Fucked Over At The Office

This is one of my CRAZIEST memories in my 10-11 years as a BDSM Dom. This is the shit you read about in a nifty story. (I’ve led one crazy life..) . Wanted to write about this ages ago but there was so much shit that happened.. and I didn’t feel a need to break this into another sequel. Enjoy. All incidents that occurred without my presence were told to me by those involved.


John was a general old Joe’ in town, working as an accountant with decent pay but with no true goals in life. He didn’t see himself as lonely or depressed by any means. He was easily amused by the most simple of things, the perfect candidate for being a human drone. Someone could tell John to do something for them, and he would find amusement in just having something to do. He liked having anything to do, as any purpose in his brain was wired to feeling alive and useful. The day Pokemon Go came out, he started playing with everyone else despite his age. Everyone at the office was playing with their family or on their own, so he was out playing as well. Where there was a Pokestop or a gym to be taken over, he would run with everyone else including strangers he didn’t know. A young adult could scream “There’s a Charmander!” and he would come running for attention even though he didn’t know what A Charmander even looked like. At the office John was nice to everyone, always going out of his way to provide refreshments just to be noticed and appreciated. He’d stop at the Dunkin’ Donuts every morning just to make those refreshments happen. He was always at work early just to make the first pot of coffee along with setting up the creme and sugar. Being the nice man in the office he would go out of his way to bring cups to all the other accountants and office assistants including the ladies. He was treated with thank you’s, but the greatest reward were back handed compliments from his Boss, Mr. Scott. John was an open homosexual and it was modern times there in New York.

John was truly a boring 37 year old man, which is why he always seemed to follow the crowd his entire life. No bright ideas of his own, however he had a sweet personality yet gullible nonetheless.  His black hair was like midnight sky, pale eyes of hazel, average weight, no taller then 5’11. He would come to work wearing flashy ties many times pride related or some obnoxious pink shit with sparkles. He wore the same styled khaki pants every day, flattened and ironed every morning being the spiffed up faggot he was. His shoes were always some fancy lavish brand, Parada being his favorite. You can understand what kind of homosexual John is, carefully doing his hair every morning in case someone thought he may be attractive, which was rare. Sometimes in the mirror as he would get ready he would think to himself, “One of these days someone is going to notice me, I just know it. Or am I a boring loser? If I keep pleasing everyone eventually I will, yes I know I will.” John Was always ahead of his work, proud of his accompaniments and never hesitating to take extra work from someone else just to be nice. Many times others would take advantage of his kindness and just dump files on his desk to be done. He would stay at the office much later knowing that most people wouldn’t be putting up with this. He often pondered why he went out of his way to please others. He could never come up with an answer but knew that doing so made him happy feeling complete. Outside the office, his life was pretty boring. His life consisted of coming home to his trashed apartment eating cheap frozen foods, jerking off to porn, Candy Crush, Minecraft and old reruns of The Sopranos and shit on TV Land. Literally, thats all. His house wasn’t anything a travesty, but it certainly wasn’t presentable for your average guest.  But lately, he found something far more interesting then the stack of Porn DVDs he keeps in his closet.

For 3 years John had been playing with financial domination and was getting quite addicted.  He wouldn’t spend crazy amounts despite making a good income, as this was all so new to him. He was looking though cam sites for years and would jerk off to men’s feet while they called him simple names. As the years went on John would find himself thinking, (Am I that pathetic that I get hard when these boys get greedy over my money? There must be something wrong with me. It doesn’t bother me that something is wrong in my mind though, this feels so good being taken advantage of.”) After some time boys would ask him to buy gifts on their Amazon Wishlists, which he rarely hesitated to do. He was hoarding his paychecks and not really spending his money other then occasional fashion and Poppers. Spending money on guys giving him attention while being used was becoming second nature. He would open his bottle and start sniffing non stop as he would browse through profiles while rubbing the front of his pants. He’d tell himself this was so fucked up but feels so right. He eventually found me on a cam site that I used a decade ago, and the odds of him finding me were next to impossible. My old account was still there, password exactly how I left it. I happened to be on at the right time, as it was my only time logging in after 6-8 years. (My memory isn’t what it used to be.) I was on open cam realizing everybody from ages ago was no longer in the network. I was about to sign off after a few hours when he messaged me then took me “private.” He asked me what I thought about poppers and If I knew how to intox a faggot. I tried to get him to message me elsewhere but he was stubborn on paying on that site only. As we began having intense popper sessions, he began sending me tributes on paypal as well. We got closer as time went buy as he eventually told me, “I could just pay you on paypal but its so much hotter being charged at so much a minute while still paying you more. Is it wrong that it turns me on so much sir?”

