Mailing The Keys To Your Apartment

Part 1

Keith laid on the sofa one night going through profiles while sniffing poppers and drinking Merlot. He would message guys and hope they’d respond, only to be ignored and/or blocked. Many times he’d get a cruel comment about his photos being disgusting and would get called a fat troll. Keith wasn’t fat at all, having an average build, but you know how shallow people are on those apps these days. Keith was around 5’10, 170 lbs, pale white skin, and shaggy blonde hair he just didn’t know what to do with. Now the twinks were the worst, always demanding he must be “generous.” Keith would get frustrated and delete the messages to greedy boys, only hours later scrambling to find their profiles and asked how much they wanted. Keith never got laid often. His other gay friends talked about all the hot guys they got with, while he got with nobody. His best friend Adam had been in his life since they were 12, and shared just about anything. Adam would try to comfort Keith in times of doubting himself as attractive, “Well some guys just don’t know a good thing when they see it,” or ”You just haven’t found the right guy yet.” Adam knew that Keith was paying other guys in the local area using a smart phone app and would tell him, “you shouldn’t have to pay for a guys attention, there will always be someone willing to fuck you. I get it all the time.” Sometimes, Keith had this morbid thought that he kept from Adam, (“Why do I get hard as they demand it out of me right when they arrive?”) Of course he couldn’t tell Adam that, as it would be strange, as Keith didn’t fully understand it yet himself. As a way of coping, Keith eventually was turned on while feeling down at the same time, secretly knowing his best friend was attractive.

There was one night, Keith had over this hot surfer boy over that charged him $500 just so he would top Keith, If you know what I mean. He was outright rude, with no respect for himself nor any guy that he met up with. The moment Keith let him inside his apartment the guy uttered, “Ok I WANT my fucking cash NOW, give it to me now or I will beat the shit out of you.” There was no mention of “if you want to get fucked.” Intimated, Keith’s hands shook slowly then reached towards his pocket as he fumbled to get out his wallet. He pulled out 25 $20’s and handed them to the boy while his hand shook, terrified if this boy would rob him. As he handed him the cash, his dick began to swell for reasons he just couldn’t explain. The boy grinned pocketing his cash as he took off his shirt and undid his pants. He didn’t hurt Keith, but that sexual rush while being threatened sparked something in his head. Not only was Adam more successful at getting what he wanted, but this boy also could get what he wanted. Morbid thoughts crossed his mind as the boy lay nude on his bed teasing Keith with his dick, (“He deserves my cash, he’s so perfect and I’m not… he deserves it…”) While fucking Keith face down the boy threatened to hurt him if he didn’t give him another 500. With a trembling hand he reached on his night stand and gave the boy what he demanded as he pounded harder. After they got off and the boy left, Keith no longer felt this shame he always did after paying guys. Something had awoken in his brain that had always been there but was never clear. (“There is something wrong with me, I’m fucked up in some way… I should have asked him to leave after threatening me… and all I did was precum as I handed him the cash… the cash that he deserves.”) Keith always felt ashamed and normally had regrets, thinking over and over how these boys should get a job. But the power of a man being so ruthless…. disrespectful… cruel… and dangerous was… worth every…fucking penny. He stopped to see that his wallet was no longer on the night stand. Keith ran to the window hoping to see the boy, but it was too late as he didn’t realize it was gone before bed. He had been robbed, violated, and taken advantage of. There was an afterglow of the deranged response to being threatened… altering Keith’s common judgment. (“I can’t believe someone would do that, after I already paid him!”) With a mind of its own, his dick began to get hard again as he subconsciously rubbed his crotch, freaking out over his thinking process. (“I should be angry, I should be calling the police… but here I am jerking off again. It’s as if I’m not even upset…like I want him to do that again. OMG I am so not right in the head, I can’t tell anyone about this… I don’t even get it myself.”) He called and cancelled all his cards by instinct, swelling in his boxers that he lost hundreds of dollars. He was stupid for carrying that much cash. But more morbid thoughts ran through his mind, grateful he had it in there to begin with, because that asshole deserved every dollar. (“At the next convention, I’m going to be fully loaded. Maybe there will be a cruel master who will rob me, I wonder if such a thing even exists.”)

Together as friends Keith and Adam had attended BDSM conventions and were both kinky in their own ways, never having relations with the other despite their long history of friendship. There was one convention that peeled away more at the unpopped cash cunt cherry that was still in slumber. Adam was a huge user of Tina, as were many other submissives as they walked around the pain and anguish displayed in the open. So many crazy things happen its like a bathhouse from queer as folk. Lines of cocaine were openly snorted with no policemen or security in sight. Adam and Keith would find small rooms and openly blow smoke into balloons and recycle the T continuously, feeling no shame in their depraved actions. The convention was dimly lit, with the main source of light being red candles placed around the rooms and stairwells. The walls were a pinkish glow, cast with the combination of red and white light displayed on the sides of all rooms. The entire place was carpeted, with exceptions to a few rooms with blue tarps down for obscure fetishes. Sounds of whips, screams, laughter, and moans were the sounds that filled the facility. Much of the laughter was that of mad men. Adam was a dominant who got dressed up in leather, while Keith didn’t know quite what to identity with. He was a private attorney, and was always in charge of several employees and making many court dates. But at these conventions, he found himself doing things he couldn’t explain why. Keith would find himself tied up to wooden boards and get whipped until welts turned dark red. The rush of random men being cruel enough to hurt him made his cock rock hard, confusing Keith as he could never truly be a loser. (“I always seem precum what I’m called a pathetic loser. Every time I come to these places men always give me attention.. and they always hurt me. Why do I enjoy this so much?”) When he would leave these places he would leave feeling shame, but having that boy threatening him for his cash was the first time an encounter left him with no shame or remorse. Tonight new thoughts were forming in Keith’s brain, and tonight was the night that changed his life. The wonderful thing about that night, was that it was in Chicago, so guess who also happened to be there?

