Abduction : Nobody Will Ever Find You

This is a Direct SEQUEL To “Thrown In The Back Trunk, which has already been posted.

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Frank couldn’t get over the rush of his brother Alex finding him tied to a chair in a soiled diaper. Alex asked what the fuck was wrong with him with Frank responding with “Because I’m a fucking idiot.” Alex paced around to untie his brother shaking his head, “Ok tell me, what did you do.” Frank had no shame in what he had just done. After all, everyone in his family knew about his fag bashing addiction. Frank was thinking of what to say as Alex muttered something about his smelly diaper. “Frank what is that key taped on the diaper?” Frank cleared his throat nervously, “I let a real man knock me out with chloroform, steal my car, and then threw me in the back of the trunk.” Alex looked horrified, “WTF DUDE!” Frank then began to smile as he stood up. Alex backed up finally, wrinkling his nose from the scent. “Oh no you’re not getting in my car with that smell. Do you at least have your car and key at least?” Frank nodded as Alex said he’d see him at home back at the condo. Frank heard his brother mutter as he walked away, “Omg he’s so fucked up in the head.” Frank thought back to my brainwashing about he was proud to be fucked up in the head.

When Frank got home he found his brother passed out on the couch. Frank was already horny again and proceeded to go make a new craigslist post to get bashed again. (“Yeah that’s what I need, I love dangerous men. Dangerous men turn me on, they’re the best Gods to fag bash me like I need and deserve.”) As Frank sat down he realized he couldn’t get me off his mind. (“Forget them, Master made me feel things I had never thought about before. I want him to hurt me even more. Getting chained in that basement was hot, but I need something more, something a dumb loser truly deserves.”) Frank decided to wait for me to text him, as he didn’t want to seem too needy. He went to go lay down himself and just decided to rub himself despite being caged in chastity. He began thinking about all the extreme BDSM he had ever done. Sometimes he didn’t see it as BDSM, but something he needed and deserved. When he was younger he would jerk off over stories about fag bashings and Matthew Shepard, jealous it wasn’t him. Being robbed was such a huge rush but he didn’t think about the term findom. Getting robbed was just another way to get abused and taken advantage off. Financial Domination was one of the few secrets he kept from everyone including his brother.

The next day I did called him and he responded right away. With Alex being at work, he felt free to talk normally as I spoke to him,“What are you doing my walking idiot?” Rubbed his caged clit he thought to himself, (“I should be caged for life, a dumb faggot doesn’t need to be thinking clearly.”) As he responded I heard the sound of poppers being opened and him inhaling, “I need more abuse sir. I want you to hurt me, and I know abusing me turns you on sir. Knowing that you enjoyed imprisoning me and that it made you rock hard made me even more excited. I love being pathetic.” I snapped and asked what he was doing. “Piece of shit answer my question.” (“I love when he insults me, I should start thanking him each time he insults me.”) “I was acting like a loser and just playing with my clit sir. I can’t stand it need for you to abuse me again.” He asked me about some of the darkest things I had ever done as his clit felt like it was going to break the cage. (“My brother was so disgusted when he found me tied to that chair on the beach. He kept making fun of me and all it did was turn me on.”) Frank’s newly awakened cash cunt began dripping as he continued hearing my hypnotic voice. “I need to get fucked in my cunt sir, It’s how dumb faggots get fucked, so much better than getting my ass pounded.” I told him to turn on team viewer and get ready to cam.

Turning on his computer Frank decided to open up the website to his checking account. (“Something about being fully vulnerable makes my caged clit ache even more.”) As I got on my own computer I asked him again for his partner ID and password, which he didn’t hesitate to give. “I want you to strip butt naked and show me your clit.” Frank did as I said as he awaited my Skype call, rocking back and forth in the computer chair as it made squeaking sounds. As soon as I saw him, his eyes were that of a man who was possessed. “You look like a possessed faggot.” He thanked me for insulting him as he inhaled deeply once more. “I wish Sir would drug me on something wild, I want to do things I’ve never done before.” While he kept talking I proceeded to take $300 via PayPal. (“Fuck that’s so hot when he takes large amounts.”) I could read his face as I teased his weak mind, “I’m pounding your cunt and pounding your life source the way real men fag bash you and pound your face in.” I told him to smack his caged clit as he screamed, “Own my cunt sir!” As soon as he said own me I told him to flat out give me the login and password to his actual bank account. “You mean full access to my bank account so you can look and take anytime?”! My own cock was getting hard over his reckless stupidity and obedience.

