Screaming In The Woods, Nobody Will Hear You


Misty was driving down the long road for miles while Fleetwood Mac Rumours played from the car stereo while we stayed silent half the time. I stared out for the window for miles, seeing nothing but cows and cornfields as the sounds of her fingers tapped the wheel in the same pattern. Moving my hands near the vents I was happy her car had AC, as it was an oven outside. We were driving down to Tennessee to meet up with a loser living in the middle of nowhere who lived on a farm. This loser was someone who contacted me finding me from online, where I can not recall. Misty, aka Mistress Gold was my driver as she thrived on being a voyeur to sadistic torture and could not miss an opportunity such as this. In the past Mistress Gold had been my partner in crime in wrecking the wallets and lives of willing victims to destruction. I met at her at a BDSM convention long ago, which I wrote about previously on Dominants. This is no sequel, but it does follow events after a previous blog.

Breaking the silence she asked me to once again give her the rundown of what this degenerate was looking for. Adjusting my bag I unzipped it and taking out tight rope so she could see. “Well he is a cash fag, but he’s depraved in ways in that go beyond the realms of your every day piece of shit. He’s into physical BDSM, meaning all kinds of fun torture.” She adjusted between her legs, the thought making her wet as she was a sadistic bitch that loved bringing terror like myself. “He’s a welder and a farmer and has been preparing for the humiliation of a lifetime.” She stopped to turn the music down and listened to my every detail. She had the most curious look. “Kris if he’s fully gay where do I come in. Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to watch.” I thought deep and hard and came up with a brilliant idea as I layed back in her lush leather seats. “Misty, are you attracted to me?” Her eyes moved up and down still focused on the road, “Yes Kristopher I am. I always thought you were handsome. What about me.” I fumbled in my bag pulling out a technics counterweight. I was thinking of how to respond knowing this would only intensify what was to become. “Of course you’re hot, I’d fuck you in a minute.” She gave a nervous laughter, “Don’t make me pull this car over!” I noticed my phone had no service, and neither did hers. I thought to myself, “all those creepy movies of being trapped down south and being killed. By some crazy hillbilly. What if one day I meet some crazy slave?” I shook the thought out of my head, as I had been talking to Dan for months now. As she turned the music back up and started singing softly to herself, my mind started remembering everything to this drive.

When Dan had met me online, he already had a history of being a human ATM. As I reclined in Misty’s car seat I began to recall one phone conversation still fresh in my mind. “I’m a depraved faggot sir, I don’t even deserve the right to be a man sir. I’m a piece of trash that lives to be taken advantage of. Getting fucked over makes me cum harder then anything, if anything its the ONLY thing that makes me cum sir.” Hearing his voice on the phone, he talked in a whispery voice. “I’m 64 years old, disgusting, and sick in the head. There are faggots who are pleased licking the shoes of a man and being drained. I long for something more sinister. I’m not a broke cash fag, as I have a small fortune saved. But I’m so old and feeble I won’t need it anyway, and I want the fuck over of a lifetime. I want a man to REALLY hurt me. Yes I’m that much of a sick loser sir. I’m so old as it is my time is near. Before I die I want to be ruined and destroyed.” He stopped while breathing in the phone, anticipating what my response would be. “What is your idea of sinister?” He responded with, “Sir I’m not your run of the mill faggot, I want an EVIL master who likes to inflict pain. Not just pain, ANGUISH sir! And no safe word for me sir, I don’t want one. If there is an accident I don’t want you to give a fuck about me, I don’t give a fuck what happens to me either.. as long as a real man is pleased by fucking me over. That is all that matters.” When he mentioned accident, I had a feeling where this was going. He didn’t have any snuff fantasies, but they were very dark and morbid. Dan truly was a depraved degenerate, what was to come you will know soon. “Sir, I want you to hurt me and drug me out of my mind. Don’t hold back, I want your instincts of a true alpha to do what no man could ever do.” (I did force a safeword out of him. We talked afterwards, there were no regrets.)

