Home Security Cameras

Jeff was a well to do business man, owning a vacation home in Florida and having a mansion here in Chicago. He only lived with his husband yet had 7 bedrooms. He just not know what to do with his money. Jeff’s boyfriend Scott worked as a waiter for Red Robin, as Jeff’s income was more then enough as it was. Scott couldn’t stand just staying in the house, it would’ve driven him crazy. Scott had a secret, and its a secret many of you readers keep from your partners. Jeff didn’t satisfy him much, as he cheated on Scott when away on business trips. Scott knew this was going on, but always hesitated to tell Jeff he knew. He was too used to living in luxury. Jeff still was warm to him, but there was little loyalty or honesty. Eventually Scott told Jeff he knew, and the response was that his dick was too small. Drinks were poured as the truth came out one evening, as was told to me. Out of anger for being called a pig, Jeff proclaimed his husband as a pathetic loser who can never please ANY man. While being spot on being pathetic, little did Jeff know, is that Scott CAN please…. And little did SCOTT know, was how pathetic Jeff was…

Jeff was away in California on business as usual one summer. Scott was talking-to guys on hook up apps, Adam, twitter, you name it. He eventually found my Skype on my twitter, which was barely even used at the time. (I still hardly do anything with it.) He didn’t message my twitter, but rather my Skype. We had a warm chat about how he was feeling. Scott opened up telling me Jeff was Vanilla along with abusive. His bf would make fun of him for staring at boys in flip flops, or being turned on by men farting to where he could smell it. Scott began asking questions about these video clips I sent him. “Wow, I’ve never seen something like that.. and they enjoy being stepped on like that?” I gave him a rough idea of the concept of feeling pathetic. “Jeff called me a pathetic loser.” I responded with an devil emoji and “do you think you’re a pathetic loser? Watch this clip and then answer.” I sent him a video of a slave proclaiming to be a loser and confessing his loyalty to me. Embracing it. Scott was typing something.. then stopped.. “Fuck.. why is that making my dick hard?” I demanded the question once again, changing my tone like Jekyll n Hyde. “Do you think you’re a pathetic loser? Your small dick is having an inner battle it seems.” There was a pause until.. “Are you making fun of my dick Kris?” I demanded the question again with a photo of a loser pinned under my feet. “… Yes I’m a pathetic loser…” I was slowly manipulating Scott’s mindset while being subtle about it.

“How does it feel telling me you’re a pathetic loser? Your bf just called you a loser and made fun of your small dick. You didn’t show any anger when asking if I was making fun of your small dick. It turns you on.” He typed back quickly “How do you know it turns me on?” I sent him a photo stepping on a small dick. “Fuck its like you can read my mind!! Why is that other guy giving you money and jerking off?  I haven’t been this turned on in years. Something must be wrong with me.” Slowly manipulating him involved taking in every detail he told about himself. “There IS something wrong with you, you can’t even please a man in bed, and this itself is turning you on. It’s fucked up as it is that you’re already turned on.” I asked if he was drinking as he told me Crown Royal was his favorite. “It makes my walls come down I say how I feel at times.” I rolled my eyes. “Your walls can’t fully come down with alcohol, as you can still use logic. If you wanna be truly pathetic you must lose your mind.” He paused for a few minutes, thinking I lost him. “Be more pathetic… Is that even possible? What can I do to bring my walls down?” All I had to say were simple suggestions, and coax Scott into doing what I wanted him to think… and do. “Go to the Lions Den and grab video head cleaner.” He drove drunk 20 minutes away to do as I told. He was receiving attention from a man and he was thriving on it. He was so pathetic that he was willing to blindly follow any instruction and not even knowing me.  In my evil mind I would be ruthless and have him thank me in the end for it. He text me in the store telling me that he had never felt so excited but he had something to tell me. His message went something like he had done something similar to where some guy on ****flirt.