I had Andrew with me with a collar on as he crawled around on wooden pegs tied to his knees and hands. He was struggling to move as I tugged on the leash just so Andrew would fall down and would fight to get up again. “Thank you for knocking me down sir, I deserve to be humiliated in front of all these people sir.” Andrew was drugged on Oxycontin and Ecstasy as I had been beating on him while he wore his Pink MAGA hat just so others would laugh at him even more. There was more to this night with Andrew, but that’s not the focus of this blog. Adam had gone off with some lowly steroid pigs, while Keith walked around with welts and bruises on his body, his white shirt torn with open gashes for everyone to see. He carried in his hand a bottle of poppers looking for whatever would give him more attention. His eyes saw me kicking Andrew around the floor as a circle of others including other subs laughed at him endlessly. Andrew’s face was red from embarrassment when an obviously liberal individual asked why a homosexual would be wearing that stupid hat, especially in pink. Keith stood there rubbing himself, (“Why do I want those people laughing at me instead. I’m jealous of that boy on those pegs.. it looks like so much fun.”) Andrew took beatings like a natural faggot who loves being bashed and thanking me for it. Although after a good while Andrew called his safe word to tell me he was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. I pulled him on the leash as I was preparing to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind. Keith approached me slowly, hearing Andrew mentioned his drowsiness and wanting to leave. “Hello.. Sir… (He was used to calling his abusers as so) I have never seen something so different. He seems to enjoy being helpless like that.” Andrew looked up at him with his eyes open wide and pupils heavily dilated. “Being left helpless is the one true salvation, let Sir show you the way.” Keith stood there shy, not sure what to say. His mind was racing, staring at the bruises on Andrew and comparing them to his own. (“I need to be treated like that, this Andrew boy seems so happy, what he said about being shown the way. I can’t stop thinking about that now.”) I turned to him sensing nervousness as he wanted to say something but didn’t know quite what to say. “Did you come here on your own?” He shook his head and told me about Adam being away somewhere and how he was heading back to Iowa the next day. Looking at Andrew yawning and seeing a deep yearning in Keith’s eyes, I told him I would be right back.

When I got back to the hotel room Andrew jumped on the bed still rolling hard and letting out yawns. “Are you going to tuck me in sir?” I laughed as I grabbed rope from my bag of fun and dangerous things. “No you fucking idiot I won’t let you pleasure yourself in anyway without my presence.” I tied andrew’s hands around his waist and took off both my socks. I then stuffed them both in his mouth and wrapped duck tape around his mouth so that he would taste my scent from walking around all night. His eyes rolled back, tasting the gift from the Man he loved more then anything. I took Andrews Phone and showed his negative balance via his bank app, which always made him rock hard within seconds. I set it down next to him so he could stare at it until I return. I don’t know why I left Andrew there to go meet this stranger. Maybe I felt bad that he was so lowly and yearning, or perhaps I was just that sadistic to where I wanted to destroy someone else being drunk on power over Andrew. I pondered all my thoughts while Andrew screamed with my socks taped to his mouth as he squirmed on the bed like a worm with no way to escape. I took out my own whip and lashed Andrew’s legs, “Shut the fuck up, I’m trying to think. Shut up or I’ll hit you even harder.” Andrew whimpered while he continued to squirm despite being fully erect. I placed a battery operated butt plug and left it inside of Andrew’s butt and left it on vibrate. Andrew began to moan and tried moving his hips up to grind his clit against something as he began to precum. I was enjoying watching Andrew wither in agony and not being able to speak nor hardly move. “Don’t scream while I’m gone because if You do something bad might happen to you like nobody ever seeing you again.” Andrew just got off on that and just moaned louder but in lust. I looked at my phone and realized I had taken longer then I had told Keith. While I was looking at my phone andrew pissed all over himself in the bed. I’m glad I took the time for this stranger I had never met, and I’m happy that Andrew loves being threatened or something horrible would happen to him. He loves the way I fuck him over. “Just lay in your piss and remember what a disgusting piece of shit you are!” I was horny hearing Andrew’s screaming as I closed the door to the hotel room. He was screaming on purpose only so I would hurt him more when I got back. He truly is a lucky loser. I made sure to bring my black bag.


I had got there just in time, as Adam had gone back to his own hotel room with another guy. Keith was sitting on a steel chair with more welts then before, getting beaten by others while questioning what was wrong with him. I sat next to him without hesitation, coming off with a neutral tone. “So what brought you out here tonight?” He was shy, but now that we were alone he seemed to be more relaxed. He unscrewed his bottle of poppers and inhaled while replying, “I come to these things around the country with my friend, I’ve been into bondage for a short while. There are lots of things new to me.” I pointed to all his markings, “Well it seems you aren’t new to that.” He shook his head, “No sir, that is something I do every year. I come and find men to hurt me and I have never understood why. I gave up trying to find guys, having men use me for whatever they want is the only way I get lucky. And you know what I’m ok with that. What made you come here? And what are you into sir?” I told him basically my life story as I handed him an Ecstasy tablet as we talked for a good while, telling him my entire history with Andrew as he seemed very intrigued. When I mentioned anything related to findom, there was this different look of confusion. “So guys give away their cash for no reason? Why that’s just nonsense. I work hard for my money and every penny, what an ignorant way to spend your money.” I patted him on the knee, “Look how happy Andrew is, and it’s not nonsense. He loves being hurt like you, only its a mental hurt. Money is your life source and when you are being fucked over, its like being tied up and getting hit until you bleed, or in findom go into overdraft.” Keith fumbled his hands together as more strange thoughts he tried to ignore took over, (“I’m fully loaded and now I want him to rob me, I’m fully loaded.. I want him to take it all. OMG Am I that pathetic like Andrew? NO I have a respectable job and have good friends!”) I continued, “every sub in findom is different, not everyone plays the same. Some don’t see it as being robbed but getting fucked like a sex drive that they need when they have natural urges. Andrew loves going into overdraft the way you proudly walk around with lashings like you just came through a war. Don’t you think others might find THAT strange?” He continued to play with his hands as I took that behavioral pattern as that something was stimulating his mind. I didn’t need to hear him speak, he wanted to hear more. “So Keith.. have you ever been robbed, had someone steal something, even like a toy as a child? Ever have someone take your lunch money or take your wallet?”