Soon she halted the car red stop sign and saw a gas station and a sign pointing to our destination. On top of the gas station was a displayed confederate flag and a large poster of Obama dressed as a monkey. She stepped on the pedal again and muttered, “There must be a ton of rednecks out here. Now what are all those silver things you brought?” I held one up in the palm of my hand so she could get a good luck through the side of her vision as she stayed focused on the road. “These are the things that screw on the end of the tone arm to a turntable. You balance the needle on one end and set the counterweight to 0 before adding the correct weight.” She looked confused “Why the hell would you bring parts to record players, and how are you gonna use that to destroy someone?!” I put them back in my bag responding with, “They each weigh 100 grams. There are reasons behind my madness. Trust me on this.” She developed a frustrated tone in her voice as she gripped the steering wheel with more force. “But where do I come in? You never told me?” I smirked and reminded her that I asked if she was attracted to me. “I want you to trust me, as you’ve told me to trust you many times.” She paused as the GPS told us we were near our destination and to turn left. She said nothing else until we were pulling into a large dirt path leading to his house. There were cornfields, a large farm house, a barn, and some wooded trees that looked like a wooded area.


Misty parked as she shut the car off, an eerie silence surrounding us as there was nobody around along with the being engine off. I nudged her to open her door and for us to get out of the car. We walked to the main door of the farm house while the only sound was our shoes sliding across the long grass. The farmhouse was a fainted blue and badly needed a paint job. There was a gutter laying in the grass as we walked further, showing obvious signs of rust. We came to the main door with a screen door that obviously used to have glass, but no longer. I knocked on the wooden door without needing to open the screen door as I waited for a response. Misty adjusted her sunglasses and whispered, “So annoying our phones have no signal and we can’t call!” I knocked again, hearing nothing. I was getting annoyed with the hot sun beaming down on me, forming sweat on my temples as I banged even harder. Eventually I heard foot steps and heard a clicking sound as the door was being unlocked. Dan appeared wearing a black shirt showing a rainbow saying “fag pride” and a pair of pink shorts above his knees. He frightful looking skin was wrinkled as several lines made his face look like the crypt keeper. He was so old, you could see his veins as clear as day through his hands that trembled as he opened the door. “Please come in sir, you may connect your phone to my internet. And who is this lady, your girlfriend?” She smirked and walked in with her heels tapping the wooden floor, wiping them off not caring about his house for a second. She frustratingly managed to get the grass off her shoes as I spoke to him for the first time in person.

“No, she is also a dominant. She’s also my driver and partner in crime. She is to assist in me fucking you over.” His old hand trembled as if he had Parkinson’s disorder as he gently grabbed his crotch. “I wouldn’t mind if she was sir, that would be hot.” I rolled my eyes, never understanding why subs always tell me that. If anything it irritates me. “I’ve been on meth sir, but it’s so hard to find and I’m in withdrawal, did you bring drugs to take advantage of me sir?” I turned to misty who had a smile on her face as she was already showing disrespect to his home and could do whatever she wanted. Perhaps I should’ve lied and said she was my girlfriend, he would never know. I turned to her, “Dan this is where Mistress Gold comes in, and Mistress is what you shall address her as. Understand? She always gets the best shit, this bitch can find anything. She’s brought everything under the sun.” He walked forward, reaking as if he hadn’t taken a shower in days. The scent from his body was sickening. As soon Misty smelled it she pulled out a bottle of Ozium and started spraying without saying a word. “Fucking thank god” is what I said to myself as she did so.

I knew that meth was not in misty’s bag, but it was in red ecstasy tablets, at least various forms of speed. MDMA pressed in pill form is always cut with something else, as it can not bind by itself. Many times one can guess what it is cut with depending on the color. He needed a stimulant to curve his withdrawal. I told Misty to hand me 2 strips of Acid, and that this man was just a dinosaur that smelled like ancient cow show shit. Dan grabbed himself harder as he whispered, “I’ve never taken acid sir.. and it turns me on how you make fun of me for being old. I love being called a dinosaur, I’m an ancient faggot.” Misty handed me 2 LSD strips that were hidden in a pocket. It had to be protected as light destroys potency of the drug. She read my mind and handed me a dark red ecstasy tablet the way evil minds think alike. “Open up your mouth old man, this will fry those faggot brains.” He opened up his mouth, a mild stench covered by the Ozium that still lingered. Half his teeth were missing, while black gunk showed on his gums on his remaining teeth. This man had no self dignity or respect for himself. I dropped the pill in his mouth grabbing him by his frail throat, letting him swallow like he did with his other medications. I then placed the two acid strips on his tongue and told him to swallow. “Yes Sir.”

