Exploiting The Human Urinal

Earl was sipping his cheap beer while watching Sean Hannity but wasn’t paying much attention to the old Box TV. He watched the old clock tick by so slowly. (“I’m supposed to meet him in an hour and this damn bitch won’t go to sleep!”) The old wooden clock had been there for decades, as the house had been in the family for generations. Neither Earl or his wife were that bright, let alone classy people. Earl had been waiting all night for his wife Diane to go asleep upstairs while she nodded her head at the TV, in total agreement with what Hannity had to say. (“I should have just watched WE Wrestling that would have sent her right upstairs.”) When Earl’s fag urges invaded his mind, Diane morphed from his loving sweetheart, to nothing but a pest getting in the way of him being a faggot. Late nights when on the computer he would anxiously listen to hear for foot steps usually with his hand around his cock as he lost his cash along with his dignity. Sometimes he’d have to cut the session short as she would ask what he would be doing up so late. (“Damn Cunt!”)

His hands anxiously gripped the aluminum can trying not to sigh from frustration. He had a secret life behind her back, a secret many of you readers keep from your hubby/wives and your friends. Diane was totally clueless and obeyed everything her husband told her to do. She would drink cheap beer with him in her turquoise tutu looking like Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company only with grey hair. He hardly had sex with her, making the resemblance of Mrs. Roper was even more eerie. She was quite a thirsty woman, and when asked for intimacy the answer was a beating. He was waiting impatiently for her to go sleep so he could carry out his perversions. Setting down his bear he wished he could switch back to his crystal pipe just to keep thinking of reckless things he may do just to please me. (“This is getting really addictive fuck.”) Earl was enjoying the thrills of finding guys to beat him up like the trash he was among other things. When he beat his wife he would often have thoughts wishing the bruises were his.

Earl’s body was slumped in the beat up biker sofa in his den, trashed and old like everything else in his house. He still had a TV set with dials from back in the day, never caring too much for technology. While Diane finally started to yawn he thought back to everything leading to tonight. He found me while searching for masters on Skype. Normally I ignore slaves from skype searches that just type “Master,” but Earl’s first messages was that he wanted to $erve. Drunk on cheap redneck beer and high on crystal meth, he eagerly asked to see more then just my profile picture. “You’re so hot sir, and it says you’re from Chicago as well. Do you ever meet fags in person? I want you to fag bash me sir.” Earl wasted no time during our first conversation, shaking that glass bottle and spreading his cash cunt. “What’s your paypal sir?”

*YAWN* Earl snapped out of his daydream as “Mrs. Roper” got up and announced she was going to bed. “Oh my goodness,”  a drunken Diane muttered while grabbing the railing to the stairs. She slowly walked up the stairs as each step creaked as the thought of “FINALLY” soared through Earl’s mind. Opening another can of beer he let Fox News continue on the screen but didn’t pay much attention. (“I’d better leave the TV on until I’m sure she’s asleep.”) Earl reached under the couch and pulled out his meth pipe and his new batch just picked up from his dealer. (“This is what fags need to lose their minds and spread their cunt.”) Earl walked over to the closet in the den grabbing everything I told him to have ready. Earl proceeded to cage himself in chastity and put the keys back in the bag to hand to me later. (“I’d better tell him I’ll be running a bit late.”)

I was in the middle of watching Stephen King’s Misery, thinking about my mentally disturbed slave Tony Burns. I was thinking about how Tony always called himself my #1 fan and how he wanted to nurse me back to health in his home. (A blog will be written about him in the future.) My own thoughts were broken as Earl finally text me. “I’m ready to meet up with you sir, everything you told me to pack is in my bag.” I told him to Uber himself to Steamworks downtown Chicago, where he will be exploited and exposed for what a loser he is. His clit was throbbing in his cage right as he saw his Uber driver would be arriving in 7 minutes. He didn’t have any worries about Diane waking up, for earlier he dropped a crushed sleeping pill called Seroquel in her water next to the night stand. She always drank a full glass of water before bed, tonight being drugged by her husband so he could unleash his urges like never before. Dressed in jeans and a plain white shirt, he put on his sweater while stepping outside and locking the door. (“I have no clue what sir has planned, but I know it will be for his amusement and benefit so that’s all that matters. My purpose is to obey him.”) Scratching his beard that made him look like white trash from Duck Hunters, he put his meth pipe out of his pocket and breathed in deep. Tonight he was feeling bold enough to take a hit standing out in his front yard where any neighbor could see him.


