House Burglary At Midnight

This goes back to 2014. I was posting here that I was looking for financial subs to fuck over and add more to my list. (This was obviously back when there was still the personals section.) I would once in awhile get my post flagged but it wasn’t that often. However for this sub named George, was contacted by me.

George’s post read that he was looking for a cash master. 62 Years old, lives alone, enjoys intoxication. Post also said only men with size 12 or higher (usually standard for “shoe size queens.” Thankfully I’m a 12 exactly.) Have other extreme fanta$ie$ please contact me for detail$. We sent emails back and forth for a few days on and off.

We finally exchanged numbers after he told me I was what he’s been searching for… for years. “So George tell me your deepest and most dark fantasies you  have.” “Well Sir, I live in a rural part of illinois in will country, right below cook country where Chicago is.” Smoking a bowl i switched my phone to my other ear. “Dumb ass I know where will county is I dated someone from lockport and Joliet has the first bar I ever want to (Manuvers.) So tell me why have you not found what you’re looking for and why do you think that?”

“I’m very cautious sir! I want to lose my mind and control of myself. Every time a master contacts me they ask to send them money before I ask them to destroy me in how I want to be fucked over. Nobody ever wants to listen… and you’re the only one to ask for safe word! Btw I’m very fucked up in the head sir. I long to be a drone to a superior young male. These boys playing their loud rap music from their cars… and wearing that hats in doors… Back in MY day that was RUDE as you always take off your hat even if going to Denny’s.”

This was clearly an old fashioned man. Being able to read him and his values I was slowly working my way into his head. (Best way to do it 🙂 ) “Sir it secretly turns me on when they are rude in public or say mean things to me. These white thug and skater boys deserve to take advantage of me.” I snickered in the phone. “Your “back in the day” bullshit is long and gone forever old man. We Millennials are the future. We deserve what we want even if it means fucking over dinosaurs such as yourself!” “I’m so old sir I don’t even have a cell phone just 2 house phones.. a landline. I don’t know how to work with all those gizmo gagets”

“I like when you put me down for being an old man. Yes sir I’m a dinosaur.” “You’re an ANCIENT DINOSAUR!!”  “Yes sir I totally agree. I’m so old I’m wheelchair bound, totally useless…” I asked him about his income as he did say he was into robbery. I asked him questions about his childhood and past relationships. I was casually getting every piece of information from his mind subliminally. I had managed to rewire his brain into telling me this information on his own. Being on social security made me nervous as I asked him why. Thankfully it was just from retirement and not disability or I wouldn’t touch him.

My human side could never live with myself If I did such things (which will be explained..) if I felt someone had some type of mental disorder. There are doms who don’t care how their subs/fags wellbeing and I refuse to operate the same way. As I’ve said many times BDSM should be a 2way street. An advanced sub and an advanced dom both understand that it is NOT a one way street (minus mentally disturbed subs that let irresponsible masters starve them to look like a male Karen Carpenter.)

“Don’t worry sir, I have a safe filled with family jewels passed down by generations. I’m so old and stupid I have no clue what to do with them. It’s not like I deserve anything from my safe sir. I also sold stock years ago and put it all away in case of emergency.” I had more discussions with him and observing his reactions to things. After some time I decided he was mentally stable and just a kinky old man. Oh what fun!!

“My house has a security system sir. I also have lots of expensive trinkets that I’ve purchased from other countries back in my day. I have this Japanese tea set made during world war II.” I was dumping the ashes from my bowl as he asked if I was still there. “yes… so why are you telling me about your safe and security system guarding your home?”  “Because sir I want to have a ruthless punk break into my house, rape n rob me. I want to be tortured in my wheelchair.”

“Are you purely wheelchair bound old man?” He coughed and hacked in the phone and I could hear him spitting. EWW “I can walk with my walker at times but not for long.”  “You’re a fucking idiot. What do you think is the best way to wreck a pathetic dumb faggot?”  “Please your imagination sir. Something about you makes me want to do anything. Just arrive late at night while I’m sleeping as I go to bed around 8PM. After the safety word was established I told him to be scared shitless and be VERY VERY AFRAID. “I won’t tell you what night I’m coming. BTW I’ll be wearing a ski mask….” “Oh thats so hot sir!”


I started to ignore him 2 days later to fuck with his head. I wanted him to beg me to rob him as I get off on torturing a weak mind. Why? Because it makes my fucking dick hard and I deserve whatever I want. He would text my phone saying please sir. It was then 6 days later that tonight would be the night to do one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. I made sure to tell my friend John who’s a kinky dom himself (but not a findom) what was going on. The plan was to park far away until I sent the message to arrive for what I had planned…

After I arrived at this house I made sure I had come at midnight. The silence of the dark night was eerie itself even for me. As I walked across the dead leaves with my pliers and crowbar, I could hear the crunching almost echo in the dead silence. The only light outside came from the moonlight on the long dirt path towards his house. There were no street-lamps in sight and all the lights were off in his house.

Looking around his yard I found the electrical box. The silence was deafening with the exception as my footsteps in the grass as I walked over. I took my crowbar and started smashing it against the electrical box. After I managed to bust and pry it open (after an hour) I took my pliers and cut every cord, theoretically cutting off his home security system. I then proceeded to head to the backyard to where the screen down was as it was made out of cheap aluminum or whatever, VS his steel bar covered door in front.

I tried to open the cheap door with my crowbar killing the silence of the night. Wasn’t as cheap as I thought, So i smashed the glass window with full force. The glass window to the door fell to shards within one blow.  I reached my hand and unlocked it. After the door was opened I smashed the glass part of the wooden door, reaching my hand inside and finally stepped into his house.

