Officer Matthew And Gun Control

To all readers, Matt had a safe word.. he never chose to use it.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon as Matthew flipped through the Wall Street Journal flipping page to page in frustration. “Why do I keep paying $80 a month to keep hearing about the same damn shit every day?” His hand stirred his coffee tossing the paper on the kitchen table. Bringing his cup to his lips and taking a gentle sip, he flipped through his work bag and pulled out his laptop. He was a well respected city officer to one of the southern suburbs to Chicago. That being said, he didn’t get paid as much as cops used to back in the day. He worked for Uber a few nights a week, never having much time for a social life. Now to many his income as a cop would be sustainable for most single men living in America, but he had debt to pay off. On top of that, he had a gambling addiction that he’s kept under control for the most part. It was his biggest joy in his spare time next to heading to the local bar and trying to find a hooker only to be rejected like most losers do. He got along with all the other men on the force, having a sense of humor and charisma.

Now Matt has one issue that many have, he’s too shy to approach women. He’s had girlfriends before, but they never did last. Kelly his last girlfriend, freaked out when he asked her to fuck him with a strap on. He didn’t expect her to react so dramatically, as many men have enjoyed prostate stimulation. In his spare time he would browse the internet and one time saw a topic on a mens health forum. He only was able to get by women by paying hookers at the bar and cam girls online. Kelly objected to his request and asked if he was a faggot, to which Matt replied no. He jerked off to things he saw on xtube and tumblr.. things that were unique and different. It was after that moment things were never the same, as she ended up leaving him for another man that just wanted to pound her and do his job. Something about her getting fucked by another man made his penis hard, on top of feeling like he wasn’t man enough to do the job. Now he knew quite well what was the root cause for his odd sexual response to the break up. He had been playing with fire… by spending time with femdoms online as they humiliated him in his cop uniform for being a pathetic excuse for a man. Weeks went by as he started spending time with Mistress Violet online. He found her dominance addictive and highly appealing. He found himself doing things he never heard of or thought he would do. She had mailed him pair of her cum soiled panties and worn socks for him to inhale as she would drain his bank account on team viewer. Drowning in his sorrows over Kelly, he was spending most of his time online with his main mistress while leaving the house even less other then going to work to protect society. He found himself buying his own prostate massager and sitting on it as MistressViolet would laugh at him for being a faggot even though she knew he certainly wasn’t, but the humiliation of being degraded while being an officer was overwhelming that he always orgasmed harder then he had ever with any other woman. He found himself picking up more hours driving for Uber just to satisfy his mistress to continue feeling like a moron.

One night Matt was off work from the force on a Tuesday night, and decided to head to Horse Shoe Casino in Hammond Indiana. His favorite hobby always cheered him up, even if he lost most of the time. Sometimes he had an inner battle thinking he was just foolishly throwing his money away when coming to gamble, but never had that mindset with his dominant. Meanwhile I was sitting upstairs in what I like to call the “Big Boy Room.” Good old fashioned slot machines are my favorite novelty. Not just any slot machine, but the ones with the large cranks that make that retro sound. I sent a photo of Jeff’s Credit card stuck in the machine as he replied with a simple “thats fucking hot I’m gonna cum.. just keep playing sir.” Jeff is the same Trailer trash from my blog Electoral Domination. I was playing with his his money and sending him photos spending his cash which he considered the hottest porn ever. One of the hottest girls working that night was always nice to me whenever I came in, always remembering my name. As she walked her outfit showed her breasts in her european looking red shirt that looked like it was designed by Donatella Versache. She was dressed lavishly as the other women but all the same reason, a distraction and a way to keep you playing. Carla brought me my drink as I gave her a tip with a warm smile in exchange. Jeff wasn’t allowed to cum just yet, so he stopped as I continued sending him cash rape porn as I kept turning the lever at $10 a spin.