I told him to inhale 10 seconds in each nostril, as I was ready to begin digging in his brain deeper then before. “Its necessary if you want to be a true cash pig, and embrace who and what you’ve always been.” He would always agree with me and as time went on, and as time went by I was the only person he talked to. One night he was done working late and decided it would be a rush to get used right in the office. The office was dark as everyone had left to go home, leaving John alone to himself. He paid to take me “private” and had his paypal open. I logged in on this site (that will not be named) just for him and nobody else as I hate the way that site is run these days. Normally I Cam through Skype but not this time, not with John. “Sir I’m becoming so depraved that I’m acting out like the dumb faggot you say I am.” I smiled at the screen as I saw his eyes dazed as he sat in the open cubicle. He pulled out a bottle of poppers and quickly unscrewed the top as I heard the familiar sound through his microphone. “You make me think and do crazy things I’ve never thought of before sir. Last week you made me lick my own toilet seat. It was so disgusting but felt so right making you happy. It’s like you can read minds sir, I enjoy talking to you more then those other guys online. This is so addictive Master! Much more fun then the boring things I’m used to doing. It’s not like I buy too many things anyway other then clothes sir.” Looking at the corner of his screen I thought I saw a figure, perhaps it was a trick of the light, or so I thought. I paid little attention as John inhaled again and kept on.

“Sir I think when guys tell me what to do, it makes me feel useful. For some reason it also turns me on. Am I messed up in the head sir? My boss is really hot, much younger then me being only 28. He’s made homophobic jokes and for some reason his voice gets me hard and excited.” *Sniff* “I also have this dark secret sir. Maybe I’m drawn to you because of not just your mind, but the fact that you skateboard. I have tons of porn DVDs and files from torrents of fake skater porn. You can tell they are all actors sir. I drive by skateparks sometimes, when I’m feeling bored. Sometimes even I park my car and watch the boys skateboarding with their shirts off… I pretend to read a book or play on my phone. Ever since I’ve been getting cash fucked I’ve been doing it 3 times a week, wishing they could rob me. Isn’t that messed up sir? I just can’t help myself feeling more fucked up even further.” I told him to follow my feet on the screen. “I was boarding in these all week, wearing the same pair of socks for 5 days. You can start by inhaling and telling me more about yourself so I can take advantage of you. Surrender your mind to me like the disgusting faggot you are.” *Sniff* “Yes I’m a depraved faggot sir, I’m a disgusting loser.” John sent me a tribute of $75 on paypal, while he was being charged $3 per minute as the cam kept running. “Each time you sniff and hit send, you realize the best way you can be useful is spreading your legs and getting fucked in your wallet.” His eyes were entranced, staring at the holes in my socks as I saw his eyes dart back and forth, eyes filled with lust. I laughed with a sadistic tone in my voice, “I want to know your routing number and your checking account number, it would be hot to stare inside that cash cunt of yours, especially while I’m fucking it. You can’t get laid despite fixing yourself up every morning because you’re a fucking loser! But here you are at work letting your mind go and getting fucked right where a dumb loser feels the most pleasure. Your Gspot is right in your bank account.” Something in my voice and words sparked wires in his brain like programing a robot that just obeyed without any delay. Without hesitation he opened his phone and his bank account app. He read all numbers back to me, with a quick “Fuck I just gave you checking account number!” His voice filled the office, his voice blaring through my speakers as he realized what he had just done.

