Thrown In The Back Trunk

Everything that happened without my presence even in prior events were told to me by those involved.

28 yr old Frank was sniffing poppers and riding a dildo the size of a fire hydrant watching old porn dvds on the big TV. It was such a huge risk doing it in the open living room while his older brother Alex was getting off work. Frank had just moved to Illinois to stay with his brother who he always thought was hot as long as he could remember. As depraved as that is, Frank was deranged in many other ways. Growing up he would do things like jerk off at the park late at night hoping some homeless guy would rape or beat him up. It was an addiction jerking off in public and hoping something bad could happen to him. Even the thought of being arrested would make him shoot his load the second he heard the crunching of leaves, usually it would be a deer or squirrel. The wooded area surrounded the town park with swings, slides, and such. At night it was almost impossible to see in the woods, so Frank would strip butt naked as he sat on his t-shirt. One night after his wishful thinking some older scruffy looking man threatened to kill him if he didn’t give him whatever he had in his pocket. With cell phones not being a thing for younger adults back then, his wallet was all he had. The man didn’t even hand the wallet back, he just walked away and said next time he’d beat his ass if he saw him again.  All that did was make him do it even more often, hoping the man would hurt him next time. He stopped spending money on CDs and going out with friends. The rush of being robbed so young by an older man made him cum hands free, which had never been done before. As he got older he got his ass beaten in school for coming out as a faggot very regularly.  He was fully erect the first time 3 boys sent him home bruised with a black eye. The day that happened his mother kept asking what happened, but all he cared about was running to his bedroom to jerk off in the mirror. His hazel eyes stared back at his reflection and saw what those boys did to him while dripping precum. He never thought anything was wrong with him, although his mother was concerned about the bullying as this would just continue. Frank would dress in tight shorts out in public knowing it would just get him targeted again. It didn’t bother him as he heard his parents sob and would ask who was doing this, their voices drowned out by the flapping noises as he stared mindlessly into the mirror. His strange queer face was that of Andy Gibb after using cocaine as he jerked off.

When he came out to his family everyone was accepting. His mother Amelia encouraged him to bring home his first bf, knowing the bullying and bruises must be from homophobic behavior. Alex was very supportive, both boys growing up in a very liberal household. Amelia would constantly remind Frank daily how much she loved him and how there was nothing ashamed of for being gay. Frank was happy his family loved him, but the urge to keep getting called names and being taken advantage of became an obsession that he never stopped to analyze. While doing homework for classmates he would be aroused knowing they could be going on dates or be happy playing video games while he remained useful. His main focus was being useful for every hot bully in life that made his life miserable. When Amelia joined P Flag she wondered why her son didn’t seem to care much about being tormented and hurt. She thought perhaps he felt he must deserve this type of treatment, and as a mother she was sure to clear that thinking right up. But alas it was useless as his head was already scrambled for reasons nobody could explain. One day while he was out, she found graphic diary entries in his room about the joys of being a loser and a faggot. She flipped from page to page horrified with “erotic” memories of each beating and list of orders given to him simply to be used for personal gain. She read the words “I love being a loser that lives to please men.” She found porn magazines displaying S&M with extreme torture. A sense of self hatred was suspected, so she decided to show him information on a famous hate crime about “Matthew Shepard” who was tied to a fence post, beaten, and left to die in his own blood. She asked if he had any questions after showing him articles of how the nation reacted to such a tragedy. Frank didn’t seem to know of even care that he was deranged as he got erections hearing how cruel those boys were in hurting him. (“I’m jealous of Matthew Shepard, why couldn’t that be me… he’s a lucky faggot.”) He never even bought anything for himself, as he would rather save his allowance money so other boys could just take it from him. Frank started looking at cases of hate crimes and jerked off jealous he couldn’t be one of those victims.

