Glory H$0LE

This takes place a couple years after I started and goes back to 2010-2011. I was inexperienced as this was my first true real time. This happened at a very special time in my life, so writing this was a bit emotional for me.

Bryan was cruising the video section to the adult store like he did every Sunday afternoon. He would pretend to act interested in the different guys on the covers but would have his app (that had just come out around the time) open to see if anyone was near by. Bryan goes to many porn shops, but mainly the ones with “Video Arcades.” For those unaware of what an adult video arcade is.. its a porn shop with open legal Glory Holes. Bryan would pace back and forth across the dirty carpeted floor of the store and go back to the video booths. Each time he entered he would slide in a $20 bill worth something crazy for 2 hours. Bryan was a lawyer that had more money then he knew what to do with and never used the full 20 that he put inside the machine. (“I hope someone comes by,”) He would strip off his clothes inside the dark cubicle while sitting on the plastic chair that squeaked as he moved in the dim light of the TV screen. Bryan sometimes would change the channel to a film with no volume, just so he could listen to footsteps. Inside the cubicle were a large hole on each side, aka glory holes. He would open his poppers and inhale deeply, rocking back in the squeaking chair with his legs spread away from the screen and facing the door. (“I love leaving the door unlocked, any man can walk in and use me.” Bryan was very professional and well respected in everyday life, but his life of perversions always remained in secrecy even amongst those close to him.

Bryan would always make sure to leave the door unlocked to his mini cubicle, as horny men would open any door without giving a fuck. Many of the depraved pigs didn’t mind to find another whore like themselves, and would end up fucking in the booth. The store owner knew all of this was going on but never did anything, despite the sign that said police would be called for “public indecency.” Many times Bryan would wait for what seemed like ages until a guy sat in a booth on either side to the one he was sitting in. Bryan would listen as the machine would take the money each guy put inside, the machine making electric clicking sounds. Lowering himself from the plastic chair and onto the cold floor, Bryan would peep through the hole to see what each guy looked like. Bryan was a sex addict and he loved putting just about anything in his mouth. The random cocks would come through the hole as Bryan would open up and inhale and using his other hand with his mouth. Bryan was always one to swallow, as the idea of being a slut was one of his biggest fantasies. Sometimes Bryan would put lube on his butt and press his ass against the cock and take it bareback, not caring what the man could possibly look like. He just needed cock. He didn’t even care what their status was, since whores don’t care about those kinds of things.

When not out cruising book stores Bryan would click through various profiles of different boys on all kinds of sites on the web. Bryan was a sex addict indeed, leaning towards dark torture porn and bondage. Bryan would masterbate as he would fantasize about being tortured and used himself. He would then try to find guys on cam sites to dominate him verbally with his sick fantasies. Bryan didn’t care what the rates were for some of these boys, or the fact that they were simply boring. Bryan would be turned on by the strangest things, such as the guys raising the rate to cam.  Bryan knew very well what findom was, as he had been experimenting with it for years but wasn’t something he did all the time. He would browse yahoo groups years ago when curious before the web exploded with clueless easy cash seekers. He didn’t do it quite often, as he would lose control of himself and spend a fortune as he became weak and manipulated. His biggest thrill were the times he would lay back in his chair as he let REAL men place trojans in his computer willingly as bank transfers were made.

Over the years his attraction to findom began to evolve into stranger thoughts. (“I really don’t care if its fucked up, its what I was born to do because I’m a dumb faggot.”) He would think these morbid thoughts as he began engaging in more reckless behavior. At one point just the thought of going broke made him cum as he jerked off laying in his bed as his mind wandered. When his cash pussy was wet, he would ask random guys on myspace to take his cash with nothing in return. Bryan found it humiliating to lose his money itself. He would even jerk off shooting his load after checking his bank account afterwards. Hearing him masters call him a pathetic loser and a dumb faggot became pleasurable to hear, as he BEGGED these strangers to fuck him over. Many times these guys would respond as it was some kind of scam or with a reply “What a fucking weirdo.” A few times Bryan would respond with “Thank you sir I AM a weirdo.” Bryan would end up getting blocked. On fetish sites he found some regulars who knew what they were doing, as Bryan became more sucked into being a human ATM as time went by.  Bryan made very good money, but never did he ever be completely stupid. He did have an intense fantasy involving findom, but in his mind it would probably never happen. At least so he thought.

