Draining The Debt Pig’s 401k

This was originally my first blog going over past memories of mine. It was probably the worst written with no real paragraphs. It was split into three parts and left out so many things such as how we met and how things evolved. Everything is now as one and much longer as it has been expanded in debth. Original was a total mess which is why I am retelling what happened. See this also an entirely new blog.

This is about Gregg, a slave of mine of over 5 years. As of this writing 2020, he still serves me. The journey has been quite interesting as he is filled with dark kinks such as myself. Over the years our dynamics have evolved from one thing to another. When I first met him, he was a lonely man with no friends, so he was easy prey. We met on niteflirt as he kept buying my videos yet never gave me a call. I didn’t pay much attention to his user name until I noticed he was buying the same videos over and over again. Something inside me thought it was strange to buy the same video 7 times. Whenever I would release a new video, he was the first to buy it. I tried messaging him through the mail box system offering videos not on the site, but I never got a response. For some weird reason his account got blocked, and to this day I still don’t know why. It took his account getting blocked to finally respond to me, only though Skype.

“I’m sorry, I’m just very shy talking to men like you. I’m a total loser, nothing but trash sir.” I asked who it was and he told me his past user name. “I’ve been a big fan for years actually, I’ve been following you since you were on cam sites years ago.” We talked about his kinks and darkest fantasies, some too dark to even disclose here on dominants. He told me casual things many readers have done at some point. He would buy used socks, boxers, bottles of piss, shit logs, T-shirts with the scent of men, you name it. “I always try to avoid talking to masters because I end up doing crazy things!” After a few hours of chatting he offered me a small “tribute” to talk on cam… just talk… he said. Looking at the screen I saw a bald fat man wearing a set of woman’s pearls. “I’m a sissy faggot sir!” Tapping my pen on the desk I asked what substances he uses if any. “Just poppers sir.” I asked what was up with the hideous pearls some grandma would wear. He responded because he wanted me to know what a loser faggot he was.

“So Gregg why did you keep buying the same videos”? He opened his glass bottle and asked me, “May pig inhale with permission master?” Right off the bat he was sucked in by me with no walls to break down. “Inhale 10 seconds each and answer my fucking question.” He began inhaling deeply while clutching his large white pearls with his other hand. “I love losing my cash to superior men like you. It doesn’t matter what method I just jerk off to losing it.” I took off my shirt as I laid back casually watching his eyes follow my every move. His eyes watered as the poppers took over his mind. “Knowing you love spending cash on me turns me on.” Gregg opened up to me right away about already being into findom. “I always move on from master to master. They eventually keep doing the same thing until I get bored. I’ve always wanted to do something crazy but always get scared.” I asked Gregg If he has ever used a safe word as he shook this head. Gregg came up with one once I explained why it was important and necessary. He then begged me to fuck with his mind and exploit him. I asked him what he did for a living as he told he about being a truck driver and working at a local walmart part time with few hours.

I responded with evil thoughts running through my mind. “So you like humiliation? Lets do something you never thought you would do. Inhale another 7 seconds each and listen very closely.” He opened his bottle and did just that. At the time I still smoked regular cigarettes, which turned Gregory on even more. “I wish you could blow that smoke in my face sir,” he stuttered as I blew right into the camera. “You would make a good ash tray as well,” I laughed. Gregg began grabbing his fag nipples and told me he had some clothes pins. I could already read this pig like a book just by the gleam in his eyes. It was a look of longing and lust. “Put 2 clothes pins on each nipple. Then I want you to open team viewer which I’m sure you already have.” Inhaling again Gregg winced in pain as he hurt himself by pinching his nipples with the clothes pins. “Is sir going to rob me? Fuck I love those pits I wish I could inhale them.” (“He’s so hot, I would do just about anything with him. I’ve watched his videos online for years and now I’m here waiting for his orders!”)