It wasn’t long before I made it to steamworks and paid for my towel and personal room, which would be shared with Earl when he arrived.  Of course, every person had to buy their own locker or personal room with a bed. Earl still hadn’t arrived but he would be getting a plain locker, which wouldn’t even get used. Right before turning my phone in, I text Earl my room number. He arrived 20 minutes after me, with a quick 3 taps on the door to signal it was him. It wouldn’t be long before his things would be in my room, despite paying for a locker. You all have to remember, this is a bathhouse and they gotta make their money. “Sir I’ve never been so nervous. I’ve never gone to a bathhouse or anything like this before. I’ve met guys on grin** and Ada*4Ada*. I brought everything you told me to.” With that, he pulled out his poppers, meth pipe, and some Ozium to block out the scent. Along with that he brought a small funnel and his MAGA hat. “I have no idea why I brought these but I’m sure you have your reasons master. He’s creating jobs and rolling back environmental-“ I smacked him hard across the face. “You’re a fucking IDIOT EARL! You don’t know shit about technology yet you think you understand science?! You’re a fucking loser and your vote next election is MINE.” Earl had the most confused look, “You’re right sir I’m a fucking idiot. I just listen to Sean Hannity, he’s my her-.” I Smacked across the face again, leaving his cheeks red and sore. I didn’t give a fuck if it hurt him or not, just the power of abusing this loser was turning me on. “You’re so intelligent sir, you’re always right. I’m just a white trash idiot.”

I grabbed the Maga Hat from his hands and used duck tape to keep it on his head. “Why am I wearing this hat sir? What does me being a Trump supporter have to do with being humiliated.” I laughed, “Oh EVERYTHING.” He scratched his ear as he reached for his meth pipe and asked, “What is the funnel for?” I Ignored him and tied a thin leash to the lock on his chastity device to drag him around like I had done with Andrew years before here at Steamworks. I began yanking on the leash just to make him scream and I was loving every second of his sweet misery. I looked him dead in the eyes and saw intense fear while he held the flame under the large pipe. I grabbed a marker from my own bag and wrote “White Trash Loser” on his plain white T-Shirt, his chastity device bobbing up and down with excitement. The pain and being treated like an uneducated piece of trash was turning him on as he informed me, “I stacked my wallet in my bag sir, I think you can be creative here. I want the world to see just how pathetic I am.” I smacked him across the face again, “Thank you for hitting me sir.” Spitting in his face and grabbing him by the throat, I turned him around and wrote “Punching Bag” on the back of his shirt. Taking his stacked wallet, I attempted to stuff it under his hat despite being tapped to his head. I barely squeezed it in as he yelped. As I was forcing it under I told him to shut the fuck up.

Grabbing his clit by the leash, we walked out of the room with my towel wrapped around my waist as he carried his over his shoulder, wearing just his white shirt and hat. Another fag walked by and laughed as he told his friend, “look at that loser being dragged around.” I turned to the other fag, “It’s a special night for this loser, he’s getting destroyed tonight, you know a BDSM thing.” The fag walked over and inhaled his own poppers, “I’m into leather myself.” And with that a complete stranger began beating on him as he saw “Punching Bag” on the back of his shirt. I spit on his face as the other guy followed suit. With spit running down his face, Earl uttered “Thank you for humiliating me sir.” He got on his knees, “Please sir beat me in front of this other fag.” The other guy said he had to go meet his friend but enjoyed leaving bruises on Earl’s arm. Earl was enjoying the humiliation from the random stranger but longed for whatever would come next. I yanked Earl by the leash as he screamed in the dark hallway.