Matt sat next to me looking flustered with a loud plop in the chair. He fumbled in his pocket for his wallet and inserted his own card and entering his pin as he lit a cigarette. He was a tall man, well built, and in a drunken state. My shoes were off as my worn socked size 12s were resting comfortably on a ledge between both of our machines. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him wrinkle his nose as I could tell the scent of my feet were pretty strong. Part of it turned me on subtly that this stud was being forced to smell it. I continued spinning $10 a bet as Matt began spinning at $5 a bet. Over 20 minutes goes by and I notice this man is texting someone on Skype with a hard on in his shorts. I always pay attention to little things, intoxicated or not. Jeff then left me a recorded audio clip moaning “thank you for fucking my wallet master. My cash was never mine to begin with, and its better in your sagging basketball shorts anyway. Thank you for using my credit card for your pleasure sir.” It was then Matt finally spoke to me, “You know young man if you’re in a public place can you please put your shoes on? And are you really using a credit card that doesn’t belong to you?” Not knowing he was a cop and being drunk on power, “I have permission, you see I have an idiot who’s into something called financial domination. I’m blowing through most of his paycheck while he gets off on it.”

“Wow so guys do it do?” His expression went from irritable to intrigued. I raised my drink with a “cheers” motion and asked “What is it that guys do as well?” He pulled the lever without looking at the machine, eyes focused on his phone as I saw a woman’s foot full screen on his screen. Matthew was SO caught by surprise at Jeff’s loud messaged played back, that he told his mistress along with the scent of my feet smelling stronger then hers. This only excited her to tease him with the response that she was logging into his bank account to start with a bank transfer so she could start draining as she pleases while she decides where to get her nails done, and getting the best manicure money can buy. She was after all, his goddess. He turned his head back up to me, not realizing the machine had added $750 to his balance, winning more then half a grand. “Oh I’m sorry, forget what I said.” Looking at the hard on in his pants and remembering the woman’s foot, something clicked in my head but I couldn’t put my finger on it. “Why did you ask me to put my shoes on yet have a woman’s foot open on the screen? I take it you have some foot fetish… masters or mistresses?… as I assume that’s who you’re talking to.” Perhaps I was mistaken and I had too much to drink. Although my conclusion was bold to proclaim to a stranger, my instincts told me I had hit it on the nail. Sometimes my filter isn’t always the greatest after some drinking but tonight I was having fun and didn’t care who I pissed off.

He smiled and his expression seemed more relaxed, rather excited. He never had another man to discuss this with. If any of his friends on the force knew, they would think he’s fucked up in the head. He had managed to keep his urges from all previous girlfriends. “Well young man, I know exactly what findom is.” He laughed a nervous laughter. The laughter of a boy at the pharmacy buying condoms for the first time. But there was no hesitation in his voice. “I actually have a mistress myself, I heard a guys voice and thought for a second my imagination was playing tricks on me. But what he just said makes since him calling you sir and all. That’s hot I should give Violet MY credit card. I’m actually talking to her right now and told her what I just heard your little cash loser say.” He continued typing on his phone, his focus no longer on the slot machine in front of him. I pointed out that his last spin won him $750 as he told me his mistress wanted to know if I had a Skype, which I gave him. Meanwhile Jeff was falling asleep during this time but allowed me to keep going till his main checking account was at $0. “Please Keep playing sir, if you need to overdraft my account on paypal to keep playing thats fine just not over $200 sir.”