Keith got very tense as soon as I asked if his wallet was ever taken. Knowing psychology and reading his face I asked who robbed him. “Well sir, maybe it’s not strange to be into financial domination, I have just never heard of it. But it can’t be that strange because there is something I’ve never told anyone. Some guy on this *app* came over to mess around… well he threatened me in this scary voice sir. The same tone men here use when they are beating me… it’s like something clicked when he took my wallet from my dresser as I wasn’t looking.” I looked at his face as he stared downwards, nervous to continue so quickly. (“Why did I tell him that, I’ve never even told my best friend.) I rubbed my chin thinking of how to get deeper inside his head. “How did it make you feel after he did that? Did it turn you on?” He trembled and had the look of a young adult coming out of the closet as he answered with a dry voice, “fuck yes.” He seemed more relaxed and let out a big sigh. I handed him some bottled water so he would stay hydrated. “You will need this because of that drug I just gave you. Just know there is nothing to be shy about telling me about getting FUCKED OVER.” I emphasized fucked over to see what reaction I would get. “Andrew loves being fucked over by me, he sees it as a form of sex. His wallet is his pussy, or cash cunt as some subs call it. My superior power is my cash cock. You get brutally hurt, just take a look at yourself. You are that pathetic you will let random men hurt you and then walk around like it’s totally normal. You’ve probably wondered if you’re fucked up in the head at times. That is totally normal.” Keith let out a soft moan as I could tell he was getting hard. “Maybe it’s not so strange after all sir, thats so fucking hot the way you put it.” (“It’s strange like he can read my mind. I want HIM to hurt me. I want him hurt me until I cry, hurt me like robbing me like that other night.. he’s right I have asked if there is something wrong with me. How does he know that?”)

“Sir it’s like you know me and we just met. Yes I have wondered if something is wrong with me. It hit me that one night when I wasn’t angry or upset that I had my wallet stolen, I was actually turned on and I started freaking out why it was so hot to me.” I smiled as I realized I was happy I came back, something told me this would all be worth it. “Have you ever looked to be robbed on purpose?” He looked right into my eyes rolling hard like Andrew was hours before. “Yes sir… tonight was my first time…. I came with my wallet fully loaded.. and it still is..” (“OMG I have 2 thousand dollars in my wallet and I just told that to a findom. What the fuck is wrong with me? I should have left with Adam.”) I layed back stretching my arms, “There is a reason you told me that, I see you fully hard. I have an idea but its very wild and may finally answer so many questions.” He cleared his throat and continued to drink the bottled water I had given him. “What questions?” I poked at his fat wallet sticking out of his shorts. “Answers as to why you brought that here in the first place.” He crossed his legs trying to hide how turned on he was becoming. (“I’m about to do something stupid, I know I’m gonna do something stupid, I probably shouldn’t but I’m going to do it anyway.”) Keith finally spoke out loud to me after a queer strange silence. He had looked lost in thought as if he were fighting some inner battle. I finally spoke up, “Want to try something dangerous yet fun?” Keith was drugged up and rubbing the front of his crotch. (“I’m probably going to say yes because I’m that fucking stupid. I LOVE being stupid… that’s why I enjoy coming here.. why I came with my wallet fully loaded…”) I waved my hand as Keith was lost in blissful thoughts. (“This drug makes me think about everything that’s positive and beautiful. The way this man treated that boy was a loving thing, to hurt him with passion giving what he needs… Kris knows what I need.. oh yes… “) He sat up in his chair adjusting himself. “I…. think so. Is it normal to become horny as you tell me it could be dangerous? What wild thing should we do?” I casually lit up another blunt and thought of how to best respond. He was so naive and easy to manipulate, and he wanted to be hurt in some way. What he needs is mental abuse and not just physical. I turned to him. “Mailing the keys to your apartment. ”

His eyes were frozen like glass as he stammered, “You want me to give you the keys to my apartment? How are you gonna travel so far?” I blew out a cloud of smoke in his face making him cough, just to see his reaction of being disrespected. “Mail me the keys to your apartment, I can travel if robbing you pays for itself.” (“I think I need to inhale again,”) Keith thought as he unscrewed the bottle rather quickly. “Sir that does sound very dangerous, but its turning me on. (Why am I not walking away from him after asking for the keys to my home? What good could come from that… probably none and for some fucked up reason it makes me want to say yes!) I don’t know I have to think about that. Isn’t it crazy that I’m actually considering it?” I just shook my head, “Keith part of you has been questioning yourself for so long. The reason you aren’t happy is because you haven’t discovered the greatest pleasure in a loser’s life. Andrew has, and he’s the happiest loser on this god forsaken earth. You’re a criminal defense lawyer you make enough to step into that world.” He inhaled in both nostrils for quite some time, having an inner battle as he couldn’t bring himself to say no. *SNIFF* “Oh wow, that was a big one phew.  I.. I… oh fuck it give me your number and I will text you my response…. “ I decided I would spark some new wires in his brain as I got up from the chair. I took reached in my bag and pulled out a Mini whip as Keith looked at my with a blank stare wth his mouth hanging open. I whipped him across his welts as he let out a scream. I stood over him as he lay on the ground holding his welts. (“What is happening to me I want this guy to hurt me more then any other man has.”) He looked at me in a strange way as if he had thoughts running though his mind, “When would you come and what would you do? Are you going to take my wallet? Are you going to rape me, steal things?” I just watched his common sense unravel as I continued manipulating him, “That’s the fun part, not knowing when I will arrive. It could be days after you get home, weeks, months who knows?” I grabbed him by the shirt and lifted his torso off the ground, “Strip off your fucking clothes and walk to the other side of the building, everything including your socks and shoes.” Being so intoxicated and being in such a deep subspace Keith took everything off being fully exposed in front of everyone. I gave him my number with the most evil grin and told him to start moving. As he turned the corner just guess what I did? I emptied his wallet and left back to the hotel room. I figured if he truly wanted to consider mailing me the keys to his home, I would let him contact me with his answer. If he had regrets for leaving his wallet unattended, then he would probably decline and not contact me. Only time would tell, the choice was his.