“Gregg when you said do something extreme… are there any limits?” Gregg stood up shaking his fat tits in pain as his pearl neckless flew about. “No sir it’s been a dream to get taken advantage of by you. Do whatever you want to me and if I feel bad, I’ll use the safe word like we discussed master.” Typing away Gregg turned on team viewer and opened his paypal screen almost as if he was reading my mind. Gregg began masterbating watching the screen in anticipation. “Now FAT fuck I want you to open your apartment door and stand in the hall way. Use a shoe to prop your door open.” Gregg had the look of a deer in headlights as I gave him his first harsh order. “Sir anybody can see me….” I moved the cursor around the screen but not taking anything. “Please take my money sir please.” Gregg was itching to get robbed and I was going to tease him for my amusement. Just like eating out a pussy and teasing it I was teasing his cash cunt.

“GO STAND OUTSIDE. Turn the speakers to the max and you will be able to hear me. Inhale another 10 seconds each if sissy faggot needs inspiration.” (“It’s already 2AM, the chance of being exposed is very slim. Fuck it I will do it.”) Gregg stood up and walked towards his apartment door which was still in sight from his webcam. Opening the door, he turned his head from left to right, shaking and inhaling in anticipation. Something must have taken over as he began flapping his clit with one hand and tugging on his nipples with the other. I instructed him to repeat after me through the speakers and not question my intentions. Gregg kept jerking off in the open hallway to his apartment building and began moaning, “I’m a fucking idiot.” I instructed him to say it louder like he meant it… “I’M A FUCKING IDIOT.” I laughed while happy to realize he kept the password to bank account in his computer, making it easier to know what I was working with. “Now I want you to scream your social security number!” Gregg inhaled on his own and shook his hips from left to right, man tits bouncing up and down.

He shouted all 9 numbers over and over again as my voice boomed from the computer speakers, “I’m digging around in your cash cunt as you expose yourself!” I then began taking increments of $150 as he kept screaming what I told him to say. “I’m a dumb faggot that loves cash cock, I’m a dumb faggot that loves cash cock.” I then began to play Shania Twain “Man I Feel Like A Woman” and told him to dance around. Growing up in Texas his whole life he was in love with country music. While he was grabbing his tits and dancing around naked, I continued taking his cash. I then proceeded to change his desktop background with my dick and the words CASH COCK. He began singing, “The best thing about being a faggot, is the prerogative to sniff and get fucked over!  Oh Oh Oh, Go totally intoxicated, act like I’m a lady! Mens’ scents, deep debt, Oh Oh Oh. Really Go wild yeah, getting used in style , Oh Oh Oh! Dig In my wallet, Feel the addiction. Drain my account, whatever you want, Oh Oh Oh, I love being broke yeah I love the way I feel.. MAN, I feel like a faggot!”  I told him that was enough, as this was my first rape with him. Closing the apartment door he walked back to the computer eager to know what damage was done to his wallet. I turned off Shania Twain and told him to stare at the screen.

I left the window open to his bank account as he jerked off faster then before. “Oh fuck you robbed me hard sir, that’s half my paycheck.” I spit at the camera, “Do you think I give a fuck?” He shook his head. “Does it turn you on that I don’t give a fuck about you and that I look forward to exploiting you further?” He moaned, “It does turn me on that you don’t care about me, it just makes me want to obey you even more.” I sent a snap shot of recent tributes and my current balance to tease him. “I don’t even need your cash, I just WANT it.” Gregg sighed turned on even more, “Most of the boys who fuck my wallet seem to need the cash and its always been a turn off. It annoys me when they just message me on Skype to tribute them. You don’t even need my money and for some reason that just makes me want to give you everything.” Without warning Gregg shot his load all over himself while tugging on his nipples and screaming.


We talked on the phone every day as we opened up about our hobbies such as music and movies. “Gosh sir I used to have a ton of records but I gave them to my sister when I started buying CDs. I wish I had saved them for you since you don’t have much country.” Gregg kept begging me to come up with a way to truly screw him over financially. “My parents practically pay for everything, so most of my income goes inside my cash cunt.” I asked him his long history of findom so he would open up more. “I’ve over drafted my bank account and that’s the most extreme  thing I’ve done. I’ve so much I have lost count by now. Over drafting my account for a superior alpha turns me on more then anything in the world.” I was getting so turned on in my own headspace as I casually dug information out of him. I was able to get his social security our first time meeting. Moving so fast with things felt natural, like a tidal wave crashing against the walls of his brain.