Walking into another dark room there was a saddle that looked like the shape of a horse and a long set of glory holes. The room was very dim with the area behind the glory holes being almost pitch black. The sounds that filled the room were soft moans and hard sniffs from poppers obviously. I carried Earl by the leash as we realized there were already random cocks poking out. I figured they realized how hot I was and were getting the wrong impression. “Listen you fucking faggot, you’re gonna suck EVERY random cock and for each load you swallow, I’m taking $50 from your wallet in front of every other faggot around you.” All the guys that surrounded us everywhere were drugged on all kinds of things not counting poppers. Several muscle pigs walked by with beads of sweat on their heads, from pure lust and the drugs encouraging their urges. On his knees I dragged him to a random cock as Earl turned to me, “But.. but.. I don’t even know what he looks like sir.” Breaking the silence, “You’re a disgusting cock sucking faggot, this is what faggots do, they suck cock. Accept what you are, a Cum guzzling disposal.” Earl opened his bottle and inhaled for what seemed like minutes, then crawled towards the random cock sticking out and placed his mouth on it. He muttered to himself, “I’m a cum guzzling faggot, I’m a cum guzzling faggot.”

Earl began deep-throating on his knees as we heard a loud moan from the man behind the black bars. We heard his low voice, “You’re a trump supporter? What a fucking loser.” Earl pulled his mouth off the cock and moaned, “I’m white trash sir! I’m a fucking idiot. My master has come to expose and exploit me.” He put his mouth back on the cock as the hidden voice called him a piece of trash. “I hate you for wearing that hat you fucking idiot,” said the strange man behind the bars in the darkened room. Removing his mouth once again he uttered, “Thank you for calling me a fucking idiot sir, it’s the truth.” I tugged on the leash as Earl’s yelps made heads turn as their eyes focused on us. I looked towards the darkness as Earl began sucking the man’s cock once more. The strange man began moaning again, “Suck my cock you fucking loser, keep calling me sir thats hot as fuck.” The man began moaning louder as other fags came walking towards us, as this unusual site was quite interesting and wasn’t something you saw every day. The man let out a loud groan as he began filling Earl’s mouth with his cum. The man didn’t even say thank you as we heard his foot steps walk away into the darkness.

I forced the fat wallet from under his hat and took a $50 bill and slipped it in my socks. As I removed the wallet Earl let out another scream as the tape pulled on his skin. Another stranger walked by and laughed at the back of Earl’s shirt that said “Punching Bag.” The man was tall and about in his mid 20s with long blonde shaggy hair. He was clearly on some club drug, probably MDMA. I asked the guy what he was on as he offered me one for $20. It was indeed ecstasy, so I pulled a $20 bill from his wallet and handed it to the blonde staring at the back of Earl’s shirt. I stuffed it in Earl’s mouth and forced his mouth on another random cock that shook around waiting for an eager mouth. “Sir that’s a black cock and it smells disgusting.” I told him that’s what a piece of racist trash deserves. The blonde introduced himself as Kyle and asked me what was the deal going on with the shirt and wallet as I explained Findom and humiliation. Kyle then exclaimed his bf knew about findom but didn’t know too much himself. As Earl was sucking on the mysterious black cock without a face, Kyle began beating on Earl as he screamed with the cock in his mouth. I leaned over and asked Kyle if he hates White MAGA trash as much as I do. Kyle put his own poppers under Earl’s nose and whispered in his ear, “What’s more humiliating is that you’ll be paying ME $50 for each load you swallow as well.” Earl looked like his brain was turning as he used his hands to rub the nigger’s balls. (“That Kyle guy is so hot, I wanna open my cash cunt to him as well.”)