“But I trust you sir, I want to trust you with all my cash and my entire life. I’m a cash faggot sir and I’m proud of it!” Suddenly that figure came closer into view as I realized someone was there with him. The lights were out, John assuming he was the only one still there. Out into view came Mr. Scott, who I will admit wasn’t bad looking himself. As he came into the light of the computer screen he was indeed very tall. His face was fully shaven, shaggy brown hair that went down to his eyes like Ringo Starr from 1964 on the David Letterman Show. He wore in a grey suit with a Red Tie looking even more like Ringo. He was looking rather angry yet amused. The temples on his forehead began to scrunch up as his eyes looked like that of a mad man. His eyes glared at John sitting in the chair standing above his employee looking like a Deer in headlights. Like the depraved faggot he was becoming, the sick thought passed in his mind “he’s so much more powerful then me”  rather then the fear of being fired like a normal person would. Mr Scott’s voice let out a low whisper, “John… what are you doing?” John adjusted his tie rather nervously, with a look of fear and excitement.. He didn’t know quite what to say, as he had never felt so humiliated in his life. He stared back at Mr. Scott to reply with the sick morbid thought in his head, (“Why is being humiliated by Mr.Scott turn me on? There is something wrong with me… but.. I like it…”) But what came out of John’s mouth was a simple.. “What Sir?” For the first time in his life John had addressed him as Sir, rather then Boss or Mr. Scott. Scott’s Face had a mixture of humor as he let out a goofy grin then went back to a frustrated expression. He then  slammed his fist on the desk, causing the camera to bounce around. The vibrations and force of his fist was enough to knock a stapler and a stack of pens on the floor. His voice bellowed demanding an actual response, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” John’s only response was, “How long have you been here Sir?” I could hear the tapping of Mr. Scotts shoes on the thin carpet, “The second you turned on the computer. I’ve been listening the entire time. Dude you’re a Cash Faggot? I knew you were a fag but this really blows my mind. Yes I have some kinks myself but this is totally not normal. My cousin does that on twitter, I know what cash rape is. Financial domination shit IN MY FUCKING OFFICE?! What were you thinking? I Could fire your faggot ass for this! You do this shit in the privacy of your own home.”

John’s next reply was, “I understand what I did wrong boss but you don’t have to call me a faggot.” His boss got angry and flipped over another chair out of frustration. “Look John I heard EVERYTHING. You think I’m Hot huh?  You seriously gave this guy your checking account number?” Mr. Scott’s emotion of anger turned to a wave of power and sadistic humor in a bullying manner. “How much of your paycheck do you spend on this shit? The fact that I’m Making FUN of you is turning you on what the fuck! How much you spend on this shit, you know, those checks I hand you every two weeks! Y You’re not fired. But I want you in my office first thing in the morning.” Mr. Scott left out the main door, telling John to leave his fag shit at home and away from work. John didn’t seem to care that much of his money had been drained out of him every minute this went on. Not wanting him to feel shame or regret I resumed with, “Sniff your poppers in each nostril for 10 seconds each. Tell me what you’re feeling as you do.” I knew the poppers had worn off, and I didn’t want the answer from a rational thinking homosexual. I wanted an answer from a gullible dumb faggot that pleases men the way they should. “Sir I almost got fired… I.. I…” I told him to inhale again, taking off my socks while my bare feet filled the screen as I told him to add more “credits” to his account. “OMG sir your feet are so big. Size 12 is really big… I feel strange and weak sir. I should be packing my shit and leaving and yet I want you to keep robbing me.” He sent me another $75 via paypal as he took off his tie as the poppers were making him feel warm. As he removed his suit he muttered, “you’re right sir I’m fucked up in the head. I enjoyed giving you my checking account number. I wanna spread my legs like you said and open up more.” This was everything I wanted to hear, with John being one of THE dumbest faggots I’ve fucked over. Getting in his head was so easy and swift it was like fast forwarding a Cassette to the song you wanted to hear. I was going to rewire this loser’s brain to my benefit, changing his thought patterns into that of a true dumb loser that keeps giving just to make me even more powerful then him.

