Electoral Domination

Believe it or not, there are political fetishes. Many of my American ATMs have them and its becoming more common within the last 8-10 years. Electoral Domination is a term I came up with, as there is nothing quite like it. Electoral Domination is also a power transfer, as you are giving up control on your voice in society. In an erotic way, I’ve made submissive on both sides flip their votes even against who I want elected. Why? Because its a power trip for me to be taking away that freedom and making my voice LOUDER. Here is reflection of two flipped votes from two very different subs. If you must know, I am center left.


2016 California

Jack was your typical flamming faggot who you see dressed obnoxiously at a pride parade. I had already gained 9 votes for the primaries only to find he had already placed his vote for Hillary. He really doesn’t need to be voting, he’s too much of a fucking idiot as it is. He wasn’t aware of which congressional seats were up in the air, and it was then I decided to fuck him out of his voice as a person. Jack fits almost every stereotype in the book from Merlot, Madonna and Poppers. Now personally I’m tired of seeing certain states run so strictly by one party I don’t care who it is. California has gone so far left that It was then I decided I could start making MY voice made over there. All I had to do was strip faggots in California of their voting rights to go republican. With Jack being naive and stupid manipulating him was easy.
One night on payday, Jack was flapping his 4 inch pathetic excuse for a dick with his team view open. “Keep those fucking legs open you cum seeking whore!” He sniffed his poppers and then started packing a bowl as I did the same. “Fuck sir my pussy is loose… you’ve taken $140 from me.” Jack reached for his glass of wine as I moved the cursor around his computer knowing how much he thrived on having his privacy invaded. “Smoke that weed and hold it for 15 seconds. I’m just going through your text messages via iMessage.” (With Apple computers you can sync all of your text messages if you have an iPhone.) I moved back to eBay on his screen to proceed with shopping on eBay for myself while he kept on stroking as I was bringing his balance even lower. “I can’t believe you have all my personal numbers to everyone I know.” I laughed reminding him he was completely fucked and in the palm of my hands.

I had planned on manipulating his votes out of him from the beginning of the night, and I was to begin planting seeds. I sent an image of a muscle stud holding a gun under a sign for the NRA. I know my ATMs well and explore their filthy dark minds for every twisted kink I could use to fuck them over with. Knowing how much Jack was into the fantasy of being snuffed It made him rock hard. I closed team viewer and had my perfect size 12s filling his entire screen. “Want to feel even more pathetic?” He blew the smoke out and faced the screen with his eyes looking like that of a possessed faggot. “I’m the most worthless pathetic faggot in the world how much lower can I go sir.”

“By having your ability to vote taken away…”  He look puzzled but never stopped sniffing and jerking as he was in deep subspace as it was. “You can take away anything you want sir.” I proceeded to log into his paypal and send myself another $100 so he would get the notification knowing he was closer to $0. “You’re voting for Trump and Republican Straight down the line for the seats up in California.” Some common sense must have trickled in as he knew as a bisexual man it was odd for me to give such a command. I text him a picture of a shirtless man holding a rifle with NRA stickers on his truck. “This is me coming into your bedroom at night when we meet Jack. I want to own a gun just so I can come destroy you. Voting republican will make that happen.”

“Thats fucking hot sir… I will vote republican… that is masters wish… “ He kept stroking as I took another $75 leaving him at $60. “Fuck Sir I’m gonna cum…” He started jerking frantically as I called him my drone that acts as I command. “You are to wear a red trump shirt every cam session till election night, preparing to fuck yourself out of what little freedom you have! I have all your contacts, access to your bank account, your personal info, and now your right to vote……” He cut me off moaning loudly as he sprayed all over.


2016 West Virginia

Jeff the pig (as he likes to be called) is a disgusting fat loser who lives in the state of West Virginia. He lives in a trailer down with his ding-bat wife who does everything to make him happy. When she was out with friends or at Church he would pig out and pull out coke and the same small pink vibrator when he needed to be put in place. Poppers were just not Jeff’s thing, but he was fucked up in the head on many levels. “I get chills when you tell me I’m fucked up in the head sir.” We had a routine every morning that he would look in the mirror and say “I’m proud to be fucked up in the head” 3 times in a row while getting ready for work or early morning before whiskey on his days off.  He works at the local Walmart that he drives 30 minutes to every day living out in the middle of nowhere. He calls it “WalmartS” being the dumb white trash he is. Even his fellow redneck employees called it WalmartS.

He got drunk and beat his wife Carol on a regular basis. He’d call her a dumb cunt while she was struggling to finish dinner while he would arrive home from work. She was a frail woman with frequent bruises taking every ounce of abuse from her husband. She wanted to vote for Hillary but he made sure to beat the shit out of her telling her she had no place voting as her job was to take care of the trailer and suck his dick. She was the Edith Bunker of modern southern times.

