My Face Is Your Skateboard Sir

Shane was a busy man and didn’t have much time for a social life. He ran his own private business selling used cars and doing Uber on the side. His assistants Carrie and Harold were his only friends next to Mrs. Jones who lived next door. She would invite him over for tea or dinner on occasion, “such a friendly and well respected man” at least she thought. Harold and Shane would hit the local bars in their small town, talking about snowflakes, cars, beer, pussy, guns, Trump, and grabbing pussies themselves. Harold himself too was a loser at least in my opinion. He drank daily and cheated on his wife with meth whores who sucked dick for $10. Shane was 38 years old, fat, blonde, about 5’10. Despite the fake laughter and dry sense of humor, he had no self-esteem and was rather a broken man. A broken man with no identity other then what others thought he should think. He was always in charge of his life making financial decisions with his business and choosing what hours he would work. He lived somewhere in Minnesota, and not a very busy town. His business didn’t make as much as one may think, hence why he did Uber on the side. Even without Uber he had more then enough to live on… but Shane had a shameful secret he kept from everyone in town,  the fact that he’s a total loser.

Shane knew deep down he was a loser, but didn’t know how to put it into words, until I rewired his brain. He never understood why every car on the lot was spotless, but his was a pig sty. There were candy wrappers thrown on the back, old bottles of poppers, burger king bags, a bottle of piss for driving on the road, and a cum rag for on the go. He did know one thing, he was a pig for mens feet. When he would get rejected on grind* he would open a bottle of poppers and jerk off to boys on various cam sites. He would tell them info about himself while they humiliated him under the influence of intoxication. Another secret he kept from everyone in town is that he he liked men, along with women. He wasn’t fully gay, but whenever he felt rejected by women which was all the time, men online are who he ran to. Once in awhile he’d find a mistress to rob him and humiliate him, but it just wasn’t the same. Over the years Mrs. Jones saw how easy of a doormat he was, and began asking for the craziest errands for him to run that she didn’t feel like doing. He got nothing in return but was just acting on instinct like he did for masters online. It was just ingrained into him as time passed by. He would tell himself that this was humiliating that even an old lady would tell him what to do and he would STILL do it! He had no friends, so he did whatever to please because in reality everyone knew he was an idiot. This never did bother him one bit, as sad as that is. However that very much benefits me, and that’s all that matters.

One month Shane was having poor sales which led to much frustration. Select employees were complaining how pathetic he was for his car being disgusting along with being suspected of being a faggot. Shane was used to never defending himself, he just didn’t have the balls. The ones who he allowed to talk down to him were the younger guys who he thought was hot. Something made him just keep giving them raises so they would stay around. Jeremy was 20 and had size 14 feet, something that drove Shane crazy. Jeremy pointed out one time he saw Shane staring and asking why he was staring at his feet. Something must have awoken his true nature inside, as Jeremy blackmailed him into giving him a raise every 6 months. While feeling defeated and disrespected he did as commanded. Online he had been sniffing poppers in his car while sending cash to assholes who treated him like a piece of shit. He thrived on it, and the rush of losing his cash while business was slow made the rush even more euphoric. He was paying Jeremy more then any other employee and all he did was wash the cars and keep them looking presentable. Jeremy had a drug habit and Shane knew it. What’s more pathetic, is Jeremy would take his shoes half off and demand a large sum of cash. As time went by Shane was wanting to feel even more pathetic even though those exact words didn’t form in his head. It was a drive, an instinct he didn’t know was taking hold of him. He was a human ATM, and nothing made him feel more alive.


When Shane had discovered me, I was just about done with youtube due to them being so strict on foot videos. I always made sure to post my Skype in my video descriptions to lure vulnerable minded victims. I was focused one night watching American Horror Story one evening as I got a message on Skype with a simple “hello I found your youtube and think you’re really hot sir. Do you ever trample faggots?” I ended up chatting with him for 2 hours sharing unedited videos and my “resume” should I say. I asked him at one point, “so how often do you sniff poppers Shane?” He then proceeded to tell me that it was something he did when being used by all kinds of guys that were better then him in every way. I turned my TV off and asked for his number and to call me. Which he did. “I’m very drunk sir, and I’m looking to meet up in person with someone who can really make me feel like a faggot should.” He had a dark burly voice, like that of a vampire thirsty for blood after waiting a decade. His breathing was heavy as I could hear him inhaling a bottle on his own. “Sir Masters tell me that these are what faggots need to be their true selves.” I responded with “poppers make a loser forget common sense which is something a moron like you doesn’t need anyway. Being stupid and getting taken advantage of is the greatest reward for being a pathetic loser.”