2 Weeks later Keith was pacing around his house on the app again horny and wanting to get laid. Something had changed in him each time he got rejected. Instead of feeling insulted, he became aroused as guys called him disgusting and a pig. He was drinking his Merlot after a long day of court cases and too much stress for him to handle. After hours of nothing any different, thoughts of me continued to linger in Keith’s brain as he tried to fight it. (“I knew he was going to take my money, and the thing that bothers me is that I don’t feel any guilt. It was a huge rush and I just can’t forget about it.”) Despite trying to push the temptation out of his mind, Keith found himself driving to the local blacksmith to get spare keys made while telling himself how stupid he was. (“Why am I having these keys made?”) As he parked his car he began inhaling his poppers right in the parking lot in mid day. As he waited for his keys to be copied, he was dazed and rock hard knowing that this was extremely stupid and yet he was doing it anyway. (“I think I should text him… I need to inhale first. I’m so nervous once I mail them…. I can’t get them back! I would have to get the locks changed. What will everyone think or say?”) Unscrewing the bottle he just flat out called me rather then text, feeling the courage knowing this thinking and behavior was totally not normal. I was watching Alex Baldwin Clips From SNL when my phone rang. I picked up not knowing who it was and immediately knew it was his voice, “I had time to think about it sir, It’s just very dangerous to do something like this. I can’t stop thinking about it.. I even had the keys made.” Keith surely had time to think, and made the keys before even reaching out to me. I thought perhaps it was a fun night of being drugged that would be forgotten. My only response was to ask about his empty Wallet. “I saw you had 2 grand fully loaded. Why did you do that?”

“I wanted to get robbed sir, just like that boy threatened me then robbed me after which I told you about. When I came back and saw my wallet empty, I was soaked in precum. Its just this feeling of being destroyed and screwed over. I love when those men destroy my body till I’m screaming.” I heard his breathing waiting for a response. I could hear inhaling sounds through the phone, intoxicating himself as he had no control over what he should do. His instincts of being a dumb loser were just too overpowering, and they were now taking over. “You want your bank account destroyed, and like I said that’s where it hurts the most. Your body is what feels physical pain, your wallet is your pussy that men fuck. Instead of getting beaten you’re transferring your life source and getting fucked over. FUCKED OVER. And just think Keith, now there is a way you can get fucked without ever facing rejection. Men will always pry those legs open and force their cash cock inside you. You’ll start moaning and shooting your load as if you were taking dick up your ass.” There was a mumbling on the other side of the phone as if he were talking to himself. (“He’s manipulating me for my money, and its turning me on. I hope he’s greedy like that other boy. Why am I so obsessed with this?!”) “Sir that sounds crazy.. but it sounds hot as fuck. A cash cunt how interesting,” I cut him off. “You have a cash cunt, you got fucked the night I met you without realizing it. You willingly let yourself get robbed as you walked away with 2 thousand dollars loaded inside your wallet.” I could hear sounds as he began grabbing himself while holding the phone to his ear. “Um Keith are you grabbing yourself?”  His voice was rather nervous “It’s so hot sir. What makes it a turn on was that it was a lot of money, and that I was risking having my cards taken and used. You humiliated me in front of everyone and told me to march naked. I obeyed and did as you said knowing what you would do it. I wanted you to. Oh sir I will mail you the keys.” I asked if anyone else had the spare keys and he answered no. I gave him my address as he wrote it down on a piece of paper.

A week later I received a general apartment key and a bigger key for the main door. Keith sent me a text the day with the tracking showed it was delivered. There were eager texts for days asking when I’m coming as I teased him by simply reading and not responding. After a week I sent him a text to continue fucking with his head “How bad do you want to get fucked Keith?” He responded with the usual having to pay this boy that didn’t want him. “Well now you can get fucked and be wanted at the same time. What do real men do with bitches? We fuck them good and hard until we are done with them. Think about how you are tossed aside after getting beaten in dungeons. Imagine being robbed and tossed aside JUST for being a loser. When you’re beaten you accept that you’re a loser. If you told anybody you willingly brought your wallet to be robbed like your friend Adam, they may think you’re a fucking idiot!” He responded with the fact that he loves being called a loser, it gave him a feeling of empowerment. “I have an identity of who I am sir, a dumb loser.” I was slowly conditioning his mind into saying these things and grasping at every brain cell to rewire his brains to my benefit and his of being corrected. “Now Keith Until I Arrive, I want you to remind yourself “I’m A Dumb Loser Who Has A Purpose.” He repeated after me mumbling without any hesitation or question. He was talking in a hypnotic state as the rush was overpowering. “I have lots of fancy things in my house, I have expensive taste. I thought you should know in case you decide to hurt me however you wish to sir.” I told Keith I might do anything I may please once I enter his house and to remember that I’m very dangerous. That just only made him hornier. (Of course I’m not dangerous, but many dark minds get wet hearing this..) “Sir, I’ll make sure to disable the security system I have.”

About 2 months later Keith started to think this was just fantasy. (“Perhaps he isn’t coming… but he has my keys. Why did I even do that to begin with!”) But deep down he watched each day pass by rubbing himself at the thought of me coming in to destroy him. (“If he came in to rob me there is nothing I could do about it!”) My plan was to let him YEARN to get used by me. I Knew the anticipation would make him more submissive. No financial exchanges were made the entire time between waiting. A few conversations here and there as I would ask what kinds of expensive things he owned as he sniffed his poppers. Like a willing idiot he told me many of the exotic items he had collected while traveling the world. “I have more money then a dumb faggot needs sir, I’m a highly paid attorney. In a rape my clients in a way charging them $300 an hour, but what turns me on is knowing it’s gonna get taken from me.” (“WHY Am I telling him this when I know exactly what he does.. I actually want this to happen! Adam would be so ashamed of me.. he’d think I need professional help. Mailing the keys to my apartment was such a dangerous thing to do.”) Keith eventually told me he had been researching findom more and read stories online that still didn’t make much sense to him. I told him that its a complex form of control, and not all see/play the same way. I told him about how Ryan had something in common with him. “Before Ryan met me, he used to meet guys on that same app you get rejected on, only he got lucky because he happens to be good looking unlike yourself. He didn’t have to pay boys, he got all kinds of daddy chasers. One Twink stole his wallet with around $300 in it, and once that happened he started jerking off over it. He never could explain to himself why it turned him on, and why he kept willingly left his wallet out in the open. He’d find excuses to leave the room for a few minutes or use the bathroom.” Keith listened to every word, his deep breathing becoming more evident. (“That is so fucked up that his other slave is just like me! Why does it turn me on when he puts me down like that..”)