Frank typed away the log in details to his bank account, coincidentally being with the same bank as me. I logged into his account on my Mac, (following the security code on his phone) and stared inside his cunt. “Do you see that Frank? A real man should have access to and exploit what he he wants, what he OWNS, for whatever reason.” Frank murmured in a low voice as if he was entering another world. (“He can stare inside my bank account anytime… this is so fucking dangerous but its making me even weaker.”) I proceeded to get inside his brain deeper, “When I fuck your cash cunt, it’s intimate.. its something nobody in your life understands. We know, and that’s all that matters. It’s how a dumb loser gets fucked over by his man. Each time you spread your cunt and become more vulnerable you will feel me thrusting inside you. Log into your bank account at the same time as I am, I want to explain something to you.” Frank was twitching in his chair as I continued to manipulate and distort his thinking. He gasped as I took another $300, making his clit stand up fully hard. (“Master is right, he’s thrusting inside me. I LOVE him for fucking me over. It feels so right just letting him take what he wants.”) With trebling hands, Frank Signed into his bank account on his own computer as we both stared at his balance.

“Look Frank, I’m thrusting inside you as you watch the numbers drop even lower. I like lifting up a losers legs as I pound that wet cunt. I’m looking inside that cunt as it gushes on my cash cock…. and fuck it feels amazing.” He tugged on his caged clit harder and began slapping his balls again to amuse me. “It’s like staring inside a mirror as you watch yourself get fucked, your bank account being a reflection of what I’m doing to you. I’m fucking you and screwing you over like the willing idiot you are.” His mind began spinning as he realized getting insulted and called names was a rush he couldn’t explain. He needed to get beat up, robbed, insulted, and abuse in general. (“No that’s not what I need, I WANT all those things as its what a dumb faggot deserves.”) I told Frank to start punching his balls for me as I took $400, both staring at his account balance while refreshing the page. “Oh Sir, I’m watching the damage your cash cock is doing to my bank account while you just continue to take it.” I was rock hard and leaking knowing his mind was melted pudy in my hands. Frank reached below the computer and pulled out some lube, he applying it to 3 fingers and began fingering himself. I laughed at his caged clit, “How does it feel knowing I have the key to what makes you half of a man?” I began swinging the key on a chain like a pendulum as I watched his eyes move back and forth following the key. (“I want him to brainwash me.”)

I continued swinging the key to his cage back and forth as I made him beg me for abuse. “Play with your clit and get on your knees. I want to see you looking pathetic as I rob you.” He tugged on his clit as I snickered, “YANK on your caged clit, I wanna hurt you. Watching you scream makes me hard, and you love turning me on by letting me destroying you.” He began yanking on his cage and winced in pain. His eyes were half closed as I continued, “A fag like you doesn’t need his balls, so I want to destroy them. They have no use now do they?” He shook his head from left to right as he screamed, hurting himself to amuse me. “Oh Sir please rob me as I hurt my balls, I’ll even burn them for you.” I circled around the screen, “Fucking idiot I want you to beg me to rob you. BEG me to fuck you over.” His eyes went wide as I moved my cursor over “Transfer Between Accounts.” He moaned and asked me if he could inhale 10 seconds each. “A dumb faggot has no place thinking for itself master.” I gave him permission as he inhaled deeply, “Please take my cash sir, PLEASE rob me.” I decided that wasn’t enough to amuse me. “Stay on your knees dumb cunt, PRAY to me like a God.” He put his hands together, giving his balls a break. “Oh Lord, Oh my God, my Master, I’m on my knees surrendering. Please $crew me over, FUCK ME.” I saw he had several thousand in his savings, so I made a very large transfer to his main checking account. “Now Frank, I’m basically fingering your cash cunt as I transfer money between your savings and main checking account. As you finger your ass I want you to pretend that’s my finger in your wallet.”

