[3/27/20, 11:42:11 PM] Anthony Slave: ‎

[3/27/20, 11:42:32 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Means I fucked you good

[3/27/20, 11:42:35 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: 😈

[3/27/20, 11:43:48 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck You did, and I let You take it all

[3/27/20, 11:46:18 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m hard

[3/27/20, 11:46:22 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: And horny

[3/27/20, 11:46:49 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck I’m so horny too God

[3/27/20, 11:48:03 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love digging in your computer and getting you high

[3/27/20, 11:48:09 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Doing what I tell you

[3/27/20, 11:48:48 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, it’s what I’m for, being a cashcunt

[3/27/20, 11:50:00 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: My personal gain, physical pleasure and amusement

[3/27/20, 11:50:14 PM] Anthony Slave: Fucking damn right

[3/27/20, 11:50:50 PM] Anthony Slave: Keep exploiting me God

[3/27/20, 11:53:55 PM] Anthony Slave: Keep getting me high, taking more control and using me for Your pleasure and entertainment God

[3/27/20, 11:59:29 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Take a 4th hit

[3/27/20, 11:59:43 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah God

[4/2/20, 9:20:56 PM] Anthony Slave: I just lay back and spread my cunt every time

[4/2/20, 9:21:30 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Doesn’t it feel amazing?

[4/2/20, 9:21:35 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Having me pound that Cunt

[4/2/20, 9:22:00 PM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[4/2/20, 9:22:47 PM] Anthony Slave: But I feel really stupid

[4/2/20, 9:23:01 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: You are fucking stupid

[4/2/20, 9:23:06 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Do you ever feel regret with me

[4/2/20, 9:23:19 PM] Anthony Slave: No God

[4/2/20, 9:24:22 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck!!!

[4/2/20, 9:25:03 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, so much for savings

[4/2/20, 9:25:23 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m stopping here

[4/2/20, 9:25:39 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

[4/2/20, 9:27:08 PM] Anthony Slave: You get real greedy God

[4/2/20, 9:28:52 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Does it turn you on

[4/2/20, 9:29:06 PM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[4/2/20, 9:30:51 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I want you to have some left

[4/2/20, 9:30:57 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Do NOT go to others

[4/2/20, 9:31:02 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’ll know

[4/2/20, 9:31:10 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Wait until next paycheck

[4/2/20, 9:31:23 PM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[4/2/20, 9:32:19 PM] Anthony Slave: How’s it feel knowing You took most of my paycheck God?

[4/2/20, 9:32:29 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Fucking turned on it’s a rush

[4/2/20, 9:32:47 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Trying not to feel bad yet it makes me cum so hard

[4/2/20, 9:32:51 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Mixed emotions

[4/2/20, 9:33:00 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: When I get horny I stop thinking

[4/2/20, 9:33:00 PM] Anthony Slave: Hahaha

[4/2/20, 9:33:10 PM] Anthony Slave: Me too

[4/2/20, 9:33:14 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: That’s why I kept wanting to stop

[4/2/20, 9:33:21 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: And why I’m stopping now

[4/2/20, 9:33:44 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: If you notice I asked about your bills and rent, because I care about you and want your needs met first

[4/2/20, 9:34:10 PM] Anthony Slave: I know God. Thank You

[4/2/20, 9:34:11 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Almost no other Master would do that they just will take as much as they want

[4/2/20, 9:34:20 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: They don’t give a fuck about you

[4/2/20, 9:35:28 PM] Anthony Slave: I know. I’m glad You own me God

[4/2/20, 9:35:46 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m happy I found you

[4/2/20, 9:39:14 PM] Anthony Slave: Love how You order me to intox on T

[4/2/20, 9:40:47 PM] Anthony Slave: It really is fucking lube for my cashcunt

[4/2/20, 9:40:57 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Yes it is

[4/2/20, 9:42:28 PM] Anthony Slave: The cash just slides out

[4/2/20, 9:42:59 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Yeah all over my cock

[4/2/20, 9:43:10 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah

[4/2/20, 9:44:30 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Fuck I’m STILL horny

[4/2/20, 9:44:51 PM] Anthony Slave: Haha, fuck

[4/2/20, 9:46:06 PM] Anthony Slave: That’s hot that You get hard again right after God

[4/2/20, 9:46:19 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: You turn me on massively…

[4/2/20, 9:46:35 PM] Anthony Slave: You do the same to me

[4/2/20, 9:46:47 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I k ow and That makes me feel good

[4/2/20, 9:47:27 PM] Anthony Slave: I want to make You feel good

[4/2/20, 9:48:44 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: And I want to make you feel good as well

[4/2/20, 9:51:05 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, You do God

[4/2/20, 9:51:59 PM] Anthony Slave: Every time You tell me to take a hit or spread my cunt

[4/2/20, 9:52:07 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: So take another

[4/2/20, 9:52:15 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

[4/2/20, 9:54:07 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck I’m so fucking high

[4/2/20, 9:57:19 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Are you still wet?