Mistress Violet was added to my Skype as she sent me a smiley face and asked to see what I looked like, so I sent her a pic. Minutes went by as we chatted, Matt staring at my phone. He lit up another cigarette, nervous with embarrassment fear and lust. “She told me to tell you… that Ive given her a photo of me in uniform saying… “Officer Matthew ***** is a disgusting human wallet.” Here was a complete stranger talking to his mistress due to her orders. He wouldn’t dare deny anything she demanded, for a pathetic pic always knew that pleasing is the most important priority. Me and his mistress talked about things we did to our slaves for a few minutes, and asked if I had known other femdoms. I told her about misty (Mistress Gold) and our fun escapades of fucking over willing victims. I continued to pull the lever without staring at the bars. I was enjoying bringing Jeff’s bank account lower as his credit card was now maxed out. Now began the fun of draining the actual checking. I was playing while Violet told me humiliating things she would make Matt do for her amusement. She thought it would be hot if she made him lick a toilet the way many gay male subs do. “I think that would be something awesome to add in his file” she said as she continued typing. “So you gather socials and birth certificates? That’s something I need to start doing! I have his drivers license and am the holder usually of his chastity device, he cums with a prostate massager. Hes taking a break and is sending me back the key next week. He is an officer Kris.. a COP! Oh what fun it would be…..” I was making this woman an even bigger devil. I grinned as She told me tonight would be fun to break his mind in even further, and for to assist in doing so. “It will be fun, and it’ll be worth your while hon” she said. “I want to see a man in general take part in humiliating him, since he isn’t gay at all. THAT would be so hot wouldn’t it Kris?” My gears were spinning remembering how I publicly humiliated and drained Kyle, a pathetic Breeder owned by Mistress Gold at a BDSM Convention. (You can read about kyle in another blog, one of my personal favorites.)

I turned to Matt with a smile on my face. “You need to do something more humiliating for your goddess, coming from another dominant. Have you ever thought of giving up something to her besides your debit card and bank access? Doing something even more intense then what you’ve done before?” He shook his head but continued to seem intrigued. “I would love to be publically humiliated by her but she’s so far away in New York. But what do you mean exactly by giving up something else?” I knew If what I had planned in mind, Violet needed something to torture him with. I love the way my evil mind works. Carla walked by and asked again if any of us fine gentlemen needed anything. We both ordered a drink as the most brilliant idea popped in my head. I turned back to texting Mistress violet. “He is a Cop you say…. you should get his badge number. You already have his full name.” She agreed this would be a good step. She flashed her tits through her red satin bra in a photo sent to him. She must have said something that got to his head as he quickly responded. She teased him ruthlessly, “citizens have asked for your badge number, you’ve given it to those in need, now give it to me and make my pussy wet for a real cock that isnt yours.” He looked up at me, “She said to do anything you tell me. Just so you know bro I’m not even gay, I don’t know how I feel about this.” Violet confirmed to me he had given her his badge number. I told her soon she should eventually acquire access to his Verizon account to track his phone calls and messages.

I repeated back to Matt his Badge number and full name putting my phone in my pocket with the most sadistic look on my face. “I think Violet has some instructions for you tonight. And you will not disobey. You were fucking stupid to give her that, and it was all MY idea. Now we are going to the bathroom, I need to take a piss.” Matt shook his head, “fuck no dude you are not pissing in my mouth or anything like that. Maybe Violets but not yours.” That was not as I intended, at least what I told Violet. I texted her back to convince him send his social security number, which she said she didn’t have but would get it. She must have sent him a message that changed his mind, as he had a horrified look on his face. Despite the look of terror in his eyes with a slight tremble, his erection was now fully obvious. She then messaged me she his social and gave me all 9 digits. Matt shoved his phone back in his pockets. “I’m such a fucking idiot!” He finally pulled the lever betting $10 a spin like me, over and over out of frustration. I continued to spin the lever as well lighting up my own cigarette. He must have had some dark secret neither of them were telling me….

“Of course Officer Matthew, you are a fucking idiot. You got ANOTHER man to indirectly manipulate your social and badge number.. and your full name by going through the woman who owns you. Tonight, you’re my bitch too whether you like it or not. And don’t tell me blackmail is a crime OFFICER. Do you think the chief of police would approve of you openly giving such personal information and putting yourself at risk? Any judge would laugh at you for being a fucking idiot, which you are.” Something stirred in him as a bead of sweat dripped down his forehead. It was perfectly cool inside the Casino, and it sure wasn’t the alcohol either. He knew I was right, he was completely at the mercy of ANOTHER man, feeling self shame and disgust. He did something so stupid just to please his mistress. “I only did that because she commanded me to do so… she told me to do what you tell me.” I looked at his erection and laughed at the fact that something was getting him off. “She called me a loser………sir…..and I don’t have a choice or she will expose me.” I laughed while spilling some of my drink on the floor. I decided he would in fact do as she commanded, and would drive me back to his place and out of this casino. But there was something I had to do first. “Get your shit, forget the bathroom.” I repeated back his social security number and badge number as he trembled in fear… and told him to print the ticket at the machine. I put my shoes back on and told him to go cash his ticket and get ready to take me to his place, where Violet was waiting to watch me humiliate him on cam when we got back. “Don’t make her a woman in waiting, I don’t think that would be wise as she can fuck you over the way I just might.” He grabbed his sweater and patted his pockets confirming he had his phone and cigarettes. We stopped at a 24-hour adult store as I made him pay for poppers out of his own winnings from that very night… telling his mistress just how weak they can break the strongest will of any man. “That’s so fucking hot, lets fuck him over together, fuck over this pathetic pig who deserves to be ruined.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

