Andrew’s Social Security Number


Longest blog I’ve ever written.. one of the most intense cash subs I had ever met. There was so much detail I didn’t wanna leave anything out. He still serves me to this day. Hes the one who gave me his icloud access a week ago.

This began in 2015 when I was talking to some younger guy living at a dorm. He messaged me on skype and told me he found me off of youtube. He wasn’t shy at all, and openly told me how my videos made him feel inside. He had a fetish for many morbid things! Mens feet, fantasy for being snuffed (I was like omg get outta here lol) getting beat up… and financial domination. I realized even though he didn’t know what he was doing He had seen many of my videos online and fantasized about me doing horrible things to him.

Andrew was your typical skinny white twink next door type. Very intelligent, got into college because of a scholarship and wanted to be a lawyer. He didnt seem shy with me at all. He told me he feels like a pathetic loser and stupid idiotic faggot. He knew he always would be. He got me excited when he told me he wants to be ruined as it is his most intense fantasy. I was immediately intrigued in him getting beat up and his interest in financial domination, which was fast moving. 

We talked for awhile before I “drained” him after the following week. He told me about his low self esteem and how he got bullied for being a flaming faggot in school. He also told me he was a top only, and would only bottom for the man he marry in the future. I never asked him this, he just told me on his own. I continued to further scrapping whatever I could out of his head. I took note of everything he told me and acted clueless while I let him continue talking absorbing every facial expression. We had our first cash rape session a week later, losing $80 to me in tributes of 20. He said he was sorry he couldn’t tribute me more. He had read stories about Cash rape on a website for erotic stories. I didnt make him feel bad as he had never served a real man before.

He told me winter break was coming and wanted to meet. I told him to fly to O’Hare airport in Chicago. He said it was perfect because he had an aunt and uncle that lived near by that could lend him their car. He told them he wanted to spend winter break with them because he missed them so much. Little did they know he was visiting to experience what being a dumb faggot feels like. He told them he wanted to also see a friend from online really badly for a day and asked if that would be ok. So his aunt aunt and uncle drove two seperate cars, one to lend Andrew as the two drove back home in one car and told Andrew to come there safely after giving him the address.

When he arrived he was in awe as he stood in my bedroom, the very room where many of my realtime videos were filmed. I asked what he meant about being ruined. He told me he read stories of being financially destroyed and having personal info taken from him. He then asked me to do all those horrible things he had read about. He asked if I could terrorize his mind and then told me that he wanted to lose his mind. He is one of the easiest subs to fall quickly into my dangerous hands.

I gave him a safe word… which he never ended up using….

  • I told him to get on his knees and tell me his legal address. He instead opened his wallet and gave me his Drivers License for me to take a picture of. Then he gave me $60 and said “my cash is yours sir.” Knowing how he wanted to be destroyed, (and seeing wads of bills in his fat wallet) I grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him off the ground and held him against the wall. I could tell he was caught by surprise when he gasped but i could see his erection swelling in his jeans… very noticeable. I told him to empty his fucking wallet, “EVERY FUCKING DOLLAR! GIVE ME ALL YOUR FUCKING CASH YOU PIECE OF SHIT.” He handed me his wallet with a total of $460. “Anything you wish sir. I’ll be left with nothing…” I spit in his face and laughed. “Do you think I give A FUCKING SHIT?!” He lowered his head and said “No sir. You shouldn’t care. But I wont have any gas sir…” I slapped him across the face noticing he was fully rock hard (and so was I.) I threw him to the ground tearing his shirt as he fell to the ground.

I told him to strip butt naked then I kicked him in the stomach with my DC hightops… HARD. Then I Jumped on him like a skateboard while he laid on his back and stomped on his balls, while holding my weight on his forehead. He yelped in pain and still hadnt uttered the safe word. I slapped him across the face again but this time much harder, then used my other hand. His face was all red with the DC logo on his forehead.I grabbed him by his hair and kicked him in the balls as I Made it clear that he didnt have any place to complain. I pointed out That he was a joke of a man, and how he could never be an attorney he’s because a stupid cunt. “Yes sir Im a stupid cunt. Thank you for robbing and beating me up Sir.”