Shane asked me where I was as I told him I was in Chicago. “Wow that is not too far sir, I may have to come. Can I come in two weeks?” Now normally I don’t take many seriously who don’t tribute and just talk on and on then mention “real time soon” but something in his voice had the sense of longing. He was naive and vulnerable, which only made me hard knowing I can fuck this loser over easily and not give a fuck. “So Shane, don’t you meet up with anyone to hook up with? Why do you like getting used online? And how do you like to get used.” He paused with a sigh… “Everyone on Tinde* and Grind* calls me a troll, a disgusting pig. There is this hot boy at work who makes fun of me. Nobody wants a loser like me. So I let guys take my money just to continue hearing them tell me the truth about myself… it makes me cum really hard sir.” I asked him how it makes him feel inside knowing he cums the hardest when he’s losing his hard earned cash. Sometimes I subtly pry the weak minds open of victims so I can stick my Cash cock inside their wallet and fuck it as hard as I can. But the best mind fucks are always slow, and to the point to where the victim isn’t aware it’s happening. What I had to do at this point was ask random questions and act clueless as to why I would be asking, taking in every detail to potentially use against him later.

“When I hand over my cash sir I feel like it’s just expected of me, I don’t know why I do it. It makes masters happy and that’s what I’m used to doing. Something about the smell of a man’s feet, and seeing big feet makes me feel even more weak to do whatever they want. I’ve dreamed of a man just stomping on me like a trash can and flattening me out till I’m feeling physical pain.”  I realized I had a rough idea how to crack inside the inside of his skull and find every weakness to use against him. “Shane you’re a human door matt, you let people walk all over you. You have no real friends and don’t give a fuck about yourself. What’s more pathetic is you jerk off as others take advantage of you and cum harder when they laugh at you for being turned ON by being used.” He sniffed harder, “yes sir and after I cum I start freaking out knowing I have to start doing more hours for uber. But I think a faggot like myself can be used in a more extreme way. Everything online is getting boring.” We ended up talking about my hobbies and the fact that I skateboard and longboard. There was a gasp in his voice “oh I have a fetish for skaters sir. You must know how to jump really fast and hard. I want to be your skateboard sir. Am I fucked up?” I laughed with the fact that he will be when he meets me.

“Do you want to make me happy shane, that is if you’re not pathetic enough to do that. My dick is soft but I doubt you’re too stupid to do that. It was you who said you cum from being told you’re a piece of shit after pleasing others.” His voice quivered nervously… “What’s your PP sir?” Within 5 minutes as he was sniffing in the phone I got $100. I was quite surprised for an amount that high as that is not common for a first time tribute. Fucking over an idiot like Shane requires manipulation and a slow mind fuck that keeps his cock standing up despite sinking lower into worthlessness. I proceeded to send him a picture of my perfect size 12s propped up on my skateboard as we were on the phone. “Oh fuck sir, those are huge… and that skateboard is huge!” I then sent him a pic of my hard cock though my basketball shorts so he could see the large shape. “Look shane, Your cash made my dick hard… you’re pleasing me right now. Look at all the attention I’m giving a loser like yourself, its because you’re acting on your true nature.” He sniffed again sending a random $200 without saying anything. I was working on his mind like classic findom, having him send without me even having to tell him. “I don’t know why I just sent that sir, I see how happy it made your large cock. Its way bigger then mine!” I laughed, “you’re a fat piece of shit that’s realizing why he can be useful. Repeat after me, “I’m a disgusting pig and a Human ATM.” He repeated back to me 3 times, “I’m a disgusting pig and a Human ATM, I’m A Disgusting pig and a Human ATM, oh fuck sir I feel strange.” I told him that when he obeyed me I was on top of the world and happy.. and that his obedience was making me stroke my dick. Another random $200 sent to my paypal.