“Onetime I left my computer and team viewer on all night as several masters came and took everything one night. I would love for you to have that power sir.” That sounded boring to me at this point so I decided to make him step into new territory. Feeling sadistic I asked, “Do you have a savings or some type of trust fund?” (“Oh fuck money I never thought I would touch!”) Like a fucking idiot he told me about his 401k retirement fund that had been building for years. “Why do you want to know about my retirement sir?” I snapped, “Don’t fucking ask me questions. Your next order is to mail me your state ID and your physical social security card.” Turned on in ways he had never been before he replied with yes sir. Sure enough a week later I received both documents in the mail. Gregg did everything I told him without question from that point on. “Sir I want to do something risky like we did that one night when we met.” I asked him when he would be on the road again, which happened to be 2 days away. I mailed him a syringe of GHB overnight to his apartment to make sure it would get to him for evil plans of mine.

A week later Gregg was pulling over at a truck stop a week after a long day, waiting to have a session in the back of his cab. “I have an iPad with unlimited cellular data which means we can still cam sir.” A well skilled findom can easily get a slave to send without being told to. As he parked he began putting on jewelry as he held his phone in one hand. He listened to my every word getting hornier by the minute. “Why should I tell you to send me what’s mine? When we cash fuck, its a form of sex. Every good bitch moves her cunt against a man’s cock! Why should I have to do all the work?” I heard the sounds of him getting undressed and within a minute later I got $50 on cash app. BINGO.  He then showed himself on camera with lipstick all over his face. “Please take advantage of me Master.” I seductively suggested how hot it would be move his cunt against my cock harder just to prove to HIMSELF he’s an idiot. “Hot sex involves both a man and a bitch thrusting together, my cash cock and your bank account, aka your pussy.” I flashed him my cock and waved it back and forth as he moaned, “FUCK.” A notification went off on my phone that he had sent me $150 without me even telling him to.

Gregg opened the blinds to his truck in the dead of night and left all the lights on. “It would be so hot if someone saw what I was doing, I’d be exposed in public.” He then took out a black butt plug and began lubing it up. “This is so exciting sir and it’s much more fun then just writing marker on myself.” He then shoved the butt plug up his ass as he moaned. While standing up Gregg stared out his windows seeing nothing but the lights glowing on the pavement around his semi truck. (“I could easily get arrested if someone walks by… I don’t know what fuck this boy is doing to my mind but I’m loving it.”) He walked over to the bed as I moaned, “Paypal is just lube for fucking your cunt.” He sighed hearing my melodic voice warp his brain even further. After he was done staring out his windows he began putting clothes pins back on his nipples. I then told him to put one on each of his balls. “That sounds painful sir but I’ll do as you order.” Gregg began to scream as he hurt himself just to amuse me. I moaned as if I were fucking a wet pussy, “Fuck yeah give it to me! Pretend that butt plug is my cash cock and ride it!” On his own he sent another $150 as I told him to ride my cash cock harder with my arms spread. The point of spreading my arms was so he could see both my pits as I continued manipulating him.

Getting off over the control I had over him, I took off my own clothes and positioned my camera above my bed. I made the view look as if someone were riding my dick virtually. I waved my 8 inch cash cock as he sat down on his bed, mouth open in awe. “It’s so fucking huge sir. That’s your cash cock, I love feeling it inside me.” I told him to sniff his poppers and asked him how he felt. His eyes looked entranced and he said he was loosing control of himself. I moaned as if someone was riding my dick, “Fuck your bank account feels amazing as its getting my dick wet. Fuck faggot ride my cash cock harder….” I moaned and bucked my hips towards the camera hard as a rock. He grabbed his phone and sent me $500. “You’re a fucking idiot,” I moaned as he replied, “Fuck I’m just sending you my cash on my own. That so hot It looks like I’m riding your dick.” I knew exactly what was in his bank account as I told him to grind on my cash cock. “Ride my cash cock balls deep… fuck your wallet is tight as fuck.”  Not caring that he only had 890 left he sent me 1000 even, over drafting his bank account.