Bryan cruised well known parks and jerk off in his car, hoping another guy would walk by and ask to mess around. The wooded park had been a cruising spot since the 1950s. This happened many times and that woods is still open to this day, down here in Countryside Illinois. If you wanna know something about me, this Wooded Park is a special place to me, as it’s where I met the love of my Life Danny. Our initials are still carved into a tree after 10 years, I checked a few months ago as of this writing. The park was very popular for picnics along with being well known for its spectacular bike trail, where many men lurked behind the trees. As time went by, I moved out to Countryside when I was 18 in 2007. As I made friends, Me and my buddies from Finn Skatepark would ride to the woods, being so close by. It was a fun place to be as my friends would crack jokes about the fags jerking off in the woods like fucking pervs. The roads that went around around the park had deep slopes, which was perfect for riding any skateboard. Despite being a chill and relaxing place to be, the place was basically an outdoor bathhouse at certain hours. And it’s where Bryan had met me as he was always longing to suck any dick. One evening he decided to cruise the woods instead of going to the bookstore, but instead met the MAN who would rewire his brain into going places his mind had never gone.

I was riding down the long slopes late one night as I was alone, the only sound being my wheels whirring on the pavement. There were no cars around, as mostly everybody had left leaving me to my own privacy. I stopped to take a break by a wooden bench, setting my skateboard against the wooden table. I pulled out my rolling papers and thought how awesome it would be to get high with nobody around. I layed back looking at the light purple sky as the sun had nearly been set. As I was laying back on the wooden table and texting on my phone, I heard a soft moaning and the crunching of leaves. I looked around and noticed a car parked under a large tree that I hadn’t had noticed before. Behind me I heard the foot steps get louder as a naked man came out wearing nothing but his shoes. The dark sky revealed a strange deranged face of a man high on something. Bryan walked towards me while continue to stroke himself and asked if he could suck my dick. “Ummm no I’m out here riding my board and I already have a boyfriend.” Bryan never stopped jerking off as he uttered “I’m a whore sir I’m sorry.” Stoned and bored out of my mind, “Why the fuck are you naked out in plain site?” Bryan never stopped grabbing himself sniffling his nose as if he had snorted something earlier.

“I like the idea of exhibitionism, and the fact that you’re asking me what I’m doing makes it feel humiliating.” I blew out a cloud of smoke, “Do you realize if I wanted to I could call the police?” He finally removed his hands. “Please don’t, I kind of god carried away.” (“Fuck what if someone does call the police? I need to be more careful. Just seeing that hot young boy with his jeans sagging is so fucking hot.”) I assured Bryan not to worry, as I was kinky myself and didn’t pass judgement on anyone. “You’re fine I talk to pervs online regularly. Many of them are into some very interesting things. I know this is a cruising woods which is also why I’m not freaking out.” Bryan asked to sit on the table next to me, “May I have a cigarette? My name is Bryan. I’m so sorry… I have a fetish for Skaters and the second I saw that board something just took over my mind.” I handed him one and lit it for him, holding my lighter underneath. (“This boy is hot and he talks to pervs online like me. I don’t even smoke I just want an excuse to talk to him!”) “What is it that you do online regularly sir?” He seemed determined to talk to me while he sat on the wooden table naked as the moon began to fill the sky. “I operate under an alias as Kris Hawk online. I do stuff on cam sites and talk to all kinds of slaves into all kinds of shit. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of financial domination.” (OMG He is a findom! He probably knows what he’s actually doing. He probably knows running through my faggot mind.”) “May I call you sir? I know what findom is, as I’m a cash fag myself. I’ve always wanted to do something in person but have always been too scared.”

My thinking completely turned around knowing that he was a cash fag, my predatory instincts kicking in. I had lived in a condo at the time and my roommate was out so this moment couldn’t be any more perfect. I asked him what things he had done and what is something he’s wanted to try. “Oh sir I’m into a lot of things. I love being exposed and vulnerable. I’ve let guys install trojans in my computer and go through my myspace messages. I’ve given a few masters the password to my AIM (oh memories) to see all my contacts. I keep a separate one for my clients. I’m a lawyer by the way if you’re wondering.” (I want him to know I make good money, just so he can rob me like the loser I am. I can’t suck his dick but I can still get fucked over by him.”) This was the first time I had talked to a slave who happened to be a lawyer. The fact that he made a good amount spun evil plans of using him for my own benefit. I lit up another cigarette out of habit as we continued talking about things we were into. I asked him for his phone number and asked him what is something he has always wanted to try. “I’ve always wanted to be whored out by a master like a slut. Prostitute myself for a man’s personal gain while I give up my life and devotion. There is one fetish I’ve always wanted to try but have always been so nervous about doing it. I want to know what it’s like to get robbed blind and lose everything. You hear stories about some slaves going into bankruptcy and for some reason the idea turns me on.”