He was jerking off at this point as I sent him another pic of my Osiris just sitting on my board with my feet next to them. “Oh fuck sir why am I sending you cash you haven’t even asked me.. normally men demand it out of me.” I smirked and responded with “I don’t need to, I get your cash cunt wet, and true losers spread their legs to get taken advantage of willingly. You know deep down its making your dick hard. And what’s most pathetic is you’re spitting out wads of cash  while flowing out with a large cum shot as you hear me getting happier from your OWN actions!” This time I got $300. “I’m so stupid for doing that sir, does that make you happy?” I told him to inhale for 10 seconds in each nostril and listen, which he did so. “You know… I’m happy knowing I can deck out my skateboard and buy myself a new pair of DCs. Happy as Fuck that I’m texting my weed guy right now to get stoned using the hard earned cash you stupidly sent me, just to see if I would be happy taking advantage of you.” He started stuttering as the flapping sounds got louder. “S.. Sir.. That’s hot that you’re happy spending my faggot cash….” Another $300. I laughed as I encouraged him to keep sending on his own. “Fuck your obedience is gonna make me cum,” I said as I started moaning. “Think of your wallet as a Pussy, and for once you are getting laid in a fucked up way since NOBODY WANTS YOU! My hard Happy HUNG dick is thrusting deep inside your mind as you long to keep making me happier and happier… “ I got sent $400 as I heard him blowing his load at the same time. “Ahhhhh yes my mind is a pussy sir, my mind is a pussy…. I’m a disgusting pig and human ATM, a hummmmman ATMMMM… AHHHHHHHH” He shot his load all over himself, I could hear the shuddering on the other side of the phone. “Oh fuck sir, I’ve never spent that much in my life!” I reminded him that I never once told him to send anything, he did that on his own. And the way he let me fuck him over, proved there was something more in his mind then he thought. It also proved he was an easy victim to extract and toss aside like a prostitute with a worn cunt.

(We came up with a safe word, so mostly everything further was planned.)


Shane arrived at my house driving hours upon hours. As he drove he thought to himself “what if he’s dangerous, what if he hurts me.” He focused on the road as he was entering Illinois feeling his heart race the entire time. He was going to meet up with a man that would use him in person the way he had been humiliated online. “This is something I’ve never done before… he can rob me blind and that thought is turning me on!” He kept adjusting himself along the road and sniffing occasional poppers to keep himself in the mindset that he was driving to his life destiny. “My destiny awaits with MasterKris… My destiny awaits… Fuck I’m terrified but turned on at the same time.” He thought about all the times he sent men his hard earned cash and what he could have done with it. But instead of thinking of buying things he needed, he thought it was a shame it hadn’t all gone to me instead. “Kris is right.. I AM fucked up in the head. My cash makes him happy and for once a man actually wants me for something. I’m finally useful. But what If he’s dangerous… shit the thought of him being dangerous is just making me hornier!” He kept reassuring himself that his destiny was discovering his true purpose so everything would soon be so clear. And my power was more then enough to pound reality into his brains.

Shane set his bags down near the bottom of my second record shelf, as he would be staying in the spare room since Ryan hadn’t lived with me nor did I have a roommate at the time. I told him it was ok to stay the night as I had many plans for him. I offered him a drink of water and dropped an ecstasy tablet in his drink to drug him up so the fun would begin right away. As I handed him his drink his hand reached out trembling, “I’ve never been intoxicated on anything but poppers sir..” He didn’t hesitate but chugged all the laced water down. I layed back on my recliner and placed my massive DC hightops right on my longboard. His eyes were filled with that of a man who had never eaten before. His mouth was mouthing as he subconsciously began rubbing himself. “Sir you are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. I am so jealous of that skateboard.” I crossed my feet manipulating him into thinking I was bored. As I crossed my feet I rubbed them making a squeaking sound which made his eyes open wider with awe. “Sir are you ok? You don’t look too pleased…” I asked if he was that stupid if he couldn’t remember how to properly approach a REAL man. “You’re right sir, a man like yourself needs to be satisfied and pleased when a loser is given the honor of being in your presence.” He looked down on his phone and sent me $100. I pretended not to notice the notification on my phone. I looked at his forehead with a cold stare of hatred. Subliminally I was planting seeds that I wasn’t pleased, just so he would act like an idiot again. There were no words exchanged as he sent me $200, which then I did smile. Without even doing much I fucked him outa $300 just by playing with his head.

