Robbed On Late Night Train

Public Indecent Exposures

Jimmy was anxiously looking around the empty train, jerking off out in the open wondering if he would get caught this time. Jimmy was 32 years old being 6 feet tall and a rather skinny loser. His dirty blonde hair waved over his eyes back and forth as his hands shook with each stroke. His hazel eyes shined under the dim lights  of the train as the train sped through the dark tunnel of the subway. Other then getting robbed and beaten up,  he had a major addiction to sex and risky behavior. (“It’s so fucking hot that one time that young college kid walked in and saw me. He walked right into the train car and stared at me, then left without saying a word.”) Jimmy would jerk off at many places such as public bathrooms, wooded areas, and baseball fields late at night. Whenever someone would walk in on him it just made him continue doing it at riskier places. Tonight Jimmy was butt naked as I had told him to do the night before while he inhaled poppers. 

Jimmy was on the Chicago Red Line train at 2 in the morning as it ran 24/7 like the Blue Line. “It will be less risky if I do it late at night sir, it’s usually homeless people riding at that hour.” On top of the seat next to him, Jimmy’s clothes were folded in a pile along with his phone and poppers on top of them. I sent Jimmy a text to inhale for 15 seconds in each nostril and recite after me. As the deafening sound of the tracks under him roared loudly, he moaned out loud, “I’m a fucking pervert and I love getting fag bashed.” The train shook so wildly that the poppers were leaking onto his hands from the bottle. I sent him another text message, “Give me the password to your PNC (Bank) account so I can stare inside of your cunt directly.” I was slowly manipulating Jimmy into a deep subspace to where he would do anything I fucking told him to. (“He wants to really take advantage of me knowing I can be arrested any moment.”) My words invaded his memory from the last time I beat him up, “I Don’t care about you Jimmy, I just want to take your cash and toss you aside like a well fucked bitch.” 

Jimmy groaned and sent me his email and password for me to get inside his checking account and text back he was proud to be a perverted faggot. (“The cold seat feels so good under my bare ass, I’ve never been exposed fully naked before. He said he doesn’t care about me, that just turns me on even more when I obey him.”) I logged into his Bank Account and screenshot his balance so he knew I had logged in successfully. He began jerking off faster as the train was slowing down to a random stop he didn’t know. Jimmy began breathing in and out faster in anticipation and never stopped masterbating. He sighed with relief and yet frustration when there was nobody at the stop, leaving him alone in the train car. (“I want some hot guy to walk in and ask what the fuck I’m doing and call me names. This is so fucked up what I’m doing but it feels so right to be a perverted faggot and please my master.”) 

Jimmy got a phone notification that I had fucked $200 out of his cash cunt without even asking. He closed his eyes as the train began moving again while he leaked precum like a fountain. (“He doesn’t care about me, he doesn’t even ask to take my cash. He just takes it and robs me like when someone gets rapped against their will. This is the life of a fucking loser, I’m a loser… yes I’m a loser!”) I was at my desk digging through various accounts of his with passwords I had obtained throughout the night. While kicking back in my chair I casually told him to inhale, follow my orders, and embrace his cash cunt. I text him once again, “Take that dildo out of your bag and stick it to the wall. Move your ass up against it so everyone knows you take it up the ass!” Jimmy Inhaled his poppers for 20 seconds each and then begged me to fuck him harder. As he was reaching for his bag he got a notification that I had taken $500 from his account. (“I like when he digs around in my facebook messages but this is even hotter…”)

Jimmy was moving his hand around in the bag under his clothes, pulling out a dildo shaped like a horse with a bottom having suction. (“I can’t believe I am actually doing this,”) he thought as he lubed up the dildo after sticking it to the wall. Getting up from his seat, he inhaled again as he stood on both feet with his ass facing the huge cock. He held the base of his fat dildo and moaned loudly as it went balls deep. I text him to keep jerking off even when the train stopped again as he responded with “Thank you for putting me at risk while you take my cash without asking.” Jimmy could feel the vibrations of the wheels gliding across the train tracks under his feet as he slammed his ass up against the dildo, in and out. Jimmy text me to keep robbing him as he was going to set his phone down to jerk off and inhale. I took another $400 as soon as he told me that. Jimmy sighed as he got the notification right before setting his phone down. He proceeded to push his cunt against the dildo back and forth thinking his dark thoughts, (“I’m a pervert and a fucked up faggot, Kris is fucking me over and he doesn’t care about me.”) He shook his bottle up and down and let out a warm smile as he began moaning from the pleasure of the dildo and his own stupidity. 