We exchanged phone numbers (gave him my fake google voice number) and he called me promptly. “I just got back, its this tiny jar with liquid in it. Now what do I do sir? Shit I just called you sir.. I see other guys calling you that and it just sounded right.” I reassured him that all these feelings and actions were completely normal, as he was unleashing urges he’s never had before. “I unscrewed the bottle sir. Do I put it on myself?” I laughed out loud, letting him hear my sinister voice pierce his brains, the very brains I was about to fry. “I want you to take your wallet out of your pocket.. and set it on your small dick. Then you will sniff from the bottle in each nostril for 3 seconds each.” He unscrewed the lid, pulled his pants down sitting in his computer chair. “My wallet is not very big sir, and it still covers my small dick.” I laughed at the fact he had a small dick again with the image in my head. “Now I want you to sniff and each time repeat after me: [A Loser’s Pussy Is His Wallet.] I heard the sound of him sniffing, taking poppers for the very first time and experiencing a mindless bliss. I sent him a picture of my cock cumming on Andrew’s wallet. There was a change in his voice as I could hear him breathing, “A Loser’s Pussy is his wallet, A Loser’s Pussy is his wallet. A Loser’s Pussy is his wallet.”

“And a Loser’s pussy is where a real man likes to shoot his load. Now turn your computer on, I know you have paypal.” He kept muttering A Loser’s Pussy is his Wallet and finally replying with “yes I do sir my computer is already on. Are you going to take my money?” I put him down reminding him that he’s been useless his entire life, and he didn’t have to hide it anymore. “But now for once in your miserable life you CAN be useful, now you can truly please a man. What does a bitch do for her man? She gives up her pussy. What do you think a Loser does for a man Scott? Inhale in each nostril for 4 seconds and think about it.” He sniffed hard in the phone to appease me knowing he was doing as told. “What I do for a Man…. you mean I’m not a man sir? Can I sniff again I feel really fucked up and I want you to take my money. I don’t know why, it’s those videos and pics you showed me.” He began sniffing on his own as I sent him a message on Skype stating my paypal email with a photo of my wallet filled with fat wads of cash. Of course I could tell him directly on the phone, but a ruthless mindfuck works best when blurring the human senses of sight and sound. I sent him a photo of my fist up Craig’s ass (another slave) and told him to recite after me. He inhaled on his own losing control of his mind. With my shades on, I turned on my cam without notice which he didn’t hesitate to answer the call. I was casually waving my feet in a circular motion with a smirk on my face. “A Dumb Loser Loves His Pussy destroyed, a dumb loser loves his destroyed, a dumb loser loves his pussy destroyed.” He proceeded to make himself another bloody Mary, V8 and vodka I believe.

I continued moving my feet in circular motion, placing him in a hypnotic trance while watching his eyes water as he continued sniffing. As pathetic as it was, his head was moving in motion following my feet on the screen like a cat staring at a laser. “Now is your chance to please a man Scott.” His eyes were filled with lust, eyes gleaming. Beads of sweat began to form on his cheeks, flustered with new waves of emotions. Abruptly I got a  notification of $50 as he was typing away. He continued staring at the screen doing something as I could see the gleam of the screen in his glasses. His forehead was drenched as sweat that glistened as he was slightly shaking. He lifted his vodka to his lips eyes never leaving the screen with me destroying his common senses. “This is amazing sir it’s not like I have to pay any bills..” I told him to download team viewer, a loser “essential.” He was breathing heavily as it was downloading and installing it. “Now I want those 9 numbers you see.” He looked entranced and eyes focused on my feet moving back and forth. He was grabbing his dick below the screen as his glasses began to slide down until he readjusted them, due to the rush of being intoxicated and doing something so dangerous. “My social security number sir?” He kept jerking off slurring his words as I counted down from 10 as he inhaled. I laughed at him as he whimpered hearing me “I want your social as well, show me how fucking stupid you are. Prove everything your husband says is true.. that you truly ARE pathetic. Then after that the 9 numbers on the screen you see on team viewer.” His face was pale yet that of a virgin boy on prom night about to get laid the first time. “Sir my social security number is XXX-XX-XXXX, Jeff is right sir I AM PATHETIC!”