I could hear footsteps as I heard in a scared voice. “HELLO? WHOS THERE?!” I walked over and saw a corded phone and took it off the off the hook, so that he would be helpless and not call for help from the police. I placed a cushion over the beeping sound so it wouldn’t be noticeable. I heard him screaming for help as I heard him slowly creaking coming down the stairs. Each footstep on their stairs was sending me into headspace as I felt myself feeling sadistic and losing a sense of reality of the real world. He was coming down with a crutch with one hand. As i heard a tremble in his voice I then noticed 2 walkers and his wheelchair by a large fancy looking sofa.

He finally came into view as he saw me… “WHO ARE YOU? HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE?!” He reached towards where the phone was under the cushion as I kicked the crutch from under him making the old dinosaur fall to the ground. I took my pliers and then cut the phone cord in front of him. I tossed it at him near by but not at him (to strike terror into him which is so much fun!)

I then grabbed him by the shirt as he quietly muttered.. “oh how long i’ve waited for this…” I dragged him around as he started yelling and forced him into his wheelchair. Tearing down one of his curtains from Italy, I tied him to his chair as he tried getting up. I began slicing the other curtain to make sure his torso would be firmly in place, making sure he couldn’t get up. I picked up one of his walkers and smashed it out the main living room window to the outside.

“Those curtains cost me a grand sir… that sofa cost me 3 grand….” I walked him and slapped him across the face back handed. I proceeded to grab his jaw with full source and forced it open to spit in it.” I then lit up a cigarette as he said, “sir I don’t smoke and don’t like smoking in my home…” I shoved the wheel chair on its side and pulled out a (fake) gun. I walked over to him and held the gun to his head. I waited to see his response if he was truly not enjoying it, but he muttered.. “fuck this is so hot…..”

“HOW MUCH CASH DO YOU GOT OLD MAN?” I said as I made the motion of pulling the trigger. “PLEASE DONT KILL ME SIR!! I’ll give you MONEY!! Anything you want PLEASE don’t kill me!!!” I picked up the wheel chair with both hands after setting the gun down on the top of the sofa so it was still within reach. “TELL ME WHERE YOUR CASH IS AT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!” I took out the spray paint from my bag and started spraying red all over his walls, the front door, and all over his clothes and chair.

He trembled as he was upright in his chair again. I knew for sure at that point he wouldn’t say shit as I blew my cigarette smoke in his face. I pulled up a chair and sat in front of him as I put my size 12 DCs on his face and told him to lick the bottoms after walking through his pathetic yard. “That’s so disgusting sir…“ I kicked him in the chest making the wheel chair tilt back for a second.” He proceeded lick my sneaks as I took my weed out and began rolling a joint. I aimed the gun at him and reminded him if they weren’t fully clean I’d blow his brains out. He licked and used his teeth to scrape off access dirt. I checked out my shoes as he begged to worship my huge socked feet. I flicked my cigarette ashes at him and used the flashlight on my phone and figured he had done a good enough job. It was now 2AM.

By instinct he took off both my shoes using his teeth. I shoved my sweaty holed hanes in his face, feeling the moisture as they glided over his face with ease. I pointed the gun again asking where his fucking cash was. “It’s in my safe by the TV sir…” I told him to suck the sweat out of my socks as I asked for the combination to the safe as he started moaning with his eyes rolled back. I could smell the strong scent sitting back as soon as my shoes were taken off. The smell even invaded my nostrils. He wouldn’t talk so I got up and shoved the wheelchair downward as he screamed, “YES SIR DESTROY ME!!”

I picked up the wheelchair again and wheeled him to where the safe was. I left the room for a second and headed to the kitchen to find the sharpest knife I could. I came back to where his wheelchair and the safe was. I grabbed the gun again. I pointed the gun to his head while I put the knife to his throat. “GIVE ME THE COMBINATION TO YOUR FUCKING SAFE.” He quietly told me the code as I started turning the combination.

Inside I found 50 $100 bills, or should I say 5 grand. I pulled out fancy looking diamonds, ruby, and some emerald earrings that were his wifes. I put out my cigarette into his couch. He watched as he watched me wide eyes as I pulled down my basketball shorts and started pissing all over his couches, the carpet, and his entertainment center. I proceeded to take the sharp knife and started stabbing holes as the cotton started coming out. I began shredding his couches and arm chair to where they were fully destroyed.

I looked at the wall and asked how much those paintings were worth. “Hundreds to thousands of dollars sir. Take what you want just please don’t hurt me!!” Instead of destroying them I took them all off the wall and put it next to all the cash and jewelry I had robbed from his safe. I felt myself needing to piss again so I walked over and pissed all over him in his clothes. I could hear my piss splatter on his wheelchair and heard a trickling sound as I realized it was dripping on his carpet as well.

I called John and told him its been done. He drove up the dirt path and loaded everything in his truck. We found figurines and the Japanese tea set from World War 2 he had talked about. As John slowly untied him I put my bare feet to his face. John left him with room for his arms to move around as I told him to jerk off. (when a sub comes there is a less chance of regret as they mentally equate abuse as a sexual rush.)

My feet were sweaty as I had worn the same socks and shoes for 6 days when he told me he was into big feet. I purposely didn’t shower for two days. John said he’d meet me in the car. George blew his load while he told me before he couldn’’t get hard easily and how it took him forever to cum if he could. He shot all over himself within 2 minutes.

I wheeled him to the corded phone untying him fully and told him to call for help when I leave. Just a mind fuck, he didn’t end up calling anyone. He did make sure to to hire a cleaning service.

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