I continued on,  “I’m pounding your cunt with my huge cash cock and slamming it like a pussy.” He continued to pray as I kept circling around the “Send” button on PayPal, taking $400. He continued to tug on his own balls while crying, “Does my cash pussy feel good for my God’s pleasure sir?” I made him inhale once more, “Every man deserves to fuck pussy, I’m getting my dick wet and taking what’s mine.” (He’s right, everything of mine is his. I’ve never been so addicted to something in my life.”) I began swinging the key back and forth again as his eyes kept focusing on my movements, “I think that cage should be sealed for good, only cum when you’re getting fucked or riding a dildo to hit that gSpot.” He sighed, “Yes sir, then the key should be thrown in the trash. I’m trash myself sir so it would be the right thing to do.” I asked if he had wood glue as he told me he had something better. “May your drone go to the kitchen and return quickly sir?” I gave him permission as I took another $100. He stood up shaking as he watched the key swinging back and forth as if he were in a trance, which was my evil intention. “Continue raping my cunt while I’m gone sir.” While he was in the kitchen I went to his browser and into his security settings. Typing in his password on google chrome I copied all his passwords (93 total) and sent them to myself via email. As I was doing that Frank sat back down eyes wide with shock at what I had just done. “Sir you have passwords to everything now, but it’s your right to do so.” Frank pulled out a bottle of gorilla glue, something VERY hard to remove.

Setting down a paper plate, Frank seem focused on mixing the glue with some water using a tooth pick. “I’m going to seal my cage for you Master. A faggot like me has no right to jerk off the same way a man does like you sir.” My eyes went wide with shock as he began to let gorilla glue seep into the chastity lock, turned on his side. My mind was in a tail spin as he pushed it deep with the tooth pick and went to grab more, “I want the glue to dry over the actual hole sir.” Frank leaned on his right side as he started fingering his ass again. “Sir I need to see you again, I want you to hurt me like never before. I need to be fag bashed and tortured master its why I exist.” As my mind was whirling knowing he put gorilla glue inside the lock to his chastity device, I quickly asked how much vacation time he had. “I only about 11 days of sick time sir, and I’ll sacrifice them if master demands it.” My creative mind began spinning again sadistically on how to unleash my own demons with very few limits. I finally spoke with everything planned quickly, “Go to work like normal, but this time take your car keys with you. I won’t be stealing your car again. Just keep working like normal and expect the unexpected.” He began moaning as he realized the cage was sealed after drying. I laughed at him swinging the key on a chain, “Looks like this won’t be needed anymore will it?” He shook his head as I put it back in my pocket. “Now go put a dildo up your ass, a faggot like you is only gonna cum by fucking yourself as you repeat you’re happy that I fuck you over.” I ended the Skype call and dialed up Master DarkJason and Mistress Gold, as this couldn’t be done alone.


Frank returned to work like normal, dressed up in proper attire like he always did. Since he had moved to Chicago he was hired as a waiter in a 5 star hotel restaurant. Because the hotel was down town Chicago, he was paid pretty well. One day as Frank was taking orders, he knew his mind had been rewired by his master deep into his personal life. When hot guys that told him what they wanted, it made him swell in his cage. (“I would get on my knees and pay him to beat on me if I could…”) Frank kept texting me from his iPhone with random messages. Some of them were “I Love being fucked up in the head sir,” and “I can’t wait to get fucked over again.” Every day while working Frank thought of nothing else but waiting for my abuse, he had never been so obsessed with any master. (“Master says making him happy is my number 1 priority, he’s so right. Nothing should come before that. I exist to make his life easy so he can live like the god he is.”) Frank would have many random thoughts walking through the restaurant regardless if it was busy or not. One couple was nice enough to leave him a $100 tip, which happened quite often. Frank had morbid thoughts of how hot it would be knowing I would be taking it eventually. (“All these tips, are for my master at the end of the day.”) He knew he was fucked up in the head, that he was not a normal man. (“No, I’m not a man, I’m an excuse for a man. I’m a fucking loser and I’m not ashamed of it. I embrace it.”) As days went by Frank decided to make the background photo to his phone a picture of my foot, and nothing else. He didn’t care if anyone saw it, because his brother already know what a loser he was, and he wasn’t supposed to be on his phone at work anyway.