“Now give me the 9 numbers on the screen and sink LOWER then pathetic.” His voice was coarse as I eventually was inside his computer. “What kind of loser does this sir?” I proceeded into safari knowing that most people are stupid enough to keep passwords saved to serious things.. dangerous things. I signed into his TCF Bank account. He gasped putting the bottle to his nose like a crack addict begging for more. “I’m scared shitless but so turned on sir.” I saw all kinds of fun options on the screen. Just to play with his  head I turned on coverage to his debit card to overdraft, which was turned off. I did a bank transfer taking everything. I left him exactly at $0. He kept jerking away and began fingering his ass as I took his entire wallet. I had tore through his wallet and came inside like when a dick hits a cervix to impregnate. I was moving around his computer getting off on the power and control, to discover he had a camera security system. “Can I please cum sir?” I moved back to paypal motioning to put him in debt… putting his account in the negative… like tearing a pussy open to dump a load in. He took his hands off, but never used the safe word we had agreed on. “What are these cameras for? Why are there cameras to every room but yours? Your husband must be loaded.”

“My husband IS loaded sir. He doesn’t know what to spend his money on. He does buy me whatever I want sir… he treats me like garbage… but its because I AM garbage.. right sir?” I was focused on looking in every room. “When you’re husband comes home I want you to leave your computer on so I can watch what you guys do.” He took a hard breath as gears were spinning in his head. He was also discovering that common sense doesn’t matter to a fucking idiot, common sense is a privilege. “He would be so furious if he knew I was letting you invade our privacy like that… but thats SO hot!” I went back into his bank account at $0 and told him to shoot his load. He started jerking furiously as I grinned at him through the camera. “Remind me where your pussy is.” He shuttered eyes half closing as he was getting close.. “A Loser’s  Pussy is his wallet.. A losers pussy is his wallet…” I proceeded into paypal ready to fuck him into the negative… i wanted him to feel the pain of humiliation. I bounced his checking account by $200 via paypal, leaving his account RED. “Now I’ll have to think of something to tell my…. my…. “ He was spewing all over the place as I laughed, “Thats not my fucking problem you willing idiot. Now you’ve been fucked over and are so pathetic you went BEYOND what young losers start off with….” He grunted like a horse being shot with a tranquilizer, hand on his cock hand holding the bottle to his nose…. “I’ll tell him I’m a fucking idiot and blew it on a boy using me!!” He came all over the place… leaving me hard wondering what he would tell Jeff.


2 weeks went by as Jeff was over the fact that his husband put his account in debt just to pay to see a boy show off online. At least thats what Scott told him. Not too much detail was given. Jeff had his kind moments as I watched what was going on in their house whenever I wanted. I got to see bipolar moments where Jeff would be affectionate, then go to being drunk and slapping him across the face. Scott was indeed a battered husband. Scott would type to me and directly beg me to invade his privacy. I remember watching Scott confess why his account was overdrawn live on cam in the living room. Jeff paced around the room “maybe I should start controlling your spending Scott, that was fucking reckless. Why not get used by some other loser on grindr? Oh thats right nobody wants you because you’re fucking pathetic. Do your checks need to be direct deposited to me babe?”  Scott looked up at the cameras while texting me he was so embarrassed. His husband thought he was reckless for over drafting his bank account, as he was. I text him back how it asked to be talked to by his husband like that. “Its turning me on sir, before it would hurt my feelings.”  I asked how he was feeling, and he told me he wanted to something more dangerous. “Scan me a copy of your birth certificate and send it to me. Show me how much of a loser you are!” He typed back Yes sir.

One night I told Scott to put another camera up in the bedroom and to keep it hidden. “Jeff would be so angry if he found it sir, but its the only room he doesn’t have watched. Its because he hides things from me sir. He gets all the twinks he wants.” I decided to find out more about Jeff, as something in him seemed mysterious. A man like him is like many who I’ve destroyed. Scott didn’t hesitate, he had it installed inside the wall while Jeff was away on business again. Hard to explain but there was a dot coming out near the closet door. “What a fucking idiot, going into the negative and telling your husband about it. Now you’re exposing BOTH yours and his privacy for me to have.” He would call me and walk around the house as I watched him. When he would be asleep while Jeff was away, Id set off the alarms and wake him up just to terrify him. He sent me a text message the first time doing it, “thank you for scaring me sir. I deserve to be terrified, especially with you having my social security number…. I want  you to rob me in the middle of the night sir.” So the  next night when he was alone I went into his open computer to his bank account. I sounded the alarm for 5 seconds right after draining his account to $0 again. He woke up startled and fell out of bed as the sound had woken up. I could hear a loud thump on the floor. He looked up to the camera and knew I was listening. “Who’s inside my house? Who’s there?!” He was getting into the kinky mindset of being broken into and robbed. I sounded the alarms again and overdraft his account by 200 once again and then turned them back off. I spoke through the main living room. “You’ve been fucked over you old faggot!!!” He just jerked off on the bedroom floor as I listened to him watching his body on night vision. I sent him a screenshot of his birth certificate to his phone in the dark. The light of the phone allowed the color of his figure to show. “Thank you for robbing me sir….. ahhhhhhhhhhh”

