Changing Direct Deposit

I was at a BDSM convention downtown Chicago With Mistress Gold (not the same time as my old blog.) This year was supposed to be about relaxing and watching everyone else, as its always a spectacle. This woman could not resist a victim, and neither could I. As many know I drink only a few times a year IF that. And when I DO drink, crazy, magical, and dangerous things can happen. Gold’s real name was Misty, and she was as crazy and fun as I am. We always like to look at slaves and think about terrible things we could do just for our amusement.

I went down to the basement where everyone was getting stoned and/or doing whatever drugs they do.  After a few blunts I realize this tall skinny middle aged man is staring at me in the dim light. He’s wearing a black t-shirt that says cum dump in white letters. His forehead said CASH FAG that someone had obviously written on him.  “Hello sir, I’m 38 years old and my name is Steven. You’re so beautiful, so beautiful everything is beautiful. I want.. i want to lick those shoes… clean…..”  He leaned over and almost fell till I caught him and held him against the wall. “Steve what are you on?” He slurred his words “Meth….x…. poppersssssss ssssirrr…” I laughed at him with drink in one hand and my blunt in the other. It was then I realized My blunt had burned his shirt a little when holding him up. He didn’t feel a thing. “Are you ok there? Got burned a little there.” He swiftly grabbed a familiar small bottle out of his pocket, unscrewed, and sniffed. “I Think its a waste of time for a man like you to ask or care how I feel sir. I’m a piece of shit and I want to be worthless and pathetic.”

“Well you already look pathetic for proudly walking around as a cash sub. Get your wallet fucked here by someone tonight?” His eyes went wide and serious while he pulled out this white baggie of powder. He put his finger on a little bit and sniffed. I didn’t bother ask what it was. “I love being abused and taken advantage of… you asked if I had my wallet fucked do you know what cash fucking is sir?” I opened my phone and showed him video in my dropbox, and told him my long history. We talked for a good half hour about our kinks as he chewed on another ecstasy tablet and grinding his jaw in pure lust with every word. “Nice to meet you KrisHawk sir, in fact I think I’ve seen videos of you online at some point. I thought you looked familiar. It would be fun to be used by you but I’ve already reach the ATM limit. I can withdraw again at midnight sir. no man or woman (Bi like me) has ever been able to truly get me fucked up till I’m mashed potatoes.”

I held out my hand “give me your poppers. Wanna feel like a really pathetic whore?” He handed me his poppers and I quickly put them to his nose, subliminally taking just a piece of control away to prep his mind. I grabbed the outline to my 8in cash cock and let him see the full shape. He shuddered moaning how huge It must be. I held the poppers to his nose and to deeply inhale as I kept talking. “Give me your phone, let me fuck you here in this dark musky basement. Like getting fucked in an alley bareback like a danger seeking loser.” He moaned as he attempted to grab my dick on his own before i twisted his arm making him yelp. The poppers fell to the ground as the glass bottle shattered. “Not to worry sir…. I have a sealed bottle or two..” He handed it to me without me asking as he gave me the password to his phone.

I took him to a booth down in the basement where nobody was.. it was very quiet. I told him to strip naked and spread his legs. “Can… Can.. Can I see it master… your massive cock?” I punched him in the balls till he grabbed between his legs in shock, and as he did I took off one of my sneaks and smacked down on his balls again. “I’M SORRY SIR!” I pulled out a but plug I had in my own mini bag. During conventions like these I’m always prepared for something. I shoved it up his ass with very little lube. I proceeded to go through his phone. “I see you’re married, work for *******, with TCF BANK….” He started grinding his ass against the butt blug on the wooden bench. “Oh yes sir I love you sir. May I take more molly sir please. Oh my god fuck me. Fuck my wallet sir. I Love being fucked sir. I Love feeling trashy on this wooden bench…”

I Was so very happy this fucking idiot kept his passwords on his phone. All I had to do was enter in verifications sent to his phone that was in my very hands. I sat on the opposite end of the bench, removing my size 12s and planting my socked feet on his face. “I’m taking $150 using ***** while I look at pictures of your wife Madeline….”  He gasped yet not removing the poppers from his nose. The fact that he was fully vulnerable proceeded with him slamming his ass down on the butt plug harder as the wooden bench began to make squeaking sounds as I told him I decided to take $500 instead. “Now that its after midnight I can rob you old style outside.. dark in the middle of the night… just like getting fucked in an alley.” I told him I was going to take another $250, and waited to see his facial reaction…  He picked up the pace holding one hand on the butt plug and started grinding it inside him as if he couldn’t get enough. “Oh fuck me like a real man fuck me fuck me over… oh i fucking love being robbed sir I love being fucked up in the head.”

