iCloud Theft

I was at this weird cross between a bathhouse and bookstore place called Cupid’s Treasure when I met James or “Mr.Morton” as he liked to be called. Cupid’s Treasure is Somewhere in Chicago where I had taken a slave of mine named Larry. James had been watching me beat on Larry with his cane and being called a ancient cripple and a stupid faggot. Pigs walked by shaking their heads, some looked disturbed, some jerked off totally turned on. Many were intoxicated with one common drug *drum roll* Poppers! I remember being bored at 18 and walked through it with my skateboard being fascinated. I was followed like a piece of meat.. it was kinda creepy. But then again I can’t really blame them. For pigs who have been to these places, you can know the typical crowd that goes. Something told me to get out, it smelled weird, it was so dark, I was legal but still a kid in many ways yet not stupid. It wasn’t till years later as a BDSM Dom that I would head back to places like here and Steamworks downtown Chicago.  

As for Larry, a weak and worthless fat dinosaur, has been previously blogged about. James was a total loser. No he TRULY IS! He has learned to embrace it now because of me. Like many new pigs/subs, James wasn’t sure why he existed or what his pathetic purpose was. He’s a boring man, works at the public library in his small home town. He’s never left home and was living in his dad’s basement. How many here reading this went through the same process of wondering their true purpose? I told him right off the bat I’m proud of him for his acceptance of being pathetic. He got rock hard “what’s… your slave doing..?” I told him that he had just been pimped out and paid $250 to take each raw load. “I liked the way you were beating on him… calling him names… i get called names all the time… but he seemed to like it. I came here looking to suck dick and lord I did not expect this… this… abuse abuse and rape fuckkk…”  I gave James my number and told him to meet me here again tomorrow night. I quickly gave James the quick rundown of BDSM power transfer piss findom the works while Larry was getting his ass pounded with raw loads not even knowing their status. “Can you message me tonight sir?” I told him to go back home to his dads basement and await me. I handed him a 5MG tablet of oxycodone and told him to take it in one hour.

To know just how I came to meet James, check out my blog on Ancient Bug Chaser and Negative Accounts.


When I arrived back at the hotel I decided to relax and get stoned. Despite the 52 inch screen I didn’t feel like watching TV as it was election year of 2016.. and I was tired of hearing about Mexican rapists and those damn emails. I placed Led Zeppelin IV on my portable turntable thinking of what fun was to come tomorrow night. The pool was closed, which would have been my first choice. I was in downtown Chicago for a week to see friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, on top of Ryan having his parents visiting the apartment thinking he was normal again. Everything was perfect as it was the perfect time to meet up with Larry, and now I was about to begin destroying James, this new victim of mine. After my initial  “hello dumb loser” I got a text back from James asking what does a loser do with his life thats so boring. “What’s the meaning of life sir?” I told him that there is no meaning, for we all have our own perception. “You know you’re a worthless piece of shit, and a worthless loser is too stupid to have their own perception.”

He then decided to call me as he wanted to hear my “handsome” voice again. I Love new victims. “I don’t think I can be a bug chaser that sounds extreme. I looked up your profile on that dominants site and liked your photos on there. Wow some losers are crazy. But then again I’m weird myself.” I was spraying Ozium to clean out the smell despite having clothes under the door. “Would you say you’re fucked up in the head?” There was a pause until he asked “do you think I’m fucked up in the head sir?” I told him to turn his computer on and lets find out. “What are we going to do online sir, are you going to rob me? I’ve never done that before…” I told him about the concept of a safe word, which made him seem to relax more as he was nervous as it was. “So all I have to do is say rubber soul and all of it will stop. Thank you sir. I feel so safe with you.”  I laughed giving my first order, “Go hit download and open .dmg on your mac, team viewer should be dropped into your app folder in your dock like any other.” He was typing while breathing from excitment while telling me he just paid all his bills. “Ok sir I made an account and I have 10 numbers.” I asked if it said partner ID, and as he said yes I asked him for the password. “Sir how are you moving my computer mouse like that? Oh shit, I left my Facebook open. Please don’t look at my family and friends sir!” He didn’t say Rubber Soul so I clicked the tab open to his personal life, like spreading a cash cunt to be fucked like a rag doll. I could hear a zipper being undone as I disabled his mouse. “I feel scared and turned on sir. Oh my god you’re going into my settings.” I asked him for the password to his Mac, which he paused then “what the hell is wrong with me that I want to give that to you. All of my passwords are saved…” His voice was now in a dreamlike state, as he followed my instructions on taking the oxycontin so I can take advantage of him. He promptly gave me what I demanded as I started going through every password.