I stood up from the table and asked where his clothes were. “They are right behind the bushes sir, as I always cruise this spot late at night.” I tossed my smoke out on the grass while grinding my shoes to put it out. “Stay right there and jerk off but don’t come. Head into the woods in 5 minutes.” I walked towards the trees where Bryan had walked out of. I walked around with the light from my phone (this was before they had flashlight apps) and looked around for his clothes. I found his jeans as I dug in the pockets fumbling for his wallet. I found $300 something, placing that cash in my pockets where it truly belongs. I spit inside his wallet and placed it back in his pocket. I walked back to my condo building which actually happened to be across the road. I sent a text to his phone to meet me at my apartment, my young and less experienced mind thinking of how I can rock this faggot’s world in new ways. I thought of how he wanted to be whored about and remember him telling me about the various book stores he went to. At the time I knew of Steamworks downtown Chicago, but that was a bath house rather then a bookstore. [“They both have glory holes, but If I go in there they’ll see the hottest stud they’ve ever seen. It would be cruel to leave them high and dry with a perfect body like mine.”] Being only 20-21, my thought process was much different then it is today. I was still what some call a “twink” and it benefited me very much.

When I entered the world of findom I found myself picking up rather quickly. I knew what BDSM was before then and enjoyed engaging in it. There was no team viewer or anydesk at the time, let alone cashapp or venmo. Stepping out of the elevator as I got to my floor, I walked down the carpeted hallway carrying my skateboard in one hand. As I entered my apartment I got a text message from Bryan telling me he came when he found his empty wallet. “I’m still horny sir, can I come over?” I gave him my address as I threw in an 8-Track while looking for my bag of fun and dangerous things. I turned on my Mac Book, paid for dumb losers like those reading this right now. I set up my camera as I eventually heard the buzzer as I was surprised how quickly it took him to get here. I pressed the button to let him up as I felt a bit nervous myself, having not much experience in realtime meet ups. This experience is the moment as a findom that truly awoke the sadistic dominant I am today. I kept pondering in my head at how hot it was that I was turned on at the thought of using a willing loser for his cash. It was still a new feeling for me, the power trips becoming more addictive over time. It wasn’t long before I heard a knock as I took a deep breath. I walked towards the door quickly and this time Bryan was fully dressed with the hall light shining down on his young handsome face. Bryan appeared to be in his late 20s, about 6 feet tall with a muscular tone. His hair was black as death, shaggy hair stopped just above his blue eyes that glimmered with excitement.

Bryan quickly walked in while he looked around as he set his car keys on the counter. He stared at my posters and record shelves. “Oh Vintage I see?” He stopped and saw a photo of me and Danny. “He must be the lucky boyfriend. I’m so jealous of him.”  He turned around quickly changing back into sub mode. “Sir my bank account is loaded like a fat pussy. I’ve never done a in person session… but I’ll let you take control young sir.” I dug through my bag and pulled out a ball gag and a long whip. His eyes widened with excitement while growing inside his pants. “I want you to rob me sir, I don’t have any limits other then scat and blood… or anything that would send me to the hospital.” I smirked with my sadistic grin, making him even weaker as I stuck the ball gag in his mouth. While tying his hands together in front of him, I whispered in his ear that nobody even knows where he is. (“I want him to hurt me.. nobody even knows where I am… thats fucking hot!”) I looked at Bryan and proceeded to tie his ankles together, “Get on your fucking knees like the fucking bitch you are!” Before he tried to lower himself I punched him in the balls as I laughed, “Oh did that hurt? Its alright its not like you’ll ever need them anyway.” Bryan moaned in pleasure rather then groaning in pain, as pain and pleasure was nothing new to him. Bryan crawled on the floor like an inch worm as I randomly began whipping him like a horse to keep moving towards my bedroom. I grabbed my Mac as we slowly walked in my room. While crawling past me, he stopped to sniff my shoes through the fat tongues to my high tops. I whipped him hard again due to not asking, leaving his ass dark red as he started screaming.

I sat on my bed as I held my shoes up and told him to start sniffing inside the fat tongues to my Osiris. I slowly reached forward almost hurting my back as I dug in his pockets. I opened his wallet as I read his legal address out loud. He moaned with a “mpppphhh” as I pulled out his cards. A new sense of boldness filled my mind as I held his platinum card in my hands, staring at the numbers thinking of how I could rob this loser. I took out the ball gag as Bryan thanked me for hurting him. I opened my Mac as I demanded the email and password to paypal. “I’ve sent on paypal before sir but I’ve never given passwords away… but they say you only live once.” (“Oh fuck this is so dangerous, I have a feeling he’s gonna fuck my wallet the hardest its ever been used. Why am I doing this.. then again I said no limits. Obeying master and facing the abuse is what being a true faggot is all about.”) Bryan hesitated as he slowly gave me his email. “That’s my main email for everything sir including my work.” An evil idea creeped into my mind as I demanded the password to his email itself. “Oh sir thats so dangerous but it’s turning me on! Yes sir it’s ********.” I logged into his email and sure enough I saw many folders for important clients among his spending habits. I proceeded to change the password to his paypal for future reference. “Listen faggot this is MY paypal account now for my use, it just happens to have your name on it.” Entranced by the rush of being so vulnerable, Bryan told me the password to his myspace.

