Publicly Intoxicated At Shopping Mall

Luis began sniffing lines of coke on camera as I had been instructing him to do all night for the past 6 hours. “I don’t care if you’re taking advantage of me sir, I keep getting higher just so you can keep fucking me. Please ruin me sir.” Luis’s eyes were bloodshot red as he casually played with his limp dick. “It never gets hard on coke sir, but its better that I don’t cum just so I can keep letting you destroy me.” Luis was a very unusual idiot. He rambled and stuttered over his words, many times forgetting to hit the send button. I had been discussing new ways to have fun with him. After all, what slave wants the same thing over and over again with their master? That’s the very reason they whore around, they want something different. Luis had been a slave for 3 months not that long ago as of this writing. He was a very tall man, taller then I. Average white man with jet black hair, blue eyes, and large hands. You would think this guy is your average Guido looking at his mustache and greasy hair.  Luis lived alone, unlike many of the slaves in my previous blogs.

He was a single man with nobody to answer to, except his boss Mario at the barber shop where he works at. He wasn’t flamboyant by any means. He lived in a small apartment with his dusty old computer tower in his bedroom. His entire life he was a porn addict and used to steal his mother’s playgirls as long as he could remember. As he became an adult he had a closet full of sex toys and DVDs galore. All that changed in the last few years as he wanted something more thrilling. He began noticing that S&M videos were his biggest turn on. When he was younger he was always in the adult section at the video rental stores, being a common customer everywhere. Discovering guys on cam sites, Luis had begun paying to see men’s feet, dick, ampits, and everything under the sun. Then he began entering the world of findom, about six months before meeting me. “I’ve never done anything in person master, I’ve never even had sex.” I pointed my large size 12s at the camera, rolling them around in circles as his eyes followed in motion. His eyes were those of a cat’s eyes following a laser beam, as my feet circled the screen as if he were in a hypnotic trance. His blood shot eyes looked of that of a man drenched with lust. “Everybody rejects me and I’m too shy to talk to anyone. Nobody wants me, probably because I’m a loser. I don’t need some master to tell me that.”

While Luis was using a credit card to smooth out the lines he continued, “This cash fucking fetish has gotten really addictive-“ I interrupted him. “Addictive just like that shit you’ve been snorting since you were 23 years old.” He rolled up the dollar bill and held it to his nose as he lowered his head to inhale. “I can afford both of them too, that inheritance was a blessing. I can’t think of anything else to spend it on as I’m already 47 years old.” I told him to pull out his poppers, which had been introduced to him by some previous master before we met. He was so weak and basically did everything people told him to do, it was just his nature. Never thinking of himself he lived his entire life to please. As he unscrewed the bottle he inhaled for what seemed liked 10-12 seconds in the first then 7 in the second nostril. I remember that moment quite well as I took note that the drugs weren’t making him think clearly, which is why I had already drained him of $700 for the night. (“The higher and higher I lose the hotter it is!”) Luis over many sessions couldn’t help but send more each time as I continued to intoxicate and manipulate him. He had told me many times, “I can’t cum at low cash fucks anymore, I’m now spending $500 at a time!”  Luis had no self-esteem despite having an intimidating look when in reality he was a disgusting loser that hardly showered. He once told me, “I Get off on buying used basketball shorts and shirts from men just to inhale them sir!”

I pulled off my tank top and spread my arms wide while blowing out a cloud of weed smoke. I then chimed in for him to truly take a next step. “Luis we live an hour from eachother, I think you’re ready to meet a real man in person for the first time.” Adjusting his glasses with his shaky hand, “What would we even do master? I’m really shy, but I’ve always had this fantasy of being publicly humiliated.” I began asking him questions, “There is nothing to be shy about, these urges need to be purged. How can you say you’re a true loser unless you’ve lived out your fag urges.” He grabbed his limp cock, eyes focused on my pits as his mouth began to water. Playing with himself I saw his throat take a big gulp with his eyes open wide. “My fag urges sir, I’m gonna really need to be drugged up to go through with anything. Are we going to meet at your place?” I decided it would be a bigger thrill to just toss him in the “Lions Den” of reckless stupidity. After all, my amusement is what truly matters and faggots like Luis and those reading this already understand that. “Snort another line Luis and while you are doing that come up with an excuse to tell Mario why you need 2 days off.” He pulled out a bag of white power after inhaling what seemed like an eternity of poppers. “Yes Sir.” I went on my shelf and grabbed a Lovense Hush sitting next to my Max2. To all you readers you must know what Lonvense is, and they are basically remote controlled sex toys.