There was AC running though the house thankfully, just in the main room however. Curtains were hung to the wall to contain the air, living like the white trash he is. There were newspapers stacked in corners, and pepsi cans from decades past. I could tell because the cans had the old logo from the 90s from when I was little. With all the money in his savings he could easily afford to live better, but then he couldn’t cum because getting cash fucked was the only true form of sex to Dan. Getting his cash cunt fucked was his life, what he was born to do, and everything he lived for. He had been successful back in his old days, and was now just hoarding money to get fucked over when he couldn’t help controlling the urges. He walked toward me as I stepped back, disgusted by his hideous face. “How long until these take effect sir?” I grinned as I continued walking backwards, my shoes shuffling on the wooden floor. “Go take a shower you disgusting pig, I have plans for you. Now get your nasty ass to the bathroom, and don’t come back with any clothes on.” He didn’t hesitate, as he promptly walked upstairs. As he walked slowly being so old, each step made a creaking sound. The creaking of the stairs was showing the deterioration of the old house and his own life. I shouted up the stairs, “why do old losers smell like fucking shit?” He mumbled back down, “Because I’m a disgusting meth pig sir!”


As he came back down, I pulled out a very special type of chastity device, a spiked one. Yes picture in your heads a chastity device with soft pins piercing your fag clit. “Sit on your nasty sofa from the 1970s that falling apart you worthless degenerate!” He lay on the sofa, fully nude and hair wet coming from a warm cleansing. He saw the chastity device while telling me he’s been caged many times. He saw inside the tube and saw it was unlike any cage he had experienced before. The look of a blissful faggot in subspace was that of a zombie, along with the drugs taking effect. Misty pulled out an extra shirt while she sat it on the arm chair so she could sit and watch. “Sir, that looks very painful.” I reminded him that a degenerate faggot was to endure true agony and punishment for being fucked up in the head. I laughed as I put it on him, “You’re a LOSER, you LOVE being a loser. You tell me that on a regular basis.” He glared back at me mumbling and whispering in his old voice. “I’m such a fucking idiot for letting you in my house. I’m scared now.” I locked the cage in place and placed the key in my pocket. “Every time you get hard, I want you to remember that its necessary punishment for being pathetic.” He said nothing as I grabbed him by the throat and holding him against the wall. “I’m going to fucking ruin you! Now stay still as I tie your arms behind your back.” He pretended to fight back as Misty assisted in bringing me the rope from bag. “Sir you’re terrifying the shit out of me I’m scared. I’m just an OLD MAN.”

I looked him deep in his eyes as Misty proceeded to tie his arms for me as I held him up in the air, his feet off the ground. I looked at him with a cruel stare, my head space kicking in as I saw this man simply as a toy and victim to exploit for my own gain. “You’re a pathetic faggot with NO fucking life. You have NO friends. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU!!” He began to whimper as his penis began to bulge as he started screaming, feeling the spikes poke into him. He shouted louder then he had ever spoken with his whispered voice. “Sir do you even care what happens to me?” Misty took out my metal spiked nipple clamps and placed them on his body, twisting them until he started screaming louder. She smiled as she began to rub between her red dress, getting off by the sound of his anguish. I stared him in the face kneeing his balls so hard his body hit the back of the wall with a loud thud which made him scream once more. “I Do NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU OLD FAGGOT. NOW OPEN YOUR COMPUTER AND LET ME SEE THAT CUNT!” I let him back down as he slid down the wall trying to catch his breath. Misty handed me a leash which i attached to his left nipple clamp and dragged him to his desktop computer as his nipple turned dark red…..

He sat at the computer, talking nonsense about how clocks were appearing on the walls and how his computer screen had 12 different sides. “Sir I feel so happy, happy that you’re hurting me and not giving a care what happens to a faggot like me. I love you sir, I love everyone. Why do I feel this way? I just want to hug you as you beat the shit out of me. I love you sir.” The MDMA was kicking in along with the acid, as he was entering the stage of “candy flipping.” I decided he was too fucked up to even use his own computer at this point, so I would torture him and rob him blind ruthlessly. He spoke with his eyes wincing in pain simply from being turned on by what an idiot he was. “I have passwords to everything in the cabinet right next to the computer. All my important documents and old work forms are in there.” Misty proceeded to open the cabinet and flicked her long blonde hair behind her back as she shifted through folders, throwing anything useless behind her not giving a fuck. I told her to keep looking and throw away anything thats garbage. I told her to keep digging for the password to his bank account among other things. I proceeded to take two strings and tie one around each of his nuts, having plans for doing so very soon. She gasped with sadistic glee, “I found his birth certificate, I think this belongs to you Kris!” She handed it over to me as Dan moaned, “Everything that was once mine belongs to you sir.” Misty found some old family photos. “Garbage” she said tossing it behind her as more papers scattered across the floor. He moaned, “I AM Garbage Mistress and Master Kris. I Love being a piece of garbage, I’m sitting here drugged out of my mind as you take advantage of me. Neither of you care what happens to me.”