I entered his paypal as I laughed drunk on power, “I’m a fucking God, and you WILL pay your respects to a boy superior to you!” I told Bryan he would appreciate each ounce of abuse I inflicted. “I’ve already taken $100 just for the privilege of licking my left shoe. If you touch my other shoe, I’ll punish you and fuck you even harder.” Bryan began licking my left shoe as I laughed reading his myspace messages out loud. Bryan moaned, “Thank you for changing my paypal password sir. It’s Your paypal with just my name on it. You’re so smart sir and you’ll always be right.” Bryan moved over to my other shoe on purpose as I bragged about taking $300. “Now you’re gonna pay for the privilege of licking my other sneak.” He began licking as I took $200, double then what I had taken just for worshipping my first foot. “Sir I can smell your feet and socks through your shoes.” I snickered as I told him I wasn’t even wearing any socks. “No wonder they smell so good sir, they reak from riding your skateboard sir.” I instructed him to remove my shoes with teeth as I fucked him out of $300 to take off the first shoe and $400 for the second shoe. This was my first real time and I was already breaking my record of a major drain. I told Bryan how much I fucked him out of. (“He keeps raising the price of each privilege… and it doesn’t even bother me. Those random guys get so shy but he just keeps taking it with no mercy… I love this.”)

Now with my bare feet staring him right in the face, I proceeded to carry out my plans while letting the strong scent distract him. Now that he was weak and even more vulnerable, I removed his credit card and put it in my pocket. “Bryan this is MY credit card. Like your paypal, it belongs to me only it has your name on it.” Bryan nodded his head up and down as if he understood. There was no reluctance on his face, only the expression of lust and subspace. “I’m going to keep your credit card while you work for me.” Bryan’s erection was very noticeable as he was getting off on every moment. “I’m also going to take your state ID, as you still have your drivers license. I just need this for reference so I know your billing address.” Bryan shifted his knees on the carpet as he begged to bury his face in my feet, which were only inches from his face. Now that I had what I wanted, I told him to inhale deep and to listen to my next list of plans. “We’re gonna drive out to the closest truck stop which is also a major cruising spot. You’re gonna offer to suck dick for cash as I take every profit.” Bryan groaned at the idea with mixed emotions in his eyes. “I am already loaded sir you can take as much as your want.” I shook my head, “you’re a fucking slut, and whoring you for profit would amuse me as entertainment. It’s been a fantasy of yours and I don’t give a fuck what’s in your bank account right now. All that matters is obeying me and following my orders that please me in anyway I want.” Bryan told me how he had his suit, tie, and brief case in is car. “A well dressed business man would attract many truckers sir.”


As we approached the truck stop I reminded Bryan I would be playing on my DS while he went to work. As he walked away I put on dubstep as I pulled an ecstasy tablet and chewed on it. I realized I had a few extra… and the idea of intoxicating a slave crossed my mind for the first time. I called back to him and placed one in his mouth. “What are you drugging me with sir? I’ve been drugged before but not with this type of control.” I told him to shut the fuck up and experience the bliss of being a cum seeking slut. I handed him a bottled water and told him to drink it as he turned away. Bryan walked deep behind the gas station into the darkness until he was out of my sight. Bryan walked near the back where there must have been over 70 or more parked semi trucks.  As Bryan looked around he waited for signs of horny truckers willing to pay for blowjobs and holes to dump their loads in. He eventually was motioned by a trucker standing outside his truck sniffing poppers. (“Oh good I forgot mine, perhaps he will share with me.”) The man payed Bryan $30 just to cum in his ass. Each truck he climbed into Bryan just obeyed everything he was told to do. One drunk trucker slapped him around and called him a faggot whore. Bryan laid in the back cab as he could feel the truck move up and down. (“I don’t even know his name and he’s beating me while tearing up my ass…this is the most humiliating thing I’ve ever done!”) Bryan recalled one man who hadn’t showered in days, while the man offered him $20 to swallow his load.  Hours passed as Bryan had taken several loads up his ass and down his throat. His butt was sore but all that mattered in his mind was letting everything play out and appeasing me. He walked back to the car at one point to present to me $280 dollars. “Did I do well sir?” I spit in his face, “What a fucking loser taking all those raw loads up your ass and not using protection. Are you a fucking slut? Are you a fucking idiot?!” He lowered his head as he slowly muttered, “Yes I’m a fucking idiot sir, after all I gave you those passwords and let you keep that credit card.” I told Bryan there was still a few hours until the book store opened and to continue doing what he was made to do. “You’re a faggot who takes dick up his ass, now make use of it to please your master. I don’t give a fuck what happens to an idiot like yourself!” He bowed his head and turned back around. “Yes Sir.”