(Side Story So You Know Where I’m Going With This.)

Much of these lines were taken word for word.

One slave from Dominants had already introduced lovense play to me while I fucked his cash cunt, but the experience went even further with another slave here on dominants. You all know PuppyKinky, a loyal faggot of mine that does what I tell him. (I bet you’re wet reading about this aren’t you?”) PuppyKinky had a bit to drink but wasn’t much of an alcoholic. He had been sending me tributes on niteflirt as I casually told him about this fun new toy I tried with another slave on dominants. “I have one too sir! Would sir control it?” He has something called a lovense edge and is basically a prostate massager. It vibrates inside your ass and on the outside of your balls. The thing is fucking cool, I can control each end with different vibration speeds. Since I was already fucking his wallet, a creative light bulb went off in my head. “Get on your lovense app and add me.” KinkyPuppy did just that, only to be greeted by pics of my 8inch cock.  “Damn sir that’s Big!” I began controlling my vibrating cash cock inside his cunt, “Feel that inside you faggot? Thats me fucking you over, you can physically feel my cash cock as I CONTROL you.” He began moaning to himself, (“I so want to touch my fag dick but master hasn’t given me permission.”)

Anydesk was now open as I began taking his cash myself as he gasped feeling the vibration go soft then hard again. (“It really feels like I’m being fucked omg his cash cock feels amazing.”) Those were his thoughts as my cursor controlled his screen on niteflirt and continued taking more. I began sending audio clips just to tease him with the intention of making the him weaker. Puppy stood up on his feet and bent over his own bed, “Faggot is bending over feeling that sir. No wonder guys get weak for you sir on your blogs. Loading up my niteflirt again sir.”  He asked me for more poppers as I sent him another clip telling him to inhale for another 8 seconds in each. I then turned on my Max, which is a lovense pocket pussy that constricts and vibrates. The second Puppy saw it on he said, “oh fuck sir.” I began manipulating him blending virtual sex with fucking his bank account. I smirked as I told him in an audio clip I need to get my dick wet. Putting lube on my dick I stuck it inside, causing our two devices to sync as one. However hard I fucked that virtual pussy, is what he felt on the other end. “Now I’m fucking your cash pussy and you’re feeling my cash cock!” He replied, “Giving up control like this feels so good sir. Should Faggot sniff again?” I instructed him to do so as I began pounding that cunt with my dick as I began moaning myself.  Each thrust just made the cash cock inside him vibrate harder and harder. We were now at $300 and still weren’t finished, as I slowly kept manipulating his mind.

Talking to him I moaned in an audio clip, “I wanna OWN this pussy! I fuck you better then your boyfriend and you fucking know it. Nothing feels better then my 8 inch cash cock.” PuppyKinky began to leak without even touching himself as he continued inhaling. “This is the most I’ve ever spent sir I think I’m gonna add more funds using my credit card.” I wanted to get inside his paypal so all the cash would go to me rather then the site taking a cut. I began pounding that cash pussy hard and ramming it hard, feeling it constrict around my cash cock as he eventually told me to just take his cash on paypal. I then ruthlessly started taking huge tributes without giving a fuck. “You love when men screw your cunt hard and rough with their huge dicks. All dumb losers love cock including cash cock!” (“I Love the way he’s manipulating me oh I love him.”) I was getting close as we hit $600, “I’m making love to your bank account. Nobody in your life would ever understand, but all that matters is that we do. What we’re doing is passionate, I’m screwing you over as I keep thrusting inside.” He agreed that it didn’t matter if the world failed to understand. “I’m cumming loser… I’m gonna actually cum inside your cash cunt!” (And I was cumming.) As I was cumming my physical movements made his cash cunt vibrate on steroids as he moaned loudly hoping his boyfriend wouldn’t hear him. This was too much for PuppyKinky to handle, as he exploded all over himself realizing he had never spent so much in one session. We both came at the same time.