I told him to stand there as I went to the kitchen to grab something… to truly fuck with his head deeply knowing what turned him on. I returned and told him to give me his social security number. “Sir… that I can’t do… that sounds very dangerous!!!” Still no safeword, so I grabbed him by the hair and held him against my bedroom wall again as Metallica kept spinning on the turntable in the background. I pulled out the butcher knife I grabbed from the kitchen and pulled his body back towards me, his bare ass on my basketball shorts. As I put the knife to his throat I noticed his dick was leaking precum like a fountain… he was definitely getting off on all of this.. 

I spit on my fingers and shoved two up his ass with my other hand holding the knife to his throat. I told him not to move or his neck could cut.. and he wouldnt a nasty accident to happen by not listening to me or by moving. “Sir that hurts ive never had anything up my ass please stop!” I whispered in his ear if he wanted to use the safeword. “No sir… I dont deserve even that.” I demanded the first 3 numbers of his social security number and he told me without hesitation. He was too afraid to disobey me and wanted to avoid a horrible accident. I asked him for the next 2 numbers of his social and he begged me to please stop. I grabbed a bottle of Astro Glide on my dresser pulling both fingers out, adding astro and then shoving 3 fingers up his hole as he moaned and yelped. He immediately told me the next two numbers numbers as his face clenched in pain. 

I demanded the last 4 of his social. “Sir I cant give the rest you would know the entire number!” A social security number is a vital piece of information for an idiot that wants to lose control. Andrew wanted to spread his legs to his personal life and now he was getting information fucked out him. I pulled down my basketball shorts and shoved all 8 inches up his virgin hole as he cried “Sir Im saving that for my future man…” I told him to kiss the butcher knife and lick it. He quivered as I fucked him harder and I asked him once again what the last 4 numbers were. I saw his face through the mirror and saw his eyes roll back in his head in pure heaven. He was enjoying a mans cock and getting raped financially and physically. He told me the last 4 digits as he said he felt like he was gonna cum. I told him to tell his mothers maiden name and all 9 digits in a row as I aimed to hit his Gspot. By the time he hit the 6th number he came all over the carpet spraying everywhere, cumming hands free. He had totally lost his mind, as he gave me the last 3 digits. I pulled the knife away and pushed him off of me and kicked him back down to the ground.

“Now you’re gonna get the fuck out of my face, I can’t stand to look at how fucking pathetic you are. Youre a fucking faggot that just took cock up your ass and gave away HIGHLY sensitive information to me. On Top of that you lost $520 to me! YOURE A FUCKING IDIOT YOU MORON!!!”

After he left he called me and said he ran out of gas. His uncle had to come and drive 2 hours away and asked what happened to all his money. He lied and said he got robbed at a gas station. He told me he had never felt so humiliated in his life.


After winter break he kept talking into 2016.

He told me over winter break that our time together was the hottest thing thats ever happened to him, and he had fucked alot of guys. I asked him if he had any credit cards. He told me he had his own with a $15,000 limit and one of his parents for an emergency of 15 Grand for a limit, as his parents were well off to do.

He asked why I wanted to know that and I told him “because it turns me on when you tell me more personal information like that.” I told him to strip like he did at my place and to add his parents credit card to his paypal, but told me it was already on the account. I told him to jerk off and send me $100, he frantically typed with his free hand and sent it. “Thank you for taking my cash sir!” He started jerking off faster and then told him to send triple the amount… he typed $300 and sent it. He got closer and then told him to send triple again… sending $900 without question. He shot his load all over repeating to himself hes a stupid faggot over and over till he slumped in the computer chair feeling overwhelmed at what he had just done, spending $1,300 and being 23 years old. (Surprised there wasnt a freeze to be honest.)

He told me he wanted to see me on spring break again, and I agreed that would be a good idea. This time he didn’t tell anyone where he was going, he was going to spend the entire break with me! This time he payed to get himself an Uber all the way to me from the airport. 