The day “it happened” was a late night closing shift for Frank. Just like the first time, he was throbbing in his cage putting the chairs on the tables. Our first encounter, he had been expecting something to happen. This time however it was a random waiting game. He was told to just go to work daily like normal… not like there was anything normal about him to begin with. As Frank said goodbye to the manager one night, he adjusted his cage as he proceeded to walk out to his car. As Frank heard footsteps behind him one night, he felt a sense of fear like he was being followed. Shaking, he turned his head back and saw no one. He trembled as he continued walking to his car in the dark of night. Like in previous encounters, there were no lit street lamps because the city of Chicago is broke. Frank heard foot steps again which made him turn around once more. “Strange” is what Frank muttered before turning his his head back. As he was turning back around, Frank saw me in a ski mask holding a white cloth. “Oh Master I hope that’s you.” MasterDark Jason walked beside me as Frank seemed confused. Jason was wearing a scream mask with stains of fake blood. Frank seemed terrified not knowing who this other man was. “Master what is that red stuff on his mask?” I ignored him as I held chloroform to his face. Jason responded under his mask just to fuck with his head, “It came from a faggot I snuffed.” As Jason scared the shit out of Frank he collapsed in my arms once more. Me and DarkJason dragged Frank’s limp body across the sidewalk with Jason’s car not far away. Jason popped the back trunk open as I threw Frank’s lifeless body inside. To keep him quiet when he woke, I stuffed his mouth with my socks I had worn for 12 days.

Before we had kidnapped Frank, we left a note on his windshield knowing it would get to Alex. The note simply said “I’m away being a loser.” Last time I had kidnapped Frank, I had gone to an abandoned house in my home town. That very same abandoned house is where me and Jason were headed to. We heard Frank stirring in the backseat halfway there, muttering soft moans In the back trunk of the car, no longer scared. As he felt the vibrations of the car speeding down the road he sighed with pleasure. (“I love dangerous men, I love dangerous men. Master is so dangerous and so is his friend. I wonder if he was just telling me he snuffed a faggot. For some reason him saying that is making my clit bulge inside my cage. Oh the things master puts in my head!”) Jason laughed as we hit bumps on the road only to hear Frank yell in the back. He must removed the socks from his mouth, because at one point we heard him scream “Thank You Sirs.” It wasn’t long before we approached the house again. When I was growing up this street had been full of occupants, but no longer today. In this town, there are many boarded up houses. As we parked the car under a dark tree, we opened our doors as Jason carried out my black bag of fun and dangerous things. I popped open the hood as Frank’s eyes were wide with fear. I simply placed the white towel with chloroform on his face once again as Jason forced his body from the car. Passing out again Frank’s head tilted to the side, “I Love you sir.” Jason grabbed my bag from on top of the car as I dragged Frank’s motionless body across the tall uncut grass. The grass was so long, because Chicago Heights is also broke.

It wasn’t long before we were down in the cold dark basement where Frank had been once before. I had already placed fun things in the basement, as I had planned this for days. Jason had a BDSM playroom at his house, which was perfect as I had things to torture a victim with. Me and Jason lifted Frank onto a wooden table. We began removing all his clothes leaving him in just the chastity device. As Jason began tying Frank’s legs together, I tied his hands behind his head. Jason opened my bag and began taking out all the tea candles I had packed in there. Frank began to stir awake again, blinking his eyes. “Where am I sir?” I told him to take a good look around as he realized he was back where he was not long ago. I smirked as I was no longer wearing the ski mask. “Are you going to do bash me and do dangerous things master?” I ignored his question as I joined Jason on the floor of the basement. We had formed a pentagram using several tea candles, the wooden table in the center. Jason began lighting each candle as I pulled out a large knife to play mind games for my amusement. Taking my phone I snapped a picture of Frank tied up in the middle of a burning pentagram. I showed Frank the photo as he began thrashing to see if he could break free. “Oh Frank, you will never escape.” Frank could see that his fear was turning me on as I told him he was nothing but a victim. My dick got hard the more terrified Frank was getting. To appease me, Frank began screaming for help knowing it would be erotic to me. Me and Jason laughed as I casually responded to his screams for help, “This basement is almost sound proof. You can scream all you want, nobody will ever find you.” Just to play with his head even more, I showed Frank his phone. “I turned it off right after you passed out downtown Chicago. Your last known GPS location won’t even show where you are.”