It was a nice place, out in the middle of nowhere despite being very lavish. It was very well kept and tidy. He had the most boring furniture, typical for a straight breeder with no taste. Matt being excited yet humiliated with shame, turned on his computer monitor with his mistress calling for video chat immediately. I got the ball rolling “Now Matt, go grab her panties and sweaty socks, as it would delight both of us to see you sink lower then pathetic in front of another man.” He started to walk and I told him to get on his fucking knees and CRAWL to his bedroom. She was getting very excited as I could see herself rubbing her pussy below the screen. Her eyes ablaze with lust, “Yes pig get on your knees, and come crawling back out with your wallet in your hands IN YOUR WORK UNIFORM!!” She was now getting riled up in a head space she had never experienced before, and I wanted her to unleash her dominant cruelty on her disgusting loser that willingly allowed her to fuck with his wallet and mind. I laughed with the most sadistic idea and told him to make sure his gun would be at his side. “Yes My lady, and yes sir.” He sure enough did crawl to his bedroom returning shortly dressed in his cop uniform with his full badge on, forgetting the socks and panties. His black night stick shined in the light with his shiny silver gun. I spit on his face as he came near the computer which caught him by surprise. Mistress Violet’s cold and cruel voice filled the she told him he was running up his credit cards since his bank account was left at just the right amount to pay his bills. He looked down at the floor confessing he decided himself to cage his dick up once more, leaving the key in a sealed envelope ready to send back to his goddess.

I kicked my shoes off and flung them at a painting on the wall, causing it to fall down and leaving a huge hole in the wall where the nail had been. It caught him by surprise and told me to be careful as he paid alot of money for that. I unscrewed the bottle of poppers and placed them under his nose as his eyes went wide. He looked entranced as Violet laughed openly about his prostate massager and how he sticks it up his ass. He looked from the computer then back and forth to me. He wasn’t sure if he liked where this was going. I always have marijuana on me, and pulling out my bowl and fire weed is exactly what I did in front of this police officer in his own home. The rush of having a police officer at my feet on his knees was a blissful feeling for me. I began packing the bowl as he told me it was an illegal substance and that I could be arrested for it. How the tables had turned. I didn’t give a fuck what this loser thought, I responded by taking a hit and blowing it in his face and filling his living room with the smoke as the strong scent of my socks radiated.

I took off his belt and tied it around his neck as he pleaded to his mistress that this was so humiliating, as he saw my own erection of doing whatever I wanted to him. “Please mistress I’m not a fag can’t we find a local mistress?” She repeated his address, social security number, bank login, and his badge number belonging to OFFICER Matthew ******. She laughed and suggested he sniff the poppers again as i drag him around by the neck as he struggled to catch his breath with a whimper in his voice. I was about to grab the gun from his side as he shouted that I had no business touching an officer’s gun. I kicked him in the balls as I held him up by the belt tied to his neck to keep him from falling as he dangled a bit. He readjusted himself on his knees as Mistress Violet’s voice responded with an evil laughter. The laughter you hear from a murderer after doing an evil deed. He handed me his gun as I pulled down my basketball shorts and began pissing all over his Cop uniform, splashing his Badge, chest, face and hat. You could hear the sound of “drip drip drip” as it leaked onto the wooden floor. I pulled on the belt again making him scream. “where are the bullets?!” Violet started naming the all the other officers on the force, and had a snapshot on the screen of her attempting to send an email of Matt sinking lower then pathetic. The email she was threatening to send was to the chief of police. I made him inhale ten seconds in each nostril and blowing another cloud of marijuana smoke in his face. “The bullets are in the hall closet sir….. please grab the soiled panties and socks from under pillow please.”