“You’re realizing just how fucking amazing being a worthless loser can feel. Your days of living as a slob on pizza and playing Warcraft and old DOS games are now a distant memory.” He started flapping his dick with obvious sounds “are you making fun of me..? I proceeded to grab his password to his iCloud and screenshot it. “Does it turn you on as I reduce you into pathetic nothingness?” His breathing picked up “I am nothing sir, everyone in town makes fun of me for being fat, talking weird, being a faggot, and living in my dad’s basement.” I laughed as I was entering his paypal which has the password saved. “What a fucking moron you’re jerking off as I’m entering your wallet. How fucking stupid are you? Are you STUPID JAMES?! You know what they say about losers living in their parents basement. What a waste of fucking life on this planet, but I can put your miserable shell of a human to use for my benefit. You’ll thank me for it like the dumb loser you are.” I proceeded to take $75 and waited for reaction his voice, so I proceeded to take another $50 immediately after. “OMG Sir I feel lightheaded and dizzy… I’ve never been so turned on. I love you sir I don’t know you but thank you for drugging me with that pill. I’m feeling like I want to do something dangerous like Larry.”  Evil sadistic wheels began spinning in my head like a 78 on steroids. “Do you have any other apple devices besides your mac and iPhone Fat Fuck?!” *Sigh* “You’re making fun of me again sir… I have an old iPad gen 3 iPad pro, apple tv,” I cut him off not giving a fuck about the damn apple TV. “Tomorrow when we meet up you’re going to bring me your old iPad. Now shoot your load as I finish screenshotting every password.” I proceeded to change the password to his main email to everything in case he forgot the password to a major account, trapping him to collapse into destruction. “Sir you’re fucking with my life my money all my… personal …**sigh* aaaaaa persona… personal life seeing myyyy… fam… ahhhhhhhhHHHHHH”


It was 9PM the following night waiting at Cupid’s Treasure for James. He arrived dressed in a plain white shirt and jeans like I told him. “Sir can I have more Oxycontin sir I’ve never felt so high before-“ I grabbed him by the throat and made him get on his knees in the middle of the street for everyone to see. “Beg me to drug you on narcotics you fucking piece of shit!” He looked at me with the most innocent and vulnerable look as clasped his hands together in a praying motion. “Please drug me on narcotics sir.” I pulled out 2MG of dilauded, also known as hydromorphone, and popped it in his mouth. “This doesn’t look like the oxycontin from last night sir. I brought saltine crackers as ordered so I won’t feel sick sir.” I laughed as I pulled him off the ground towards the door. “You fucking idiot, you begged me to drug you on narcotics but didn’t ask for Oxy. You take whatever I give you!” He chewed the crackers as we walked in the door “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want you to fuck my life over! My life is so boring I wanna be addicted to drugs so I do what you tell me sir. Should I be worried about overdosing after all I hear about this opioid crisis in the news.” I reassured him this was a small dose, and that the only crisis he had to worry about was filing for future bankruptcy. A pleasant problem, a pleasant blissful crisis. “That’s so fucking hot Kris.”

We arrived in the same room where Larry had been poz fucked like a true faggot whore the night before. Many of the same disgusting pigs were there, perhaps Larry got more then one strain as he hoped for. One pig from last night waved to me drugged out on meth. James began to stumble as his eyes were drooping yet still peppy and alert. “Give me your fucking bag with the iPad and follow me.” James stumbled towards one of the bed like benches that people fucked on and sat down with his head tilted back in pure euphoria. I used my iPhone as a hotspot as I reconnected his iCloud account to his old iPad. I told James to give me the verification code on his phone, which he did. I took the poppers out of the bag he brought with and told him to inhale 10 seconds each. I then ordered him to strip butt naked. He did so as he started drooling “I’m fucking stupid sir. I’m fucking stupid. I’m a worthless loser.” People were staring as James didn’t realize just how loud he was talking. Guys stopped in the middle of fucking as I punched James in the balls as he fell to the floor, thanking me as he hit the ground.  One man muttered something about ‘that cash master robbing a faggot again.’

“James you ARE fucking stupid. Now I’m going to log into your iCloud on whatever device of mine that I want! I’m taking this iPad, and can make my own verification codes without needing to deal with a moron that I’m fucking over.” James was rubbing his sore balls and his cock which was not getting hard due to the medication. There was no way for him to cum, and he didn’t really need to. It would disrupt my sadistic and greedy desires to take everything thats mine. He looked up at me stroking his useless soft sausage asking what his iCloud does, sounding more like a fucking idiot. “I am already signing in on my own iPad I brought with you careless dumb faggot. I now have all your phone contacts and passwords to everything. I can track where your phone and computer are 24/7. You no longer have any privacy or life of your own, just obeying me and letting me fuck you into ruin.” He began fingering his hole while nodding in and out “I’m so fucking stupid, I’m fucking stupid.. I’m stupid.. I’m a stupid faggot..” A man from the night before walked into the room without asking and grabbed James by the head, forcing his head on his dirty uncut dick that almost made ME gag. James did not object as I told him that this is what pathetic faggots do. The man seemed to be very turned on as I was taking advantage of this man as he overheard everything. The man grabbed the back of james head and started face fucking him as I started laughing at all the phone numbers I had stored to my benefit. There was no turning back for James.