As he entered college, he would masterbate sniffing his roommate Ron’s socks as he was sleeping. Sometimes he would get on his knees quietly and crawl while jerking and sniffing his bare size 13s barely an inch from his face at the foot of the bed. Frank didn’t seem to have any sense of common judgement or boundaries, as Ron was hot and controlling. He was perfect in every way and that’s all that crossed Frank’s mind. As he would sniff his sleeping roommates feet, depraved thoughts would run through his mind. (“Part of me wants him to wake up, ask what the fuck am I doing. I’ll tell him I’m a fucking loser, I’ll give him anything he wants.”) He never once thought this thinking was inappropriate or abnormal. He was simply acting on what he felt his instincts were. Ron was very hot indeed from past photos Frank had shown me. He looked about 6’2 and a spitting Image of Aaron Carter from back in the good old days. Frank was cute himself back then, but never stopped to think what others thought of him. He dressed not to impress, but rather dressed in what would make him most vulnerable. Having access to the internet he had been exploring BDSM and had been luring dangerous guys from chat rooms to meet and beat him up. He had changed roommates at some point but remained friends with Ron for a good while. He had a small part time job on campus, half of his pay going to men abusing him. Even to this day he jerks off many times remembering when his ex roommate Ron found out what Frank was into by reading what was left on his computer screen by “accident.” Frank had told an online submissive of what he wanted Ron to do to Frank without feeling bad for him at all. He told his friend about all the times he jerked off to his feet while he was dead asleep. Being pissed off and needing cash, Ron beat him up ruthlessly and took every dollar he had and destroyed him to where he had bruises like days past. When Frank told me all this, we both agreed Ron got off on some power trip himself. It was never about paying guys in Frank’s mind, but rather being violated and having his life source extracted by force. He set up getting bashed by Ron on purpose, never questioning why he was engaging in self destructive behavior. To him it was his biggest pleasure, like a natural drive that just seemed “right.”

Frank’s life was going nowhere, as he eventually dropped out of college and went to working full time jobs. He was able to finally live alone and gained his dream of privacy. By the time he was working at the supermarket he was already checking online sites for meeting other guys and possibly a relationship. He found himself putting morbid things in his profile about what a loser he was and how he cums when a real man is tormenting him in some way. His profile said (“If you can make me cry ++”) He would get all kinds of morbid replies, the ones Frank was hoping to find. They would meet at his apartment as Frank was taught about licking boots clean, what a human toilet was, how screaming will only make it hurt more, and the joy of poppers which he always had in his possession since. He stopped seeing the family as his morbid behavior unfolded into a life style. Alex didn’t like the life his brother was facing after seeing him skinny and wasting away. Alex knew what was in his brother’s Diary from when they were younger and asked if that had anything to do with this. For the first time Frank did admit he was into BDSM but didn’t tell him to what extent it had gone to. Knowing something wasn’t right, Alex finally convinced him to move back to Chicago and stay with him so he could have a better life and get a fresh start. Alex had just come out of the closet as gay himself, only he was a respectable man with class and dignity. Alex was perfect in every way with a very lavish condo downtown. His red Ferrari and Gucci outfits spun more twisted deranged thoughts swimming in his fucked up head, (“He so wealthy and hot.. he’s so more more of a powerful man then me. Then again I am a fucking pussy. Fuck I’m not even a man at all, I’m a loser. Big difference as all superior masters have taught me.”) Alex had gone to medical school and became a chiropractor having a very happy social life. Alex was very hot and had guys begging to talk to him at very bar in Chicago they visited together.They could be playing pool or shooting darts while having drinks, with half of the guys would give a stare or ask to buy him a drink. Alex was a real life “Brian Kinney.” Not only did Alex have men wrapped around his finger and a successful life, but he donated his time at the gay rights center and advocated on many other issues. Alex had respect from everyone in his life, owning his own private office and being an activist for the community. Even playing darts Frank would sigh with pleasurable thoughts of how his older bro was better at everything. He tried not to make it obvious that he was loosing on purpose just so Alex would win each time. Boys town is basically the gay ghetto here in Chicago, with bars and clubs for blocks around. They even have gangs that kills breeders if they’re at the wrong place at the wrong time…. If you have ever been to this part of Chicago, you would know there are rainbow flags all along the sidewalks, 3-5 per block. No I’m not kidding you. Alex was very kinky himself but always knew there was something not mentally right in Frank’s Head. Alex took his brother to steamworks, Berlin, and Roscoes to show him more of the normal side of “wildness.” At Roscoe’s the bar, Frank would begin staring at eye candy and realized how drunk and intoxicated everyone was. He did enjoy his time with his brother and making a few friends. Despite the warm moments and Merlo at Club Hydrate, Alex didn’t realize he had just made the biggest mistake despite his good intentions. Chicago is heart of American BDSM…and with all the BDSM conventions here in Chicago, it wouldn’t be long before Frank discovered financial domination and what his life purpose truly was.