The train was coming to a stop again as Jimmy got a fun idea. He stuck the dildo on the floor and thought while applying more lube, (“I’ll just keep riding this cash cock on the floor with my head out of view, that way I won’t know if someone is there!”) As the train stopped completely, all the doors opened as usual. Jimmy slowed down on the dildo in anticipation wondering if someone would walk into the train car this time. He reached for his phone and saw notifications of me fucking him over out of $1500 so far. (“I need to see my cash cunt getting stretched for inspiration.”) Nobody walked in, the doors closed, and the train started moving again. I sent Jimmy photos of him jerking off on his brother’s bed and told him i wanted his recovery email. “You want everyone to see how fucked up you are? Give me the recovery email and password because I’m going to change it. You’re my property!” Jimmy lost it mentally as he read my messages…. moaning louder and feeling like he was close to cumming.

He sent me a message riding the dildo hands free bouncing  up and down. The train rattled like loud thunder as it heading to the next stop. Jimmy sighed as he felt the vibration of the train tracks inside his ass the more he got intoxicated. (“He’s totally threatening me! He’s threatening to show everyone what a disgusting faggot I am. He doesnt care about me and knows being threatened turns me on…. it just makes me love him more! I must beg for him to keep threatening me, because its gonna make me cum.”) He text me the recovery email and password, “Thank you for threatening me sir.”  I Told him I wanted him to take out a loan from the bank so I can keep screwing him over sadistically. “Oh Master please put he into debt! I’m begging you to force me into debt. Ill even make a video on my brother’s bed saying how hot he is. You can threaten me forever sir!” I text him back, hard as well from sadistic power. While adjusting my 8 in cash cock I text him, “I know you’re fucking loaded and I want your cash. You’re worth thousands, which means tomorrow you’re going to the bank and pulling out 10 Grand. If you don’t obey me I’ll fuck your life over like a well fucked pussy.” (We had a safe word)

(“That’s so hot, he’s threatening me again! I am going right to the bank and do as told, like he says I’m a fucking idiot and a disgusting faggot.”) He was getting close while begging me to put him in debt as he shook his bottle of poppers once more. The train came to another stop as a guy in his mid 20s walked in. The foot steps onto the car made Jimmy freeze like ice despite his hand jerking faster. The guy turned around, “What the fuck are you doing bro! You’re jerking off on a public train? I’m calling the police faggot!!” The young man snapped a photo as Jimmy just stared at him and said he was close to cumming. Jimmy looked at him riding the dildo and offered to pay him off. The guy looked more horrified then angry as he walked into another car disturbed by what a sick pervert Jimmy was. As the door to the train car slammed shut he moaned louder then before and began cumming hands free all over the hard floor. He quickly got dressed, put on his dark sweater, and fled the train as soon as he hit the next stop. (“Fuck that was hot”) Jimmy said to himself as he started running up the stairs,  (“If I’m pulling out 10 Thousand that means Master is going to see me again! Oh I hope he does something horrible to me, I truly am a fucked up faggot. I love when he hurts me, threatens me, and robs me. He’s all the man I need!”)