I Told him Madeline was now in my cell phone (she really wasn’t but just a mind fuck) “Omg my wife doesn’t know I’m faggot sir…” I cut him off, being able to read this man like a book. He slowed down a little as I kept talking, taking in every word. “BUT she know’s you’re pathetic, and that you’re a fucking loser. A submissive idiot like yourself can’t keep this hidden from their spouse. You taking it up the ass and taking CASH COCK Along with your money.” He put the bottle to his nose again. “Let’s do something fucking wild.. I wanna.. I Wanna..I wanna…” I Cut him off again, “I want your entire paycheck… and you as my life long ATM behind MADELINES BACK!… “

“SHHHHHH” He started moaning as my words of him surrendering outside this disgusting trashy basement sent waves of emotions he had never felt before. He was on the verge of cumming as he groaned.. by taking a heavy slap to his balls. It took him by surprise… but all he did was stand up and grab his clothes. “Its well after midnight sir.” I put a dog collar on his neck while sending Misty a message so she wouldn’t worry where I was. As we exited the basement and entered up the creaking stairs, he took another hit of MDMA/ecstasy, claiming that he wanted his brain fried like never before. “I deserve to be rinsed till I’m fucking BROKE! I’ve been thinking about it for so long but I always get so scared.” His emphasis on broke was so loud it echoed the entire stairway. “I’ve never been so fucking turned on sir…” Before leaving I made sure to find Misty and asked if she had any Acid strips which she did. She smiled as she saw Steve and could read my face to see what was roughly going on. Everyone watched as I placed the dotted paper on his tongue. As we walked out he told me how excited he was to lose his fucking mind.


We were walking down a residential street, with my hand pulling on the chain attached to his neck. “How humiliating its the middle of the night and anybody can see you like this.” He was being dragged down the street while he happily sniffed from his bottle under the moonlight. There were no street lamps despite being in Chicago, the city is that fucking broke. Just like this drugged up piece of shit was itching to become. We didn’t have too long as the sun would be rising soon. But I had other plans for when that happened. “I have to piss sir…” I turned around spiting in his face immediately. “Piss all over yourself and FEEL how FUCKING PATHETIC YOU ARE.” I stood there holding the chain as I saw his jeans become wet and heard some drip onto the pavement. “I’m covered in piss sir, with no change of clothes.. My wife is going to wonder why I smell like this.”

“That you you got fucked up on hard drugs like an idiot.” We eventually came up to an ATM after an adventure of public humiliation. He got beat up with my fists and high tops where anyone could see him thanking me with each punch and brutal force brought upon him. “I Love being beat up and robbed!!” Now at the ATM I could see the sky start to turn purple.. then orange. “Give me your fucking phone and your wallet. I want your pin as well.” I punched him in the balls again just for my pure amusement. It really is a lot of fun to fuck someone up and destroy them. These idiots just don’t understand how much it turns me on when they do something VERY dangerous. Needless to say I pulled out $500 and told him we are going to his car, and that I was getting in. This man was on LSD/Acid and MDMA/X, two powerful psychedelics. Acid lasts about 8-12 hours, and Mistress Gold always had the best to fuck over her own slaves.

I obviously had to take the wheel. I asked him where his job was among many other things. “Sir I will share and open my entire soul to you. I feel multiple dimensions right now. I understand everything! I’m a worthless faggot with no purpose, I’ve been a loser my entire life! I’m boring, have few friends… and its because I’m pathetic. My father called me a fucking loser when I was getting drunk at 16 and he’s right. Everyone beat me up thinking I was a faggot… so I had NO choice but to find a wife and married Madeline. She’s been so nice to me but I’ve been hiding… for so long.. But it feels so warm and amazing to discover reality. I love reality.. its so beautiful. I love you sir, you’re the most beautiful of beauty. You looked so beautiful beating me up in the street.” I looked at him while driving stoned out of my mind as I hit my blunt that I lit up in his car without even asking. “What color is the sky?” He leaned back slurring his words as he said it looked like the sky was made of diamonds, obviously to appease me. “You are my master sir.. you are many things.”

“I am the Walrus.” He opened his mouth with a laugh to realize he had been biting on his tongue. I left my bag with misty so I didn’t have a pacifier to put in his mouth Like i do for my ABDL slaves. I pulled into a walgreens and got him so Orange Juice and a Pink Binky. When walking in the store my phone started getting paypal notifications which I’m used to, but there were 7 in a row. I came back out to the car and as I got inside he reached out to me but never touching me, eyes rolled back in his head “I’ve never felt so alive.. I’ve been sending you money while playing candy crush while sitting in the car. It’s one giant game in life that I never knew till now!”