A particular smart phone app all of us reading this probably have, was also being used by Frank and Alex respectively. With this app at Frank’s fingertips, he no longer needed those old school chatrooms or ancient adam. He longed for abuse but couldn’t state that in case Alex saw his profile, which was very boring since Frank had few interests other then collecting postage stamps. He turned to craigslist which back then still had the “personals” section. He would scroll though posts and would send morbid replies about what a miserable loser he was and that needed to be treated badly. Some of these posts by other guys were very vanilla vanilla or those looking for a relationship which was… every 30 posts. These pigs are whores, Seriously only 10% of the posts in LTR had guys actually looking for a boyfriend. Frank would scroll on his computer but too afraid to make a post of his own. (“Everyone here knows everybody.. what would I even say? I don’t want Alex knowing how disgusting I truly am.”) He replied to some master who offered to host any pig wanting to let go and get used as a punching bag. While Alex was gone for a weekend another master had come over one night as he gave Frank GHB for the first time. As he went through his wallet he took everything he wanted and beat Frank with a whip over and over until his body was marked up. He tied frank up tied to a chair with weights tied to his balls. In between the screaming the master would jerk Frank off and stopped right before he came, edging him for what seemed like eternity. In Frank’s mind he didn’t care what that the man was torturing him with such cruelty. If anything it was a privilege to have a man fuck him up in a way all losers deserve. (“Its so hot watching him… just take it. Not even caring how I feel or what happens to me….”)  The man didn’t say much other then the fact that Frank was an inferior loser that should only cum when he’s screaming. The man apparently had taken some large butcher knife, and placed it over the candle as the dark room focused on the sadistic torture that made Frank throb between his legs. He rubbed the soft part of the knife on his balls, not trying to cut him. But the cold metal and his masters hands jerking him off made him scream loudly. The searing pain of the hot metal and the masked face staring and threatening him, Frank shot the biggest load of his life. As time when on Frank found that getting paddled, spit on, and laughed at had lost some its charm. He was used to bruises, black eyes, burn marks, but it just wasn’t enough anymore. He tried getting fisted, stomped on sounded, you name it. He craved anything that would make his heart race or basically scare the shit out of him. In his mind this is why he exists, and nothing gives him greater pleasure. Any man could tell Frank to kneel and open his mouth wide and be a proper toilet for men needing to use him.

Months went on as Alex just started to ignore what Frank was doing and let him live his own life, despite not knowing just how extreme things were. They remained close as Alex began to make jokes over time about Frank embracing being a pathetic loser with S&M. Eventually Alex started casually making fun of his own brother including in front of all their friends. Soon Frank’s sexual appetite began the talk of the gay rights center and community. Many crazy nights happened while living downtown Chicago. Frank deeply remembers going to the bathroom to shoot his load after he realized someone had taken his wallet from his back pocket. At the bars one night Alex was so drunk he lifted up Franks shirt for everyone to see burn marks and LOSER written on his chest. Drunken men laughed at Frank with everyone staring at him as Frank didn’t know what to say. The only thing he was focused on is how rock hard he was hearing the laughter ring in his ear as he heard the word loser chanted over the loud music. Frank knew he needed something wild that he would always remember. He eventually began posting his own things with photos of him being used and marks on his body which got flagged many times. One day he kept scrolling until he saw a post that I had thrown up there. It did state I was looking for disgusting losers and pathetic victims to be exploited willingly. I mentioned physical abuse, findom, among other dark things. Frank read my post over and over as he kept muttering to himself he was a willing victim over and over while he started getting hard. He didn’t hesitate to write me an email saying he’s a disgusting loser himself telling me things he has done. We exchanged numbers as he began talking about how he was first robbed in the woods, the sadistic masters, and him perving to a sleeping man’s feet then getting beat up by him. Frank kept hinting he wanted something new, daring, exciting, and very dangerous. He told me he had a longing for being abducted or snuffed, but would never do the latter for real as it was just a fantasy. “I’m very fucked up sir, I need a real man to torture me until I cum hands free.” Living so close I suggested he listen to my following instructions. “Ok Frank I want you to not jerk off for a week. Tell me where you work and give me the address. I also want the address to where you live.” He sighed a sigh of enthusiasm and excitement. “The fact you’re asking me for sensitive information about me is fucking hot. I want you to manipulate me into doing reckless behavior, and I’ll probably listen because I’m that much of an idiot Sir.” The wheels in my head began spinning like a 45 Single as I asked Frank what drugs he has done. “I’ve done Poppers, weed, GHB, Ecstasy, and alcohol. May I have permission to inhale while talking to you sir?” I told him to breathe in deep and tell me his biggest fantasy or scenario in his head so his walls would come down.  “I want to be scared for my life and feel like I’m going to be destroyed in some way. I’ve never done findom as much as other things,  but I have let guys rob me over the years. It happened to me one time when I was exposing myself at night and it made me cum really hard. I thought I was very strange for ages but I guess other fags do the same thing so I guess its normal for me. I have almost no limits as I LOVE pain. But what I want is emotional agony and mental pain.” I asked Frank once again for the information I had asked for. He did give me the address to his work and where he lived but asked why I would want such info.