2 Nights later


Jimmy was riding the train at midnight this time on the blue line. Jimmy sat in his seat next to a woman reading a book with a sheepish grin on his face. He was feeling on top of the world as the effects of MDMA kicked in for the first time.  He had obtained the drug earlier that day from his weed dealer who also took advantage of Jimmy. His dealer’s name was Mike, although Jimmy addressed him as sir. Jimmy knew in reality Mike was white trash but that just turned him on even more. Mike was 6’3, dark haired, ocean blue eyes, and always wearing baggy clothes and basketball shorts. The first time Mike walked inside Jimmy’s house Mike bragged casually that he robbed people, taking things that didn’t belong to him. (“Fuck thats so hot that he steals from people, I want to leave things out so he can take them as well.”) Mike was usually on stimulants and narcotics each time Jimmy would hand over hundreds of dollars. While worshipping his feet, Mike usually insulted him while demanding more. He would sit on Jimmy’s couch propping his feet up, arms up so his pits would be in plain view. Jimmy would get down on his knees to worship his feet which he said was one of his biggest drugs. His dealer always left Jimmy’s house with money more from the leaking cash cunt rather then the weed itself. (“He’s so white trash and oh very tall, that is so hot. Even white trash men are superior and more powerful then me.”) 

The day after exposing himself on the train, he had got taken advantage of by Mike as he got fucked out of 3 thousand. Mike was high on cocaine as Jimmy kept asking Mike to give him more cash as he jerked off to his trashed shoes. Usually while Jimmy worshipped Mike he begged to hear about the innocent victims Mike had stolen from. It excited Jimmy hearing how his drug dealer broke into cars looking for things of value so he could sell it. Jimmy text me asking to rain check for the next day as the bank had closed after Mike screwed his cunt unplanned. (“I just cant help being a whore with my cash cunt. I truly do believe all cash fags whore around, fags cant help but need all kinds of cock. That includes cash cock pounding our bank accounts and fucking us over.”) The next day Jimmy awoke with a hard on as he had a text message from me with detailed instructions. Jimmy made himself breakfast humming to himself before got dressed in some of his finest clothes. (“I can’t wait for Kris to truly ruin me and put me into debt. Its so fucked up how I’m feeling yet it just feels so right to spread my wide legs open for him.”) He had to get to the bank and prepare for the hardest fuck of his life. 

Snapping back to the present, Jimmy texted me, “We are near the end of the line sir, everyone is about to get off soon.” As the trained roared like thunder under the subway, Jimmy began to think about how he wanted me to ruin his credit score and fuck his bank account hard like a real man deserves. (“Master said he would just meet me here. I even sat in the second car from the left just so he can find me. He’s planned this perfectly. He’s so smart and superior, I’m just a loser and a dumb idiot.”) Soon the train came to the end of the line as everyone began getting off the train. Jimmy acted like he was absorbed in his phone as everyone stepped off. As soon as the doors closed, Jimmy remembered he had 10 minutes before the train would go back to O’Hare airport. Opening his briefcase he pulled out a roll of black electric tape and proceeded to follow my instructions. Jimmy took a good look around and got up from his seat. He walked over to each camera and began covering them up with black tape. He was hard and leaking knowing there would be no evidence of what was to happen. After he made sure each camera was covered, he shook his bottle of poppers and inhaled once again. He stood there in a daze horny as fuck when the train started up again. Jimmy confirmed the train number as he began moving again. 

Jimmy waited anxiously and rode the train not knowing when I would step onto the train.  (“Less and less people are getting on the train, I’m so excited,” Jimmy thought to himself. Jimmy found himself crossing his legs to hide his crotch as he saw a few hot guys get on then off. He had his chastity cage he had put on as one of my directions. He found himself staring at different mens’ feet and wondering what size they were. His fag instincts were in overdrive as he text me, “Please destroy me sir. Don’t even care about me and just use me for my purpose.” Jimmy was happy as he rode between end points for over a couple hours when barely anyone was getting on. 2 women and one man were waiting in Jimmy’s train car as I stepped on the train from the stop “Jackson.” I had taken the red line to get there, as that was the only transfer point. I shook my head as I quickly realized Jimmy was in the wrong train car. I figured it was because he was rolling hard on ecstacy. I started to wonder if he gave me the wrong train number. I walked between cars and finally saw Jimmy with his head staring up at the ceiling. I walked towards him with a dark smile and saw his eyes were bigger then flying saucers. I grabbed his suitcase and casually dropped it on his lap, sitting right next to him. I said nothing to him as he whispered in my ear, “You look so fucking hot dressed in that black hoody and bright blue shorts sir.” (“He’s dressed like a typical white thug, that look always turns me on. He looks like  the type of boy that would rob me or break into my car.”) 

