David’s Reckless Outdoor Exposure

I had my profile open for a lets say “personals app” that one can find others into leather/bdsm in general. It tracks how close they are by miles and exact feet if within less then a mile. Like I’ve mentioned in a past blog I have a profile that reads “Experienced Financial dom of 10 years. I’m not your typical twitter dom that asks for cash. Also experienced with other forms of BDSM.” (Thats exactly what profile says.)

I was here on Dominants writing a blog (like I’m doing now) and got a message on my phone with a profile that just said “CashCunt” with a general picture I can’t even remember of what tbh. We talked for 2 hours on the app about his wild fantasies and some eccentric comments that did bother me a bit (along with subs on this site after uploading some screenshots.) Rest assured as time went on I realized he just has some dark morbid humor. (He was testing my integrity, smart man!) He like me has a degree with psychology only he has a PHD. Come to find he is a very intelligent man with a submissive side… he’s what you call a “brat” that likes to push all your buttons. I’ve now been dominating him for a week now.

We finally exchanged personal numbers (which is what you generally do when contacting them outside the app.) David is a retired psychiatrist, and has very strong opinions on what we as society think. I realized just like me he’s a deep thinker as we talked. At this point I realized his need to submit was a way to lose all control as a form of emotional release. He has always been in charge of others his entire life and now wants to let it all go. He had been searching for a findom for over 8 years.

We talked for 7 hours str8 without me even THINKING about a tribute. I was entering a head trip without money in mind, as I am into power transfer in general. The only mention of cash was about the scene in general and his overall frustration that all the masters he’s contacted caring only about such. He had been wanting to submit and serve for almost a decade. As of 2019 he finally let it all go and placed his very life into my hands…. in just ONE NIGHT.

He had moved in with his mother after retiring, only to be mistreated and be taken for granted. Hours before he contact me, he had introduced his bf. While David was using the bathroom, his mom told his bf he had full blown aids and had been telling David he was going to hell despite him taking care of her… (personal note this woman deserves to rot in hell.) This is relevant as you can see why his mind went to places he’s never been before. Don’t want you to think I’m evil after you read what you’re about to read. I’m explaining this before I release any videos.


First David sent me his the front and back of his state id, social security card, debit card (front and back,) among many other things passport included. He told me how he hated his living situation. He then proceeded to show me his ass on cam and plugged a “rock” should I say. After 7 hours of talking I realized it was like 2 something in the morning. He then looked at me. “Kris I know you have an evil side. What’s holding you back? I want you to lose control as well.” He showed me his mothers purse on camera. He then proceeded to pull lipstick out of her purse, “make me do reckless things master! You know what sounds fun? EXPOSE ME!!”

For the first time in a long time I felt a head trip that I could feel PHYSICALLY. Like everything else in the world had stopped existing. I was in a position of power being handed from a professional retired man and controlling him like a marionette. He lifted his legs up, wearing his mothers boots with some pretty gemstones stones. As a wave of frustration from the outside world had crept into my mind I told him “Piss all over your moms purse!! Piss inside of it!!” He took out his small dick and started spraying all over as I had record with my phone as he told me to expose him. He proceeded to hold up his passport while the piss soaked over purse.

“Now david, put another rock up your ass. I want the passwords to your AT&T account, Bank Account, iCloud, and emails.” I was going all the way, as David had given the signal that there were no limits on this night. “Yes Master, I’m so fucked up right now, that other rock is kicking in. My mind is so fucking high and blown. I wrote down my passwords to all kinds of things. Its better I just show you everything in my notebook.” David reached over to his nightstand and pulled out a notebook as he mentioned as he flipped open to the back. I snapped shotted everything as I told him to stick another rock up his ass. “Yes SIRR!!!”

I began logging into everything he he continued  to piss all over himself. As I started into his bank account, “Grab that lipstick out of your mothers purse you mindless fucking idiot!” David grabbed the lipstick as he turned the inner camera on his phone towards me. “Now David I want you to put down that lipstick and grab that black marker instead.” He took the cap off the marker, “What do I do now sir?” “I want you to write your ENTIRE social security number on your head so I can expose you on Dominants.CO”

He then started writing all 9 numbers on his forehead. I began to record video clips once again and told him to take the lipstick in his hands as I was going through his emails changing passwords to my liking and locking him out of his bank account. I began instructing him to paint his lips and refer to himself as a pretty pink princess. “I’m a pretty pink princess sir!” I laughed as I told him “You’ve been locked out of your bank account, I have total access. I want you to paint your face pink and rub the lickstick all over your social security number on your LAME bald head!” He proceeded to do as instructed, painting himself to look like the ugliest fucking Cher the world has ever seen. “Please text my mother I’m a dumb cash faggot spending all our cash.” I recorded a video (which has already been uploaded on here) and sent it to her. (Dumb cunt. No I DONT feel bad.)

Now for those who don’t know or remember me explaining in previous blogs, I will reexplain what a social security number is. Its a unique 9 digit number provided at birth in the United States. Its VERY dangerous to tell anyone, as anyone can take out a loan in your name, sign up for credit cards, among many other things. I destroyed a previous slaves credit rating by draining 35 grand out of him twice. (Third blog about Andrew will follow after this blog.)