[4/2/20, 9:57:37 PM] Anthony Slave: Yes

[4/2/20, 9:57:53 PM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck

[4/2/20, 9:58:29 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck me

[4/7/20, 9:30:35 AM] Anthony Slave: My cunt is always spread open if You do want to take all of it God

[4/7/20, 9:31:03 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: My cunt needs to pay bills and his needs come first

[4/7/20, 9:31:54 AM] Anthony Slave: My only need is to please You God

[4/7/20, 9:32:11 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 😍

[4/7/20, 9:58:12 AM] Anthony Slave: I’m spreading my legs and losing my mind. I want to lose everything to You God

[4/7/20, 9:58:47 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You’re turning me on

[4/7/20, 9:59:38 AM] Anthony Slave: You have already turned me on with Your vid God

[4/7/20, 9:59:55 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 🥰

[4/7/20, 10:04:30 AM] Anthony Slave: It’s pointless for me to have regrets or to think I won’t do the same thing again

[4/7/20, 10:04:57 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Never have regrets for who and what you are

[4/7/20, 10:06:06 AM] Anthony Slave: Never let me deny who and what I truly am God

[4/7/20, 10:07:29 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Oh I won’t

[4/7/20, 10:10:59 AM] Anthony Slave: I need to remain Your personal cashcunt for You to manipulate and exploit to Your own advantage for the rest of my life

[4/7/20, 10:15:12 AM] Anthony Slave: Please never let me go. I can never be bi, gay or straight no matter how hard I try. I will always be a walking atm cashcunt and nothing can ever change that

[4/7/20, 10:17:18 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Yes

[4/7/20, 10:17:34 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I WILL own you for life, and be the only man you love

[4/7/20, 10:20:07 AM] Anthony Slave: You’re the only one I need God. I love You God! You’re the only one I will ever love. I’m addicted to You 😍

[4/7/20, 10:20:34 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: In addicted to that tight cunt

[4/7/20, 10:21:33 AM] Anthony Slave: You can fuck it whenever You want God

[4/7/20, 10:21:47 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Just needs to get filled up again

[4/7/20, 10:23:13 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes of course God. But when it gets filled up again, You can fuck it whenever and however

[4/7/20, 10:23:29 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You’re making me hard again

[4/7/20, 10:23:32 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Niteflirt brb

[4/7/20, 10:24:25 AM] Anthony Slave: You’ve made me constantly wet. Ok God

[4/7/20, 10:46:22 AM] Anthony Slave: I give up all my rights to You God. You have complete control over me, since I’m Your property, and complete control over everything I own, since everything of mine is now Yours

[4/7/20, 10:46:38 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Your life is my property

[4/7/20, 10:47:17 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God, my life is Your property. Do as You wish

[4/7/20, 10:50:25 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Be hot to just drain you as soon as that deposit hits, make a screen recording with a video as commentary

[4/7/20, 10:51:43 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck that would be hot God

[4/7/20, 10:52:03 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I can see exactly when you get paid now

[4/7/20, 10:52:15 AM] Anthony Slave: I’ve never been this high before

[4/7/20, 10:52:37 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Be hot if you started doing things for extra cash

[4/7/20, 10:52:45 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Just so I can keep fucking you

[4/7/20, 10:53:18 AM] Anthony Slave: Haha fuck

[4/7/20, 10:53:26 AM] Anthony Slave: Like what God?

[4/7/20, 10:54:08 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Something online, sucking dick, or spreading ur legs around like a meth whore

[4/7/20, 10:55:38 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, whoring myself out just so You can cashrape me more

[4/7/20, 10:56:39 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Does that make your cunt wet

[4/7/20, 10:56:50 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[4/7/20, 10:57:12 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You need to start making more to fill that Cunt

[4/7/20, 10:58:04 AM] Anthony Slave: You’re right God

[4/7/20, 10:58:19 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Sex is a natural urge

[4/7/20, 10:59:35 AM] Anthony Slave: I’ll have to see what I can do, it might be difficult with the COVID situation

[4/7/20, 10:59:53 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: This is true I want you safe…

[4/7/20, 11:00:33 AM] Anthony Slave: I will be God

[4/7/20, 11:03:42 AM] Anthony Slave: My G Spot is in my bank account

[4/7/20, 11:07:58 AM] Anthony Slave: Cashfucking is how we have sex

[4/16/20, 10:21:57 AM] Anthony Slave: You always make me cum God

[4/16/20, 10:22:20 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You make me cum from obedience and stupidity

[4/16/20, 10:22:36 AM] Anthony Slave: It’s my nature

[4/16/20, 10:22:55 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m going to further rewire your brain