She found the password to his Chase account, laughing how old men can’t remember shit and have to write things down. I entered the information in and saw a large sum of $12k. He was getting fucked over so hard by other men that his fortune was almost gone. And now it would soon be empty, to be fucked by my 8in cash cock of destruction. I proceeded to tie a counterweight to his left nut as made a face and squinting his eyes. Then I tied one to his second nut, making them both drop down. With his eyes half closed he cried in pain, “ahhhhhhhhhh!!” Just to be an asshole I yanked on his balls as his screams filled the room. I continued on the computer attempting to make a wired transfer as I was told there would need to be phone verification. Dan had a landline which I grabbed and called using his account number. A woman’s voice came on the phone as I said I was his nephew and needed permission to authorize a transaction. I handed the phone to Dan as he spoke to the woman confirming I was in fact his nephew. He was asked for the last 4 digits of his social security number but instead stated all 9 numbers just to please me. While confirmed, I talked to the nice woman about transferring his savings to my own chase account.

Within the next 20 minutes, the refreshed page showed his balance with only $780 left. I sent misty $4 grand for assisting me in robbing this ancient loser, and knowing how humiliating it would be for a faggot to lose money to a mistress. He was getting used to the pain in his balls with the weights holding his balls down. “Sir may I beg to carry out the plan we talked about? The ultimate test that you’re a real man, the man to truly make me scream like a faggot should.” What Misty didn’t know, was that Dan needed to be marked as a faggot so he would always remember. He was a welder, and had made custom branding irons with 3 letters, F, A, and G. After bleeding his savings account practically dry, I dragged him from the chair by the leash attached to his spiked nipple clamps, causing him to cry once again as tears formed on his cheeks. “Thank you for torturing me sir!” We walked outside as I grabbed all three irons as Misty carried the blow torch.


Since he was drugged out of his mind I had to carry the heavy irons while Misty carried the torch and pulled Dan along by the nipple clamps as he whimpered in pain. We were walking through the wooded area as the sun was beginning to set, casting a creepy vibe over the trees. The sound of leaves crunching beneath our feet were the only sounds other then Dan’s crying. We continued down the old path that decades ago led to an old park. We stopped as Dan said he felt rather dizzy. I pulled out the orange juice I kept in my bag and told him to drink it and stay hydrated due to the fact that he was rolling really hard. “The trees are all in rainbow sir, like my faggot mind perceives things. Is this the acid that’s making me see things Master?” I ignored him and let his mind think for itself, whatever mind that there was. As we came near a clearing Dan kept repeating himself, “Master doesn’t give a fuck what happens to me, Master doesn’t give a fuck what happens to me.” I eventually responded with, “Why the fuck would anyone care about a loser like you? You’re a piece of old trash that doesn’t matter.”

We discovered the old park as I saw an old rusted slide turned upside down. There was the base for an old swing set, with only a few aged chains remaining. We finally saw the old picnic table Dan had told me about. I then saw a tree very close to it and I realized how I was going to abuse this loser. We approached the tree I had spotted next to the table as I began to tie Dan to the front of the tree. His bare front was rubbing against the bark as his spiked cage bobbed up and down as his pathetic clit throbbed inside. “Sir the bark is rubbing against me and it hurts.” I ignored him and tied another counterweight to each nut, adding 100 grams in weight while he started screaming as his balls sagged further down. I whispered in his ear with a sadistic laughter, “I DONT GIVE A FUCK HOW YOU FEEL YOU SICK FAGGOT.” He shuddered against the tree, getting off on the pain and knowing a real man was getting off on torturing him and not caring what happened. I motioned for Misty to hand me the torch as I held up the “F” Iron. He shook against the tree as if trying to get free. “I’m just enjoying feeling more pain sir.”