As Bryan walked back out of sight again, I took MY credit card and pulled out 2 sets of $200 inside the gas station ATM, not caring about the fees. The sun had not yet risen as Bryan stepped back into the darkness. Almost every trucker was asleep and all their lights were out. (“How am I going to please master, he’s expecting me to keep working for his benefit.” The ecstasy was finally kicking in as his thoughts became more twisted then before. (“He really is taking advantage of me, and I don’t want him to stop.” Eventually he started knocking on the same doors as many shut the door in his face and told him to get the fuck out of here. One trucker asked what he wanted as Bryan offered he would get fucked for $10 instead of 50, so the man took the offer. (“This is so degrading I’m letting guys dump multiple raw loads in my butt for next to nothing.” The trucker told him to get the fuck out after he was done, leaving Bryan to continue knocking on doors. Bryan was beginning to find this very arousing after all. Bryan adjusted his tie and tried to straiten his jacket which was soaked with cum stains and lube.  (“I’ll never wear this to another court case again!”)  Bryan then began thinking of wanting me to drain his bank account…. rather then only whoring himself out. The new waves of bringing himself into being a true loser was also making him act on his newly discovered instincts. He had such good practice at glory holes, and now was the time to put those skills to the test.

He met a new trucker who used crisco to fuck and told Bryan he would pay him $100 if he would do anything he wanted. (“Master will be so pleased”) He entered the back of the cab as the trucker grabbed him by the throat and stuffed socks in his mouth. The purpose of it was so he didn’t scream. Bryan recalled to me the piercing sadistic trucker’s voice, “You’re a cute little faggot, dressed in a a business suit. What are you… doctor, insurance sales man?” Bryan shoot his head, “What a lawyer?” Bryan nodded his head. “And you’re out here whoring yourself out, you must be a druggie because your eyes are huge.” The man pulled down his dress pants as they had been removed several times during the night. He stuffed his cock in and plowed away as all Bryan could think about was that he had finally discovered what being a whore was all about. (“I love being a whore for master.”) The man grabbed some crisco and put on a glove as Bryan’s eyes widened. “Oh boy I’d love to fist a hot young piece of ass like yourself.. Here I’ll give you another $50.” Bryan was bringing himself lower then a whore, and it just made him hornier. Then again, he had been intoxicated by me and wasn’t thinking clearly. The trucker ended up fisting Bryan as he laid back with his jacket and tie a total mess and cover in many stains. Bryan was so desensitized by the drug and the mindset of subspace that he didn’t care that half the man’s arm was inside him. After the trucker shot his load he tossed Bryan another 50. He was whoring himself out to make only a little cash knowing it was amusing me. Making me happy itself made his dick hard, driving his instincts of a dumb loser that does reckless things. He walked back happy he had made more the second time… mostly from one man. While Bryan was off being a disgusting slut, I did research to make sure there would be a hot spot around the adult store. My creative mind was spinning on how to incorporate getting used at a glory hole where he loved taking dick the most. Bryan was out getting his hole torn up already, so it was already primed for anyone to enter him with ease.

Bryan eventually came back to the car an hour later, proudly handing me MY earnings and coming back with a higher amount. “I’m sorry It couldn’t be more sir, but I did my best.” I laughed as I told him i didn’t care what the amount was, I just wanted to control a loser purely for entertainment. I waved my own wallet with the credit card with his name on it. “MY Credit Card, not yours. I’ll be driving this car, you’re too intoxicated to be making decisions right now anyway.” I was slowly and subconsciously manipulating him into losing control and fulfill the fantasy of losing it all. It was already 7AM as I told Bryan to take another ecstasy tablet as the sun was starting to rise. He sat in the passenger seat as I took off my shoes once again, resting my bare size 12s on his face. They were more sweaty then usual after riding my board all day with no socks, on top of being sweaty from partying in his car for hours. Bryan’s eyes went wide like a boy eating sweet chocolate for the first time. His moans were that of walking into an Air Conditioned house after coming from a hot blazing sun. While Bryan was entranced by the scent a younger boy God, I demanded he will give me anything and everything I want. Bryan responded with “I want my bank account fucked now sir, I want it fucked hard!!” I was getting horny hearing him in such a submissive tone that I asked, “How much is in your fucking bank account. I know private lawyers make good pay.” Bryan uttered, “May I have permission to inhale my poppers sir?” I kicked him in the face as he yelped, “Thank you for kicking me sir.” I nodded my head as he fumbled in the back seat for his poppers, which he had last used before he even came to my house.