(Back To Luis)

Luis stared at the screen struggling to ejaculate as I continued taking more as we entered AnyDesk. He jerked his limp cock faster as I tormented his mind, “Your biggest sexual thrill is me taking your cash. It’s natural as I’m literally digging in and extracting your life source. Your life is more then half over, I want the rest of your life placed in my hands.” He inhaled on his own while in a hypnotic state, “My biggest thrill is you taking my cash.” I laughed at him, knowing that being insulted just turned him on even more. “What’s fucking pathetic is that you admit it, and its pathetic alone that you continue trying to cum as I keep talking to you like a piece of shit!!” He moaned, finally getting hard as I took $400 in one shot. “See Luis? I need to fuck you HARDER just to get your gSpot really excited.” His eyes rolled back, “The only way I’m gonna cum is if you fuck me harder, I understand sir. Please do it. Fuck me.” His dick was certainly rising now as he began letting out a huge sigh. I swooped down taking $500 while making sure both my feet filled the entire screen without being cut off. I heard the loudest skin slapping I had heard since my last visit to steamworks as he finally started spewing all over his keyboard.

After blowing his load to $1900, Luis sighed, “Fuck that was amazing like always. I won’t be going to sleep anytime soon. I’m sure I’ll be horny again.” I asked what his plans for the day were. “Well I don’t really need to ask Mario for a day off because today is the day I’m off sir.” This couldn’t have been more perfect timing. “Luis I think we should meet today, only wait a few hours and bring your meth pipe instead. You need to be publicly humiliated and truly understand how reckless and worthless you are.” He was still turned on despite just shooting his load after a night of endless cocaine and poppers. “Sir you’re right I need to live life and just let go of all control. You turn me on more then anything I’ve seen in all the porn I’ve watched.” I explained to him what the Lonvense Hush was, but didn’t tell him about the session with Puppy.  “So what are we going to do sir? Will you be taking my money in public?” I pulled out the box and showed him the Lovense Butt Plug. “I want you to bring your wallet with every card to your name. You are going to text me the pin to each one once we meet up in person.” (“Why bring my crystal meth if he’s going to publicly humiliate me.. and why ask for my pin numbers? I don’t care this is so exciting!”)


Luis met me in front of my apartment in the ugliest station wagon I’ve ever seen. As I got in the passenger seat the first thing I did was spit in his face as he said hello. I grabbed his poppers sitting in the cup holder, just as I instructed him to do. Luis raised his left hand to adjust the large medicade looking classes on his forehead. “Thank you for spitting in my face sir, I was about to say hello-“ Slapping him across the face I said. “DRIVE YOU IDIOT.” We had about a 45 minute drive, as I knew too many people at the mall close to me. The destination was a shopping mall in a Chicago suburb called Orland. It’s a gorgeous mall and one of the last in the area that hasn’t become ghetto. River Oaks Mall used to be nice when I was a kid, but now its ghetto as fuck and doesn’t have the selection of stores as other malls. I was quite upset when Lincoln Mall closed down. Regardless of anything, Orland Shopping mall is where Luis would face the biggest rush of his entire pathetic lame life. As we drove he spoke randomly stroking my ego, “My biggest thrill is having you take my cash while you insult me.” I dug in his back seat and lit up the meth pipe with the torch. His eyes went wide as he asked what was I thinking. Ignoring his question, “Put it in your mouth and keep your eyes on the road. This is what every dumb faggot needs to be kept in its place.” He didn’t question me as he began getting hard while inhaling away. The car was soon filled with white smoke as I sprayed Ozium while making fun of him about his hygiene.