Jeff and I would argue over one thing, politics. I was already gaining votes and was looking for more. “Sir I will admit i’m racist, I don’t know why the Ni****S didn’t just go back to Africa after Lincoln set them free. They live off of medicade and live off of government assistance because they’re so lazy. I’m sorry but that cunt deserves to be in jail.” I knew with the race getting close I had to do something. I was going to fuck Jeff out of his vote as he was dumb as nails and in the end always did what I told him. He’s on his knees sucking dick at truck stops and paying to be fucked over and blackmailed… a worthless piece of white trucker trash doesn’t need to be voting. When planning on our first realtime, I ordered a pink “I’m With Her Shirt” and decided it was time for a rude awakening.

Jeff was white trash by every stereotype in the book. Drove a beat up truck without a muzzler only to pull into his lawn that hadn’t been cut in 20 something years. Carol was heading to Texas for a family emergency. I remember pulling in after he met me at the Greyhound Terminal and truly discovering how disgusting he was. After stepping out of the truck my destruction was to begin. I turned around grabbing the beer from his hand. “What a fucking loser you’re drinking on the road while bringing your master home.”

“I’m so sorry sir, yes I’m a loser sir.” I threw the beer can and splashed it all over him…soaking his plain wife beater as his hand was out with wallet in hand. With nobody around I grabbed a wooden bat and started beating the shit out him while all 12 dogs on chains started barking. He started screaming drunk out of his mind “I’m a fucking loser destroy me sir!” I stood on his face as he grunted as I pretended to ignore him as I dug my heels on his nose harder and started stomping on his beer belly like a bongo drum. “Look at that pathetic rebel flag on your belt buckle. Are you that fucking ignorant and stupid?” He wailed his fat arms as I reached down about to put a vicodin in his mouth. “This is what they call hillbilly heroin out here sir. I take them with Carol all the time.” I went into my bag where the shirt was hidden and pulled out a fetynol patch and slapped it on his arm. “Oh sir you’re really gonna fuck me up…”

I stood off of him and took off his belt. He’s so fucking fat his jeans just slipped off to where he was free balling. All he wore in his front yard was his beer soaked wife beater. “You think you can talk shit about minorities the way you do? You’re a fucking faggot and you wanna talk shit about others?!” He looked at me with a curious look and said “I’m sorry sir I’ll do anything you tell me.” I pulled out the Pink Im With Her Shirt and placed it over his head. “You are going to the bar tonight with me wearing this shirt. You’re gonna give me your lame MAGA hat so I’m under the radar.” He was high on one of the strongest narcotics known to man, and he was just listening to every word. There was only 2 bars nearby and everyone knew everybody.

“I’ve lived in this small town my entire life sir some has suspected me for being a faggot growing up I’ve had to keep it secret for so long sir.” I looked around his yard and asked why there were two cars on cement blocks. “They’ve been here before I bought the trailer sir. Everyone around here is white trash like me.” I realized the best way of manipulation was to use repetitive words while psychologically conditioning him with the joy of being a faggot. I sat on the porch that reaked of Dog taking my bare size 12s out of my DCs. He looked at me drugged out of his mind and drunk to where he was slurring his words. He crawled over to me muttering “I’m a disgusting foot pig, I’m a disgusting foot pig… yes sir… foot pig…. i’m a foot pig.”

I pulled out my iPad with the camera so Jeff could see himself. “Repeat after me Pig, I Am republican white trash who does what master says. Say it with each sniff when you inhale.” He looked at me with his eyes as tiny as pin dots from the fetynol patch “I’m republican white trash and I do what master says, I’m republican white trash and I do what master says, I’m republican white trash and I do what master says..” I was recording everything with my phone at this point as he kept moaning he was republican white trash and eating my Toe Jam.

After moving my feet around and implanting subliminal messages, we went into his trailer reaking more of dog stench. He started slurring the name of every Pitbull and rottweiler as I drained most of his recent paycheck on his phone and let him keep talking. I casually robbed him blind like it was totally normal. I was getting hard that I had this stupid hill billy wrapped around my finger. After an hour I started gathering all his pro trump stickers clothes and signs minus one Maga hat. I put it all in a pile with pro NRA banners and his portrait of the General Lee. I burned it in the back of his trailer as I told him to masterbate smelling my sneaks as this is what happens to white trash rednecks who are to stupid to think. “Sir I just got paid $537 and you left me with 80 fucccckkkk.”

I told him I would hold his phone in front with his Hillary shirt on. We called his wife on FaceTime.. “Yes Carol… I’m sorry for telling you what to do and think. I will be voting for Clinton with you to show how much I love You. Yes I’m fine babe. No hell hasn’t frozen over. This is no joke Carol, Yes yes yes you can tell your mother I’ve lost my mind. I’m going out to the bar now.”

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