“Oh fuck sir I just over drafted my account!” Smirking on camera I laughed, “I didn’t even order you to send me anything, you did that on your OWN you dumb faggot.” He began jerking off as I told him he was a pathetic loser for over drafting his bank account. “I can’t believe I did that sir, I’m a fucking idiot.” I smiled sadistically and told him to open the windows to his truck and scream at the top of his lungs. He got up from the bed and opened every window to his truck covered in clothes pins and pink lipstick. His face faced the dead of night as he screamed, “I’m a fucking idiot, I’m a fucking idiot, I’m a fucking IDIOT!” After I told him enough was enough, I said it was time to talk about that negative balance.  I asked him WHY he did that. (Manipulating him putting the ball in his court, not mine.) He immediately changed his mindset and cried as told me how pathetic he was. I told him if he’s already a stupid faggot, he should suck other truckers dicks to get his balance back in the positive. I reminded him this is a problem HE created. If he whores around like a whirebthat he is, he will fix the predicament HE put himself in.

He smiled, “I’ve whored myself out at truck stops before sir, this wouldn’t be the only time.” He opened grind* on his phone to find other horny truckers in the lot. As he swiped and answered messages we talked for a good while. “Gregg do you know what a human drone is?” He sighed as he finally found someone to respond to him. “I’ve heard of slaves being drones, I’ve always wanted to be a master’s drone. I want to be weak and vulnerable.” As Gregg kept texting on his phone he told me his fantasy of pretending to be stupid while being robbed. “I like acting clueless when men take advantage of me, as if I’m truly being raped.” This was all perfect, as I already had gotten vital information out of him at this point. I laughed and insulted him over how fucking stupid he was for putting himself in debt. Gregg said he had found 3 horny truckers and would earn the money he needed to put his account back in the positive. “I’ll text you later sir.” He ended the call and sent me periodic texts with updates such as taking raw loads for $50-75 dollars.

4 hours later he said he had made more then he needed and asked if we could cam again. I told him now was the time to put a few drops of the GHB into one of his bottled waters. “Start chugging away and thank me for getting you out of debt!” He poured 5-8 drops of GHB in a bottle of aquafina as he said, “Thank you for helping me get out of debt sir.” A mind fuck must be slow as it takes skill to truly get in a subs head. I let him think he caused himself distress and that I had solved the problem. I manipulated him into thinking my directions to suck cock and take loads was me looking out for his best interests. I got him out of his situation. He then realized he couldn’t make rational decisions for himself. As he inhaled poppers I said, “I think I should be making every decision in your pathetic life. You’re too fucking stupid to think for yourself, look how you got yourself into debt. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything if you follow my guidance and instructions. “Sir you are the man of my dreams, I’ve never felt so alive and reckless.”  I told him to state out loud what he is. He stood on his knees on cam and said… “I’m a fucking Idiot, I’m A fucking loser, Im a Pathetic old lonely man, Im a cash cunt, I’m A piece of shit. I’m A Human Toilet, I’m a retard, I’m your human drone!!!” The look in his eyes once again were that of another animal as the drug was kicking in. He looked entranced as if he was under a hypnotic state of mind.  I then smirked (he loves my killer smile) and told him the reason he understands what a dumb loser he is was because he’s followed each of my instructions. 

I told him to stay on his knees and thank me. Gregg got on his knees and put his hands together as if he were about to pray. “Thank you for manipulating me sir. Thank you for insulting me and not giving a fuck about me. Thank you for getting me out of debt for my reckless behavior.” I then asked his mothers maiden name. He said it without hesitation. I told him to grab his poppers again and flash me his debit card and credit card (3 digit security codes as well.) I screen shot each of his cards as he asked me if his stupidity was making my dick hard again. I corrected him and made him rephrase the same questions replacing dick with “cash cock.” I asked him how much much making me happy meant to him. He replied with “More then everything in the world.” I then sparked a revolution in his head, “My happiness should be the #1priority in your life. If I stay happy, you will always be happy. You’re a miserable dumb faggot who can’t think for itself. From this day on you are my walking drone. A dumb loser does things normal people don’t do. Don’t you love being an idiot? Look what you did, you caused yourself to go in debt. “