I lit the torch against the Letter “F” and waited for it to get red. He trembled in fear but knowing it had to be done, for he was a degenerate faggot with no respect for himself. And he didn’t deserve respect either, as he did not want anybody to care about him to begin with. He was that much of a loser. I proceeded to Press the letter F into his left ass Cheek on the far left as he loudly out a blood curdling scream. I dug it in hard to make sure he would be branded like the loser he was. He screamed louder as Misty tugged on his balls laughing, “Scream all you want, NOBODY will hear you. And If anybody did Nobody would care. You’re just a worthless PIG.” Tears began streaming down his face as I removed the letter F and seeing the pride in my work. I was marking the faggot so he would never get fucked in the ass again. I began to Light up the letter A as I kicked his nuts against the tree with a loud squishing sound as he screamed bloody murder. I repeated what Misty said, “NOBODY can hear you screaming here in the woods. Scream as loud as you want, because nobody fucking cares!” And within a minute I was digging the letter “A” next to the “F” that had been freshly burned into his skin. He began screaming again as Mistress Gold continued tugging on his balls laughing out of amusement. I dug the letter “A” thinking of how Dan had planned all of this begin with. My dick was getting hard from the screaming… knowing how dark and perverted my own mind is.

As I removed the “A” Iron, His ass was dark red for multiple reasons.. “PLEASE FINISH SIR!! Destroy me I Beg you to fuck me over.” Misty lit up a joint and sat on the table and rubbing herself through her dress, due to her fetish for intense abuse. As he was tied up, I walked to the table, leaned over and kissed her. Her face was filled with a sudden shock due to it being unexpected. I lifted up her dress and whispered in her ear, “How about I fuck you with his balls tied to the other end of the table?” I pushed my hand down on the table showing how it moved up and down due to the cracked cement that the table stood on. She looked at me, her eyes filled with lust as she grabbed my shirt and kissed me back. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long, I can’t believe I’m saying that.” She lifted up her skirt revealing her Red silk panties. I teased her by playing with her clit through the sides as I held the letter “G” in my hands waiting to finish off Dan. I walked away with a smirk and told her to lay back and pull off her panties for me. I walked back over to the tree as he started screaming knowing what was coming next. I spoke loudly in his ear as I lit up the torch for the final letter “G”, marking FAG on his ass cheeks. “Go ahead and scream, nobody will hear you.” And without warning I quickly dug the burning iron into the right side of his ass, laughing and getting hard by making sounds out of him. Over his screaming I teased him overpowering his screams with my voice, “I’m playing a game called “How to make the faggot scream the loudest.” In mid-scream he responded with a teary voice, “I Love this game sir.”

I pulled away the final iron admiring my work. Drugged out of his mind I untied him and turned him around. His breathing was heavy as I tied him to the tree once again, slightly above the table to where his feet were off the ground. This time he was tied staring away from the tree and right down at the old table where Misty laid with her legs spread for me. I tied a string from main string wrapped around his balls which held the counterweights. Then I tied the new string to the end of a wooden plank on the table. It took some time, but I got it tied pretty firm. I got in front of Misty and began eating her out in front of Dan as he moaned, “fuck thats so hot sir.” Misty began moaning and purposely moved her pussy towards my face so that the table would move up and down and forcefully tug on Dan’s balls. He began screaming as the letters spelling FAG rubbed against the tree while shouting “THANK YOU MISTRESS!” I proceeded to place my dick inside her cunt, shuddering as I entered her for the first time. Since she was already wet, I started hitting it hard as the table bobbed up and down as Dan started screaming, “I’m a worthless faggot please hurt me!” I looked at Dan and told him to shut the fuck up as I’m busy getting my dick wet. “I’m a stupid faggot who has never fucked pussy sir, please keep fucking her its so hot.” I continued to pound the shit out of her as Dan screamed louder then he had that day. The woods were getting dark, as dark as the minds of Misty and I. We were entranced on a mutual power trip of torturing a pathetic loser. The harder I fucked her, the louder he would scream. I was getting close with the combination of how amazing she felt and the shrieking sounds he was making. I kissed her and asked her where she wanted me to cum. “Anywhere… “ I smiled and asked what if I got her pregnant. She bit my neck and said, “that would be so fucking hot.’