“Sir I see that smile and it makes he so hard… I’m hard seeing you happy!” I shook my head ashamed of him for being so stupid and rubbed my shoes together, the sound filling the room as his eyes darted from my evil smirk to my squeaking shoes and back to my smirk again. I looked at him and just laughed at him “What a fucking loser to be jealous of a wooden skateboard. Look how trashed and beat up my board is. Soon your life is going to be more trashed then this skateboard, and you will worship my board with your tongue as you are getting destroyed. Thats how worthless you are. Tell yourself that you’re lower then a man’s skateboard as you pull out that bottle and inhale 5 seconds each.” His pupils were large as the MDMA/Ecstasy was hitting his fag brains for the first time, releasing every ounce of serotonin and dopamine in his brain, which is LITERALLY what the drug does. “Yes sir, I am so fucking pathetic that I am not even equally worth a wooden skateboard.” *Sniffffff* I Began rubbing my dick through my freenballing basketball shorts as I sighed with a manipulative sense of relief as he was saying what I wanted him to say. He sniffed for another 3 seconds on his own while sending me another $100. “May I please see your huge dick sir, it looks massive… bigger then mine. I’m so fat I can’t even see it in the shower.” I stood up and grabbed him by the shirt and kneed his balls as he fell to the floor, falling on his back. I stomped on his balls without warning. “You fucking faggot begging to see my dick. It’s happy knowing I can use your mind like a pussy for me to fuck and take advantage of you anyway I want.” I lifted one side of my basketball shorts just to the point to where he couldn’t see anything. He moaned and then looked around seeing the expensive things I owned and grunted as I pounded his balls harder, “Its so hot how you don’t even need my money, you just WANT it. All these boys online just asking. You never even ask me to send!! You’re fucking with my head sir!” I told him to strip naked and get back on the floor as he was. “Why sir?” I told him it would make me happy. As he undressed his eyes stayed focused on my shoes like a mad man eyeing fire for the first time. He held his phone open sending me another $100 as he muttered “the sound notification on your phone makes me leak so bad sir.”

I stood off of him and placed my skateboard on his body. I then jumped up and landed on both sides of the board perfectly, as he let out a scream feeling all my weight at once. I landed right on target from years of doing kick flips over the years. I looked down at him grinning. “I’m having fun you dumb cunt, riding you like a skateboard. My shoes are so close to you and the only thing you can feel is the pressure through the wooden board.” His eyes rolled back as he began rolling on MDMA hard, “I want to make you happy sir even if it means doing the most stupidest thing a faggot can do.” I jumped with both feet on the air repeatedly to give me his phone. His arms began flailing as you could hear the wood rubbing with friction against his bare skin, turning him red. “It hurts so bad sir, it’s burning me!” I stroked my cock balancing the skateboard slowly, left and right, telling him to give me his phone and ignoring the fact that I was hurting him. “I’m under your feet sir..” I cut him off. “You’re under my power thats crushing you into nothing but a worthless loser. Sink lower then all other faggots and get fucked over like you’ve never been taken advantage of before.” I reached over and realized it was on his pants after he had taken them off. I removed the skateboard giving him time to breath. “My password ins 9207 sir.” I Stepped on top of him again with the heel of one shoe right on his balls and one planted evening on his face. By instinct he just started licking them while his nose was being squished as I casually grinded my weight into him. I logged into his bank app and saw he had cash in his savings and how much in his main checking. I sent myself $300 and gloating about it. “Sir how much are you going to take?” I bent down and put the poppers to his nose for 10 seconds each as his eyes rolled back again with a simple “I love you sir. I’m so jealous of your skateboard! Are you happy sir?”