Keith was busy all Wednesday one morning after more weeks went by. He was loaded with cases as he began to feel too overwhelmed to think with his clit. What he didn’t know was that me and my friend (Master) DarkJason were finally in his town and looking for the nearest motel while he was in court. As I arrived in my room I checked his GPS to see where he was at. TIn my mind I knew this must be done, as I wanted to fuck him over because its what he needed, and what I wanted. DarkJason is not a findom but a very dark dominant regardless. He makes his subs cry from extreme torture, similar to Misty. He had assisted me in a similar experience of mine which has been blogged about here already. I had told Jason that now is the best time now that we had put our things in the room and smoked a blunt. Before we left the room I made sure to spray with Ozium. We got back in the car and drove to towards his apartment building as Jason had a genuine concern. “It’s broad day light, what if people question why we are doing what we’re about to do?” Jason kept his hands on the steering wheel as the voice on GPS told us where to turn next. “I already thought of that. We are going to do things little by little… “ Jason seemed somewhat nervous which was not his usual character. Although once you realize what took place, you can maybe understand why. As we approached his building I realized there wasn’t much around it, just in the middle of secluded trees. It wasn’t even an apartment building, but a double flat. There were no cars around, with the other tenants not home and probably at work.  I realized that this was a home renting out two units, downstairs and upstairs. We walked across the yard as we made not a sound, hearing only the dry leaves crunch beneath our shoes.

Using the first key we got inside the main porch, then using the main key to the apartment downstairs. With nobody around I opened the door as we stepped inside. The wall were white as snow as they matched his white leather couches that obviously cost a fortune. Jason walked towards the TV and confirmed it was a Sony 4K TV, 62 inches. He wasted no time opening his bag to grab tools just to remove it from the wall. I walked across the lush blue carpet realizing how clean and spiff Keith lived his life. Along the side of sides of his apartment were long windows that were as high as the ceiling, covered in apricot colored curtains. The floor to his kitchen was wooden, with quite a few things of interest such as collectable plates from Japan and valuable wine bottles from the early 1920s which I grabbed in my bag. I carried the plates carefully and set them on the white leather couch as I continued to explore the rest of the apartment. As Jason Continued unscrewing shit in the back of the TV I walked down a long hall stepping back onto the blue carpet, the walls pure white all around. I passed up the bathroom and saw it was neatly decorated with lavish shower curtains with gold trimmers. He clearly didn’t know what to spend his money on. I stepped into what was clearly his office. I didn’t take his laptop, as he needed that for work. I noticed a safe built into the wall as I realized no ordinary tools would get this open. I jiggled it and could tell it was very high quality, as I pondered deeply what could be inside. I opened his filing cabinet where Keith mentioned important documents would be. I heard foot steps as Jason walked behind me and asked what I had found. “I’m just going through random papers.” Jason started going through shelves and smiled, “Kris there are shelves of past cases as you are required to keep some of this shit by law.” Jason had taken the bar exam years ago, and didn’t do very well. However he knew quite a lot of the law which made robbing a criminal attorney even hotter.

I opened a sliding outwards filing cabinet and finally found what I wanted besides boring tax documents and receipts. I pulled out his birth certificate and title to his car. I found a piece of paper containing all kinds of passwords including that to his laptop. I had the most evil Idea as I took a random folder and let the papers fly all over not really giving a fuck. I made my own folder compiling what I wanted as Jason flipped open the laptop and set himself down typing the password to get inside. “Let’s see if his paypal password is saved in here.” Jason typed away opening firefox and typed in the paypal site as I started grabbing paintings from the wall that looked valuable. If I couldn’t sell them I’d just throw them away and send pictures to Keith so he could just jerk off to them. I remember him mentioned his expensive artwork as Jason typed away at the computer and gave a thumbs up as he got a notification on phone that he received $100. I immediately got a text from Keith asking how I did that. I send him a picture of my dick next to one of the wine bottles in the living room as he sent a heart emoji. Back at work Keith had several emotions going though his mind. He knew I was in his house and that I was robbing him. Why else would I compare my baseball bat cock to a bottle of wine from 1921? I asked Keith what was in the safe. “Sir there is precious jewelry in there that I’ve collected from Japan and Europe. Also I have collectable Confederate money among other things.” Keith was rubbing himself in between a court session at the court public house sitting on a private stall in the bathroom. He pulled his tie back and began masterbating knowing he could get arrested for indecent exposure. (“He’s finally inside my house and I’m jerking off to it.. he’s robbing me and I’m jerking off to it.. I wish I had poppers right now.. What the fuck is WRONG with me?! Normal people would be calling the police! But here I am jerking off trying to shoot my load as I decide if I should give him the combination!”) “The combination is 26, 34, 17 sir.” While he was texting me the combination I told Jason to open the safe as I sat in front of the laptop taking a straight $500. After getting the notification Keith responded with a photo of him in his suit masterbating over a toilet saying he was going to cum.

Jason opened the safe as I went to carry the smaller things into his car so I could empty out the bags we had brought. I walked back in as he was laughing over how dumb can a stupid faggot be. Confederate money is worth a pretty penny to the right collector, among precious gold Jewelry that had “K” on each piece. We put everything into the bag other then the confederate money, which was already in a protective case to prevent further aging. I snapped photos of his bare walls where lavish paintings once were and were no longer. Jason was getting off to the fact he could rob this willing idiot so easy that he just took another $500 for himself knowing that Keith could make that back in 2 hours with a client. As Me and Jason decided enough was enough, we worked together to carry out the large TV that must have cost at LEAST 2 thousand. As Jason started the car to warm up we walked back into his house and began pissing all over his couches, letting it drip onto his oriental rug from Mongolia. I sent pictures of everything as me and Jason drove away. Keith gasped and jerked off harder in the stall as someone began tapping their shoes to use the bathroom next. There were police officers everywhere and if anyone looked inside, he could have easily been arrested. His home being violated was a rush and such a submissive act that he couldn’t help but whimper as he shot all over his suit no longer caring where he was. He whimpered like a dog as he shot cum like a jet, his eyes never leaving the screen as he saw the robbery not as a violation, but pure pornography for a dumb faggot who mailed the keys to his apartment.