I lifted my right leg and put my shoe past my knee and plopped it right on his crotch. I could feel the plastic from the chastity device through his pants and my bare legs. When the last person got off leaving us alone, I quickly stood up and pulled out a knife. The train shook like thunder as we continued to ride through the dark underground tunnel. “That knife looks fun and dangerous sir.” I put the dull side of the blade against his lips as I told him to inhale his poppers deeply. “Oh sir may I worship the knife?” He began kissing the knife as he inhaled with one hand. (“He’s so addictive and dangerous, I love how he uses me.”) I told him to hand me his phone, “That’s right kiss that knife, I want everything you’ve got. I’m stealing your phone and taking your wallet.” I lifted him up by his shirt, pinning him against the wall. I took the knife and put it against his throat, “Now hand over your fucking wallet or you’ll be a dead faggot.” His hands shook in fear as reality hit that he was being truly robbed and threatened with a weapon. Despite his fear, his clit began leaking precum from his cock cage more then he ever had in his life. He handed me his wallet containing his ID, Drivers License, and Social Security Card which I told him to put inside. “Every dumb idiot should use their social forma loser ID,” I said as I released the knife… then let him fall to the ground. “Get on your fucking knees you piece of shit!”

I quickly sat back down as we came to the next stop, hoping nobody would board our train car. As soon as we started moving again Jimmy crawled towards me, “Please fag bash me sir!” I stood up as I grabbed his throat and spit in his open mouth. Holding him by the throat I spoke to him, “Worship my fist, go on kiss it. Worship the fist thats going to bash you in.” Jimmy shook his bottle again and inhaled as he began kissing my clenched fists. As I let go of his throat, I logged into his phone sending myself $500. (“He’s taking my cash even though I pulled out thousands already. Every time he takes my cash I precum like crazy. He really doesn’t care about me, I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”) Jimmy kept kissing my fist as I laughed at the picture on his drivers license. “Thank you for making fun of me sir, I deserve to be made fun of sir.” I punched him in the face without warning as he fell onto the cold floor as the speeding drain roared against the tracks. Laying on his back, I began stomping on his caged clit as he started shouting, “Oh Thank you for hurting me sir!!” I stomped on his caged clit like a skateboard as he started screaming, “I deserve to be tortured and robbed sir!” I smirked at him, “And you deserve to he humiliated as well.” I stood fully on top of him with my other shoe right on his face as the train slowed to another stop once again. My heart was pounding wondering if some other loser would ruin my fun. The stop was empty but I knew other passengers would board eventually. 

(“This is so intense I want him to destroy my balls. I love when he gets so greedy, I love greedy boys.”) As the train started up again I pulled down the front of my basketball shorts and pissed all over Jimmy in his clothes. He opened his mouth wide open hoping to catch some so he could swallow it. I hadn’t pissed in hours, so I aimed into his willing mouth as some of it splashed all over his face and shirt. He grunted as I dug my piss soaked shoes on his face as I pulled a tiny clear bottle from my bag. I opened the bottle and splashed vodka all over his face and chest. “Now anyone who sees or goes by you will realize what a disgusting loser you are.”  Jimmy begged me to inhale more poppers and to take another tablet of MDMA. I told him to get up as I got off of him. As he stood up, piss dripped onto the floor, traveling down the lines of the hard floor. As Jimmy reached for his briefcase I used his phone to take another $500. He turned around high out of his mind, “I love you for exploiting me and not caring how I feel sir.” I quickly sat back down across from him as the train came to another stop. I tossed his phone back at him and told him to shut the fuck up. Two boys younger then me came on the train smelling strongly of marijuana. 