I then removed my shirt, making John even weaker as his eyes watered with lust as be began undoing his belt by habit while grabbing the bottle. “May I inhale more sir? Make me do stupid things sir. I beg you to make me act out on reckless behavior that could fuck me over!” I instructed him to open Team Viewer on his laptop which he had for work, telling him that this would be the next best step. “Inhale for another 5 seconds in each and remove all your clothes. I want you butt naked in that chair inhaling and discovering what being a dumb faggot feels like.” He removed his clothes rather quickly, “this is so dangerous sir Mr. Scott could walk back in at any moment and fire me for this. But being a dumb faggot who does dangerous things turns me on sir, so I will continue to do as you tell me because I’m that stupid.” I looked inside his Mac Book Pro as I logged into his computer via TV. As he inhaled once more I told him to start jerking off and give me the password to his iCloud as I peer inside to see all his saved passwords. “Sir that sounds extremely dangerous, I would never do that with anyone else. But you make it so easy by making me feel so comfortable in being destroyed because of how you’re manipulating me.” I waved my feet and asked how he felt about doing something even more dangerous. *Sniff* “It makes my faggot dick hard sir, like I want to do it. You’re telling me to do something, so I’m going to do it without question. Because that’s what a true dumb faggot does sir. It just sniffs his poppers and obeys.” He gave me his iCloud password as I began screenshotting everything even passwords to things that didn’t really matter to me. I then logged into his Bank Of America account which had the password saved. “Sir this is very scary to me. I’m terrified but master knows what he’s doing and knows what’s best.” I smirked knowing how weak it made him, “Of course I know what’s best, you’re too much of a fucking idiot to know what to do. That’s why I’m taking control of you.”

I opened paypal sending myself $500. I went back to the other tab, refreshing the page and showing the difference. John gasped but started stroking once I did that. “Sir I’ve never spent more then $200 on you or anyone else.” I Proceeded into paypal once he started jerking off faster and took another $200. “How does it make you feel as I just take your cash ruthlessly without saying a fucking word not giving a shit about you?” My words flowed like soothing ocean sounds into his brains, driving his fucked up head into deeper subspace. “Sir make me do something even more stupid. Please. I’m begging you to make me do something stupid so you can trap me into doing this forever. Yes! I want you to keep fucking me over till I die sir. This feels amazing. Can you please take more?” He leaned back in his office chair not caring what could happen at this point as I had his mindset in a whole other world. I told him to turn around and shoot his load and repeat after me, “I’m a dumb faggot who likes to sniff poppers and jerk his cash away.” The chair started squeaking as he rocked back and forth muttering “I’m a dumb faggot who sniffs poppers and jerks his cash away, I’m a dumb faggot who sniffs poppers and jerks his cash away.” As he was turned around I started taking his cash in $500’s, seeing that he was fully loaded. He must have heard the phone going off with paypal notifications for receipts. I could tell he was close to coming, “You’re one dumb faggot John. I’m robbing you blind and you don’t even care, just like not caring about your boss calling you a faggot!” This sent him over the edge as he spun back around to show me shooting his load all over. “I’m a dumb faggot who jerks his cash away, I love when you just take it sir, You’re literally robbing me!” The flapping sounds got louder. “It makes me feel like an even bigger loser, more of.. of.. a fucking iddddiotttt….. ahhhhhhhh!!!”