Part 2 Christmas Eve

Keith was walking through the clothing isle looking for new Gucci shoes. It had been only a month and a half since he mailed me the keys to his apartment. Following his reckless decisions as all dumb faggots do, he spread the cunt to his life just to please me. But that wasn’t the only reason. Keith knows there is something not right in his head, or perhaps nothing is wrong at all, and this is just natural instincts of a pathetic faggot. I teased him with photos of the empty wall brackets where his expensive TV had once been, unscrewed and taken away, the way I screwed him over. Keith found himself jerking to the photos and all our text messages back and forth. All his expensive clothes including expensive valuables were removed from his home. Keith was well to do, so replacing all his stolen items were simple to replace, minus the jewels and confederate money in his safe. As he was shopping for his clothes he found it an erotic thought… if he went somewhere even darker. (“It’s time to start buying Christmas presents, and here I am shopping to buy myself new things.”) As Keith was deciding what to buy his best friend Adam, he walked around the stores with an erection. The willing robbery had happened not just long ago as he felt the afterglow of the pain I inflicted upon him. He realized how he had had thousands in his account before but didn’t care that he was still recovering. (“I want to please master for Christmas and I don’t know how.”) He chuckled to himself while pushing the cart through the Sears department store. (“The best gift for master is my entire dignity and him allowing him to exploit me further.”)

It was now mid December as Keith called me one late night. “What are you going to do with my keys sir?” I told him to grab his bottle of poppers before he dare even speaks to me. “I understand Sir, I should be frying my brains simply to amuse you.” I corrected him that it wasn’t just to amuse me, but also to make his mind weaker so I can keep screwing him over. “That’s so hot when you put it that way master.” *Sniff* As Keith was rambling about his days out shopping I asked how many gifts he had bought. “Only for Adam and my parents Sir. I also bought myself new clothes and a TV since you took practically all of it.” I asked how it made him feel. “I can’t understand it nor do I want to Sir. Like you said, spreading your legs means becoming more vulnerable and helpless.” *Sniff* My creative juices were flowing of how to destroy him further. I wanted to ruin him the way Glitter ruined Mariah’s Career. He begged me to ruin him quite often, but we never seemed to go into details at that point. I decided to ask him his plans for Christmas. “I’m spending it with my parents sir. Are you thinking of something evil master?” I laughed with my sadistic nature coming out naturally. “When you decorate your tree I want a stockings hung with care,” sent with an evil emoji.  “I don’t decorate much Sir but I haven’t put up my tree yet.” I asked what Adam thought of his empty house. “Oh he doesn’t know, I’ve been making excuses to not let anybody come over. He would ask too many questions and I don’t wanna stop living the bliss of a dumb loser.” I completely made him forget about him asking what I was going to do with his keys.


It was 4 days before Christmas as he began humming to a Barbra Streisand Christmas album. Keith was hanging lights on his tree admiring his work. He couldn’t wait to see his family and give Adam a $100 gift card to Best Buy. Normally he bought everyone fancy things, then again it’s the thought that counts. What really counted to Keith was how to offer his Christmas gift to me. As Keith continued to hang the lights on his tree, he thought back to our previous conversations days before. “My gift will be the joy of inflicting pain on you once more. I want to hurt you, your tears with lust made me shoot my load as you repeated everything I took from you.” This just made Keith sigh with pure lust and stupidity, like he was now as he reached for the box of ornaments. Keith had just installed his newly replaced TV and had only watched a few Christmas Specials. I had dropped hints to Keith for some time that I would be celebrating Christmas 2 days before with my own family. (My family is weird.) This time Jason was coming with again, but Keith didn’t need to know all that. All I had to do was plant subliminal seeds in his head the way I do with other victims of mine. Letting him Know I would be free on Christmas was meant to spur more deranged thoughts in his popper fryed brains. Keith found himself putting other valuables in his safe that I hadn’t found before, knowing deep down what was to come of them. (“Sir is right I’m a fucking idiot, it’s best to do as he tells me. He’s always right and I can’t even think for myself.”) Keith knew his behavior was destructive but all that did was make him hornier. It just felt so… right to let a real man violate him. Being an attorney he was stupid enough to shoot his load in the public stall as he saw me robbing him in realtime. The images were burned into his mind and he just couldn’t stop thinking about it. As “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” began to play, the only thing he found himself wishing for was the courage to fully let go. Keith quickly placed the ornaments around the tree as he found himself thinking more about me then how pretty his tree looked.  Pleased with the half assed job he did he turned the TV on to get news on the weather and traveling conditions. There was a news flash about more houses getting robbed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Burglars come out of the wood work, as they (we) know people are away with others.

Focused on the television screen, keith’s eyes danced wildly like a child’s eyes on Christmas morning. His perverted thoughts of self destruction was intensified as the reporter talked about holiday burglaries going up each year in broad daylight. He began rubbing his clit and looking at the bent TV bracket laying on the floor. He didn’t realize he was leaving it there as a reminder. There was no guilt for what he let me to do him. (“I’ve never cum so hard in my life. Getting beaten up and burned just doesn’t do it anymore, I wanna be robbed and fucked over. I wish I knew about findom years ago.”) Keith snapped back to reality as a glass ornament fell from his hand which he forgot he was holding with his other hand. Despite being a lush carpet of ocean blue, it broke as it hit the ground. He cleaned up the mess (“Like the mess I had to clean up after master robbed me but it’s my place.”) After cleaning Keith laid on the Sofa I had destroyed not long before and began pulling down his pajama bottoms. (“I really should get a new sofa but the piss smell makes me so weak as a reminder.”) Keith opened up his phone messaging that he was wet. I told him to inhale his poppers for 5 minutes and to stare at the fag porn and jerk his cash away to it. “Now fuck off Im with my friends at the bar. You stroking your clit to LOSER porn will just make you more pathetic and me more powerful.” *Sniff* “Yes sir buy all the drinks you want, I want to buy drinks for all your friends..” I purposely didn’t read his message to respond even though I read the notification. The concept was to tease him as if I was ignoring him, and didn’t care about his fag urges to purge his instincts.