I Looked up at Dan and told him to shut the fuck up so I can drain my balls the way real men do. “You’re just a useless faggot with balls that you don’t really need, and thats why I’m destroying them!” I pumped my load inside her as Dan was almost lifeless desensitized to the pain at this point. I laid on her for a good 5 minutes, having one of the most intense orgasm in ages. I pulled out of her and got another idea. Misty hadn’t cum yet, but I was planning to make that happen. I untied Dan and dragged him by his cage to the front of the table and made him get on his knees. “Now faggot, suck my cum out her cunt.” He looked disgusted, being a full blown homosexual. I shoved his face between her legs holding him by the throat. He started sucking my cum out her her cunt as I reminded him, “You should be lucky to have the honor of drinking your master’s cum.” I heard slurping sounds as I made out with Misty again as she was getting close. The humiliation of a faggot eating my cum from her cunt sent her over the edge, as she soaked Dan’s face with her own cum mixed with mine.

PART 2 How I Met Misty, Prequel

This is a horse of a different color, and contains My first of two male heterosexual subs I’ve drained and humiliated. He wasn’t my sub, but the cash pig of MistressGold,  pimped out to me for her pure sadistic amusement.

MistressGold was a friend of mine I had met at a fetish BDSM party. She was hot I must admit. She was dressed in black leather with a leather mask covering her face and holding a leather whip. She had dark red lipstick, which stuck out with all the black she wore. Long blonde hair halfway down her back. Not knowing anybody and being drunk n stoned (and thinking she was hot) I went over and said hello.

“Hello nice evening, Love your boots they’re really shiny. What brand?” She turned her head quickly facing me and slapped the whip inches from my face and hitting the wall behind me making a loud popping sound. I was intimated as I did NOT expect that. I heard a loud Yelp. I turned around to see a man with deep red lined marks all over his face. I thought she had hit the wall but she had whipped this man behind me that I didn’t see.

I turned back to her with my heart racing due to being caught by surprise. I didn’t know if she had aimed at me. She snickered at the man behind me who had a chain around his neck and a long rope attached to it. He was shirtless in just his boxers. She walked passed me and grabbed the rope, tugging him like a dog on a leash. She looked at me. “So did you want to talk to me?”

“Oh was just saying you’re pretty and that I like your outfit.” She then smiled and asked if I was a sub. I told her I was actually Findom and had come to check out the BDSM smash as I had never been to something like it before. “Oh really hon, so am I. Well the correct term is femdom. I’ve Been in the scene 12 years.”

We had talked about the male dom scene as she asked me what the scene on the other side was like. She laughed when I told her about guys flexing their muscles and spewing a bunch of homophobic rhetoric. “Men are fucking pigs in my eyes. Those retards think they know what their doing? No wonder why we outnumber fucking PIGS!” I didn’t know how to respond “Oh if they heard that they’d say some shit to you.” She glared at me with some angry eyes I had never seen on ANY woman. “Oh babe they touch me i’ll fucking slice em. A woman loves to use rape claims and battery to her advantage! I’m a cold hearted cunt and I say that gladly!”

She spit on the face of her slave and looked at me again. “Doesn’t it bother you all those straight guys talking shit like that? Thats not domination babe thats just playing on some fetish of what you can’t have.” She hit the nail on the head, “Oh I agree. Whats your name?” “I’m Mistress Gold, thats all you need to know. Wouldn’t you just love to take out your frustration? He’s 100% straight and I have his wife’s phone and Facebook. He would NEVER deny me my joy of instilling misery!”

She reached in her purse and pulled out a spiked whip. “KYLE! GET ON YOUR KNEES VARMIN!!” She yanked on the chain and asked If I wanted to smash him in the balls. I got excited as this woman was offering to let me abuse her slave. Thinking of all that built up anger I smirked. Without hesitation I lifted my hightops with full force hearing a blood curdling scream seconds after I made contact. I noticed my shoe had made contact with a hard object along with his nuts. She informed me he was in full chastity.

She pulled out a Japanese styled fan only it was metal instead of paper. She casually fanned herself and handed me the spiked whip. She turned to me again drunk on power. “This is what I’ll slice those pigs with you tell me about if they talk back to me. Women run this world and all men WILL bow down before me!” He looked up at her as he got on his knees “Yes mistress, you are a Goddess, the most beautiful woman in the world.” She whipped him across the chest from the side quickly with sharp aim. “PLEASE MISTRESS I BEG YOU!”