As the man face fucked him, I stomped on James balls as if I were doing a kick flip on a skateboard. He let out a loud scream as the man moaned “how fucking hot.” Other pigs were watching and stroking their dick as I stomped on his balls again resting on the cold floor. The man grunted shooting his load as cum dribbled out the side of James’s mouth. James didn’t even take a good look at this disgusting steroid-muscle pig that was shooting cum into his belly. He was just enjoying the humiliation of being so low and disgusting, while I logged into his PNC Bank account to see the balance on top of his Facebook so that it would be saved in my own phone. The muscle pig walked out without a thank you.


A week later I was back at my apartment, talking to James on a daily basis with regular screenshots of his locations. He called me one evening, “My father asked where all my money has gone master. He found all the different narcotics you have given me.” I laughed at him while he was jerking off telling me this. “James do you fully understand how fucking worthless you are in society? Living in your dads basement and getting fucked over while being addicted to pills! What’s more disturbing is that you’re masterbating while telling me. Any normal man would be ashamed of themselves!” James didn’t care, as he had no shame. I’m addicted to pills so I become more addicted to you sir. The fetynol patches are my most favorite.. I haven’t touched poppers in days. I lay in bed all day checking my bank balance and cum when the numbers change sir. I’m proud of being warped in the head sir.” I’ll admit I was rock solid being turned on by his willing stupidity, as findom is many times sexual to me.  “I want to be laughed at by everyone in town for being an addict in my dads basement sir.. its so fucking hot. I’ve never been turned on like this my entire life.” I screenshot his main email, reminding him my cash cock of destruction was grinding balls deep into his life. “I want to do something even more dangerous sir, I just put on a fetynol patch actually. I’ll do anything if it gets you hard master Kris. It turns me on more knowing you’re turned on using me like the dumb faggot I am.” I demanded his social security number and a scanned copy of his birth certificate. He didn’t hesitate to state all nine digits as I stoked myself… feeling this man turn into a legitimate drone with no logic or reasoning, a drone that DOES.

I then heard him jerking his limp useless dick as he begged me to expose him to his homophobic brother for being a cash faggot. I already had the number as I had EVERYTHING of James personal life. There were no secrets, no surprises, and best of all, no escape for him. James sent a picture of him with a $ symbol on his forehead and his shirt that he made saying Human ATM for Alphas. I did so from my number, as Andy his brother responded with WTF. “Sir please tell him what I’ve been doing!” I was high on a head trip as he was spreading his legs to be humiliated further. Swiftly 23 yr old Andy called James as he called me back on FaceTime via his main iPad so I could hear. Andy went off on “what the fuck is wrong with you faggot.” He asked why I was messaging him that photo and asked who I was. I could hear Andy’s voice clearly as James put him on speaker.. this was getting him off. “Little brother don’t laugh at me I can’t help being a faggot, I was born this way.” Andy cut him off saying he knew what a cash faggot was as he had a friend on tumblr doing the same thing. “You want me to tell Dad what you’re doing in his house?! He already told me about the narcotics he find in your slob cave full of old moldy pizza boxes you fat fuck!” Here was James being humiliated by his brother with me listening, making it more embarrassing. James just could not help himself. “My master is listening Andy, I will never let him stop fucking me with his cash cock. Its the best type of fucking as I don’t have to worry about diseases and don’t have to get up-“

Andy screamed that he was going to tell dad and everyone at his job at just how low he had become. Just to encourage it all, I sent a screenshot to Andy’s phone that showed James current balance in his checking account, aka his pussy. Andy threatened James to send him a grand if he didn’t want anything getting out about how fucked up he is. Andy was serious. “Dad will kick you out faggot! I need repairs on my car and here you are getting your wallet fucked by a stranger? You’re a fucking loser! I’m ashamed to have ever known you. “Thank you for being ashamed of me sir.” He was now addressing andy as sir. James was typing away and sent the money, as Andy added to send him another $500 to stay QUIET. “The grand is for my car you fucking idiot!!” I was so fucking horny knowing I’m the reason James had sunk so low, getting robbed by someone he’s known his whole life. I then proceeded to take the last $349, as his father didn’t make him pay any bills or rent. I sent the screenshot to andy as he sent me back a smiley face, which I found kind of awkward to this day. Andy hung up the phone with a friendly, “since you’re gonna be a fucking loser in Dad’s house you’re gonna keep paying me off to live your disgusting faggot life!!”

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