Jason pulled out a cheap “Throw Away” phone still wearing his “Scream” mask covered in fake blood. His dark voice spoke to Frank for the first time, “Call your work and tell them you are taking a week of vacation time.” Obviously, the restaurant was closed but Frank was able to leave a message. I held the knife to Frank’s balls, “If you say where you are or ask for help, your fag balls will be removed.” Frank just seemed to groan in lust rather than fear. (“I love when he threatens me it feels so right.”) As the phone was ringing Frank thanked me for threatening him. Frank left a simple message saying he would be away for days. As Frank spoke into the phone I held the large blade against his balls just to tease him. As Frank had finished leaving the voicemail, Jason smashed the phone onto the ground while stomping it to pieces. (“It turns Master on to see me helpless and afraid, making him happy is my #1 priority.”) Frank started screaming for help again as Jason pulled out a bottle of poppers. Placing them under Frank’s nose he began moaning, “I’m a dumb faggot that does as instructed. I am a drone to be used.” I took out my weed and bowl for me and Jason to get stoned. Torturing a willing victim was very enjoyable to us, so weed could only make things better. I pulled out my Mac Book Pro as Jason began searching in my black bag. While Jason was digging in my bag, I used my phone to hotspot the computer. I quickly logged into his bank account and then placed the computer on Frank’s chest.” I stared directly into Frank’s eyes, “I’m spreading the legs to your cash cunt wide open for all 3 of us to see. See how tight and soaked that cunt is?”

Frank’s clit began throbbing inside his cage, happily anticipating what was to come next. Jason put a glove on his hand and began to cover it with crisco. Without warning, Jason began thrusting his fingers in Frank’s physical cunt. Frank’s mouth opened in a frozen expression, “Ahhhh… aahhhh… aghhhhh!” Jason began digging his hand into Frank’s loose fag pussy as I logged into Frank’s PayPal on my phone. Frank moved his ass toward Master DarkJason’s hand while screaming, “Fuck my cash cunt master, I want to feel the power of men draining my life source.” Jason twitched his hand inside sadistically and spoke, “Feel that fist wrecking your cunt you piece of shit. Feel that cash cock and my powerful fist blend as one.” Frank began moaning then would start screaming again just to amuse me. I used his computer and transferred half of his savings into his main checking account. Frank’s eyes watered with lust as I stood over his body typing away. I then took $500 using his PayPal as I refreshed the page on the screen. “You see that dumb faggot? I’m gonna wreck your cunt as you stare at the damage I’m doing.” Jason started punching Frank’s insides hard and fast causing Frank to scream once more as he begged for poppers. Using my phone I sent $500 to Jason’s account and refreshed the page to his bank website again. I took the poppers from the ground and placed them under Frank’s nose 10 seconds each. “Thank you master, I need to be intoxicated and remember I have no business thinking about things. After all, I am your drone, a loser, and a fucking idiot.”

I then sent myself another $500 and $500 again to Jason, two thrusts in Frank’s cash cunt back to back. I refreshed the page again as Frank stared lost in a daze. Jason kept pounding his cunt with his fist as I pounded Frank’s cash cunt ruthlessly at high amounts. To avoid raising red flags, I decided to give his cash cunt a break. Jason removed his fist as he pulled out a spiked whip I had brought to beat Frank with. Closing the lid to my computer, I grabbed the second spiked whip. I stood in the center of the burning pentagram with Jason as we both began whipping Frank’s nude body. I spit on Frank’s body as he screamed Thank You’s to both of us. I looked at Frank in the eyes, “We are going to leave you here over night like I did last time. You are nothing but our prisoner and play toy to hurt because it amuses us. We don’t give a fuck about you and knowing that just turns you on even more.” Frank moved his body upward as he begged for us to put the spiked whips over the candles. We did so, making Frank scream in pain further. Me and Jason laughed sadistically as we kept whipping him and leaving marks. I laughed at Frank, “You’re a victim of a hate crime for being a dumb faggot.” He nodded up and down, “I love being the victim of a hate crime, thank you master.” Frank seemed disappointed when we stopped.