Other then my head my body was out of their view as they sat down, although they could see Jimmy perfectly. As the train started back up, the boys began talking about the smell of piss. “Some loser probably pissed himself, fucking disgusting.” Out of my bag I pulled out a gun so that only Jimmy could see it. I smirked and sent him a text message telling him to announce that HE was the loser who pissed himself. Jimmy cleared his throat as he stood up, “Young Sirs, it was me who pissed all over the place. I’m a disgusting faggot and I think both of you are hot.” The boys looked speechless as this strange man spoke to them obviously soaked. He smelled strongly of liquor and urine while the second dose of MDMA was already kicking in. The blonde boy looked disturbed, “Did you just say I was fucking hot faggot?” Jimmy’s head tilted from side to side as everything began to feel magical including the pride of being a loser. “Yes this faggot thinks you are hot sir.” Both boys got up and began beating on Jimmy as he fell to the ground with the biggest smile on his face. I put the gun in my sweater and pretended to be occupied on my phone and minding my own business. The other guy asked how much cash he had as Jimmy opened his pockets with emergency cash like a fucking idiot. 

(“He angrily asked me how much cash I have, that always gets me so excited!”)  Jimmy reached into his pockets and handed them wads of $20 bills. They took the cash from his hands and began calling him a sick weirdo and that if they see him again, they’ll kill him. They continued beating on him until their stop came. Once we were alone again I stood up ready to finish him off. I pointed the gun to his head and let him hear the click as he whimpered in both lust and fear.  “Give me the fucking briefcase, I want your fucking cash you slutty whore. You totally let those boys rob you.” Jimmy got on his knees and reached for the gun with his mouth and began to kiss it. “Sir I can’t help being a whore for cash cock. I’ll let any man fuck me even in the ass.” Jimmy handed me the case of cold hard cash as he kissed the gun over and over. (“I’m actually worshipping a gun.. it could be fully loaded for all I know. This is so wrong but its turning me on so I don’t really care. I LOVE dangerous men.”) I took the case and told him to suck on the pistol like it was a hard cock. “Suck that gun faggot, suck on it the way you made out with that butcher knife.” He put his full lips around the gun and began sucking it like a dick. “I love to please you master.” I opened the case briefly and saw it loaded with cash, happy he had obeyed me every step of the way. 

“Oh sir please expose me in some way, I need a taste of what its like to be humiliated and ruined!” As he continued deep throating the gun, I ordered him to give me back his phone. His hands reached around him as he handed it to me. “I’m going to record a video of you telling your brother how hot you think he is. Tell him what you used to do!” While sucking on the gun, Jimmy began moaning to his phone once it started recording. “Oh I’ve jerked off on your bed so many times in high school. I even sniffed your socks from the hamper and shot my load inside of them. I’m fucked up in the head and I’m no longer ashamed of it.” I stopped recording as I took the gun away from him. I grabbed him by the shirt and forced him to sit in the same seat soaked in piss. “Pull your fucking pants down pervert, show me your caged clit!” (“Once again I’m exposing my clit in public like a fucking idiot, I don’t care if I get arrested.”) I began slapping his chastity device with the gun, hitting it over and over. Jimmy started crying in pain as I used to gun to smash his balls then slap the cage around again. (“That gun can go off any second… I think I’m gonna cum just by master’s pistol slapping my clit.”) Jimmy looked up at me in my black hoodie and sagging basketball shorts as he began moaning, “Oh fuck that feels good having you abuse my clit and fag balls with your gun. I want to take out a loan against my house, I want you to put me in debt!” I began smacking the gun harder against his chastity device as I could see him about to cum. “Sir I need to be in debt, please ruin me, expose me to my family for being a faggot….” Jimmy started screaming as he had the biggest orgasm of his life sounding like an injured animal. Cum began oozing and dripping out of his cage as he thanked me for using him for his purpose.

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