He looked at me sniffing his poppers and told me he had never been so hard in his life. I told him to breath deep and remember what an idiot should do to.. tighten its wet cash cunt. “My bank account is empty sir, I still have to put this cash in the ATM when the bank opens in a few hours. I want you to keep screwing my cunt but I don’t know how!” I reminded him that those urges needed to grow the way his recklessness makes my dick grow. I went for the kill, “How hot it would be to drill your 401K so hard till you cums hands free. Your entire life retirement Is buried deep inside that cash vagina!” He sniffed more and asked what the fuck was happening… “I cant think about anything sir, I’m getting dizzy. I’m losing control over my own mind!!” I told him not to worry, because I was in control and had taken the wheel for him. I told him to stroke and tell me me how much was in his 401k. He immediately told me, making me swell up in seconds. I then informed him that his Cash Cunt ID was his social security number. He got on his knees and I ordered him to state his Slave ID. He did it without hesitation, eyes rolled back while his speech was slurred from the GHB. I looked into his intoxicated eyes, “Who should control every aspect of your life?” His head rolled from side to side. “You sir. Its better this way.” I informed him that the next day he will withdraw 25% of his 401k to get him started as he told me he was going to cum.


We didn’t talk much the next day except “I hope you enjoyed taking advantage of me sir” and “I’m working on withdrawing my 401 but building up the courage as a dumb faggot.” Lost in my own headspace I wanted to drain this fucking idiot and the thought of leaving him broke made my dick hard. I carried on with other slaves such as Andrew and Ryan by tormenting their lives for my benefit. As another day passed I sent texts to Gregg reminding him that cash fucking is another form of sex. I used photoshop on a picture of his ass and wrote “Cash Cunt” with $ symbols on his ass then sent them to him. He responded with, “Fuck that’s hot sir.” I text back asking if he understood what being a dumb loser was all about. “Yes sir a faggot isn’t supposed to think, we are to obey.” (“This is the farthest I’ve ever gone with any master. I don’t even want to stop… who cares about my 401k I have family that pays for everything!”) “Sir you will be pleased to know I went to that bank and took out of my 401k.” I asked him how of his 401k was left. “It’s all been taken out sir, and I’ve lost almost 1 3/rd in penalties….” I laughed at him while responding, “Do you seriously think I give a fuck about your penalties?” He shook his head while texting back, “No sir, and you shouldn’t have to care. It’s my problem.” As he told me he was parked for the night again, I told him to get ready for another cam session. “Take more of that GHB I sent you.” He replied yes sir and poured more into another drink.

I had so far (for the most part) managed to corrupt him into freely just transferring most of his life source on his own, putting the blame on himself. This isn’t a sub where you tell it to send you this or that. It requires A Perfect Mind Fuck!   I decided I would pick at his brain from another angle. I casually took a hit off my bong and asked how his day was. He seemed to be focused that he had withdrawn all that cash after I SUGGESTED he was too STUPID to manage it on his own. (Which was doing just FINE sitting there anyway lmao.) The rest of the mindfuck was telling him his cash made me hard.  I casually placed my hightops in front of the camera and then lit up a cigarette. “One thing for sure you stupid pig, is that my life is fucking awesome. Im far from boring.”  He inhaled his poppers for another 8 seconds on his own “I know sir and it makes me so fucking horny. Like all my problems go away when young use me.” He looked back at the camera like some possessed animal. ”You’re never boring sir, you make me realize what and who I truly am!” I flicked him off on the camera, “Gregg, you’re a fucking idiot. You caused yourself to go in debt getting cash fucked by me, then had to resort to sucking dick to avoid getting hit with negative fees on your bank account. Your entire 401k is wiped clean. SNIFF Your Poppers for ANOTHER 7 seconds and tell me why you did all that.” He moaned sniffing for 7 seconds. “Sir Everything is spinning.”