Everyone was now staring at us. Masters and mistresses were doing all kinds of horrible things to their subs, but this took the cake! Both a femdom and findom were abusing one man together. With instinct of abusing my male slave I got into my own sadistic headspace and whacked him 3 times in a row causing him to scream as everybody watched. The bartender looked amused and laughed behind the counter. MistressGold pulled out a roll of thin rope and grabbed a bag that Kyle had brought. Out of his bag she pulled out 4 wooden pegs, a paddle, and a dildo. “Use your imagine MasterHawk!”

She sat on a chair made to look like a throne, obviously to match the theme. I followed her dragging kyle across the floor as he struggled to catch his breathe. As she sat on her royal throne fanning herself I turned to kyle and untied the rope. She looked at me curious as to what I was doing. I finished untying the rope and decided to do to him what i did with my gay male slaves. I tied the rope to the lock on his chastity decide. She clasped her hands with excitement. “PERFECT! FUCK HIM UP!!”

He looked at her “Mistress why are you doing this? I don’t serve men I don’t swing that way…” She took out a glittery pink phone and snapped a photo of me holding his cage by the leash. “Well PIG thats not what your wife will say if she sees this.” He looked down and said, “Yes Ma’am!” I faced him, “PUT YOUR HANDS UP FUCKING BREEDER!!!” Being called a derogatory name because of being str8 was something he wasn’t used to as his face went red with embarrassment. MistressGold laughed sipping her Martini and continuing to take photos. “Kyle, You don’t want me exposing you as a faggot to your wife now? OBEY MASTER HAWK!”

“I’m not a faggot Mistress.” He put his hands to his face and began to cry, never feeling so humiliated in his life. I whipped him across the face making him cry out in agony once again as the room got silent minus the dub-step playing in the building. I tied two wooden pegs to his hands with the rope she had taken out of kyles bag. She walked over and grabbed the leash and tugged at his balls till he fell down face on the floor. He told her he was seeing stars until I whipped him across the back. “SHUT UP FUCKING BREEDER NOBODY ASKED HOW YOU FEEL!!” Mistress Gold snickered loudly taking more photos.

He looked up at me in misery, “Yes sir.” This was a rush I had never felt before. I was in another world with the freedom to be as evil as I wanted. I tied the other 2 begs to his bare feet and took down his boxers, exposing his caged clit and his muscular ass. Kyle wasn’t bad looking if he didn’t have all those marks on him. He was your typical body builder type you’d see at the gym. Nice six pack covered in deep red marks. Seeing that six pack I whipped him on his balls. He had tears in his eyes as I pulled him by the hair and said to get up and crawl around. I laughed and told him how fucking PATHETIC he was.

I told him to crawl around the bar and kiss the boots of every man in the room. He looked horrified but crawled around slowly like a fucking moron, not being able to stand up. Me and Gold talked for a bit as she told me how he made 6 figures a year owning his own law firm. She pointed her whip to the ATM in the corner. I looked at her with a smile on my face knowing what was running through her head. I had the most evil Idea and decided we should drain his bank account in front of everyone. “Great minds think alike Kris!”

He was crying as a male dom was laughing at him and spit on his face. I shouted to him that he’s a fucking breeder that needs to be put in his place. Obviously this master wasn’t str8 either as he kicked him in the balls with his other boot as his other was being licked clean. Kyle fell off the pegs an landed on his chest and stomach moaning in pain. I then Grabbed the leash on his cock cage and dragged him across the floor as he screamed bloody murder. “PLEASE SIR ILL GET BACK UP!!” I gave him a break and told him to crawl with us.

She took out another phone from her purse, “Oh this is kyle’s phone I hold onto it.” She turned on her phone and set it on the table next to hers. She opened her purse again and pulled poppers out. I was shocked as I thought that was only something Gay/bi subs did. “Oh Kris of course str8 men don’t use these, but HE does as it pleases me!” She put the poppers to his nose and motioned for me to stand in front of the atm. She took a wallet from her purse and laughed telling me even though the wallet had his ID, he knew deep down who that wallet TRULY belonged to. “He works for ME! He hasn’t taken his wife out in years because of me.”

She pulled out his debit card and handed it to me. I looked at him kicking him in the face and asked for his pin number. He didn’t hesitate as his Mistress was shaking her phone in her hand. “Kyle I wouldn’t disobey If I were you. You do as Master Hawk says!” Being drunk on power I pulled down my jeans and told him to suck my dick. He cried and shook his head begging not to. She walked over whipping him across the back multiple times till he was marked up.