[4/16/20, 10:23:07 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah God

[4/16/20, 10:25:15 AM] Anthony Slave: I’m Your cashcunt, rewire my brain God

[4/16/20, 10:29:56 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You’re my cunt I own

[4/16/20, 10:30:02 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Take another hit

[4/16/20, 10:30:16 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, yes God

[4/16/20, 10:59:21 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah God, my cunt should be accessible to You 24/7

[4/16/20, 10:59:29 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: It always is

[4/16/20, 10:59:33 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: That’s my cunt

[4/16/20, 10:59:42 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You’re my bitch and owned cunt

[4/16/20, 10:59:45 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Property of mine

[4/16/20, 11:00:07 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You love when I have sex with your cunt using my hard cock to screw you

[4/16/20, 11:00:16 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes You own me, I’m just Your property God

[4/16/20, 11:01:54 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes I love when You have sex with my cunt

[4/16/20, 11:04:24 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Take one last hit like I told you too

[4/16/20, 11:04:51 AM] Anthony Slave: I did before when You told me to God

[4/16/20, 11:05:00 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Good nice and high

[4/16/20, 11:05:23 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes, getting high God

[4/16/20, 11:06:13 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: That’s my cock going in ur cunt

[4/16/20, 11:06:17 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Legs spread wide

[4/16/20, 11:06:28 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yes God

[4/16/20, 11:06:42 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: If you didn’t tell me what you had told me I’d be fucking it slowly

[4/16/20, 11:06:46 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: 😈

[4/16/20, 11:07:11 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

[4/16/20, 11:07:25 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You’re wet…

[4/16/20, 11:07:42 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[4/16/20, 11:08:00 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: What if I told you I could fuck your cunt but nowhere near as hard 🙃

[4/16/20, 11:08:09 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Act on your nature that’s itching so bad

[4/16/20, 11:08:33 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah God

[4/16/20, 11:09:31 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Feels amazing feeling me slip in

[4/16/20, 11:09:46 AM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck yeah God

[4/16/20, 11:10:05 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m hard and jerking off

[4/16/20, 11:10:16 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Wanting to cum inside you

[4/16/20, 11:10:25 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: It’s hot staring in your cunt as I fuck it

[4/16/20, 11:11:03 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck my cunt is wet

[4/16/20, 11:11:17 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Beg me to slide in and out

[4/16/20, 11:11:30 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Beg me to screw my personal property

[4/16/20, 11:11:52 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Porn and being fucked

[4/16/20, 11:11:56 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Beg for it

[4/16/20, 11:12:37 AM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck

[4/16/20, 11:13:21 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, You’re just doing it anyway

[4/16/20, 11:14:22 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I know I’m grabbing you by the ankles

[4/16/20, 11:14:30 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Follow instructions as usual

[4/16/20, 11:15:16 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, taking the hits as well?

[4/16/20, 11:15:20 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Yes

[4/16/20, 11:15:36 AM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck

[4/16/20, 11:16:20 AM] Anthony Slave: My bank account is a pussy

[4/16/20, 11:16:27 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Beg me to thrust inside

[4/16/20, 11:16:37 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I wanna cum to spread cunt

[4/16/20, 11:17:16 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, a second hit

[4/16/20, 11:18:20 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Beg me to screw you

[4/16/20, 11:18:37 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, please screw my cashcunt God

[4/16/20, 11:27:50 AM] Anthony Slave: My cashcunt is so fucking wet

[4/16/20, 11:27:52 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Or watch the second one

[4/16/20, 11:28:20 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck my cunt God

[4/16/20, 11:29:03 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Yeah you like when I keep fucking ur cunt

[4/16/20, 11:29:37 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah God

[4/16/20, 11:30:57 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck my cunt God

[4/16/20, 11:31:27 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah God

[4/16/20, 11:31:34 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Should I stop soon and shoot my load or keep going

[4/16/20, 11:32:13 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck I dunno. I’m too high

[4/16/20, 11:32:36 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Stop taking hits

[4/16/20, 11:32:53 AM] Anthony Slave: I have God

[4/16/20, 11:33:06 AM] Anthony Slave: Still fucking high though lol

[4/16/20, 11:33:52 AM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck my cunt God

[4/16/20, 11:34:18 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: You love when I do it nice and slow

[4/16/20, 11:34:33 AM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[4/16/20, 11:39:01 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck I love Your pits God

[4/16/20, 11:39:10 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m so close

[4/16/20, 11:39:36 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love v

When ur high as I manipulate you

[4/16/20, 11:39:52 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah God

[4/16/20, 11:40:13 AM] Anthony Slave: Keep fucking my cunt

[4/16/20, 11:40:19 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Say you love me

[4/16/20, 11:40:32 AM] Anthony Slave: I love You God

[4/16/20, 11:40:41 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love thrusting inside you