He turned to me and inhaled deeply for what seemed like minutes as my feet were pressed against his forehead. “Sir I have expensive taste so I do spend a lot of money, but there is like… (“why am I telling him this.. am I really that stupid?”) 9 grand or something like that.” (“Wow I am That stupid.”) He set his poppers down and put his face back into my feet. “Thank you for asking about my bank account sir, I want to get fucked over so bad.” I laughed as I had logged into his email via my phone and changed the password. With the second ecstasy tablet hitting him hard I continued to weaken him. “And you’re going to go pull everything out. We are driving to your bank right now and doing the largest cash withdrawal of your life. And then you can place it in your briefcase as you open your cash cunt for business.” Bryan began licking my soles, “What If I don’t go pull it out sir, I mean you can’t force me to walk in.” I showed him his emails on my phone, “Oh but you will, because i have access to all your clients.” I snapped a photo of his cum stained jacket with my feet in his face. Bryan gasped as he realized how far this was going. “Oh sir you’re blackmailing me…” He began rubbing his crotch as he was getting rock hard that I was threatening him. I asked how it made him feel knowing I was blackmailing him. “Its turning me on sir, I’ve wanted to be blackmailed for so long!!” I grabbed Bryan by his tie making him choke as I forced his nose inside my right armpit. “Fuck they smell so strong sir!!” I laughed reminding him he couldn’t get back into his myspace, Facebook, or anything else until he got the password to his main email back. “There is no “Forgot my Password” Bryan, when IM the one who owns the recovery email.” Bryan kept sniffing as I continued to break him down even further. With his head in my right arm pit, I started the car and began to drive into the sunrise.

Before entering the Chase Bank, Bryan put on another Jacket and tie that he had in the backseat. “Sir you have permission to go through my things, find more things to black mail me with.” I decided to make him get out of the car. “Bryan I want you to BEG me to blackmail you. I want to hear you beg like a fucking dog.” Out in broad day light, he got out into the parking lot and got on his knees. “I’m begging you to please blackmail me sir, I beg you. It would be the greatest honor to be blackmailed and fucked over by you sir.” I told him to get up and head inside. I found it very convenient that we had the same bank, so I waited in the car as I reminded him to bring me a receipt of his new balance. While he was in the bank I started going through his papers that were dumped out of his case for personal entertainment. Bryan sure had a lot of clients that he wouldn’t want to lose if he didn’t obey me. While I was going through papers, Bryan was struggling not to grab his dick in public, because the whole scenario had him more sexually turned on then he had been his entire life. He pulled out EVERYTHING, bringing me a receipt with a balance of $0, ZERO. He got back inside the passenger car as he handed me his briefcase. “Don’t worry I put your important papers in a neat pile in the backseat. Put all that cash in here.” (“I can’t believe this is happening, he’s robbing me.”) “Not all of it Bryan, consider 2 thousand a GIFT from me.” I left the car and told Bryan not to do anything stupid as I took his phone and waved mine with his myspace messages open. I put the 7 Grand in the brief case as I was carrying a lot of cash. I deposited 7k Into my own account since we had the same bank, fully completing the largest cash drain up until that point. I didn’t want to stop abusing Bryan, because I was having so much fun. Next stop would be the bookstore, I told myself as I walked back to the car. I wanted him stooping so low, just because it was turning me on to see him sink lower then pathetic.

I came back and with the empty briefcase and told him to keep the receipt of $0 in his wallet.. “I want you jerking off to that later.” Bryan took a sip of water and inhaled in each nostril right in the parking lot. I handed him the empty briefcase to put the other 2 grand inside. “Thank you for the gift master, but I want to lose all of it.” I told him not to question me as I told him that the bookstore was now open. I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot as Bryan spoke, “I’m starting to have normal thoughts sir, that bothers me.” I pulled out a strip of Acid that I kept in my wallet, placing it in his mouth. “What is this Master?” I told him it was acid and would make him trip “balls.” “I’ve heard of LSD before sir, I heard it’s supposed to last like 8-12 hours.” With a laugh I told Bryan he was indeed correct. As we drove towards the book store I mentioned to Bryan, “Hide that briefcase under your suit, make sure its buttoned up fully. Try to act normal and have your drivers license in your hand before we even enter the store.” Bryan inhaled his poppers waiting for the acid to kick in. It wasn’t long before we arrived as Bryan started talking about how the windshield was dancing because it was enjoying the music. “The sky keeps changing colors sir, oh now I can see every color!” Bryan tried to walk normally with the briefcase under his suit while stepping out of the car. “I love you sir, I LOVE YOU. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you drugging and taking advantage of me. It’s the sweetest thing any man has ever done, whoring me out and robbing me. This is how faggots get fucked by real men rather then taking cock.” His drugged out mind was going everywhere I wanted it to be.