“You ask why should giving your address matters? You’ve had men come over when you lived alone frequently. I have reasons for everything I say and do. I want you to leave your car unlocked with your keys under the seat this coming Friday. You will come up with a safe word and if you can not speak, 3 quick taps will be the back up.” He inhaled deeply as he shuddered through the phone. “This sounds very fucked up but it’s turning me on. I wish we could do something now but I have plans later. Can I try getting robbed online? I have paypal and I don’t really spend money often.” Frank never asked to cam or anything but just have me take his cash as we talked on the phone. I gave him my email and told him to send a test of $50. “Ok Frank keep your paypal open and open the window to your bank account.” He inhaled for what seemed like a minute as I heard the sound of his pants being unzipped. “Zip your pants back up, you are not to cum until I tell you understand?” Frank sent me $200 on his own as he zipped his pants back up without me even telling him to. “I’m so sorry sir, now what do I do? Sending that cash turns me on like when I had my wallet taken from my pocket.” I laughed as I told him to pack a bowl of weed as we get high together. “Why did you send me that 200 Frank?” I knew that he had no experience with online or in person findom. “Well I wanted to please you sir after all I am pathetic. May I have permission to send again. I can abuse myself as you rob me. It would be fun if you could just take it while I sit here and do nothing.” I smoked outta my bong, held the smoke for 15 seconds and let go as I continued. During this time I could still use a certain backdoor trojan which I used to control computers before team viewer. “I emailed you an attachment. Its just a fun game but I’ve attached a trojan. Don’t worry about the virus protection going off, I already broke the file into 800,000 pieces and removed the pieces that set off detection.” He opened his email and downloaded the mysterious .EXE file while precumming like crazy. “Ok sir I am going to open the file to install now.” But nothing happened, or so he thought. The trojan got released inside his PC and was running in the background and undetectable in CPU activity. Frank let out a gasp as he saw his computer mouse just moving on its own. I moved the cursor around the screen and changed his desktop background to one of my photos he downloaded from my listing. “Sir that’s fucking hot you’re controlling my computer.” I moved the cursor over to his browser and saw the tabs for Myspace (like really?) paypal and his first national bank account. I moved the cursor as I sent myself another 100 as he moaned quietly, “fuck…”

“Don’t you like getting fucked Frank.” I heard the sound of a drink being poured as he informed he that he was taking a bit of GHB. “I do sir, but its not very often.” He took a sip of the drink containing a common date rape drug while lighting up a cigarette. “Now I’m going to rob you blind, and like a dumb loser you’re gonna inhale and spread your legs for me. Your wallet is your pussy right now, and I’m going to fuck you over. You may now start jerking off.” Frank undid his zipper as he moaned, “Oh hell yes ROB ME!!” I took $300 as I heard the sound of skin against skin as he jerked off rapidly. I went back to the tab as he kept jerking off and moved around inside his bank account showing the balance and other information. I told him I wanted the password to his main email used for his bank, which he typed out while breathing very heavily. I logged into his email on my end and then changed the password to his bank account so he couldn’t get back in. I blacked out his computer screen as he started crying but tears of pure pleasure. “I want to make you cry Frank, because a dumb loser in tears makes my dick hard too.” He took another sip of his GHB  “I beg for whatever you have in mind sir. Don’t even tell me just fuck me up as hard as you want.” I told Frank to refresh the page to his bank account and see the difference. “Wow that’s a lot of money sir, I have 700 left and before I had 2000 in my account.” I asked frank how it made him feel having have his bank account fucked by more then half. “It feels amazing sir, its addictive I want to keep doing this again. Here where I work I get very good tips and just hoard my money. My brother pays for all the bills so I don’t have many expenses.” I blacked out the screen again as I told him, “You’re getting fucked not in just your head but getting fucked in ur cash cunt.” Frank had never heard these terms before but everything made sense anyway. I was popping the cherry to his cash cunt as he never told me to stop. “Sir fuck me over please, rob me, rob me, destroy me sir PLEASE!” I went in one swoop and did a direct transfer of 675 and leaving him with $24. I enabled the screen again as he moaned in lust.