I had this officer on my mercy dripping in my piss feeling the most humiliated he ever felt in his life. I was smoking marijuana in his very home, something he arrested citizens for on the street. I went through his room grabbing the panties and socks his mistress had mailed him. I also found his prostate massager, which I grabbed as well. As I walked out Violet was telling him to take his pants shoes and underwear off while exposing his caged cock and wearing only his hat and top of his uniform. He started to stand up as I grabbed the belt around his neck and pulled him back down to the floor with a loud THUD. Violet saw the prostate massager and muttered how hot it would be to scare him till he pissed himself. I tugged on the belt and brought him to the sofa. “Now put that toy up your ass and when I come back I want it fully in and vibrating.” I switched to his labtop as he inserted his vibrating prostate massager up his ass and sat back down holding it in place. I brought the labtop in front of him as I called back his mistress. Her voice laughed an evil laughter, of a villain winning a battle at the end of a disney movie. He whimpered as I held the bottle of poppers under his nostrils while losing lack of time until he uttered, “I’m a fucking loser. I’m a fucking loser.” The prostate massager was vibrating against the whole sofa that it pierced the silence when not a word was spoken. I lifted the gun and pointed it against his head. “What would you rather suck my dick or this gun?” Fear was in his eyes as I put the bottle under his nose further. Violet proceeded to fanning herself with wads of cash she had sucked out of his bank account. She was waving $100 bills over her pussy and talking about all the purses and designer shoes that his money got wasted on. I decided he would suck my dick if he wouldn’t suck the end of the pistol. I put the end of one of Violet’s pink socks at the end of my 8 in dick and pushed it into his mouth as his eyes began to water. I could feel his tongue glide across me as he had the biggest look of shame and disgust on his face. I held the pistol to his head with the most darkest thought, “You’re gonna cum by the hands of a man, right in front of your mistress. Your life depends on it.”

I walked and grabbed the box of bullets and loaded two bullets into the gun. I walked back to him taking out the sock out of his mouth and removing my own sock from my feet into my hands. Violet kept threatening to send every humiliating photo to everyone he knew as I opened the window next to the sofa with my next devious plan ahead. Taking my own sock, I stuck my dick in his mouth, pushing my 4 day worn socks deep inside. He tried muffling something as I made the clicking sound against his head as Violet was going through the most intense power rush of her life. She didn’t care about his screaming, crying, or what happened to him, and neither did I. She was robbing his account blind and sending it into overdraft, getting the idea from me. I took the gun as I ordered him to suck the sweat out and made a loud shot outside the window after pulling the trigger. He jumped as he landed back down hard on the prostate massager, making his penis strain inside his steel chastity cage despite the fear and mental agony. I took his phone and removed the sock for a second and demanded the password. He told me without hesitation while rocking back and forth against his Gspot as if he had lost his mind. I do have ways of doing these things. I stuffed my sock back in his mouth with just my fingers this time and stood on one leg placing my bare foot against his face. They were moist from riding my board, going out shopping with YOUR money, and playing at the Casino. Tears began falling down the sides of his cheeks, while Violet longed to kiss those sweet tears as proof of his worthlessness.