As the nigger shot his load, I handed $50 to Kyle and took $50 for myself. Others laughed and whispered what the fuck was going on. Earl drugged on T and X moaned loudly, “I’m a cash faggot, I love being screwed over!” A man who heard loud and clear walked by and claimed he had done findom with local slaves and would enjoy using Earl as well. “I also hate Maga trash. My name is Tom.” Tom grabbed his 9 Inch cock and told Earl to crawl over and suck it as Kyle took the leash. “Sir I need more T it’s wearing off.” Kyle tugged hard on the leash, making Earl scream louder then ever. An employee walked by and shook his head with a smile not phased by what was going on. I whispered in Earl’s ear as he was sucking Tom’s dick, “Don’t you realize nobody gives a fuck about you? They HATE you and realize what a fucking idiot you are.” Earl kept sucking, (“I’ve never been so turned on in my life, omg he’s going to cum.” Tom started to moan as jets of cum shot into Earl’s mouth, filling his mouth with the third load for the night. Opening the wallet I handed Tom and Kyle each $50 along with 50 for me and explained to Earl we were heading back to the room. I turned to Earl, “Now we are are going to play another game in privacy.” (“Oh good I can get another hit of T. I NEED IT. Fuck I am a loser. Master is right I should be proud to be a loser! Oh fuck it I AM proud.”) As we headed back to the room, me Kyle and Tom talked about BDSM and fun times we’ve had inflicting pain for our amusement. Kyle handed the leash to Tom as Tom’s eyes lit up with excitement. He tugged on the leash the entire time walking back to our private room, leaving Earl in tears the entire way back.


Earl eagerly began to reach for his meth pipe as I punched Earl right in the face, not giving a fuck if I broke his nose. “Haven’t you always wanted to get fag bashed?” Earl shuttered with lust as I used the leash to tie his arms behind his back. Earl looked pathetic as spit and cum ran down his face along with the bruises. Tom held the meth pipe and put it to Earl’s lips and grinned, “It’s gonna be $25 for every hit, $25 to all 3 of us.” Earl was not planning on getting his cash cunt gang banged, but he was excited by the thought. Kyle turned to Earl and began tugging at the hat while making him yelp as Tom held the flame under the glass to get it heated. Earl stood on his knees with his hands tied and slowly inched around. As Earl inhaled, we freely tossed his wallet back and forth and took his cash as we deserved. (“Fuckkkk… I wanna take another hit just so they keep taking more.”) Earl turned to me, the real man in charge of his misery and ruin. “Please let me have another hit sir, and I beg you to take double!” Putting the meth pipe to Earl’s mouth again, Tom reminded him how he can’t stand MAGA trash. As Earl inhaled and held the smoke, we started punching and beating on him as Earl moaned with his eyes closed. (“I’m a fucking loser and I totally deserve this. I totally want this.”) Kyle kicked him in the balls and suggest we burn his MAGA hat as he tells his wife what a faggot he is. Not having our phones, I turned to Earl to see his reaction. “Oh please expose me sir. Fuck my life over. Ruin me!” I decided we would get to that later.

After several hits Earl was sexually excited simply over the fact that he had lost hundreds of dollars just by getting high alone. (“Why does losing my cash turn me on more then anything?! Like master says Im proud to be fucked up in the head.”) Without warning Kyle took the large flame and placed it near the red hat sadistically muttering how he’s dreamed of this moment, “I HATE Maga Trash like you. What are you doing in boys town wearing that garbage on your head?!” Earl whimpered in fear and lust as the flame was inches from his face. “I wont vote for him again Sir I was a fucking idiot-.” I stomped on his balls as he screamed, “Earl you’ve ALWAYS been a fucking idiot and always will be. Look at the sick shit you’re into! You mark your body on cam and injure yourself just to amuse me. You are always broke because you give into those urges of letting men SCREW you over and SCAM you. You cant make decisions for yourself, which is why you need to be a drone. I am the man who controls you into following my orders, and as you realized, I am ALWAYS RIGHT.” Kyle picked up the funnel with the most confused look on his face, “so whats the plan for with this Kris?” Not saying a word I saw a whimper in Earl’s eyes and all that fear did was turn me on even more. I grabbed the flame from Kyle as Tom held the pipe to his Earl’s face. I moved the flame slightly on the tip of the hat just until you could smell the fabric burn, then It moved to the pipe. Earl inhale deeply as I told him to hold his breath.