“Frank you will follow my instructions, you can jerk off but you are not to cum off AT ALL until I see you…” Frank was binging on poppers knowing something new and dangerous was coming his way. He was beginning to remember the beginning of the conversation of leaving his car door unlocked at work. (“The fact that he wants my car sounds very reckless indeed. And that’s exactly why I’m going to do it!”) “Yes sir I understand. This all sounds scary but I like it.” I laughed, “You are to inhale your poppers before work and between breaks for the entire week. Understand?” Frank’s clit was throbbing as he took his hands off to prevent himself from cumming.“Yes sir I understand. I am a dumb faggot who will inhale as master says.” I told Frank he is to not talk to any other dominants and said and focus solely on me. I decided to make his account negative to see how he would react. The black screen went away again as he stared at the screen. He gasped when he saw the negative balance of $-7. Now of course thats nothing serious, but the mental stimulation was my personal test of where his head was at. It turned him on, and thats all I needed to get deeper in his head.  “You can do anything you want sir, I can’t wait until Friday. But tonight I want to something else that’s dangerous. I want you to keep using me. I have a credit card to use as well!” This was music to my ears as it made me almost as hard as the loser that wisely obeyed ITS instincts. “I love being cash fucked I can see why this makes some faggots horny. It’s so much fun and its hot knowing it turns you on as you just take it.” I suggested he take a photo of the back and front of his credit card including the 3 digit code on the back. He never asked any questions as he snapped a photo of the back and front. He sent me a third photo of his ID without me even asking me. “I just want to put myself in more danger. What are you gonna do with my credit card sir?” I decided to play with his head mentally instead of telling him. “Check your bank account and see for yourself!” “He began clicking away, “It’s negative Sir but I still have my credit card with First National. Are you going to fuck me over harder?” I began shopping on eBay and ordering video games among other things. (“He’s just spending my money casually without even asking…. I’m so in love with this guy. He’s totally gonna fuck me over and I don’t even care.”) “This is so intense Master physically I’ve been beaten, burned, and fisted but nothing like this!” My creative mind twisted his head even further around. “I’m FISTING Your CASH CUNT! Just Punching your cash cunt in and out.” Frank moaned from frustration as I continued to start running up his credit card. All Frank did was watch, (“He’s just digging in and taking…digging around, digging in like having my pussy fisted like a true loser. He’s fisting my cash cunt!I”) I didn’t spend too much and only did up to around a thousand on random bullshit I didn’t really need. I was simply doing this to get his mind more prepared for further scenarios in the future. I gathered a chastity device and told Frank he would expect it in two days via priority mail. “Chastity long term sounds fun, I’ve only been caged for a few hours.” There was the sound of a door slam. “My brother is home got to go sir, please text me. I love You sir.”


I decided to overnight the chastity device with no key and just an opened lock to click in place. We talked every day as I continued digging in his brain the way I fisted his bank account. Frank was enjoying the photos I sent him via text as he commented on how hot I was. After a few days I called him to talk on the phone again as he “needed me” badly.“ He began talking right away, “I know this sounds fucked up but I think Alex is hot too. If he knew he would really think I’m fucked up. I get horny when he makes fun of me for being a slave. He even does it in front of all my friends and I never say anything, just so he keeps doing it.” Frank was telling me all his personal thoughts as I absorbed everything casually and redirecting the conversation towards how he feels about things. “Inhale 10 seconds in each nostril, and after you do I want you to tell me your greatest thrill.” He unscrewed the bottle once again and did so. “Honestly sir my biggest thrill, is being terrified. Is that normal?” Days had gone by as he had been working to make up for everything he lost. Since the trojan was in the computer, I woke it up from sleep as I told him to turn on his monitor. As he did so I began moving the cursor around once again. Laughing I asked how that made him feel. “For a dumb idiot anything can be normal even reckless behavior.” He took a shot of whiskey as he spoke again, “It makes me feel like I have truly discovered myself. I am proud to announce that I am a human ATM, a human toilet, and a human punching bag. I accept and am proud of my purpose sir.” And with that I left his bank account alone but ran up his credit card on eBay once again. While he watched he kept telling me how he enjoyed fondling his caged clit knowing there was nothing he could do about it. (“I wish he would just put gorilla glue inside the lock and keep me like this forever..”) I ran up his credit card by only 400 something that time, just to keep his cash cunt muscle in shape.