I laughed at him and told him to act like a stupid cash cunt. “Sir Im a fucking idiot. You’re right I’m too stupid with my own money its better you manage it for me. I did put myself into debt when we were fucking over cam… but you saved me sir. I got the money back very shortly. I’m a good at sucking dick sir.”  Highly intoxicated like never before, I told him to burn him with his own cigarette as I showed him my fully erect bulge in my boxers to drive him nuts. “Sir yours is so big, that 8 inches is so thick too. I can’t even see mine in the shower because I’m so fucking fat….” He screamed as he burned himself while moaning “IM A FUCKING IDIOT.” I spit at the screen for effect and told him to thank me for injuring him. “I NEED MORE POPPERS SIR! I LOVE THIS FEELING…. IM ALIVE!!!” I told him to sniff for 10 seconds and do what a dumb loser LOVES to do! The idiot pig sent $5 Grand to one of my paypal accounts on his phone with a trembling hand. I was leaking like a fountain from the power of controlling this man over like a puppet. “Sir I don’t care if you’re taking advantage of me, THIS FEELS GOOD!!” I told him state his slave ID and he snort like a pig. “XXX-XX-XXXX”… his social security number. I gave him my checking and routing number to do one massive bank transfer. He mumbled as he realized what was to come, “Oh fuck” is all he said.

On camera I looked directly at the cam as if I were staring right into him. “Those blue eyes are beautiful sir, like calming ocean waves that brainwash me.” I reminded him how fucking hot it is when he rides my cash cock just to make me cum. “Gregg how does it feel knowing you can make a boy happy that’s half your age. I bet you get turned down for being a fat troll.” He inhaled again, “All the time sir…” I blew smoke at the screen once again, “When getting cash fucked all you have to do is spread your cunt… no man will ever reject you.” On his own he sent me $7000 on paypal as he started jerking off with his limp clit. “Does that turn you on sir?” Never had to tell him to send it. HE did. BECAUSE HES A DUMB FAGGOT! “Sir can I see your feet as you ignore me? I’m begging you to ignore me and take my cash!” Remembering I had his cards, I decided to start maxing out his credit card… or what was left after other masters drained some of it. I turned down the volume as not to disturb my spending on eBay and discogs. I sent him a message saying I didn’t wanna hear his dumb voice and to keep jerking away to his own stupidity. I used his credit card on things I didn’t even need. I occasionally flashed the shape of my hard cock as I told him I was spending his cash. His card froze, probably because of security protection.

Out of nowhere I got a notification from my Banking app that there was a massive transfer of 8 thousand. He was literally sending me part of his 401k as I was using his credit card online. “I’m jerking my cash away sir.” I turned the volume back up so he could speak, “Jerk your life away you fucking idiot.” He kept jerking off as I reminded him not to get close to 10 thousand which could alert the IRS. “I Love riding your cash cock sir, I love how you don’t tell me to send. Sending on my own feels so liberating and free!” While spending his cash freely I sent him a photo of me holding wads of cash. “I’m the reason you’re about to be in debt.” He screamed with delight, “I’m a debt queen sir. I’m a queen!” I stroked my cock as I told him, “The thought of emptying your retirement is making me rock hard, I may cum myself.” I showed him my cock now that it was leaking like a fountain just to continue manipulating him. Shortly after doing so I had another 8 thousand deposited into my checking account. I waved my cock getting close to cumming being drunk on power. “I need to cum you fucking idiot!” I wanted every single penny of his 401k regardless of how much it was. I just wanted to leave him broke as every dumb loser should be.