(To anyone freaking out, this was all consensual and not all of our conversations have been stated in this blog. He asked about other psychedelics which is why I asked misty to begin with. The following and rest was also tossed around and suggested. There was no regret but a high deal of aftercare was required for months.)

I turned his shirt inside out, and wiped his forehead clean. We approached his office with me realizing he was an assistant at a law firm. I got very hard when I realized he would be walking into his job… to make one of the most reckless fun decisions a faggot can do. A woman in a bright purple blouse asked steve what had happened to him. “I was beat up and mugged Nancy, thankfully my nephew here came to my rescue. She turned to me telling me it was nice to meet me, and asked Steve if he called the police. “Oh yes Adam I did (as another coworker walked by twitching his nose as Steve had his piss and mine all over his clothes.) Adam asked what he was doing at work after being robbed especially on his day off. “I need to talk to Tanya, its about my paychecks.”

We walked into a big office as this african American woman walked by waving a folder before turning to see Steve and I as she gave me a warm smile. She was clearly waving as she was overtaken by such a disgusting odor that followed Steve. Long story short, he was “getting a divorce” and wanted to have his checks direct deposited into his nephews account temporarily. He text me saying “Forever sir.” Tanya knew something was off, giving me a look like wtf is going on. She asked me to leave and said she needed to speak with him.

I went through his car and started taking everything out that was unimportant. I walked out the car and threw it all away in the trash can to leave him feeling even more stupid and worthless. Him being in that car was enough trash is it was. He even agreed how trashy she truly is. Madeline called his phone which he had left. No I didn’t answer, but there was a lot of voicemails that I was getting off on, such as demanding to know where he was and calling him a piece of worthless shit for not taking her dress and coat to the dry cleaner. She called him all kinds of names, this being an obvious ongoing occurrence. Madeline Nice? No she was a fucking cunt. She deserved what was coming, standing in the path of her husbands destruction. He did come out and said she was giving him a hard time but gave her my info including the routing number and would take effect next check but not the coming one.

I decided he should rest at my place as I didn’t want him driving back while he still thought 7 dimensions existed and that he was in the 11th. “It’s like chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcy!! Bankruptcy has two alternate dimensions.” I laughed, “You’re not bankrupt, at least yet.” He was getting used to the drugs and was talking more articulately. “Now that your checks are being direct deposited to my bank account, I think you understand why you work to begin with.” *Sniff* “Yes sir it wasn’t until last night that the truth had awoken. I’m a fucking idiot!


He had given me his number passport, unopened pieces of mail many being bank statements, social security card, and his birth certificate. I seem to have this effect. 🙂

Steve and I talked back and forth for months. When bills were due I would send it to him. He always had enough just for what he needed. He had no control or ever got a single penny once payday arrived automatically. I would wake up to large sums from his work.

“I’m at the breakfast table wth Madeline… She’s reading the new york times.”
“I get New York times as well.”
“You’re very wise sir.”
“Unlike you, because SHES reading while You’re getting taken advantage of behind your wife’s back. You don’t need to know whats going on anyway, other then what I tell you.”
“Yes Sir! That’s so true.”
“It’s Time to tell your wife. I want total control of your life.”

Madeline had his iPad in full view, remembering his texts were routed to there as well. She was good at playing stupid, “I already know Stephan. I’ve been watching your iPad with this Kris Boy for weeks.”

He text me and said to answer as he called asking me to stay quiet.

“Your family already knows and I am choosing what I am taking! A Cash faggot? Stephen there is something seriously mentally wrong with you. Get some fucking help. I’ve never heard of such a crazy thing.”  He laughed that he had already handed me everything in the safe, her jewelry, and signed away the car that he was still driving. Her voice rose, “thats all mine Stephan I want it back!”

I hung up on him and called her for the first time. “Listen breeding cunt, put your phone on speaker or I will expose your illegal marijuna that you’re growing. I have full access to your home computer, and took screenshots of everything illegal you have been doing. You like getting stoned with your grandson? You like giving your Landscaper blowjobs? Does Stephan know about those two black guys fucking you while he was at work? Does your mother know you failed to see her because you were getting fucked by your landscaper this past mothers day? you went out to the casino with him, and You told her you were sick!”

Madeline shouted that she would get me for this, only for me to send a screenshot filling out a forms to the send button with a form to the DEA. “You are not going to harm your husband in anyway. You will claim everything you made up is false understood? I have all their contacts and a library of your sexcapades. Or you will be fucked over and end in tears miss.”

On the other end in her teary voice she said yes sir. Steve told me there was some excitement in her face, although she refused to admit it.

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