As He arrived I played my xBox as he licked my shoes completely clean. He was down on my bedroom floor for a good hour. As he pulled off my shoes and buried his face in my worn socks, I told him to give me his personal credit card. After that I had him call the company and authorize me to make decisions in case there becomes a freeze on the card. He looked at me and begged me to fuck him over. “PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME SIR! IM BEGGING YOU TO SCREW ME OVER!!”

I grabbed one of my skateboards which was fucking filthy. I told him to kiss the top of my board as I go shopping online. When I hit $800 something the card sure enough froze. I told him to suck on the wheels of my skateboard as I called to confirm the charges were in fact authorized. He sucked on every wheel using his teeth to make them clean so I would be pleased. I kept running up his card and stopped at 3 grand. I asked if he remembered the safe word. He said “I dont remember sir and I dont fucking care. All that matters is pleasing you and me being an inferior loser.” He begged me to fuck him again. I laughed and said he doesn’t deserve it.  Deflowering him was a form of humiliation and symbol of power, as he wasnt expecting that to happen. There was no reason to give him what he wanted, as What I want is what really matters. 

I then told him we were going shopping at the mall by my house. It was a massive mall, and had stores that sold just about anything you can think of. We walked around as he bought me whatever I wanted using his parents credit card, and I reminded him that his credit card was now mine. “I Understand sir.”

We went to best buy after he blew through 5 grand, buying me a new upgraded 4K TV with HDR. His parents called shortly after walking outta the store asking why he had spent so much and if had lost his mind. I told him to hang up and that we were going back inside best buy. I stood there and used MY new credit card to buy myself a second Nintendo Switch and a bunch of Vinyl LPs. When asked to pay, I punched in his info and typed his social security number as he just watched mindlessly not even caring. I had signed up for a Best buy credit card with a limit of 500. He was approved right away as his credit was decent for always making payments right away on his credit card.

A week went buy and I used him as a house slave. He kept ignoring his parents calls as they left worried and angry voicemails. After he had returned back to his dorm I would go out shopping and send him photos of my hand swiping MY credit card. He would text back he was so fucking horny. He begged me to keep using him more as he went to the bathroom to jerk off at his job. I would tease him with photos of my hand swiping the card while out shopping as he worked. I sent him a snapchat telling him “Very soon you’re going to be in debt.” He responded with “I deserve to be driven into debt sir. Thats what a stupid faggot like me deserves.”

That same day I went and ran through the entire best buy card. I told him to fake an ID with his info but my picture. He found a place in a mexican neighborhood that did them for cheap. I then started applying for more credit cards, getting approved for two more… I was denied a third card. I used up the rest of his original card on ebay to buy a sealed beatles record for 7 grand.

Over a course of 3 months, I slowly maxed them all out. He was being kicked out of college for his grades as he only cared about me. 

He messaged me one day sleeping on his friends sofa and told me “this is the most intense feeling ive ever had sir, you put me into debt and I can’t pay my way out now!” I texted him back if it excited him to be in deep debt. “Yes Sir, I need to get a second job so you can keep fucking me…”

Once his cards were all maxed out and all he had was his job, he had only his job to rely on. He tried changing phone companies but couldn’t because his credit score was ruined. He needed a new car 8 months after, he was completely screwed over by me.

Part 2

Andrew is a very loyal sub, and was very happy to know I had written something for him. He said it was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for him, besides ruining him. As I began writing this I decided it was best to focus on the next era of my ownership of him.

By late 2016, Andrews credit score was completely ruined. Knowing that “after care” is necessary at times, I decided it would be best to see him in person again. After all, he was living on a friends sofa. His phone was cracked and one of the speakers didnt work. His car had so many issues with it. No anti freeze so he was forced to go through the heat that entire summer. He had been been kicked out of school. Although he was living on his weed guys sofa, he still had a possible future. (I think the only thing in his head he sees in his future is ME.) He had a job but was still unable to get his own apartment, At least he wasn’t homeless.