The next morning Mr Scott was waiting in his office before anyone else got there. As soon as he entered the office Mr. Scott taped his pen on the desk. “Where’s my fucking coffee faggot?” This was unexpected and rather then feeling hurt, his clit began to grow in his pants. John tried not to adjust as the thoughts spun in his head, (“I love when he calls me a faggot! I almost wanna do whatever so he will keep calling me that. Damn I’m fucked up.”) Scott snapped John out of his daydreaming and put his shoes up on the desk, “WELL? You do this shit every morning and you’re gonna continue doing it. My secretary enjoys not having to do the things a willing faggot will do. She has more time to do other things even though she’s paid for it and you’re not. That probably turns you on you fucked up faggot. Go make me my fucking coffee and remember you’re lucky I don’t fire your ass.” John went over to make the first pot of coffee like every morning wondering why he hadn’t already. His mind was focused on Mr. Scott, as he was to be in his office first thing the next morning. As the coffee began brewing more depraved thoughts were swimming in his head. (“I Wish he would keep my raises just to go to his own pocket.. yes that would be so hot.”) Mr. Scott was waiting as he finally had his coffee and began to stir with his dress shoes still up on the desk. “Now lets get down to business. I have a cousin in California who needs more cash fags. You serve him and you keep your job. I’m gonna tell him what you make and you won’t say a fucking thing. I watched the cameras last night and saw you jerking off naked AFTER I told you to leave. I have it all recorded John. I have all the reasons to fire you FAGGOT and you couldn’t use discrimination or collect unemployment. This would make headline news. Imagine the world knowing you call yourself a human fuck wallet and get off to having a guy rob you as you turned around in your chair. Are you that much of a fucking idiot? I own this office as a private business I can do whatever the fuck I want!” John responded with “Yes Sir, I will serve your cousin. Just give me his skype-“ But Mr.Scott cut him off, “Oh no Fag he has your number and will be contacting you. And You will continue to call me sir when nobody is around. I’m bisexual myself John and I like the attention, I’m just not a pathetic piece of shit like you. I’ve done some BDSM stuff for fun but you’re just a plain idiot.” John was more turned on hearing that Mr.Scott was bisexual, and that he was getting off on mistreating John the way he was. (“Perhaps one day he will use me physically… it will probably never happen…)

By a dumb loser’s instincts, John replied with a dry swallow. “May I have the permission for you further torment me sir?” Mr.Scott waved his size 13 dress shoes crossed over on his desk. “Yeah I actually need a new car. I’m holding your last paycheck, it will help finish paying for the rest. You can keep working with the reward of being in my presence.” Hearing this was something of a rarity, something one could only fantasize about and read on nifty. It was a faggot’s dream that John was lucky enough to experience. “Yes sir you can withhold my next two checks as I work for the privilege of working in your presence.” Scott just laughed waving his dress shoes while going through folders and starting up his computer. “Now get the fuck out of my office and get to work. You have those Smith files to go over and some extra paperwork I don’t feel like doing.” Mr.Scott knew this would get John off, hearing how hot he thought he was. Mr. Scott was being very unprofessional, but this was something truly out of the ordinary.  Mr.Scott patting him on the head and calling him the new office bitch. “Hey no offense you’re gay anyway.. don’t you get called a bitch getting fucked in the ass?” Normally that would be considered sexual harassment and/or discrimination, but it didn’t bother John.  Mr.Scott had these facial expressions that were mesmerizing and amusing to John’s eyes. He thought perhaps there was some screws missing in his head, but but embraced those missing screws rather then seeing it as a problem. Mr.Scott subconsciously saw that John was not easily offended, and that John was now the office bitch behind closed doors.


John didn’t tribute much for a month, and stayed focused solely on me and Mr. Scott’s cousin Justin. “Sir I’ve been serving his Justin in California besides you. I cut my cable bill this month and stopped buying things for fun since Mr.Scott is holding my next two checks for his car.” I asked him how it made him feel as he sat on the other side of the computer, this time at his kitchen table. “Honestly Sir I know I’m so fucked up in the head beyond return at this point. And I don’t want to be normal either, I love being a dumb loser. Justin isn’t well experienced and he’s only 20 years old. He also skateboards like you sir, he’s from the coast in San Francisco.” We chatted about many things as I informed him that skateboarding was very popular in California, more then any other place in the United States. “I have another fantasy sir, something really hot. Remember when I told you how I drive past skate parks and park just to watch the boys shirtless?” I nodded my head packing a bowl of weed like I always do and taking another $200 on team viewer like it was totally normal. “I want to fly to California and buy you a plane ticket, and have my first real time session with the both of you.” I blew my smoke towards the camera, knowing how he loves watching stoners get high using his cash. “Sir Justin knows about you obviously, I want you guys to dominate me in person and rob be harder then I’ve ever been robbed, after next month of course.” My head started spinning, “What would you envision happening to You?” *Sniff* His eyes followed the screen as I took another $200, draining the thousands of dollars he had saved little by little. “Sir Justin is new to this, I told him I wanna get beaten up.” I leaned forward staring into the camera, “You mean get fag bashed?” John’s eyes went wide, “I’m a dumb loser that wants to get fag bashed sir!”