Luis was driving down the highway on meth as I Insulted him the entire way. “Do you know how fucking stupid you look with your eyes red knowing I want to exploit you?” He managed not to swerve the car the entire way, as I was careful to not intoxicate him too much. “I’m fucking stupid sir, my sexual high is losing my cash to you.” I put my feet up on the dashboard with the passenger seat pulled back not caring if my shoes got his car dirty. “Normally I tell people not to do that..” Luis shut himself up as he realized that was a meaningless thing to say in my presence. “Give me your fucking wallet! I want it NOW.” Luis waited until we hit a stop light as I kept making fun of the fact he had no friends and how he’s a fucking virgin being so OLD. “I Like when you put me down for being a virgin sir. Nobody wants me because I’m a fucking pussy. That’s why I want you to fuck me over.” I dug in his wallet eyeing his cards being only 5 minutes away from the shopping mall. I turned to him putting the wallet in my sagging basketball shorts. “From now on this is MY wallet. These are MY credit cards. When we get inside the bathroom you’re gonna take this Lube and shove that Plug up your ass.”

As Luis shut the engine off in the parking lot I put the meth pipe to his lips in broad daylight. “Do you seriously think I give a fuck about you Luis? You’ve done everything I’ve told you, thanked me for insulting you, and letting me drug you as I please.” Luis Pulled out his poppers as I held the flame under the meth pipe. (“If anyone sees me I’ll be so embarrassed. But this is to please master and it’s not like I have a choice or say.”) We stepped out of the car and headed towards the bathroom as he carried a giant lighter, his pipe, a baggie of T, poppers in his pockets. In my pockets were MY wallet, my phone, HIS phone, a marker, and a traveling size bottle of Ozium. I carried the butt plug in my sleeve casually as we walked in through the door to JCPenny. Once we got inside JCPenny we walked towards the bathroom near the back of the store where hardly any customers went in. Much to our luck, nobody was in there as we headed into the handicap stall. I quickly took a piss in the toilet as Luis stared like a Texan eyeing a new rifle. The only sounds in the bathroom was the heavy stream of my piss and his quiet sighs from being so turned on. I pulled up my basketball shorts as I pulled out the butt plug, “Pull your pants down you greasy piece of shit.” He did so while inhaling his poppers bent over the toilet. (“My face is nearly inside the toilet, It looks and smells disgusting!”)

As I inserted the butt plug he left out a soft groan. As I shoved it in we heard the door open and heard a man whistling as his foot steps walked towards a urinal. I made sure to be extra quiet not to bring any attention as the mysterious man sang to himself.  (“Omg It burns it burns! OWWWW! It hurts like hell and I can’t even make a sound or I’ll get arrested! I just hope this is pleasing Sir.”) The mysterious man was drying his hands after washing them, not taking long to piss. I whispered in Luis’s ear to lick the toilet rim where I just pissed. The door to the bathroom opened as we heard the man leave, both of us being alone once more. “But Sir that’s disgusting!!” I turned on the butt plug for the first time as he let out a low moan, feeling sensations he had never felt. As I kept controlling the vibrations between a soft then medium rate, I told him to light up his meth pipe. “Hurry the fuck up before somebody comes in you idiot!” He fumbled in his pockets still bent over with his face in the toilet as he pulled out the glass pipe. He lit the pipe quickly while holding his mouth on it, inches near the toilet seat. He breathed in deep as a white cloud quickly filled the stall as I sprayed Ozium to kill the scent. “Lick the fucking toilet rim you son of a bitch!”

Drugged out and turned on by being a disgusting faggot, he began licking inside the toilet bowl rim. Turning up the vibration softly he began to moan as I took the poppers from his hand. Without warning I took my shoe and stomped on his head, getting his entire head submerged in piss water. I ground my shoe sadistically on the back of his head while his arms flailed around as he was caught by surprise. I grabbed him by the hair as his glasses fell into the toilet. Holding his head roughly by the hair I spit in his face, “That’s how little I think of you!” I immediately put the poppers to his nose and told him to inhale as he began coughing up water. “When I said I don’t give a fuck about you, I meant it.” His hands fumbled around in the toilet to grab his glasses which now smelled like piss, as did he. He began to wipe his glasses with his shirt as he muttered high out of his mind, “I probably smell like piss, people are going to stare at me!” I turned up the speed slightly then turned it off again, “That’s the point you god damn idiot.” We walked out of the stall as he put his head under the blow dryer. A couple of younger boys walked in and naturally started laughing at a man soaked drying to get his head dry. (“The boys laughing at me is just turning me on even more. I feel like I’m on drugs naturally…”) As soon as the boys left, I took out the marker and wrote a simple “$” symbol on his forehead. “This is so hot sir.”