He crawled towards me as I bent my knees to give him access. She held her metal fan against the back of his neck and told him to not get any funny ideas. He opened his mouth as I slid the card in placing the first 3 inches of my thick 8 inch cock in his mouth. Tears formed in his eyes as I punched in his pin number from pure excitement. Being a standard ATM the limit per withdrawal was 200. I smacked him across the face. “DEEP THROAT MY COCK FUCKING BREEDER!” He said nothing going down farther as MistressGold laughed and said “YES YES YES!!! Oh what JOY AND FUN!!” She kicked him with her spiked boots under his belly as his chest looked just pure destroyed from getting beaten and physically abused.

I put the card in again and grabbed the back of his head with my other hand, forcing him to gag on it. She whipped him again telling him not to bite my dick or she WOULD send the photo she had just taken of him sucking my dick. I pulled out another 200, and then another 100, reaching his $500 withdrawal limit. I was getting close to cumming. Gold walked by with her perfume invading my nostrils close to me whispering in my ear seductively and asked if I had a paypal or venmo. I told her I had both and then she handed me his phone with the venmo  app open. “Take whatever you want!”

Using Venmo I fucked him out of 1 grand. She looked over at me and by surprised she kissed me on the cheek. “You’re a cutie. Tell you what lets go to the motel down the street…But do that again!” While she instructed Kyle to put his clothes back on I sent myself 2 grand. I spit on the lame fucking breeder informing him I rinsed his ass out of $3,500.


When we got to the motel she tied his arms to the headboard face up on the bed and pulled the dildo out of her purse and sucked on it. I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me, but this was the most dominant person I had EVER met male or female. She pulled out some KY Jelly and coated the dildo. She pointed to the bed, “Go sit on him and have your feet worshiped and bury his face in them!” DAMN this woman was a natural!! Despite my role as a dom I found myself doing something simple she asked. WOW

I sat on top of his crotch and chest I took off my higtops, placed my soaked socked feet on his face as he gagged in disgust. He had only serviced the feet of a Mistress. “SUCK THE SWEAT OUT OF SOCKS FUCKING CUNT!!” His eyes were puffy from crying as he sucked on my no show Vans socks. She whipped him across the balls again. “SUCK THE SWEAT OUT OF A MANS FEET!!”

He sucked the sweat out hearing the sounds of juice being sipped. She proceeded to shove the dildo up his ass without warning as he screamed in pain with my socked feet in his mouth. She picked up her phone and was messing around with his checking account. I told him to take my socks off with his teeth as she did a bank transfer of 10 Grand. He had been rinsed of 13 grand in one night.

He was sniffing my bare size 12s knowing what was expected. I told him to suck on my fucking toes as Mistress handed me his phone to fuck him over harder. She was pimping out her cash slave to me and I was loving every moment. “EAT MY TOE JAM FUCKING LOSER.” His puffy eyes showed misery but excitment as he began to swell in his cage as I felt the cage bob up and down under my ass. This was the MIND FUCK of a century!

I had a more cruel Idea as I got off of him and pulled my jeans off completely. She smirked at me, “OH KRIS DO IT!! FUCK HIM!!!” She pulled the dildo out and told him to lift up his legs for me. “NO MISTRESS NO!!!” She picked up both my socks that had fallen on the floor and stuffed them in his mouth. She whacked him again, “SHUT UP FUCKING PIG!!! PIG!!”

I pointed my dick at his hole as he moaned. Being drunk on the liquor and pure power I pounded the shit out of him with his legs up as i use my hand to stuff the socks deeper into his mouth. Gold Stood on the bed. She placed one leather boot on his face and one on his caged cock while my dick was inside him. She stood on him full weight to where it sounded like he couldn’t breathe. “YES MISTRESS DESTROY ME!!!!”

He forgot I was wrecking his hole as I grabbed the phone Gold had given me. I sent myself another grand on paypal this time as I exploded in him as he cried, “I love you Mistress, My GODDESS. You’re MORE TO ME THEN MY WIFE.” She pointed to her phone propped up recording everything. I pulled out with cum dripping out of his ass as I sat on the floor coming out of headspace and back down to earth. She looked at the phone recording and laughed, “Good to know I’m more precious then your wife!”

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