All week at work Frank continued working like normal while he was caged and thinking of new sick thoughts. (“He’s preparing me for a mental fuck over, I just know it.”) He managed to appear sober despite feeling like a zombie at times. Days went by as Frank realized he had never gone so long without cumming. (“I’m sure he has a reason for everything. I wanna jerk off so badly!”) Each day he worked he swelled in his dress pants working as a waiter at the restaurant. Regardless if it was taking orders or refilling cups of coffee, his sick thoughts never left his mind. (“I’m really scared, but this is what I need. Every master I’ve known is right, I’m a depraved loser. I’m fucked up in the head, I’m fucked up in the head.”) Friday couldn’t come soon enough as Frank left the door to his car unlocked as he had been told to. He walked into work feeling rather nervous having no idea what would happen. He had been expecting something dangerous and scary to happen to him for the past week and eventually couldn’t stop thinking about anything else.  On that Friday he’d head to the restroom and would inhale his poppers as he had been instructed to do. He walked into the same stall the each day and began inhaling while frustrated that he couldn’t touch his caged dick. Frank found that being caged made him more attentive to the needs of others. This new form of control was blissful and felt so natural. (“I love not being able to cum now, it makes me realize how pathetic I am and what I need to do in pleasing others.”) Frank kept watching the big clock tick away becoming scared and excited at the same time while trying to stay focused on the customers. Meanwhile I was outside as I found his car and sure enough it was unlocked. I started his car and began driving out of the parking lot after I made sure nobody else was in sight. I sent him a text that a certain dumb faggot may have to walk home.

As Frank was putting the chairs on the tables he kept staring at the large clock despite having a phone in his pocket. His eyes danced wildly like fireflies as he swallowed a lump in his throat watching the time go by slowly. (“The clock can’t move fast enough!”) He walked towards the windows and began bulging in his chastity device again as he saw his car was missing from the parking lot. When his manager smiled and told Frank she would see him tomorrow, he tried so hard not to adjust the cage in his pants. Frank stepped outside into the fresh air and saw that just about everyone was gone. The last customers had left the restaurant hours ago as Frank was usually one of the employees that stayed past closing time. As Frank realized his car was gone, he would have to start walking home as he was that certain dumb faggot who must do as master says. Frank was walking very nervously down the road to his apartment in anticipation.  He had walked an hour and a half just to get home with no intention on calling the police for help as his footsteps pierced the night on the sidewalk at 2 0’Clock in the Morning. NORMAL men would call the police had their car been missing from the parking lot after work, but no not Frank. Having his car missing from because his master stole it was giving Frank an even bigger thrill. (“He stole my car, I need to thank him for that when I see him. I so need this abuse.”) Frank heard footsteps tapping the sidewalk as he entered an area where there were no street lights. He began to tremble naturally not knowing if it was really me. (“What if its someone who truly is crazy, and it isn’t master after all. That STILL turns me on… oh my brother is right I am messed up.”) But it surely was me as I stepped forward wearing a ski mask. I pulled out a large knife and grabbed Frank by the throat and told him to hand me his wallet, digging deep into his memories of being robbed the first time. “Yes sir, I love having what’s mine just be taken from me.” I Dug in his pockets on my own as I told him to lick the actual knife with only the moonlight shinning down on us. “I whispered in his ear that he would follow me carefully in front with the knife inches from his throat. With only a half a block away we got close to his car, but he didn’t know that. I opened a bottle (don’t ask where I got it) and poured a very tiny amount of something on a cloth that I carried in my “man bag.” In the moonlight Frank could see the white cloth and asked what I had put on it. “Oh Frank you’re such a fucking idiot. I’m gonna kidnap you and do what I want! And this, oh it’s Chloroform.” I waited to see if there was any hesitation or else I wouldn’t have used it, as he still had the ability to use his verbal safe word. It doesn’t knock you out instantly like it does in the movies btw. Frank moaned and just said, “Oh Wow… fuck yes kidnap me!” I held it against his nose for a brief time and then replaced the towel with one of my sweaty socks. “Your socks smell so good sir… I feel very dizzy.. “ I kept fondling his caged clit and told him he was my property to use however I pleased. “My body is yours to use as you want sir, I was born to be exploited and tormented.” After a few minutes he collapsed in my arms.