I was so fucking turned on I didn’t care about anything else in the world and neither did he. Our sexual frustrations were mutual on opposite ends, just like all forms of fucking. I positioned the camera above my bed once again to give the illusion of bouncing up and down on my dick. “Ride my cash cock you fucking idiot, let the pussy juice soak my dick.” (“I’m so drugged up fuck I love this GHB stuff.) Gregg called his credit card company while I went into his bank account on my own computer after he had given me access. While Gregg was on the phone I took the remainder of his 401k retirement. I took thousands and enough to alert the IRS. I didn’t care as I file my taxes for findom earnings anyway. I can deal with the IRS, this is all worth it. As gregg talked on the phone he never stopped jerking off as I told him his bank account was empty. Gregg hung up and begged me to keep using his credit card. “I’m losing control of myself sir and you’re totally taking advantage of my state of mind. Just the fact you don’t care about me is gonna make me cum!!” He slowed down as not to cum, for he was enjoying this way too much. I asked him, “What’s the limit to overdraft your bank account?” He grabbed his tits and applied 2 more clothes pins to add to each nipple. “300 Sir, fuck I love being a pain pig. I’m a pain big and a debt queen. Please overdraft my bank account.”

Trying not to cum myself I spoke back at the camera with my blue eyes that made him so weak. “BEG me to overdraft your account. Get on your knees and BEG for me to take your cash.” He got on his knees once more, “I’m begging you as my GOD! I’m a dumb faggot and this is what I need my lord. Like you said these are natural urges and I’m BEGGING you to fuck me hard.” Logging into his paypal on my own I did exactly that, over drafting his account in 2 minutes. “Do you realize what a fucking idiot you are? Thank me for insulting you and praise your God. Start punching your balls with one first and jerk off with the other!!” Gregg began hurting himself for my sadistic amusement. He began screaming as I told him to punch his balls harder. “I’m not bi like you sir, so there is no need for a faggot to have any balls. It turns me on when you told me how you knocked up that one girl. Knowing you’re a real man and having big balls as it is. I want to make those huge nuts shoot your HOLY Load. Thank you for insulting me and treating me like garbage. Thank You for putting me into debt!” I laughed at him as he injured and humiliated himself. “You are completely WORTHLESS. The reason you work is to make me happy and that’s how its going to be for the rest of your pathetic life. Me fucking you over gives a life purpose for a dumb loser like you. Oink for me you fat pig!” Gregg starting oinking after inhaling poppers. I proceeded to keep charging up his credit card, this time buying games for my PS4 and Nintendo Wii U.

I didn’t care if his card was maxed and neither did he. I got notifications on discogs about invoices for expensive vinyl I had ordered. I got an original copy of the Beatles “Sgt Pepper” in Mono for 2 grand. “I’ve spent thousands using your credit card you fag cash pig. Keep Oinking as you jerk off.” He jerked off harder but as he reached for his poppers, the bottle spilled all over the bed. “Oh no sir my poppers spilled! I need to get more!” Despite being horny my human instincts kicked in and was more worried about his safety. After all he would be driving on GHB and was very intoxicated. GHB basically feels like liquid MDMA, or should I say Ecstasy. “This faggot NEEDS its poppers sir, I’m driving to the porn shop its open 24 hours and close by.” I told gregg it wasn’t a good idea as he ignored my warnings. He got dressed and began driving, focused on getting more poppers so i could keep running up his credit card. (“I won’t be completely fucked over until my card is maxed! I Need this, I need to be fucked over like a dumb faggot. I just can’t ignore these urges!”) I called him and decided to stay on the phone with him but on speaker phone. “Thank you for being worried about me sir but I’ll be ok.” He started jerking off thinking about how pathetic it was that he was driving on a powerful drug just to keep getting fucked. “Please turn me on sir.” Snapping back into my dominant mode, “Jerk off your cock and moan “Im a reckless faggot and thank you for fucking me over, keep repeating that your dumb cunt.”

I heard flapping sounds and car horns as he started moaning “Im a reckless faggot thank you for fucking me over, Im a reckless faggot thank you for fucking me over.” I was now getting off on the fact he was driving on GHB and was loosing all sense of logic myself. He moaned louder and louder. “Im a reckless faggot thank you for fucking me over” (more car horns as he was began swerving on the road) “Im a reckless faggot thank you for fucking me over, IM A RECKLESS FAGGOT.. OMMMG IM A RECKLESS FAGGOT THANKS FOR FUCKING ME OVE… AHHHHHHHHHH.”

He shot his load before he made it to the store.

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