Taking the funnel I stuck it in his mouth. I started duck taping the funnel to keep it in place, as I ripped the tape from his face holding the hat in place. “To remind yourself how pathetic you are, you need to experience the joy or being a human toilet.” I told earl to hold his head back as I held my cock in my hand, “I need to take a piss now.” I let out a long stream of piss that filled the funnel all the way down his mouth. He moaned as he breathed deeply through his nose, his only source of air. Other then foot steps in the hall and elevator like music, the sound of him gulping my piss was clear as day. Kyle stood on the side of the urinal, “fuck I haven’t pissed in hours.” He held his cock out and aimed his piss as Tom proceeded to do the same, two loads of piss splashing down the funnel and into the human urinal. Kyle was a big druggie and after all, it was him who handed me the ecstasy to intoxicate Earl with. Kyle decided to take a big hit of Earl’s T and had the biggest grin of adrenaline on his face. He proceeded to blow the smoke deep into the funnel as Tom and I let out more piss as Earl flushed it down by gulping every drop. (“I’m so pathetic being a human urinal, I don’t even know these guys and I’m totally enjoying it. Their piss tastes so good, I wish I could thank them.”) I informed Earl for each load of piss I would be taking $50 and 25 each for Kyle and Tom. Earl exhaled the T through his nose.

Not being able to move his arms I kicked Earl out the door as he yelped with the funnel tied to his face. Other horny pigs walked by laughing at what they were seeing. I laughed and told them he’s a human toilet and if they needed to piss, he’s available. They turned to each other and walked towards us curious and horny. I opened his wallet as both fags began pissing in the funnel and giggling high on drugs. They didn’t know Earl nor did they give a fuck about him. Knowing that nobody gave a fuck about him just made him even hornier. Taking these two loads of piss resulted in losing $150 to his master and two strange but hot men. I spit inside the funnel randomly as the two new guys began doing it as well and asked for cash out of Earl’s wallet. Kyle and Tom began spitting in the funnel as Earl’s eyes watered in agony tasting the mix of piss and spit. (“This is so disgusting but master is giving me what I need!”) Just to make Earl feel more pathetic I handed the two strangers $25 each and encouraged them to keep spitting in the funnel. A third stranger who was watching came out of the darkness and holding out his cock. Without a word he let out a stream of piss and sighing, “I fucking love watersports.” Once again I took $50 and put it in my socks as I handed 25 to Kyle, Tom, and the other 3 strangers. Laughing and Kyle let out another stream of piss which made me want to piss too, costing Earl another $225. We continued spitting in the funnel until Earl made 5 grunts in a row, his non verbal safe word. I told the other guys goodnight and told Kyle and Tom it was a pleasure meeting them. Tom and Kyle whispered to each other they would follow us outside which made me smile.