After turning off the TV, Keith began playing the robbery from the beginning, only from his house footage. His shaky hand was trembling with lust as reached for the lube bottle under the piss soaked couch. He opened his PayPal and sent me 100, knowing his clit jumped each time he did it. (“Like master says, I’m jerking my cash away.”) Jerking off with lube he played back to the scene as me and Dark Jason tore through his office looking for documents and breaking into his safe. As Keith saw me taking his birth certificate he sent me another 200, despite not buying much for Christmas. The only sounds in his lavish apartment was skin slapping and the wind blowing against the window panes. He inhaled on his own without even counting as he saw me and Jason cutting up and pissing on the very sofa he laid on. He sent me $500 and then hit $500 again. He began moaning out loud, drowning out the sound of the howling wind. “I’m a fucking faggot and I’m jerking my cash away.. I’m a faggot and I’m jerking my cash away!” The only lights that filled the room was his brightly lit Christmas tree with a few wrapped presents waiting to be opened in just a few days. The Lights of the tree shined on his nude body as he kept stroking and staring at his phone. (“The lights are all in different colors just like a rainbow! I’m jerking off to fag porn…”) Keith eventually stopped watching the video and began staring at the PayPal screen and realized that’s all he needed to jerk off to. “I’m jerking my cash away under the rainbow where all fags belong!!!!” Keith kept hitting 500 as he got closer over and over again, not caring or thinking about the stupidity that made him cum harder then anything. The colorful lights that filled the room intensified his fantasy of being a Faggot under the rainbow, jerking off to loser porn. He set the phone down as he realized he was cumming… “I’m jerking my cash away…. ahhhhhh!!!!!”


Keith was on the road to his parents house, the same home he grew up in. He made sure to follow simple instructions I planted without him realizing it. I had made mentions of things a dumb loser should always keep on him such as poppers. A week till Christmas I told him to make sure his butt plug stays with him. Get this, I convinced him to sleep over at his parents till Christmas Day. “Keith it would be good to spend time with them, especially since you’re too broke to buy anything fancy.” I didn’t even send a text to remind him of things to do and bring, because his mind was already rewired the way I wired them, like fixing a fuse box for my benefit. The drive for Keith wasn’t very long as he waited desperately for a text from me. (“It would be disrespectful to bother Master on Christmas Eve, oh I DO hope he messages me.”) Keith pulled into his parents driveway very slowly, as the snow was rather high.  Grabbing the first set of presents he walked towards the door as the snowflakes danced through the air slowly. Knocking on the door he was greeted by his mother. “Sweetheart let your father grab the rest, let’s get you some apple cider.” Keith walked in hoping his father wouldn’t open his night bag containing that butt plug and the poppers. Keith was happy to see his Aunt Linda, as she had been a major part of his life. “Oh dear so tell me is work stressful?” Linda stirred her egg nog as she was ecstatic to see her nephew. (“Aunt Linda loves her sugar, I can’t wait to have some of her pie.”) As Keith was taking to Linda about his loads of court cases, his dad didn’t open the bag but placed his case on the bed. The very bed Keith slept on before he left home for the first time. That’s right, his parents still lived in the house he grew up since he was born. More family arrived as they greeted Keith and placed presents under the tree. Keith has forgotten what normal life was like and was filled with warmth as he began humming Christmas tunes from cheap $5 cd at Walmart. Unexpectedly Keith got a text from me, “what are you doing idiot?!” By instinct Keith turned around as his clit stood up instantly. (“OMG I’m so fucked up, I’m supposed to be celebrating this special day and here I am, happier to talk to Sir!”) “I’m with family sir, I’m staying here as you suggested. I’m also sleeping in my old room as a kid.” Keith took random pictures of the tree and him smiling in his green sweater with a gingerbread man on it. I looked at the photo happy he was having such a good time, but I didn’t feel bad that I was now approaching his empty building from the next state over. “I hope to hear from you again sir, Thank you for checking on me.”


Like foxes in the night me and Jason swiftly walked through the tall snow. Jason began whispering his feet were getting wet as I told him to shut the fuck up. Unlocking the apartment door we shook off the snow from our shoes on the blue carpet. Our bodies were covered by the colorful glows from the Christmas lights and a small kitchen light on. Saying nothing Jason laughed sadistically and began prying off the brand new television. Watching Jason’s smile light up I smiled remembering Keith still hadn’t replaced the couch. I began to take a long piss on it as a signed with relief. “Finish working on that TV, I’m going through his room first.” I turned on the hall light, texting Keith as I walked towards his bedroom “Merry Christmas you fucking idiot.” I opened his closet and saw he had bought himself new clothes. I felt generous so I decided to leave him at least 2 outfits and one bottle of cologne. I was spraying different scents imagining how each would smell on me as I heard a loud crash from the living room. Jason’s footsteps raced down the with a look of shock, “I busted the TV Kris!” I shook my head handing him half the clothes. “Let’s walk out to the car and put the clothes in your car, fuck the TV. We’re burglarizing his house bro, these things happen to victims all the time.” We pulled two stockings from the car and brought them inside in case he didn’t have any hanging up, which he didn’t. Coming back inside we nailed them by the tree and proceeded to set the next plan in motion, both of us taking a shit inside to leave Keith feeling even more violated. Jason laughed at what a loser Keith was for keeping the piss soaked couch. Jason then mentioned logging on his computer again and raping the idiot of what he had. I turned to him, “we’re gonna leave him enough to pay his rent, phone, and gas to get home, settle down boy.” Walking towards the hall and to his office I handed a bottle of poppers to Jason that I had found in Keith’s room. “This is what makes the human ATMs weaker.” But I didn’t need to tell him that as he had used them at the bars for fun. I knew something was different about Jason and he seemed to be rather off tonight. I was getting turned on by him doing whatever I told him to do and the sound of the bottle opening. I turned around stopping in the hallway, a bit shocked Jason was inhaling on one side. “Umm.. what are you doing Jason?”

“Oh haven’t had some in months since it’s been so cold outside. I’m not going out to the clubs when it’s freezing out!” I laughed turning back to the office, “oh your silly club adventures, I’m past that phase of my life.” I was slowly manipulating one of my fellow dominants I had met, and also a close friend of many years. I kicked off my shoes as we entered his work office and told Jason to go dig in the safe again. I made sure I kicked my shoes near the safe knowing Jason would have to catch the scent. I turned on the computer and heard Jason sniffing again as I typed away. Jason was a switch, I always had my suspicions. Jason knew me very well and probably figured out what I was doing to him. He showed a sign of weakness and like a predator I didn’t hesitate to go on the attack. I logged into Keith’s PayPal and took $300 and then sent 300 Jason to Catch Keith’s attention. Jason walked towards me carrying a copy of a will, planned to go out to me. “Kris did you know he’s putting you in a fucking will?!” I was utterly shocked and told him the honest truth, no I didn’t. Jason sighed and inhaled again, walking back to the safe, pulling out more valuable wine bottles going back to 1912 or whatever. Jason found a mini case and pulled it out as he brought it to me, “hey let’s see what’s inside it.” I opened the case and told him to go dig through his court cases like he did last time and start throwing them all over the floor. Jason has failed the bar exam like I mentioned last time as he tried to become a lawyer. Going into another world such as doing what I told him, Jason went wild and started flinging random papers as he inhaled again.