Then came the day when Scott was coming to meet me, telling Jeff he wanted to visit old friends from school in Chicago which didn’t exist. Jeff didn’t seem to be upset, but was rather happy. “I’m so excited to finally meet you sir! I want to take out a loan behind Jeff’s back.” But the real time session didn’t go as planned. When he arrived to my place we looked to see if the computer was still open. IT WAS. We saw Jeff drinking beer and reading a magazine. I heard the familiar app sound of a received message. Scott kept licking the dirt off my shoes as I invaded his husbands privacy. I logged into his bank account on his computer from far away… taking $300 just to clean each shoe. “Better make the moment last, because you’re paying for the privilege of cleaning them both off.” He looked up at me high on poppers “I saved up cash and even borrowed money just to be pathetic sir.” What A fucking idiot. “Scott you’re paying to lick my DCs clean knowing they’re just gonna get dirty again.. look how trashed they are as it is!” Yes sir is all he said as he started using his teeth to start scraping the bottoms.

20 min later I heard a door bell ring in Jeff’s house. “Someone is in the bedroom with Jeff!!” But what we saw took us both for a surprise. Jeff was bent over in a harness with a ball gag getting whacked with a paddle. His hands were tied behind his back like a pig roasted over a fire. We both heard Jeff clear as a bell screaming “yes sir” as his ass was red enough to see on the camera. I took screenshots without warning. I realized too that Jeff was as big of a loser as Scott, if not MORE of a loser. Scott was getting hard to this, realizing he was married to someone just as low as him. We both watched intently as the masked master took a wallet from Jeff’s jeans and taking all of it, then throwing it in the trash next to the bed like tossing aside a whore after dumping a load in. We heard a piercing scream of pleasure as Jeff made muffling sounds. We couldn’t see his face well he was diagonally backwards from the camera. The man behind the mask remained a mystery. Scott couldn’t think of who it could be that was robbing and fucking over his husband, but that didnt really matter as I was recording everything and sending video files to myself of live footage. Scott forgot about his loser husband and begged to know how much it was to clean each sock with his mouth. I snickered with my evil smile that drives so many losers wild. “Take my shoes off with your teeth and start sucking the sweat out of my left foot!” He proceeded to do so, taking $400 For one sock. His eyes rolled back as i had one show on his face with my socked foot stuffed in his mouth as he got notifications from every transaction. Jeff’s voice broke the moment as the ball must have been taken out at some point. Jeff looked at  the man untied and said something that made me and Scott freeze with shock. “Thank you for taking my cash sir, you fuck me better then my own husband.”


Scott arrived home with a new sense of self-esteem, and as a human being I was truly happy for him as deep down he was a good person. “Sir I want you to expose my husband in front of me. Flash the videos on the computer as I get him to sit in the dining room over tea.” Scott had this glimmer of power in his eyes, having some form of control for the first time in decades. He looked like Jack Torrence from the Shining peering through the door as if to say “here’s Johnny.” But what he was truly thinking is that his lover was just as much of a loser as he was. Perhaps being faggots together could bring them closer. He didn’t need the gift of the Shining to read Jeff’s mind, he could see right though the excuses and lies now. He now had a clear vision of who his husband truly was… a cash faggot long before Scott met me. This was making me sexually turned on knowing I had two faggots in my path of destruction. Jeff didn’t know me yet, but soon he would be thanking me.  Scott made his husband a large dinner one evening, the night of discovery. He had candles lit and some instrumental records playing on their old Panasonic player from 1978. The table had been set with a lavender colored table cover. It looked like a date, but what it truly was….. a rude awakening.