Within seconds his body became lifeless as I leaned his body against the car tying his hands together knowing it wouldn’t last long due to the tiny amount I had given him. I gave him enough just to last 20-40 minutes so I could gag his mouth and make sure he couldn’t move. I reminded him the day before that emergency safe words don’t have to be verbal. I left the back part of the trunk open inside his car so I could hear any sounds that were made. If he gave three kicks, taps, or any other repetitive sound, that would mean something was wrong. I drilled the concept of non verbal safe words to keep some control fresh in his head, which he said he understood each time. I thought about one response, “Thank you for thinking of me sir, I don’t want to be hurt for real I just want to think I’m going to be.” Coming back to the present I focused on limited time for being passed out and tied him up really well with his hands to the sides of his waist with only his legs free in case of an emergency safe word. I tossed him limp body in the back of the trunk with me being hard as fuck from doing something like this the first (and only) time. I closed the lid to the trunk and took off the mask and got in the drivers seat and started the car. I drove towards my neighborhood an hour away to an old abandoned house that nobody had lived in for years. A half hour after driving I could hear him screaming and moaning at the same time. I yelled back if he was ok as I heard him muffle “mmmppphhhhh mmmm!” He screamed anyway getting off to not being able to see and hearing the vibrations of the road as I drove on the side roads so he wouldn’t get injured on the highway. I approached the abandoned house and opened the trunk of the car as Frank finally saw light again. I yanked his body out of the car like he was nothing but regular trash tossed in the back of a car. I closed the lid to the back trunk and tied a leash around his neck as I told him to follow. Without warning I turned around and put the towel around his face again as he thanked me for making him do dangerous things. “I’ve never had so much fun in my life sir.” He walked as much as he could but eventually fell to the grass as I gently caught him. I let him lay on his back and dragged him across the lawn by pulling on both of his arms. I Opened the back door that had been broken by people in the town ages ago.

I made sure to keep his head up so his head wouldn’t be injured. I slowly dragged him down the steps to the cold leaky basement backwards with his shoes hitting each step. The sounds of “thump thump” were loud due to the nature of how silent it was. As I got him down to the abandoned basement I handcuffed his hands to a pipe and put him inside of a diaper. I took out a black marker and using a flash light I wrote CASH FAG and DUMB LOSER on his forehead. I then proceeded to piss all over him. He began stirring as he opened his eyes as I laughed telling him the situation. “I don’t even remember falling on the grass sir, But I remember the first time you made me pass out. I don’t remember the parts of passing out.. I wish I could.” I made sure his hands were cuffed to a vertical pipe so he could lay down and rest his arms if he needed to. “Sir what are you going to do with me?” I ran back up to his car with my bag and his phone. I then proceeded to fill up a dog bowl with water and a few plates of food. I left him Rice, Kidney beans, and some carrots. “I’m going to keep you prisoner here and leave, and come back when I feel like coming to torture you.” I grabbed Frank’s phone and text Alex that he was staying with a guy for a couple days that he met on the smart phone app. Alex responded to have fun and use protection. I then text his boss he wasn’t feeling very well and couldn’t come to work the next day. And even better, he was off the next day after. I set the phone down next to Frank since I wouldn’t be there to hear any safe word. I made sure to write humiliating things on his body so he would be embarrassed if he did contact anyone, but he never did. I walked up the stairs and told him goodnight. I was nice enough to leave him a pillow and a couple blankets that I had left there before I even hi-jacked his car the day before.

The next morning Frank was snoring as I crept down the stairs. All the food had been eaten and half the water was still there. I threw out the old water and poured fresh bottled water inside the bowl. Frank slowly started to awaken as I put a cup of instant coffee to his lips. “My diaper is soaked sir and I smell like shit.” I reminded frank that he IS a piece of shit, and thats why he deserved to smell like it. “Please torture me sir I’ve been waiting all night that I could hardly sleep!” (“I’ve never been so happy in my life, I’ll never forget this moment!”) I opened his diaper and laughed at him for being a pathetic loser as I wiped him up as his hands were cuffed. I used plenty of wipes and put a fresh diaper under him to make sure he was fully clean. I then lifted his legs and placed a clean diaper under him while applying a liberal amount of Baby powder before snapping the tabs in place. I then cleaned out his chastity device using soap, Q-Tips, and then using a portable blow dryer to make sure it was clean before reapplying more silicone lube. “Thank you for changing my diaper sir, its so humiliating and I thank you for it.” I told frank I was here to fist his cash cunt and take more from my personal walking ATM. “Yes sir I understand.” Frank spread his legs and thrust his caged clit in the air wishing he could rub it against something. I grabbed his phone and began signing into his bank account with the new password he didn’t even know. After all, I had locked his bank account the night we started talking.  I dug though his phone and began taking photos of himself so the pics would always remain in his phone. (“I wish he would send them to Alex fuck fuck fuck.”) I took a video using his phone and made him confess how Alex was the sexiest man in the world and wish he could be taken advantage by him. He opened his mouth and started lapping at the water as he looked ridiculous in his diaper. I told him I would be leaving once again and to expect to see me again very soon. As I walked up the stairs he thanked me for making him so vulnerable. I did come back hours later to replenish his food supply and changed his diaper once again. I ignored him the whole time in my ski mask as I watched him sigh in lust and continued to thank me for ignoring him.