Inside the case was a note, “Master I was hoping you would come rob me tonight. This is half of what’s in my savings right now. Yes it’ll hurt but getting fucked over on camera is true fag porn and I need it. Thank you for fucking me over on Christmas sir, I’m glad you’re inside my house again.”

I logged onto the computer again as I sent myself $500 and Jason $500 as well. I did not care half his savings was already in my hands in cold hard cash. I deserve everything, and I think those reading this know that too. Hard from the power trip I told Jason to get the fuck over here. Jason was shocked by how I spoke to him but without hesitation he did. “ Jason why are you inhaling poppers for real, do I turn you on?” I knew Jason was a switch with physical BDSM along with how his mind thought in general. Jason know how I operated and got on his knees in front of the computer chair where I sat. I took a photo and sent it to Keith, showing just how powerful I was. There was my friend on his knees inside a loser’s house we were supposed to be destroying together. “Kris your feet smell amazing, I’ve jerked off to your pics online I admit it.” Jason dove at my socks as I continued draining Keith while continuing to send to Jason from Keith’s wallet as well. My socks were soaked and sweaty with the scent filling the air. Jason began inhaling and sucking on my socks, squeezing the sweat out just to see my reaction. I just ignored Jason at my feet as he started jerking off to the fact he was sinking so low and the fact he was being ignored to begin with. He was on his knees inside a loser’s house and being a foot stool, never so turned on in his life. Keith text me out of the blue, “I’m in my old bedroom sir, I’ve been watching the last 10 minutes, that’s so hot!!”


Keith laid on his bed after telling his family he needed a nap. He received a text back from me telling him to pull out the butt plug and strip nude. “But sir what if someone walks in?!” I reminded him the joys of being a dumb loser and why he’s been having the biggest orgasms of his life. And that would be his reckless decisions and stupidity. Keith obeyed regardless and shoved the plug up his hole. I turned on the app from my phone that would control it remotely so Keith could just lay back and get fucked over. (“I can’t believe Kris is making me do this on Christmas, oh thank you sir.”) I began making the plug vibrate and told him to keep watching the live feed. Keith was grinding his Cunt against the mattress as I teased him, making his Cunt vibrate hard then soft back and forth. Each time I sent myself And Jason another transaction, I turned the plug on full max as he covered his hands to keep from moaning. Tears of lust and agony began blending into one as he didn’t care the bed was squeaking. He was lost from reality like the day he lost his mind at the court house bathroom where he could have been arrested. Keith watched me taking off my socks live and then shoving them on Jason’s face until he fell on his back. I text Keith and asked how he felt knowing a man at my feet was also robbing you. “Sir it’s even more humiliating and it’s so hot to see him worship you in my office!”

I turned down the vibration as I told Jason to try opening up his phone.. then sending me $100 to see what feeling like an idiot was like. Jason inhaled again and stared at me blankly, “I can’t believe I’m doing this….” *SENT* I put the poppers to Jason’s nose while texting Keith to inhale his as well. I was hard watching both Keith and Jason sink so lower as I pondered who is the bigger loser here? I took a photo of Jason and told him to send me another $200. The cash that was sent to Jason from Keith’s PayPal was now being recycled as I popped Jason’s Cash Cunt Cherry. I still continued to send from Keith to him, as it was turning Keith on to see Jason’s new cash now going to me. Jason began jerking off while Keith text me and begged to send Jason a thousand even though Jason was inhaling my bare size 12s. (“I want to show master that I’m willing to spread my legs however he wants them spread, i am a dumb loser that he owns after all. I want to be a bigger loser then Jason!”) As Keith sent Jason a grand I put the butt plug on max vibration and told him to send Jason another thousand. Keith’s eyes watered as he saw Jason open his phone sending the first thousand right back to me. Keith sent Jason another thousand and just set his phone down as Keith lost his mind at that point. He almost cried out before he grabbed the pillow  and came hands free as he cried through the pillow to avoid being heard.

I looked at Jason and asked what it felt like to be a loser for a night. “Here you are at my feet, I want every profit you gained while driving me here. Send it to me now, this would make great porn for Keith!” Jason inhaled with neither of us knowing Keith had cum already and was running back to the holiday festivities. Jason sent more then what he had in his account by accident, going negative -87. I smirked at Jason, “does it turn you on that I don’t care about you?” Jason was shocked he overdrafted, and more shock he sent again after hearing my precious encounters. He had to know what getting fucked over truly felt like. Jason spoke and called me for the first time… “Sir your feet smell amazing It feels amazing being negative -300. They smell like a real man Kris, I’ve always thought you were hot.” I smirked letting him know how fucking pathetic he was and grinded my feet harder into his face as his nose inhaled my bare soles.

I kicked Jason on his back as I got up from the computer chair. Putting one foot on his balls and one on his cock, I told Jason to give me HIS social security number and feel like a bigger idiot. Jason screamed as he felt my full weight on him as tears of pain began to form. I crouched down staring right in his face, spreading my toes for him to see my grin. “Is the reason you failed the BAR example simply because you’ve always been a loser? You tried and tried for years to be something, now look where you are!” Jason’s eyes winced as he too came hands free as I began crushing his balls with my other foot, squeezing the cum out of him. After Jason came to his common sense “wow” is all he could say. “Umm kris ur not gonna do anything with that picture are you?” Jason was my friend and of course I wouldn’t. “Nothing wrong with experiencing fun on the other side, now help me finish robbing this moron, I need you back in dominant mode.” Jason returned to normal as we spray painted “MERRY CHRISTMAS FAGGOT” in green and red Ink on the wall, right above the new shattered television.

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