Scott poured the finest wine for Jeff with a twinkle in his eye as I watched the camera of the dining room, eyes never leaving the screen. Scott had the biggest smile on his face knowing tonight, HE would have Jeff by the balls. While eating Jeff talked about doing “nothing” while Scott was away “seeing friends.” Scott smiled and text me he would send the signal soon. “Jeff Darling, I wasn’t of seeing friends, and you weren’t just doing nothing when I was away. Similar to how you do “nothing” when you go on business trips.” Scott picked up his glass triumphantly as Jeff froze in place with fork and knife in hand. “Scott what the fuck are you talking about?” Scott sent me the signal as he turned on the computer screen, with team viewer running. I talked over the speaker, making Jeff jump with fright and Scott with joy. Jeff caught by surprised asked Scott what the fuck was going on. My voice took over the room, “So Jeff this is your new master. Ive been fucking over your husband and now I’m gonna be fucking you over as well. Lets see what you’ve been doing behind closed doors!” Video clip of Jeff having his wallet taken was played on loop, edited with the words CASH FAG. There was a look of terror in Jeff’s eyes as Scott grinned. “This is the man who fucked my bank account into the negative.” Jeff looked around buzzed from he wine “who the fuck is that?! How did you get that on video!!!”

I laughed over the speaker telling him how MY drone placed it there for me. Little did he know I had found “incriminating” porn in his laptop after breaking into their network. I told Scott I would attempt to send a trojan if he was running windows 7 or lower. Thankfully they were using Vista. I had been looking through his emails and finding out what a piece of shit he is. I announced over the speaker at what I’ve found, and how I could totally fuck Jeff over. “You have loads of cash and all the lawyers in the country couldn’t save your ass, YOU ARE A PIG!” Jeff looked terrified… his hands were shaking. He was shaking like Helen Keller all over the place with the wine bottle dropping and shattering on the floor as he pissed himself. Scott went over to flip the record playing Mozart to keep the moment going. Jeff looked to the ceiling, “Please whoever you are I’m not a pig please don’t say anything to anyone!!” I demanded he tell me and Scott everything he’s been doing behind his back and why that man took his wallet. Jeff looked with his head down at the table in sweet tears… “Im a cash faggot, I like being a cum dump when I get gang banged in big cities…” I asked if he cared if he infected himself or his husband with HIV. I asked if he had even been tested. I asked if he knew his status. Jeff just shook his head no and actually said sorry to Scott. Scott slapped him across the face shouting, “WHAT THE FUCK what if I’m Positive because of you? Why would you be so reckless?!”

I answered the question for Jeff cutting off Scott. “You both were reckless for the same reason, you’re both pathetic losers. Both of you say it together!” Scott smiled and slapped jeff across the face again. He bellowed happily, “Who’s the bitch in the relationship now?!” Jeff whimpered begging me at the ceiling to please fuck him over, grabbing himself in the process as this control was seeping into his weak pathetic mind. He was always in charge when going to work and had been the boss of his husband, but no longer. Scott grabbed Jeff by the throat and told him to repeat with him… and they did. They stared at the camera I was watching and said, “we do reckless things because we are pathetic losers, we do reckless things because we are pathetic losers,” Jeff’s tears and terrified face morphed into a face of subspace and depraved lust. Jeff began chanting on his on. “Yes sir I am a disgusting pig, I am a disgusting pig… please blackmail me… and my loving man. Fuck us over!” Jeff turned to Scott, “babe this is so hot I can see what made you go into debt.. how did it feel?” Scott was basking in glory knowing he was a dumb loser like himself. “Dear it felt Fucking FABULOUS!” Together from death do part they would be the degenerate faggots they always have been. Jeff apologized sincerely for taking raw loads.. and asked what should he do if they were positive. Scott leaned back in his chair, sinking to lower then pathetic with the biggest grin at their granite table worth over a thousand dollars. Scott’s shocking reply, “many losers get aids, and we are pathetic dear. It would serve us right for being the degenerate faggots we are, we’ll be pozzed fags together for life. And now your dick won’t wander…” Scott poured himself another glass of wine and poured some in an extra glass since Jeff’s wine glass has shattered on the floor.