Bryan walked side to side as we entered the building. “There are doors on the ceiling sir and there are clocks on each one.” He whispered in my ear about his hallucinations as I told him to shut up. We walked in as an obviously gay man was at the counter organizing DVDs that had been rented. His warm smile greeted me as Bryan tried acting normal. He was obviously checking me out and to be honest I couldn’t really blame him. “Oh don’t worry about him he’s nervous and has never been to one of these before,” I lied. I gave him Bryans ID taking it from his hand along with my ID. The nice blonde man waved and said feel free to look around. Bryan walked towards the DVD section with his back away from us as I bought a large dildo, as I needed it for what I had in mind. The man at the counter paid no attention to Bryan, as I flirted with him as a distraction since Brian’s suit was bulging. Bringing in any kind of bag would obviously not be allowed in the store. I gave the man a fake number and walked back towards Bryan and pulled on his jacket. We headed towards the back of the store as we saw a small pair of steps. Walking up the steps we heard moaning, slurping noises, and sounds of sex coming from various TV screens behind the booths. There were about 10 of them and only two were open, which me and Bryan entered together. Bryan was finally happy to take out the briefcase after holding it for so long. I partially pulled down his pants as I sat on the chair and pulled out a tiny rope from my pocket that I had brought with. I honestly didn’t think I would use it that night but now it was going to be useful in hurting him. Without a word I tied one end to his balls like a leash as I held the other end. “Thank you for controlling and whoring me out sir… fuck that hurts but the pain feels so good.” (“I have no clue what he’s gonna do to me but I don’t care, I love him using me.”) There was an old man in the next cubicle and the other vacant door on the other side. He told me not to worry as all kinds of horny fags come in and out throughout the day.

I made sure to lock the door, as I didn’t want anybody coming in. “I want you to take off your dress pants down fully, so you look fucking hot to every man who’s load you are going to swallow, or take up your ass.” Bryan struggled to get his pants off as I had to help him eventually due to being drugged out of his mind. “The holes in the walls are multiplying sir, you will have to help me find the right ones.” I pulled Bryan by the hair as I put two fingers through the hole. Sure enough out came a shriveled dick as I forced his mouth on it to start slurping. Bryan went to town on this man’s cock as I whispered in his ear. “There is going to be a fag tax for every load you take, do you understand cum slut?” Bryan moaned as the cock through the hole rammed his throat to where Bryan’s nose was hitting the wall. Eventually the man groaned loudly on the other side of the wall, as cum began to dribble down the side of Bryan’s mouth. The man quickly pulled away, zipped his pants and walked out. As he left another guy took a chair in the empty cubicle on the other side. I opened his briefcase as I took $200, as Bryan thanked me for taking his cash. “It was never mine to begin with sir, the true gift from you is getting fucked over.” A younger guy not much older then me and took one look at Bryan and waved his hand, “not interested.” I lubed up the dildo as I heard the sound of money going into the guys machine. I pulled out my phone as I had already entered Bryan’s credit card on my old Amazon account. I also kept his paypal open on my phone to rob him freely. I whispered in his ear that he was just going to keep getting fucked harder. “Max my credit card sir.. my limit is 15 grand.”

I pushed the dildo up Bryan’s ass whispering further, “you may as well get fucked while you’re getting fucked over.” Bryan moaned as he put his fingers through the hole to the boy that had already rejected him. “I told you I am not interested.” I told Bryan quietly to offer him his cash cunt. Bryan spoke quietly through the hole. “I’ll pay you sir, is $100 enough?” The boy turned his head, finally interested as he stood up and held his hand through the hole. Bryan reached into the open briefcase despite his hallucinations. He pulled out $300 without thinking as he handed it over. (“It feels amazing loosing my cash, this is hotter then having a hung cock slam my ass.”) Bryan sucked on the guy’s cock like it was the last day of his life. Bryan bounced on the dildo in the tiny cubicle while sucking this boy’s dick, going to levels of depravity he’s never experienced. I started shopping on Amazon as I bought expensive sound systems for my condo among a new Mac Book. I whispered to Bryan I was already running up MY credit card. As the boy shot his load I reached in and took another $200. The boy didn’t even say thank you but a simple, “what a fucking loser.” Bryan called out loud “Thank You Sir,” but we already heard his footsteps walking away. Bryan looked at the briefcase and couldn’t tell how much was left. He started bouncing on the dildo again as I told him what I was buying and how soon he would be maxed out. “Soon I’m going to be broke sir. Can you take another fag tax, I deserve to be taken advantage of sir.” I took another $200 and reminded him he still needed to whore out that cash cunt. “I want you to get fucked over by not just me, but other losers like yourself.”

He waited anxiously for someone else to come around as I told him I sent myself a gift card of $500. This just made Bryan start riding the dildo harder as I tugged on his balls with the thin rope. “Ahhhh that hurts sir. Thank you for hurting me sir. Max my credit card.. I’m begging you to max my credit card the way I begged you to blackmail me.” Bryan was getting cash fucked while riding a dildo in a tiny cubicle surrounded by two glory holes. He was a fucking faggot cum slut and he was right where he needed to be. “All those guys that walk in and fuck you.. in your ass. They are nothing compared to my cock destroying your wallet inside here now.” I laughed quietly letting Bryan know that in the last 14 hours, he had been fucked out of almost 13 Grand. “May I have permission to jerk off sir? You’re fucking my cash cunt so hard I need to cum feeling your power inside me.” Bryan stopped talking as we heard foot steps and soon a booth being taken next to us.  My dumb loser kept riding the dildo as he inhaled for a good minute, begging if he could have permission to suck more cock just so I can keep fucking him harder deep in his wallet. “I can feel your cash cock drilling inside me and it feels amazing sir. You know how to fuck a faggot like a real man.” Bryan didn’t even need to put his fingers through the hole, a huge cock stuck out of one hole as more foot steps approached. Bryan dove on that cock like a fly on a lollipop.