I logged into his Paypal and charged his credit card $150 as Family and Friends to my own account. There was no touching his debt card, as it was already in overdraft. He was riding his toy and began moaning through the socks. Violet’s evil cold voice boomed from the screen, “How fucking disgusting! Sucking the sweat out of another man’s socks then tasting his dick? What a fucking faggot Matt! All your cash is now packed in my purse, paid for by your pathetic tributes. The higher and higher they become the more worthless you are.” I was rock hard and pulled the sock out and replacing it with the loaded gun with the remaining bullet. I laughed and told him to suck it while grinding his massager against his hole. What I was doing was very risky, and If I fucked up I wouldn’t be here to tell this story. But something had come over me, and there was no stopping my depraved lustful drive of destruction. I decided to give a new meaning to “Gun Control” as I could use this officers very gun to threatening to do anything I pleased. “SUCK IT LIKE YOU SUCKED MY DICK!!” He quivered rambling “I’m not a faggot and don’t suck dick, you just forced it in my mouth sir… “ I stuck the gun in his mouth while spitting on his chest and made motions of pulling the trigger. “SUCK IT YOU DONUT EATING PIG! OINK FOR ME!!” He reluctantly oinked with the gun in his mouth with more tears forming in his eyes… as he bucked his hips up and down against the vibrating toy on max speed, moaning in the process. He then started sucking on the loaded pistol like a bust down in school blowing every guy on the football team. He moaned sucking the gun, trembling as his hat fell onto his shoulder then onto the floor. I noticed his pants were near the sofa after pulling them off. I quickly pulled the gun from his mouth as I grabbed his wallet and began taking his Casino winnings for the night as he begged, “I’m so fucking broke I’m gonna have to uber for 2 weeks just to make that back!” All I did was shove the gun back in his mouth and told him to shut the fuck up.

I grabbed the cops ankles and lifted them off the ground and pulled out his vibrating toy as he gave a sigh of frustration. I pointed the pistol at the window and barely shot it straight into the night sky. I Took the lube on the table and inserted the pistol with it inside his ass. His eyes widened as I repeated his badge number, social security number, and the name of the chief of police. Violet added that he had made fake nude photos of a female officer using photoshop, which made his legs shake even more as he moaned… “why is this turning me on…. fuck.. can I hit that bottle again.” I put the bottle under each nostril for 15 seconds leaving him in a zombie like trance. I gently inserted the tip of the now unloaded gun taking full control as I teased him waving the box of bullets. Using his phone I sent myself $300, double then what I charged his credit card before, all while slowly gliding the gun in and out of his hole. He moaned as I found his prostate as I tilted it up. He looked at me in the eyes like that of a crazy man filled with depraved dark lust. He shocked me with “please don’t kill me sir, you can smoke all the marijuana you want in my house.” I already had half a joint put out so I decided to light it up again. I placed the end of the joint in his mouth as I told him to inhale.

His eyes widened with fear as I opened the box of bullets and gently loaded it up while still moving it in and out of his ass. His cage was bobbing up and down as I was hitting the gun directly against his prostate. HIs mistress was fingering herself on cam and moaning how his stupidity and pathetic worthlessness made her want to cum. “Take that Steel cock up your ass and be forced to be a dick loving loser!” She shouted through the screen high on power and demanding his obedience as she insulted him. He oinked on her command while moaning as I picked up his toy which was still vibrating. He looked at me, “if you put that against the gun it can go off at any time sir!” I didn’t care, as no safe word was mentioned. This was one of the most dangerous things a submissive has ever done with me, if not THE most dangerous. And losers doing dangerous things is what makes ME cum all over my basketball shorts. He began to beg me not to charge his card anymore or he would have nothing left. I put the vibrator against the end of the gun near his ass as I fucked him against his spot making him moan at the top of his lungs. I sent myself $1000 successfully as Violet logged in and did all the math of how much he had lost that night. He moaned, “omg I’m gonna cum, fuck me with that steel cock sir.. fuck me over!” I shoved the loaded gun against his prostate harder as it vibrated, knowing he could be destroyed in one second along just like his wallet. His toes curled as he begged us to expose him. “Please destroy me. Sir and Mistress I’m a loser. I’m a donut eating pig. I’m a human wallet and a CURIOUS FAGGOT.” The truth had come out.. as he was about to climax. The vibrations and stimulations began to make cum ooze out of his cage. As he shot his load all over, I quickly pulled the gun out and placed my other sock over his face. I shot 3 bullets out the window, making our ears ring. I set it on the sofa only to see him grab it. He just started fucking himself with the gun harder to get the remaining drops out.

I realized that with my dark slaves Gun Control may be a good idea.

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