I lifted up his legs and placed him in a diaper again. Me and Jason spoon fed him vegetables and beef soup from a spoon so he would have nourishment while we were gone. As soon as the cans were empty, we lifted his tied and marked up body and set him on the cold floor. Together me and Jason lifted the wooden table while being careful not to knock over any burning candles. As soon as the table was set down, we blew out the candles and tied Frank’s arms to a cold metal pipe. As Jason took my black bag to the car, I poured out a bottled water and emptied it into a dog bowl so the faggot could stay hydrated. I left Frank on a thick warm blanket to lay on then covered him up. “Goodnight you fucking idiot.” I walked up the stairs and left him there. Three times a day, I made sure to go and take care of Frank’s basic needs. I changed his diaper, fed him, and gave him more water. Frank begged for more abuse for days as I just ignored him.


4 days later, Frank was happy to see me and Dark Jason come down the stairs carrying something heavy. Me and Jason were carrying down a swing from Jason’s BDSM play room. As I untied Frank from the cold pipe, Jason began to light the candles once more. The swing consisted of a spiked seat with a dildo poking up from the seat itself. The seat was held up by steel chains and was capable of holding any body weight. Frank’s eyes opened in lust as me and Jason lifted him from the ground and carried him over to the swing. As Jason lubed up the dildo built into the swing I looked at Frank in the eyes, “You’re a victim to a hate crime and a disgusting faggot who loves dick. I want to see you in pain because it turn me on. You will obey me for the rest of your life and place your freedom in my hands.” I then held poppers under Frank’s nose as Jason began putting a spiked ball stretcher on our willing victim. Each time Frank moved, the spiked ball stretcher would cause him intense pain. Frank walked over to the swing so willingly, “It looks like so much fun sir.” We sat Frank on the dildo balls deep till his ass cheeks made contact with the spiked seat as he yelped loudly. Jason tied a leash to the to the lock on Frank’s chastity device as I held my phone in front of Frank’s eyes.

I began to show Frank’s checking account, his balance wiped out with only a few thousand left in his savings. “Me and Jason have been robbing you while you laid here waiting for us to abuse you. With your bank log in, I can take whatever I want WHEN I want.” As Frank began to thank me for taking advantage of his faggot mind, I pushed his body from behind the swing as his feet dangled in the air. Jason tugged on Frank’s balls while laughing at his misery as I pushed Frank from behind as he went back and forth on the torture swing. The swing stood in the center of the burning pentagram as if he were a sacrifice for our amusement. I laughed as Jason ruthlessly tugged at the leash attached to Frank’s balls while I laughed pushing him from behind. I reminded Frank, “You are nothing but a play toy for our amusement. Isn’t riding the swing fun?” As frank was moaning from pleasure and pain his caged clit began soaking precum. Frank begged for poppers as Jason let go of the leash. Frank swung back and forth slowly until the chains stood still. Jason put the bottle of poppers under Frank’s nose for 10 seconds each as we heard the sound of the stairs creaking with someone coming. It was mistress Gold dressed in black leather holding a spiked whip of her own. Her long blonde hair had black steaks like her dark black mind.

She said nothing as she began whipping Frank on the chained torture swing. Frank seemed desensitized to pain at this point, as it was the most pleasurable feeling to a faggot like him. He moaned out loud as Jason got down on his knees, “I’m a pain pig and a disgusting faggot!” I reached inside my bag and pulled out a pair of spiked nipple clamps and placed them on Frank’s bare chest. He began to wince in pain and without warning, Jason began tugging on the leash attached to the chastity device. As Jason pulled the swing, Frank rose into the air once more. Mistress Gold continued lashing Frank with the spiked whip as Frank swung back and forth in the air. I laughed at his misery, pushing his body forwards as the swing came back towards my direction. As Frank swung in the air, His ass lifted off the dildo then down again and onto the spikes. (“I love being tortured for being a faggot, this is who I am and what I was born to do.”) Mistress Gold finally spoke and told Jason to stop pulling Frank on the swing, “I have something evil planned, something that will condition his mind to where he cums from pain itself.” She walked over to Frank, our victim, and took out a vibrator. She used duck tape and attached the vibrator to Frank’s chastity device, turning the vibration on a low speed.