I whispered in Bryan’s ear to beg the stranger to take his cash. Bryan did exactly as I told him, once i started tugging at his balls with the leash making him yelp. Bryan’s quiet voice was almost drowned out by the slamming of the cubicle on the other side. “May I please pay to suck your cock sir.” The man whispered through the hole, “you don’t need to pay me, you suck good cock.” Bryan sniffed his poppers and gained more courage, “It turns me on to lose my cash sir.” And with that Bryan grabbed $200 and dumped the dollar bills through the hole. “May I suck your cock again sir.” The man stuck his cock back in as I heard him mutter,” wow 200 strange but ok!” Slurping on the man’s cock, Bryan placed another $100 through the hole under the man’s balls. (“I just love slipping that cash inside, and losing it to a stranger. Master is right this is so humiliating to act out like an idiot.”) The man must have been turned on by this, as he demanded another $100 to swallow his load. Bryan didn’t hesitate as he was starting to go broke, but that is what he needed. He needed to be broke and left worthless. I grabbed another $200 for another fag tax just for taking another load. The man grabbed the top of the cubicle and groaned loudly as Bryan attempted to swallow every last drop. The man on the other side already had his dick poking out and waiting for his turn. The man on the other side must have heard everything. It was a tall black man who smelled disgusting, then again Bryan was a disgusting faggot.

As the other man left the cubicle, the black guy demanded $500 just to take his huge cock. Bryan realized he didn’t have enough for that and the fag tax, so I handed Bryan what he needed for the pure humiliation of seeing him sink so low. I sat on the chair placing my bare feet in Bryans face as he was bent over waiting to take bare cock. I heard the black guy muttering something about calling his drug dealer. Grinding my bare feet in Bryan’s face I laughed, “how does it feel being robbed by a black druggie? Your cash is going towards another loser like yourself.” Bryan started panting as he felt his hole being invaded by the largest dick he had ever taken. Thankfully his hole was already loose due to being fisted hours ago. Bryan pushed his ass up so that his bare ass was touching the cold wall. The man had stuck his balls and cock fully through, leaving Bryan to do all the work. Bryan started moving his ass up against the large cock that robbed him just moments ago. (“He’s whoring me out even my cash cunt. I truly am a loser.”) As Bryan was taking that cock I finally let Bryan see my own cock. “That’s the dick thats fucking you over Bryan, too bad you can never have it. But you get to feel it deep inside that wallet of yours.” Bryan moaned as he slammed his ass checks against the cold wall, making the hung black man moan louder then the other guys. “Fucking bitch take my cock,” the man said on the other side of the wall.

I looked Bryan directly at his eyes while slipping him another hit of ecstasy. “Thank you for continuing to drug me sir… I think I need to tell you about my savings account.” Bryan started jerking off as I told him the briefcase was now empty and that I had run through more then half of his credit limit. Bryan was moaning so loudly getting both of his holes fucked, his ass and cash cunt. “I want you to screw my savings account sir, I want your name on my bank account!!” Bryan was carelessly saying this out loud not even caring anymore. Bryan was fucked up in the head and now he was embracing it. All it took for Bryan to discover himself was me manipulating and fucking him over. The black guy came inside of Bryan’s ass, pulling out quickly and leaving without a word. As Bryan stood back up again cum was dripping out of his ass, “I’m now a true whore sir, I’ve taken so many loads in half a day and have been robbed ruthlessly.” I laughed at Bryan for his stupidity. “Look you fucking idiot, I own you and always will. You are to go to work just for me just so I can keep screwing you. You know what true fucking is now, and you’re gonna keep giving me that cunt as those urges become daily.” (“Fuck thats so hot, I want to work just for his benefit.”) Bryan jerked off faster putting his nose right between my long toes where most of my scent was. I grabbed him by his tie again and forced his head under my pits. He moaned about how bad they smelled but never stopped jerking off. I asked how much was in his savings. “My savings is loaded… with more cash then what was in my bank account… I want you to keep fucking the shit out of me… I want.. your name on my bank account. I want to share my passwords so you have.. access at all times… “ Bryan’s voice cried in lust as his voice was muffled under my armpit. I squeezed his head in a headlock position. “You’re a human ATM, a walking pussy for real men to fuck as they want. You lost thousands of dollars on top of whoring yourself out to random strangers!! You’re a loser and don’t even know what their status is. You’re so fucking reckless I think it IS a good idea to put my name on your bank account. I’ll be managing your finances and paying your bills while you keep worki—— “ My voice was cut off as Bryan shot the biggest load all over the cold tiled floor. He spewed all over himself as he cried how much he loved me.

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