One night after a cash fuck of $130 I told him to hold onto his cash as of now, and buy only essentials as he needed to fix his credit. “Why are you being nice to me sir?” I told him to snap out of it for one second. All he could do was say sorry sir or sir this. I used to think some of these cash pigs were acting, but now I wonder if some truly ARE fucked up. I couldnt get through to him to be normal again, but he did as told. To keep fucking with his head, id make him lick the toilets clean and then send pics to me. One time at work he went in the bathroom, pissed in a glass and drank it on video for me. I had a blast laughing at him as he would tell me “Im such a fucking loser sir.”

As a Dom who gets off to BDSM for fun, I learned later on how essential it is to have an on and off switch. To get off on hurting someone, a dom is as equally as demented as much as the sub in some ways. I always try to put a safeword in place in case one of us loses control. Once Im turned on by a slaves fear and misery, Im told I can be very addictive and dangerous. Money is the not the first thing on my mind with findom, its hurting the slave that WANTS to be hurt. And when Someone is sexually aroused by hurting others…. such as whipping their bank account….. there may be more severe damage. I WANT TO HURT YOU….. if you WANT to be hurt….. Im not here flexing my body to get your cash.

I had stuck my cash cock in wallet via his parents credit card, then run up his own credit card to the max of $15,000. I then had used his social security number to sign up for more cards to max out. Andrew was negative 18 grand in debt. Not counting his parents which i ruthlessly milked $6300 out of. At the end of it all he kept thanking me, “thank you for putting me in debt sir.” “I deserve to be in debt master hawk sir.” But save his money he did. I told him not to pay off his cards but to just hold onto it… because I have a reason for everything, dont ask questions.


May 2017

Andrew had decided to come see me again after saving for a plane ticket and when he could get 3 days off. He ordered an uber to my house once again. As we started talking in my room, Andrew said he had no regrets. “I’ve never felt so alive sir! I wish you could keep fucking me over.” I walked around him in a circle as he stared at me confused (all just to fuck with his mind.) I crossed my arms as I stopped in front of him. “Andrew, you’re in massive debt. Your parents are ashamed of you, you got kicked out of law school, you have a shitty phone, I destroyed you’re credit and you’re still talking to me! HOW FUCK STUPID ARE YOU?!”

He smiled not bothered and sighed “Because I’m just a dumb faggot and I love it sir-“ I smacked him across the face with the back of my hand and then a second time, “I DONT give a FLYING FUCK WHAT YOU LOVE.” He just continued to smile and said “Thank you for hitting me sir. I deserve to be punished sir. I have something important to say sir. My grandfather passed away recently and split it 3 ways in his will among me and my two brothers.” I got excited hearing him tell me that. “My mother is the executor , but shes been furious with me. I was waiting to tell you in person. I know you’ll find a way sir. You’re then smartest man ever sir.”

I pulled out a cigarette casually, then seductively lighting it staring in his eyes. I yanked his jeans down and told him to remove his shirt. “Why am I naked sir? Will you fuck me again?” I socked him in the jaw which caused his head to hit my record shelf as he fell to the ground. He did appear rather dizzy. For some fucked up reason seeing him in pain turned me on. I enjoyed hurting him. He must’ve seen my erection, because as he was on the ground dizzy he blurted out “thank you for burning me sir.”

“No you cock hungry faggot. Im not going to fuck your nasty ass! I only stuck my cock in you to MIND FUCK YOU INTO GIVING ME YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT!” And with that I spit on his face as he was still aching in pain. I ashed my cigarette on his chest, “Andrew the reason you’re butt naked is because you have no shame. You have no fucking respect yourself. THROWING AWAY BEING A LAWYER!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!”

“Because Im a fucking idiot sir.” I pulled out my bag of sex toys and torture devices and placed a new CB cage on him, very hygienic and easy to clean (Holy Trainer wasn’t what it was at the time.) Andrew said nothing the entire time for he knew better other then to thank me or state what he is. I paced around him again. “Now what youre going to do, is call your parents right now. Youre going to tell them you have a drug problem and that you need to pay off all your debt.” “How will they even believe me sir?” I took my cigarette and held it to his balls while handing him his phone. I started to precum hearing all that beautiful screaming. As he was dialing he looked at me mindlessly and uttered “Thank you for doing horrible things to me sir.”


I held poppers to his nose each time his mother spoke. (I obviously cant remember the entire conversation but this is the gist.)