Earl’s wallet was about empty despite starting off the night with $1200. I Left the funnel taped to Earl’s mouth as he got dressed. I put his Maga hat back on so he would look ridiculous walking outside the bath house and collecting his things. It wasn’t long before everything was packed up and we headed towards the front desk as everybody in the lobby just stared with mixed reactions. Earl later told me he had never felt so humiliated in his life. As we stepped outside Kyle and Tom met us as they told me finally they were actually a couple, which is why they both approached me around the same time. Kyle put his arms around Tom, “we always play together.” I decided it was time to expose Earl in the back alley now that we had our phones back. I pulled the leash from inside Earl’s jeans and dragged him by the clit out in public in the dark of the night. Tom muttered he needed to piss again and needed the walking toilet. I looked back to him as I tugged Earl along as he started screaming again. “Hold your piss he’s about to get exposed to his wife and all his Trump loving friends.” We walked until we got to an alley with a dim light barely lighting up the night. Grabbing my phone I told Earl to strip nude. “You think I give a fuck if you get arrested for indecent exposure? Imagine the humiliation telling an officer you’re a cash faggot and a human toilet!” Indeed, White Trash and Punching Bag were still on his white T-Shirt like before. (“Why does the thought of being arrested by a hot police officer turn me on? I bet he would call me a faggot. Fuck I’m turned on by the idea of being arrested!!”)

In the dim light Tom sighed and finally took a piss as I handed Earl’s wallet to Kyle to hand out the cash. I talked while it was recording. “Look Diane, your husband is a total fucking loser. He’s swallowed 3 loads of cum in one night, and got his cash pussy fucked. Look up financial domination you dumb cunt. Find out what your husband is into. But look at what he’s doing, he’s drinking our piss!” I walked towards Earl with the camera facing his drugged out eyes that were blood shot red and big as flying saucers. I let the piss splash down the funnel as some got all over his shirt. I didn’t give a fuck what he would smell like as the idea of him being humiliated just made me even hornier. I walked over and ripped off the funnel as Earl screamed feeling the tape rip off his skin. “THANK YOU SIR!!!” I spit on his face directly as Earl moaned, “please expose me to my wife and the bartender where I go!” Tom began digging in Earl’s bag while I had ripped the funnel off of Earl’s head. Tom then held the Glass pipe and flame up to Earl’s lips on camera as Kyle tugged hard on the leash as Earl began to cry. Tom then let go of the flame and held it to the red MAGA hat as it started to burn. Earl began screaming as he shook the hat off, letting it fall onto the pavement as we smelt the burning fabric once more. Tom made sure to burn it completely holding the flame on the ground. I soon realized if I didn’t stop recording, it would be too big to send as a message. I told Earl, “It’s sending RIGHT NOW you fucking idiot. THANK me for exposing you!”

“Thank you for exposing me sir!!!” I spit on Earl as he inhaled from the pipe again. He held the T in his mouth feeling the rush of being a dumb loser once more. I told Kyle and Tom goodnight for real this time and that I had to be getting home. I untied the leash and gave Earl back the key, “Now call yourself an uber and get your pathetic ass home. Have fun explaining to your battered house wife that in fact you’re more pathetic then her!” He stood up shaken by the lingering physical pain and mental excitement.  “Get the fuck away from me you sick fuck, I’ve gotten what I wanted and now I want you to fuck off!” He walked away with his phone, “Thank you for fucking me over and tossing me aside like a bitch sir.” And into the night he walked away. I decided as I planned to go home, I would order an Uber in front of Roscoe’s the bar. Some idiot bumped into me which led to my iPhone falling on the street and being stepped on by a drunken drag queen. FUCK was I pissed. With no communication, (I didn’t have an apple watch then) I walked towards the “L” Train at the Belmont Stop. Getting on red line I waited till I got to Jackson where I transferred to the Blue Line train. While waiting to get off on the stop “Damien” I hoped Jason would be awake (yes DarkJason the sadistic master.) I banged on his door and thankfully he answered, “wha… wha.. what the fuck are you doing here Kris do you now what time it is?!” I let myself in and explained everything that had happened that night. Hearing what happened without any interruptions Jason was getting horny. As he closed the door he motioned for me to come on the couch. “So Kris how much did you make off the loser?” “Well after paying assurian tomorrow for a new phone who knows I’m too stoned and tired.” Jason grinned, “well since you’re here wanna fuck me?”

The End

PS To get Trump out I WANT your votes. Time is running short. 

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