That month went by rather swiftly and as I was happy that the plane was touching the ground landing in San Francisco. The weather was so much nicer then what I was used to in Chicago. The palm trees were quite a thing to see, being so different then Illinois. I grabbed my luggage with one suitcase carrying a skateboard of mine that couldn’t be taken on flight for obvious reasons. John was waiting for me at the airport as he got us an Uber to take back to his hotel. During the car ride he text me, “Fuck sir you’re so much hotter in person. And those shoes look so trashed. I can’t wait for you to trash me like those shoes sir.” We arrived at the hotel very quickly as John told me he had snuck poppers with his medications. “I may be a dumb faggot but I’m bright enough to remember how I can make myself vulnerable. It feels so amazing getting screwed over.” Little did he know, me and Justin had been talking quite a bit. I already had tonight planned as Justin was excited himself that I was showing him new ropes. I didn’t have to bring much to intoxicate him, but Justin was a raver who knew just what to do. “Do you like the room sir? There is a Hot tub if you wish to relax sir. I can order anything you want for dinner.” I told him to buy me some weed, as it was now recreational in the state. “Oh don’t worry sir Justin is a stoner too and is bringing some for you.” My mind went wild as I told John to inhale for 7 seconds and get on his knees and open his mouth. “Yes, I will do anything real men tell me to do, because thats what fags do sir.” I forced his mouth open without warning as I told him to open up wide. I pulled down my basketball shorts and began spraying my piss directly in his mouth with a mocking tone, “If you get piss on the carpet the hotel is going to charge, so I’d be careful if I were you.” He drank every drop, never doing anything related to water sports before. He looked at me entering subspace already as he wiped piss dripping from his mouth with his shirt. I pulled out a chastity device that was designed to turn a dick into a tiny nub, with no room to even become slightly erect. I placed it on John as he moaned, “please don’t have any remorse, sympathy for me or act like you care about a loser like me sir. I Beg of you to be sinister in your plans even if it means destroying me!”

Justin arrived looking hot as hell, my same height and could see why he could easily go far doing this. He brought in his long board and figured to set it next to my skateboard, sitting like twin brothers. There was a twinkle in John’s eyes as he saw me and Justin Shake hands as our trashed shoes shuffled around the carpet. Justin opened his pockets with a bowl and bag of weed as he gave me a warm smile. He walked over to the bed and laid with his feet on the edge of the bed. John got on his knees by instinct and faced Justin. “May I have permission to sniff Master Justin? It’s only right to open my wallet as a way of being gracious to be in your presence.”  Justin crushed his shoes together making a loud squeaking sound the way I usually do. He had the right idea in mind as he laughed at John being the dumbest loser in the world. John sent him $250 as the sounds of phone notifications filled the room. “Sniff and breath that shit in faggot. So you think my cousin is fucking hot? He told me how he teases you on purpose just so you’ll do extra shit for him. He takes advantage of you and you totally get off on it!!” John’s hand began fumbling at his caged nub that was fully useless, with no way of sexual release. Johns mind was spinning on poppers as he kept thinking, “These boys are superior, I want them to rob me like an open ATM. I Love being messed up in the mind.” I turned to Justin, “Hey Bro did you bring that MDMA I asked you to find?” Justin began to go through his pockets as I asked, “And Wanna see a fun way to get a faggot in line so you can fuck with it’s head for your advantage?” Justin began packing a bowl of weed and set two capsules of pure MDMA on the nightstand. I grabbed John by the throat and stuffed my socks in his mouth, putting my bare feet back inside my shoes. I then began smashing my fists into his balls while laughing at John in the face for getting fucked over by me in front of his boss then getting fucked over by his cousin. John’s screams were somewhat muffled by the socks as I stomped on his balls resting on the floor. “You are a human ATM with two legs, and now I’m making a withdrawal from the faggot that does whatever I tell it to. Give me your fucking phone you piece of shit!” Johns balls were swollen as I had given them a huge beating, his eyes winced in pain. “Thank you sir. I want to get fag bashed like the loser I am.” I grabbed one dose of pure MDMA with silver powder inside the capsule and placed it in his mouth. Justin laughed at how he rolled at parties with his buddies, but could imagine how stupid it can make a faggot become.