[4/16/20, 11:40:54 AM] Anthony Slave: Me too

[4/16/20, 11:44:11 AM] Anthony Slave: I love You God 😍🥰😍🥰😍

[4/16/20, 11:44:22 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Spread ur legs and play with your clit

[4/16/20, 11:45:00 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yes God. I’m spreading my legs and playing with my clit

[4/16/20, 11:48:20 AM] Anthony Slave: I’m a fucking cashcunt

[4/16/20, 11:48:54 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m going to take inside your cunt one last time unless you keep begging me

[4/16/20, 11:49:28 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck keep fucking my cunt God

[4/16/20, 11:49:45 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Hot

[4/16/20, 11:50:06 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah

[4/16/20, 11:51:48 AM] Anthony Slave: I’m just fucking property. Everything of mine is Yours God

[4/16/20, 11:52:43 AM] Anthony Slave: Spreading my legs like a fucking whore. Like a fucking woman

[4/16/20, 11:57:29 AM] Ma$ter Kri$: Stopping here 😉

[4/16/20, 11:58:19 AM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

[4/16/20, 11:58:37 AM] Anthony Slave: I love You God

[4/16/20, 2:17:51 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love taking your life source and becoming more powerful

[4/16/20, 2:17:58 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Making you worthless makes me cum

[4/16/20, 2:19:14 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

4/16/20, 3:00:56 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: What are you doing

[4/16/20, 3:01:15 PM] Anthony Slave: Watching porn, rubbing my clit

[4/16/20, 3:01:19 PM] Anthony Slave: You God?

[4/16/20, 3:04:47 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Horny still

[4/16/20, 3:05:29 PM] Anthony Slave: Of course You are lol

[4/16/20, 3:06:29 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m watching your screen again

[4/16/20, 3:07:25 PM] Anthony Slave: That’s why You’re still horny haha

[4/16/20, 3:07:33 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Pretty much

[4/16/20, 3:07:38 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: And your wet cunt

[4/16/20, 3:07:46 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: How are you feeling now

[4/16/20, 3:08:11 PM] Anthony Slave: Good, horny

[4/16/20, 3:12:08 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Still wet 😈

[4/16/20, 3:12:44 PM] Anthony Slave: Yeah still wet of course

[4/16/20, 3:13:03 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Take another hit

[4/16/20, 3:13:13 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

[4/16/20, 3:14:34 PM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck

[4/16/20, 3:15:01 PM] Anthony Slave: Wait

[4/16/20, 3:16:12 PM] Anthony Slave: Are You checking whether cash needs to be transferred to the right account God?

[4/16/20, 3:16:31 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Checking now

[4/16/20, 3:18:39 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Just transferred

[4/16/20, 3:19:01 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

[4/16/20, 3:20:53 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck I’m really high

[4/16/20, 3:21:54 PM] Anthony Slave: I love You God 🥰😍🥰😍🥰

[4/16/20, 3:24:14 PM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck

[4/16/20, 3:24:32 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: you love me for screwing you

[4/16/20, 3:24:40 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: SCREWING YOU OVER

[4/16/20, 3:24:49 PM] Anthony Slave: Yes God

[4/16/20, 3:25:10 PM] Anthony Slave: Thank You for screwing me over

[4/16/20, 3:25:19 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Beg me to keep fucking you

[4/16/20, 3:25:52 PM] Anthony Slave: Oh fuck!!!!

[4/16/20, 3:26:09 PM] Anthony Slave: Please keep fucking me God

[4/16/20, 3:27:09 PM] Anthony Slave: Oh God

[4/16/20, 3:27:18 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m jerking off again

[4/16/20, 3:27:42 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck yeah God

[4/16/20, 3:28:43 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Let’s stop here?

[4/16/20, 3:29:21 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: Staring inside ur pussy

[4/16/20, 3:29:33 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck

[4/16/20, 3:30:16 PM] Anthony Slave: I love when You stare inside my cunt

[4/16/20, 3:30:30 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m trying not to come so quickly the second time

[4/16/20, 3:32:19 PM] Anthony Slave: Oh God I’m fucked up

[4/16/20, 3:35:20 PM] Anthony Slave: Can’t believe I just lay back, spread my legs, rub my clit and take hits while You take my cash

[4/16/20, 3:35:22 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I’m so fucking horny and close

[4/16/20, 3:35:41 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I love taking your cash it’s so fucking hot nothing makes me come harder

[4/16/20, 3:36:00 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: I should stop but I can’t help myself because I’m so horny

[4/16/20, 3:36:17 PM] Ma$ter Kri$: You keep spreading wide for me

[4/16/20, 3:38:02 PM] Anthony Slave: Fuck, I can’t help it, my legs and cunt spread wide automatically

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