We headed out of JCPenny and headed to a store called “Express,” a clothing store. As we entered the store people twitched their noses as eyes were on Luis. “I could use more jeans.” He followed me around the store like an idiot, “My sexual thrill is having you take my cash.” I correct him, “Right now your biggest thrill is me SPENDING your cash.” Walking throughout the first store I was enjoying every moment of Luis looking like a deer lost in headlights. I have always loved express and didn’t plan on what I was going to buy. I wanted the thrill of spending his cash in anyway I could just to bring him closer to worthlessness. It wasn’t long before I picked out 3 pairs of jeans and walked to the register. His eyes followed my hands like glue as I pulled out what used to be his wallet as the cashier gave me a warm smile. “Did you find everything ok?” I swiped his card and turned up the Butt Plug secretly higher then I had before, causing him to let out a light moan. The cashier had a strange look but pretended not to take notice, I could see it in her eyes. Once the transaction was approved and everything was bagged, I turned off the vibrating plug. As we walked out of “Express” I turned to him walking back out into the main area. “Each time I spend your cash, you feel my cash cock invading your cunt and sucking your life source.”

“Thank you for publicly fucking my cash cunt sir. My biggest sexual thrill is having the honor of my cash being spent by you.” As we walked towards “Spencers” people were laughing at the $ symbol on Luis’s forehead. After all, it’s not something you quite see every day. Once inside spencers I began looking at black lights and lava lamps. I told Luis to go walk around the store and see if anyone can smell him. (“Fuck If I wasn’t intoxicated I wouldn’t be doing this in a million years, but it’s making Master Kris Happy. When he sees expensive things in the store his eyes seem to light up. Making Master happy makes my fag dick hard.”) I grabbed a decent sized blacklight for my bedroom and a Lava Lamp to give my room a “groovy” feel. Sometimes I honestly feel like I should have grown up in the 1970s lol. I walked to the register again as Luis stared mindlessly at a wall drugged out of his mind. As the cashier began to ring up my order, I turned up the butt plug up at an even higher level, back and forth, back and forth. Luis didn’t need to look my way to know I was spending his cash, as he could feel my cash cock vibrating inside his bank account and fucking him. (“I want him to spend higher amounts, that would be fucking hot if I lost thousands.”) I called across the store, “Lets go faggot!” People turned and stared, but weren’t that shocked as its become a common term of endearment amongst homosexuals. As we walked out of “Spencers” he started begging to feel my cash cock vibrate again.

We headed next to the “Vans” store, technically called “Vans Off The Wall’ here at Orland. “Don’t you have 12 pairs of shoes already sir?” I dragged him by his still damp shirt as a few people had the strangest look on their face. If you’re wondering, no I wasn’t embarrassed, I was getting off on the fact that HE was. The store surprisingly wasn’t busy yet rather empty. I walked around looking for anything that would match the outfit I was wearing. I found a green pair of size 12s that looked good enough to me. It wasn’t about finding the nicest pair, it was just a reason to continue spending his money. I sat on a chair and was focused on the one employee organizing boxes. I talked in a quiet tone, “Get on your knees and remove my shoes. I need to try these on.” Undoing the laces to my Osiris shoes, he pulled them off. The scent of my 5 day worn socks hit him right in the face. (“Why do they smell so good? I can see the shape of his feet perfectly through his socks… he’s a God.”) Immediately I pulled out his poppers and placed them under his nose, never taking my eyes off the store entrance or the guy focused on shoe boxes. We were the only customers in the store. I whispered as I began putting on the new shoes, “Inhale those osiris like you do with those poppers.” He appeared nervous, “But sir we could get caught-“ I turned on the plug to shut him up as he whimpered. He inhaled my Osiris as I stood up in the Vans and decided they were good enough for me. New customers walked in the store so I ended up kicking Luis as he fell on his face. “Bring my old shoes in your hands with the shopping bags from Spencers and Express.” I went up to the register as the nice guy came and asked for the box. “I’m already wearing them, I like them a lot.” I swiped Luis’s debit card and entered his pin as I turned the plug on a medium vibration, letting him feel my cash cock drain his account once again. He whimpered and got more stares. The cashier laughed and asked what was with the $ symbol on Luis’s forehead. “Oh my uncle is an alcoholic and is still hung over from last night. He’s a nasty pig.” He looked confused, “Bro thats not cool to talk about your uncle like that.” I walked out as he handed me the receipt, “He’s a dumb faggot that likes being taken advantage of.” His jaw dropped open speechless.