I had him where I wanted him, his cash cunt spread wide open while he was drugged out of his mind as I began cleaning him out as I started stomping on his nude body in my bare shoes as my skateboard lay next to his body that he was now licking. I left his account with $3.57 and I will never forget that number. I stomped on him laughing, “a faggot like you is never gonna get a girl pregnant, and who would seriously want that pathetic excuse for a dick?! I’m destroying you like the loser you are, crushing you worse then a soda can!” He screamed with the full drug taking effect, his voice filling my house. “That’s so fucking hot leaving me broke sir, now all I have is my credit card!” He grunted as I dug my heel in his balls making him scream filling my house louder then before. “I want your fucking cash and to fuck you over like the useful faggot you’re becoming. It’s making my dick leak and I deserve to be happy with this much power. Leaving your balance at a measly 3 dollars was a transfer of power making you next to worthless and making me more powerful then ever.” He begged for the poppers they fell splashing all over his face. “Oh fuck sir please my credit card is all I have left I’ll be totally ruined and fucked over!” I grinned my shoes into his crotch again making his dick hard as a rock smirking at his face, knowing how it drove him crazy. I looked at him with a manipulative tone, “I’m fucking happy that I get to extract everything I want out of a fucking idiot like yourself.”

I began stomping all over his body up and down like I was doing kick flip after kick flip as he screamed, “My Face is your skateboard sir!!” I added his credit card to his paypal and began maxing it out as I laughed at him telling him exactly what I was doing. “You fucking faggot I’m rinsing everything you have and you’re that pathetic to where your dick is throbbing under my shoes as I use you!! Are you fucking stupid Shane?” He couldn’t nod as my shoes were stomping on his head up and down as his dick continued to throb despite being red and swollen. I saw I was half-way to maxing it out looking at his bank app while making sure he saw the biggest smile on my face, making sure he know how happy I was. “You live your life to make others happy, a lonely loser with no real friends and can’t even get laid.” I pulled down my shorts finally letting him see my dick just to torment him as it jumped each time I landed on him. “But now you can please a real man like me and get fucked over by THIS, my CASH COCK.” I continued grinding my shoes on his dick as he started panting heavily as I kept stomping on his face like a piece of trash on the floor. His balls were swollen but the ecstasy and rush of being humiliated was bringing him close to orgasm, as everything even being robbed blind felt amazing. I stood off while bringing his card closer to being maxed out buying useless shit on eBay and having it sent to myself. I kicked off my shoes with no socks with a scent that filled up the room. He had no time to say anything as I jumped back on him without warning with my bare foot landing on his face as he screamed feeling my other heel go right into his nuts.

“Dumb faggot your credit card has hit its limit.” I laughed looking right at him in the eyes as his eyes focused on my cash cock. “Sir you really fucked me over… your foot sweat almost feels… like lube. I want my life fucked over sir! I’m that fucking stupid master.” I told him this video session was being recorded and that Jeremy would receive a copy if he didn’t overdraft his bank account into sending him $200. “Sir my phone is in your hands, I have no… choice…” he was panting as I sent his employee that took advantage of him cash that wasn’t in Shane’s account to begin with. I told Jermey in a note that “He was a cash fag and to please research findom, I want to be used by you.” I rubbed my foot hard into his balls laughing how a fag’s balls were useless. “I just destroyed your wallet like I destroyed your face and your balls. I’m crushing you into nothing, like I crushed you into being broke and in debt! Next step is driving you into bankruptcy!” He struggled to move around as he muttered, “All that’s left is what is in my savings sir.”

Jeremy started ringing his phone with text messages demanding more. “Destroy my balls sir so this faggot doesn’t think anymore!” I began stomping on his balls with both feet with his face finally uncovered as he started screaming. While jumping up and down on him I transferred everything from his savings into his main checking account, leaving his savings at exactly $0. I then sent Jermey another $250 with a note that said “please blackmail me after you’ve done more research on cash fags.” Jeremy sent a text message saying he had already done so. I stomped on his balls harder till he screamed “Sir I think you’re gonna pop my nuts off!!!! I’m a worthless faggot please destroy me!!!” I did one giant bank transfer sending the rest to myself, bringing in more then I would averagely get from human ATMS in 2 months. I then spit on the bottom of my feet and placed one back on his face and began gliding my foot over his dick and began stomping again. He looked up at me, “do you even care about me sir?” All I did was start stomping on him jumping with both feet in the air laughing, “you’re just a worthless faggot that declared his face as my human skateboard. I don’t give a fuck what happens to you I just drained your bank account, maxed your card, and sucked everything from your savings.” He started moaning and cumming under my bare feet, “You’ve fucked my life over now Jeremy is gonna start blackmailing me… OMG MY BALLS SIR!!! OWWWWW” Despite being swollen and his blood curdling screams, he came harder then he had ever in his life.

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