Having control of his phone I never forgot how much John loved when I just took his cash without asking or saying a word. It turned him on even more when it was in high amounts and the most fun was the suspense of how hard I was fucking him over. I sent myself $300 and Justin another $300. I screenshot the difference in his checking account and flashed it in front of John’s face. “You’re a human ATM on your knees that’s being drugged on a powerful substance that just makes you even more vulnerable. You’ve shared your social security number with Mr. Scott so now its time to share it with us. We also want that birth certificate I told you to bring, THE ORIGINAL.” Johns vision was obviously beginning to blur as the drug was hitting him hard. Feelings of euphoria took over his mind like never before in his life. His head bobbed from side to side, the drug further distorting his state of mind and lowering his inhibitions. A dumb faggot doesn’t really need to be having inhibitions, as its bad for the well being of their true selves. Inhibitions just get in the way of a dumb loser getting fucked in that sweet spot between his legs aka his wallet. Justin seemed to be quite amused as he kicked his shoes off and stuffed his size 14 socked feet in John’s face. “Fuck yeah faggot my Cuz was able to get that car he wanted just by fucking you over as well. You totally got exposed as Kris was taking advantage of you. And whats more fucked up is that you’re turned on as I’m making fun of you about it! I want your cash going three ways tonight and not just us. Got it?” I sent another $300 to me and Justin each, and $300 to Mr.Scott’s paypal. I’m sure he would understand a rough idea why the random cash would just show up. I smiled at John who was on his knees begging for permission to inhale some more followed by, “I Love you sir.”  Justin kicked John in the face once, then two times more as John began moaning, “I love when you hurt me sir, I love when you make fun of me, I love you taking my cash, and I want you to blackmail me sir. I want to be trapped by both of you and my very own boss! I’m that pathetic. Your cousin is so handsome and perfect sir. I love working for him as he gives me unnecessary things to do that I’m not even paid for.”

John mumbled further turning to me, “Sir in my bag is some things I brought, including my original birth certificate and my physical state ID for Justin. I can fly back home using my Drivers License.” Being too drugged out of his mind I grabbed John’s bag and opened a folder. Inside there was a will left to him that had not been touched as his father was still alive. This I did not plan on seeing and it turned me on to see John tease my cash cock with a tight wallet soon to come in the future. John turned to me going through the folder of documents as Justin continued rubbing his size 14s on the loser’s face. “Sir I stole a copy of that will just to show how fucked up in the head I am. I have cash coming to me when he dies, and I can’t wait to get fucked over harder then any faggot ever has. I just want to show real men like You that I’m a cash faggot for life.” Justin made a point that the sun was now setting, and that it would be time to carry out our plan. There was a skatepark that closed late at night, which is why John got a room by this very location. I didn’t realize how much time had gone by and grabbed my skateboard as Justin grabbed his as well. I put a leash around John’s neck and dragged him out in the middle of the street as the moon shone brightly in the sky. As we closed the hotel door I put the second dose of MDMA in John’s mouth as he swallowed, drinking it down with orange juice he brought.