Late in the night I came back down holding a knife and candle. Frank’s eyes popped wide open as I began lighting multiple tea candles all around him. Just to fuck with his head I told him random stories about rituals that sacrifice losers with no purpose. “That sounds fucking hot sir.” Opening his diaper I lifted one candle and began dripping it all over his balls. As he thrusted his balls to catch more wax on purpose, I started rubbing my dick as he started screaming. I then tied string around his balls and began to lightly lift him off the ground as the sound of steel hand cuffs rattled against the metal pipe. While holding him in the Air I dripped more wax on his balls until they were coated just to make him scream louder. I let him lay back on the ground as he struggled to catch his breathe while still saying how much he loves me. I then knocked him out once again as his eyes watched the flames from each candle dancing, like jumping for the same joy he was feeling. With Frank passed once again I changed his Diaper again but only before I pissed in it myself. Letting his diaper absorb my own piss i fastened the tapes tightly and put packing tape over the strips. I then cut a hole in the back and double diapered him to hold his waste for an even longer time. I threw him in the back of his own car in the back trunk once again as I sped away towards a beach that nobody went to at this time of night. When I pulled up Frank was already awake again. I carried a wooden chair and told Frank to follow me as I pulled on the leash around his neck. We walked along the sand as the sounds of water filling the shore made the night even more eerie. I placed the chair right by the water as the bottom of the chair was already getting soaked. I dug the chair into the sand really good making sure it wouldn’t fall over. With a terrified look in his eyes I tugged on Frank’s throat and sat him on the chair as I tied his legs and torso to the back of the chair with only his hands free.

I took out a bottle of poppers and placed them under his nose as he sighed. (“The water is so relaxing, I could sit here humiliated for eternity… what if someone walks by?”) Frank was nude expect for being in his soiled diaper. I taped the key to his chastity device against his diaper and then tied one arm to the side of his chair. Frank only had one free hand as he begged for permission to grab the front of his diaper. I told him it was quite alright but don’t blame me if the tape becomes undone and loses the key. I pissed all over him in the piercing silence as the only sounds were the waves coming on the shore. I stuffed my socks in his mouth so he couldn’t say anything. I reminded him to hit his foot against the chair 3 times if he needed to. “You’ve jerked off your entire life jealous of Matthew Shepard. I could do the very same thing to you right now and bash the shit outta you.” Frank moaned with lust through my socks as I could faintly hear him sucking out the sweat with delight. I began walking back to the car with my bag of fun and dangerous things. I placed nipple clamps on him with spikes as I began whipping the shit out of him. He began screaming through my socks and gripping the front of his diaper with force frustrated that he was in chastity as well. I began beating on him with my pure fists until bruises began to form on his arms. HIs screaming made my erection rock hard as I kept beating on him the way he always had been. He began squirming and moaning with each sock in his jaw and balls through the Diaper. I decided enough was enough and that it was time to part ways. I left his phone and clothes next to the chair where his arm was free. His body was written on, smelled like a bathroom, and looked like the victim of a true hate crime. “Text your brother in one hour. Your car is up the hill with the keys under the car seat, the way you left them a few nights ago. Feel true humiliation as he truly sees you for what you are.” I wrote “$” symbols on his nipples above the nipple clamps so his brother Alex could laugh at him for eternity. As DarkJason picked me up Frank didn’t contact alex right away. He was too turned on laying on the public beach exposed and remembering the fantasy of being arrested long ago. When he did contact Alex by text, Frank waited in anticipation wondering what his brother would say. (“He already know’s I’m fucked up in the head as Master says, but now he will truly see me for what I am. It feels like I’m coming out of the closet all over again. I’m a cash Fag!”) The waves of water continued to pass his bare feet as he heard Alex approaching. “WTF FRANK?!?!!!”

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