Frank began moaning as the vibrator shook the fag clit inside the cage, making him precum further. I pulled out my phone and sent $500 to Misty, Jason, and myself. I then opened the site to his bank account and showed him just how broke he was. I tugged on his spiked nipple clamps for my personal amusement as I spoke, “Do you realize how fucking stupid you are? You’re letting us hurt you as we leave you beaten, broke, and worthless.” He nodded his head in some sort of agreement, “I’m a fucking idiot sir, that’s why I am proud you make decisions for me-.” Frank was caught by surprise as he felt his body glide through the air again as the swing went towards Jason’s direction. Misty looked at me then walked over to the wooden table, reminding me of our adventure with Dan in those woods so long ago. She lifted up her black dress with no panties as I quickly stuck my dick inside her. I made sure Frank could see my cock pound her pussy in the candle light as he moaned from the vibrator teasing his caged clit. Jason continued pulling on the leash attached to Frank’s clit. As the swing went back and forth in the air, precum continued to ooze out from his cage. Mistress Gold casually smoked a cigarette getting off on the screams and torture Frank was enduring. As I fucked her pussy in and out she moaned, “I love hearing the screams of a disgusting loser, they make my pussy wet.” I leaned down and kissed as I responded, “The sound of a faggot being tortured turns me on as well.”

Frank’s ass lifted off the dildo and back onto the spikes each time he swung back and forth, making him scream each time. Jason stared at Frank with his scream mask, showing his face as he got off torturing the faggot victim. Frank stared back and forth between my huge cock pounding pussy and Jason’s masked face. (“Jason terrifies me and looks like a serial killer, yet I’m so fucked up in the head because it turns me on even more. I love dangerous men! This vibrator attached to my cage feels so amazing, I think the pain and suffering is going to make me cum.”) As the table squeaked from mine and Misty’s fucking, I shot my huge load inside her cunt. Getting up from the table she handed me a cigarette knowing I needed one after blowing a huge load. As Jason tugged on the swinger harder then before, I took two cement blocks and placed them on both sides of the swing. I told Jason to hand me the leash, which he did. As Frank slowly came to a stop, Misty walked over and placed a 5 pound weight around Frank’s balls, making him scream louder then he ever had. I stood on the cement blocks as I held the leash to my chest. “Sir, your cock is covered in cum and pussy juice.” I told Frank he was going to clean it off as he turned his head in disgust. “I’m a disgusting faggot, it only makes sense for master make me do disgusting things. I hate pussy, and that’s why I’m being tortured as a hate crime.”

Misty placed a 10 pound weight on Frank’s lap, pushing his ass into the spikes even harder. As Jason began tugging on the ball weight, I told Frank to use his tongue and lick the pussy juice off my dick. Frank did as instructed as Misty began whipping him once more. Frank was filled with delight as he felt his balls being tortured, his body getting whipped, the spiked chair, dildo up his ass, and his Master’s cock covered in cum and pussy juice. I began twisting the spiked nipple clamps again as I moaned getting hard again. Frank’s tongue flicked back and forth while crying at the same time. Misty turned up the vibrator to the max speed as Frank started moaning louder as his cage began flowing with precum. I was only making Frank clean off my pussy covered cock just to further humiliate him. I got off the cement blocks and began pulling him on the swing again. (“My ass is so sore from the spikes and yet it feels so good…”) Jason put the poppers to Frank’s nose as I lightly pulled on the swing. Frank’s head rolled back as I pulled on the swing harder then ever, his body flying through the air with his butt bouncing up and down on the spikes. As he came towards me I held out my cigarette as it burned him. “Thank you for torturing me the way a faggot should sir!” The vibration against his cage was overwhelming as I tugged on his balls with the weight attached. Frank felt a sensation and wave of emotions he had never felt before. Frank began moaning out loud and gasping, “I’m a pathetic faggot, I’m a fucking loser. I’m a stupid idiot that pleases real men…. AHHHHHHHH ARRRGHHH.” Frank came through his chastity device as he endured the most pain he ever begged for in his pathetic life.

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