As we walked through the darkness we found the opening to the locked gate Justin told us about. I entered the park seeing the cool set up now that my eyes adjusted to the only light coming from the bright moon. John was wobbling like a duck as he walked, dragged by the leash I held around his neck. Still having John’s phone I told Justin the password to John’s paypal casually like it was a normal conversation. Justin took $500 laughing at how fucking easy it was to scram this willing idiot. I pulled the chain and told John to get on all 4 knees as we approached a ramp. “Kneel on all 4 knees like the fucking bitch you are, suck on my socks like a fucking bone as thats what bitches love.” He got down on all fours as me and Justin dropped our skateboards on the pavement as the sound echoed through the deafening silence. “May I please sniff some more sir.. I’ve never been happy in all my love. I love Mr. Scott, I love both of you, I love how you’re ruthlessly taking advantage of me. I LOVE BEING A FAGGOT!” His voice echoed as I showed Justin how loaded John was as Justin grabbed his own dick subconsciously knowing that he was about to break his record. I turned back to John holding the bottle of poppers under his nose, “Start making out with my skateboard, lick the wheels and kneel like the bitch you are!” John did not hesitate as he moaned, “its just going to get dirty again within the hour and I’ll gladly lick it clean once more.” Justin was happily taking payments of $700 now as his eyes wildly danced with a gleam of new power. He could keep taking and nobody would or could make him stop taking from John’s wallet, as he was too drugged out to know half of what was going on. I undressed John so he was butt naked wearing only the tiny nub of steel. He then got back at my skateboard but not for very long.

I abruptly kicked John in the face upwards with my sneaks as I laughed at him to get back on all fours. I began riding my skateboard away from John and motioned for Justin to ride his with me, knowing how to fuck John’s mind by using his biggest fantasy against him. Me and Justin were casually riding our skateboards back and forth, back and forth. John’s head moved side to side watching us as if he was being hypnotized. John’s fried brains kept repeating, (“It’s like a faggot pendulum, these skater alpha are pendulums for dumb losers. It’s making me weaker and weaker…” John was so turned on he began to orgasm through his cage. He had never cum no hands before as he began oozing all over his legs. But he never left the mind of who and what he was. He just continued rubbing his nub again and sniffing the bottle I sat next to him to freely inhale. In a harsh voice he called out to us, “As you real men ride your skateboards it feels like a Pendulum!! I’ve never been such a happy idiot in my entire life.” I laughed as I told Justin to bleed the dumb loser dry while he was under our hypnotic spell. I took 1 Grand from his phone directly as Justin took 3 Grand being the greedy 20 year old he is. Me and Justin laughed as our skateboards were at opposite ends moving in opposite directions as the sound of the wheels filled the night. Justin called out to John, “You dumb faggot just keep watching us!” Justin stomped on his board and got off, taking off his shirt and showing his boxers as his jeans sagged down. I proceeded to take off my shirt wearing my basketball shorts that were sagging as well. John muttered loudly, “Oh my fucking GOD THAT’S THATS HOTTEST THING I”VE EVER SEEN!!!”” We proceeded to continue riding our boards shirtless as I took 3 Thousand this time as Justin took 5 Thousand leaving John with only 3k left. We began laughing loudly at what a fucking idiot he is as John kept shouting, “I love you master, I love you!!”

I gave the signal as Me and Justin rode our skateboards over to John and began beating him with our wooden boards, causing him to fall flat on the ground. I lowered myself and whispered to John if he needed the safe word, he shook his head no. I proceeded to start smashing my skateboard against his balls as he started screaming “I LOVE YOU SIR!!!” I kept laughing as Justin jumped on top of Johns body with his size 14s landing directly on his face not even giving a fuck if John was in pain. He was a faggot after all and they do what pleases men like him. John lay with his back on the floor as Justin took his board and began whacking John in the face as his face began to bruise as his nose began to….. (Use imagination.) I whacked my skateboard on Johns balls knowing I could destroy them beyond repair. I must have hit something, as John ended up calling the safe word. He went to the ER, he turned out all right. I stayed with him all night never leaving his side.

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