Scott stripped nude and ordered his lover to strip off his suit and tie… as Scott handed him the bottle of poppers. Jeff had years of experience using poppers, when Scott didn’t know what they were until we met online. Scott pulled out a large double headed dildo and ordered his husband into the bedroom, as they were going to be fucked over like every faggot does in the cunt between their legs. Jeff crawled onto the bed butt naked, having a decent body with a 4pack. I talked through the speaker in the next room louder for them to hear clearly as I could see them in the bedroom. I talked into the speaker as they were both scissoring with their legs crossed as they slid down the dildo till their asses were touching intimately. Scott made out with Jeff’s bare feet, “now we can be pathetic losers together.. let this man fuck us over… he’s so good at fucking my wallet and i wanna see him cum inside yours too.” Jeff shuddered as I blared that I had taken $500 from Scott’s bank account leaving him at negative -87. Jeff began moving his ass against his husband with the dildo inside faster as I stated Scotts social security number and asked for his. Jeff’s eyes went wide from shock, never hearing of such a dangerous thing. He was mumbling as Scott slammed across his husband harder and urged him to give up his social like the idiot he is….  Jeff’s eyes rolled back as he told me all 9 numbers in a row.

They were building up sweat as I logged into Jeff’s bank account for the first time, glaring at a sexy amount of 19 grand, making me want to get my cash cock wet. I needed to stick my dick in a dumb losers wallet and shoot my load. I announced what I saw in his bank account and Jeff’s head went back as Scott did all the work with the thrusting on the bed. I told Jeff to worship his husbands feet and sink lower then lower, to be the biggest piece of shit on earth. He began sticking Scotts feet in his mouth like he was sucking a dick. I did a bank transfer of 5 grand as I sent the screenshot to Jeff’s phone… which I had the entire time.. given to me by Scott. Jeff was moaning… “OMG Sir thats so fucking hot… you’re making me worship my loser husbands feet as you threaten me like the pig I am. Please rinse me like I’ve never been fucked before!” This time Jeff inhaled poppers on his own and passed them along to his partner. Jeff managed to lean up towards scott as they made out passionately for the first time in awhile. I proceeded to take another 5 grand smiling that fucking them over was rekindling their marriage, sharing their fucked up perversions together. Scott looked into his husbands eyes, “I love you babe, and I love being fucked up in the head.” Jeff kissed scott on the neck as he saw another 5K taken from his bank account and said, “I love being fucked up in the head too my love.”

I talked over the speaker drunk on power. “Awww isn’t that cute. How fucking pathetic, making love to getting fucked over.” This just made them start moaning and making out harder has I took ANOTHER 5k. I sent Jeff a screenshot showing he had $4,950 left. He tossed it against the wall not giving a fuck. Jeff stared into Scott’s eyes, “I love being a faggot with you, I’ll never treat you like shit again.. because I’m a fucking loser too.. I love.. I love being a loser..” Scott was moving the dildo between them against Jeff’s prostate, bringing him close to orgasms. I told Scott to stop as I wanted them to cum together while making faggot love. This just made jeff jerk off Scott lovingly and telling him once again how much he loved him. Scott growled in lust.. “I hope we are positive.. so we can be even more…. more… fucked up in the heaaaadd…” Jeff was getting scott close as Scott moved his against Jeff against hitting his Gspot. I shot my load from all the power and leaving them near broke… cumming with my voice moaning throughout the entire house. Scott smiled at Jeff. “Baby he’s cumming inside our wallets… doesn’t it feel amazing?” Before Jeff could answer he got a screenshot showing he was in the negative by -$60. Jeff looked up at the ceiling not knowing where the camera was as he was panting like a bitch in heat. Both losers were moaning loudly as my own cum was soaked all over my basketball shorts and keyboard. I saw them cum hands free all over each other as I saw the most intimate look between any couple I’ve seen in a long time.

Aren’t I nice?

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