“I’m A Pretty Pink Princess Sir. Thank you for locking me out of my bank account sir. It’s not like I need it anyway.” He then begged me to start shopping on eBay using his credit cards. I began doing such as I told him to grab marker and prepare to act embrace the reckless idiot that he is. “I will be a drone and show my devotion sir. Thank you for robbing me sir please buy anything you like!” He began writing on his bedroom *Owned By Kris Hawk*… or so it looked like it (watch the videos.) He had plugged so many rocks of Tina up his ass that his writing showed. After buying Versace cologne and a bunch of beatles and Madonna records, I told him to show the camera to the wall as I kept recording with my phone on my computer screen (FaceTime.)

“Now David what should we do?” He pulled out a knife and carried the lipstick in his mothers boots and walked over to the screen. He began writing on his 4K TV with lipstick while chanting “I’m A pretty pink princess, I’m a pretty pink princess, Im a PRETTY PINK PRINCESS!” I told him to put the knife down as I had more fun plans. “Sir I want to destroy something! Maybe my PS4?” I told him to just cut the cords with the knife (decided now was the time use it after all.) He did so cutting the cords furiously, looking like the march hare form alice in wonderland.  Soon the lights flickered as electric sparks came out of the cord as he dropped the wire. “That was so exciting sir. I hate my parents… how should we get back at them?” I told him to take his lipstick once again and walk out into the main living room covered in piss while carrying his mothers purse.

I instructed him to write BREEDERS all over the living room walls along with the kitchen wall. It was very dark, but I could vaguely see his perfect artwork directed by me. “Go Write all over your fathers computer and monitor.” David proceeded to cover his entire fathers computer (a devout homophobic mormon.) He showed me the word Breeder on the monitor. “Now take your parents expensive china and SMASH IT ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!” He went into the kitchen and used the remaining lipstick to write breeders all over the kitchen walls. Not being able to see that well as it was pitch black I could still see his body movements. He then jumped off the chair and opened the cabinets, grabbing every plate and class and began smashing them to the ground. He grabbed more and more as I kept adding more items to my cart on eBay.

I could hear screams from another room. “WHAT IS THAT SOUND?!!” David then ran back to his room with light coming back into focus. “I’m going to use this knife to bust out my screen window Sir!” He did just that. He stripped off all of his clothes with the exception of his mothers gem stoned boots. He then crawled out the window into the dead silence of the night, running from his house. I hit record on my phone camera again as he held up his own camera continuing our FaceTime chat on his cellular data.

“How does it feel to be a reckless princess butt naked in the middle of the night? Tell everyone on dominants what You’re doing!!” He smiled covered in pink lipstick with his social security number written on his head and walked down the street, the sound of his mothers boots swiftly hitting the pavement. “I’m just discovering and embracing my true self sir. I’m walking butt naked in the middle of the night like a fucking idiot. And it feels SOO GOOD!!”

He then proceeded to walk to a neighbors well lit front yard. “PISS ALL OVER YOUR MOTHERS BOOTS AND YOURSELF YOU FUCKING IDIOT!! Cover that pathetic small cock NOBODY Wants to see that disgusting thing!” He covered his genitals and proceeded to piss all over himself and his mothers gem stoned boots. His pisses trickled onto the pavement of the driveway as the porch lights shined on his body.

He walked then ran back to his house swiftly seeing all the lights were on but his parents cars were gone. He did seem rather worried running to his parents room. Luckily his mother had left her phone behind although his fathers was gone. He grabbed his mothers new iPhoneX and dumped it in the toilet with the power on. “Fuck that cunt sir!” He then proceeded to his room and began gliding the knife slowly against his 4K TV. He began cutting marks into the TV, making it virtually unusable ever again.

He then told me he was going to clean up and told me he would talk to me tomorrow. I woke up to a nice tribute on my venmo as I woke up the next day. This wasn’t the end of my head trip just yet.


The next day David told me that he told his parents had gone out to a bar and had been drugged on something he didn’t know what it is. Point blank, his parents were THAT STUPID to believe it! Whats more fucked up is they went and BOUGHT HIM A NEW TV!!!! His parents had gone to bed early that night. David proceeded to send me photos of Acrylic paint he had picked up from the store that day.

Later that night David wasn’t covered in any lipstick. He had cleaned up his wall spending all day scrubbing the walls. He showed me the paint in two colors, red and black. I then instructed him to go write OWNED BY KRIS HAWK on the wall, knowing this would become impossible to fully get off. “I’m such a dump princess sir!” He reached behind his ass and stuck another rock of Tina up his ass. He then began painting letter by letter. He stepped back as I hit record on my phone to capture his beautiful work showing pure devotion.

He then proceeded to his TV as I instructed him to paint Kris Hawk on his TV with red paint. He did such no questions asked. “What now sir?” I told him to go sit on the bed and pull out all colors. “Dump it all over your face!!! You fucking ugly princess!!” He poured black paint all over his bald head as it dripped all over his bed. “I’m a fucking ugly princess sir! I Know a fun idea!! Lets stuff something WILD UP MY ASS!!!”

I then told him to grab his shoe off the floor and to put 2 rocks on the tip of the shoe. He grabbed crisco and rubbed it all over the shoe. He began to main as I recorded the shoe going in and out of his ass half way. He began moaning and begged me to rinse everything from his checking account. I casually did so and told him to feel my enormous cash cock wrecking his hole.

He shot all over himself and informed me he was then going to sleep, apologizing for not going as far. He did make sure to show me the next day that the imprint on his wall saying “Kris Hawk” was now embedded onto his wall despite all the paint being removed.

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