Me being an Apple whore, the next stop was obviously the “Apple Store.” As we stepped inside several people were waiting to be seen by appointment while others were browsing and shopping. “Oh sir everything in here is so expensive!!” I smirked at him and walked towards the Mac Book Pros. I began deciding what I would Mac I would buy for Ryan, my live in slave. He needed a computer to keep him busy when I wasn’t beating on him and using him for whatever benefits me. (“That live in slave is one lucky faggot!”) Customers and employees were staring directly at Luis, probably because he smelled like a disgusting faggot who loves piss. Luis looked ridiculous with that $ symbol and carrying around all my shopping bags. I overheard a customer complaining l to an employee and asking what the wretched smell was. I told an employee I wanted a Mac Book, iPad Pro, and a new Apple Watch. I was told kindly to come to the front desk as they would ring me up for my large purchase there. Luis followed right behind me as his eyes lit up like fire as he saw the total being close to 4 thousand. I turned on the butt plug to the full Max and left it on there. He began moaning loudly as I pulled out his credit card. The woman asked me for an ID matching the credit card so I made Luis hand her his ID from the wallet I had kept in my pocket. She had the strangest look on her face and asked what that smell was. Luis moaned once more grabbing his chest from pure pleasure as I turned the plug vibration easy then hard and fast again. The woman looked concerned despite wrinkling her nose from his stench. “Are you ok sir?” I turned off the plug. “He’s ok, he just drank last night and has bad acid reflux.” As the order was approved I turned the butt plug from my phone from medium to max speed harder then before to give fucking sensations. “Ahhhhh ahhhhh” moaned Luis as the store got quiet. The cashier asked Luis again if everything was ok. “Oh No miss I’ve had a bit to drink, I promised to take my nephew out shopping for his birthday and am not feeling too well.” (“I can’t believe I just came up with a lie like that!”) I decided to have fun shocking the cashier, “My uncle is an alcoholic.” The woman handed me everything in a bag and told me to have a nice day. As we were walking out a male employee pulled Luis by the arm and began gagging. “Sir you need to leave, customers are complaining about your odor, I apologize.” Luis felt a sense of courage, “I’m a disgusting loser of course I smell.” He smiled as the guy looked shocked like Al Gore when he realized Florida was lost.

We walked back to the bathroom in JCPenny to give Luis another hit of T and the final humiliation. We were lucky again to find nobody else inside the bathroom. Going back into the large stall I set down all of my shopping bags. I Pulled down my basketballs shorts and sat on the toilet puffing on my ecig. I farted loudly as I began to take a shit in front of him. He pulled the pipe from his pocket again speechless, eyes focused on my huge dick. I turned the butt plug to the max as I held the poppers to his nose as he began lighting up the glass pipe. We were both in a mad headspace knowing anybody could come in and look through the door. “Sir this is the hottest day of my life, why does the smell of your shit turn me on?” I removed the poppers from his nose and told him to breathe his meth in and hold it as long as he could. I let the last log fall into the toilet as I stood up. He blew out the smoke as I sprayed Ozium to block out the smell of crystal meth. I turned around and grabbed his face and buried it in my ass, “Lick it clean you disgusting loser, I’m not gonna waste paper and harm the environment!” (“Another use for being a dumb faggot.”) While digging in his phone, I just started doing bank transfers at increments of $500, vibrating the butt plug each time. “Each time you feel my cash cock you lose a half of a grand. I want you to be reminded what a disgusting pig you are. You’re a fucking drone, you’re not even human.” He buried his face deeper in my ass until I stopped at 6K. I turned back around and shoved his face back in the toilet, stomping and holding his head wearing my brand- new shoes. I flushed the toilet while he face was underwater as I put the plug on full max and left it there. I grabbed him by the hair again as his glasses remained in the toilet. He let out a loud gasp for air and shouted out loud, “Thank You SIR!!”

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