“Mom… yeah I finally have something to tell you (I typed on my mac in front of him) but Im so sorry for everything in the past”

“Whats going on dear? Are you ok? Why haven’t we been hearing from you?”

“Im doing better now mom. Look I dropped out of school because I developed an addiction to heroin. I paid my dealers via paypal and got out of control.”

His mother started crying “Wait, Wha Wha WHATTT?!!!”

“Im an addict mom, but I have a wonderful NA sponsor now working on my steps and now Im supposed to call you. Im so sorry for lying and hurting you mom I really am.”


“Mom I was ashamed of myself for my addiction, and things are going better. I have jobs but Im depressed now. I cant get my own apartment and I cant get a new car. Im living with a drug dealer and sleep on his couch. I ruined my credit and I dont know what to do.”

“Well dont beat yourself dear Im glad to hear youre recovering. Youre uncle jeff overdosed before you were born. He tried quitting but had a bad hand of cards at life. I understand darling, but I want you to be honest from now on and not keep things from your parents.”

“I want to go back to school mom (i snickered as I continued typing at a fast rate) I want to turn my life around.”

“Well honey when I was your age I ran up credit cards too and your grandfather bailed me out one time. He said it would be the only time so I will save you just once like he did for me. We all make bad choices sweetheart and we learn from them!”

(I typed on the screen holding poppers under his nose and asked if he needed to use the safeword, as I was forcing him to manipulate his poor concerned mother. He typed back “No Im a reckless faggot sir.”)

“Thank you for helping me mom. I want to come visit I miss you both.”


Basically after that there was some back and forth tears and crying, but the matter of his share of the inheritance did come up. As it was legally due, his mother technically couldnt say no. She was so happy to hear from him, she couldnt pick up the fact that something wasn’t quite right…..

I used andrew as a house slave again until he left. He cleaned my house, did my laundry, scrubbed my toilets, along with every dish in the house. I woke up the next morning to find it cleaning so I let it carry on being useful. He was still in chastity carrying around poppers sniffing as he cleaned. While he slaved away, I was thinking of other slaves that wanted me to ruin them, and I had realized Andrew was still young. If it wasnt me that would abuse him in such a way, they may not have any of his best interests. Andrew wanted to be a reckless faggot, its what made him proud. So I wasnt going to take that away, that would be wrong. I could however help him achieve his goal the being the stupidest cash pig he could be. He needed to be happy when he left. It was at this point I realized A slave must be happy when outside of my presence. Burn my myself into their brain 24/7 yes, But there has to be some leisure and basic freedom for a slave. Never the mindless ones. But being in his 20s was something I wasnt used to, especially being as twisted as I. I needed to talk to him so I removed my 8 track from its player so we would have silence.

“Andrew come lay on the floor lick my shoes or whatever we should talk.” He twirled and jumped like a bunny on steroids while coming towards me until I stuck out my foot and tripped him. “Why did you do that sir?” I laughed as he started sniffing my hightops and said “because I think its funny.” I got serious “Andrew I think you should stay here. You dont have much left back in boston as youve sold it all to please me like an idiot. Youre living with a drug dealer and you’ve been kicked out of school anyway. And ALL that money you saved… was for a reason. Youre going to buy a car for yourself and not work for now.” He looked up at me with a sad face, “I feel pathetic sir My cash cunt needs to be fucked but Im broke sir.” I put out my cigarette on his shoulder casually talking over his screaming, “Ill fuck you over again much harder, your life as a cash faggot has just begun.”

To keep this from going on forever, he did so EVEN after complaining he loved his tech job till i punched him in the balls knowing how much he loved that EVEN MORE. He did get a cheap car. I casually took the rest of what he had left. I told you I have a reason for everything…


Eventually, Andrew did get his money. He had driven 3 states away to visit his parents and spent a good two weeks. Parents paid off all his debt. He left my house caged the entire time and would text periodically me how his “cash pussy” was going insane. As he returned he told me his parents wanted him to come back home. “I dont want to sir, I want to get humiliated and abused! My cash cunt is tight and wet for you sir.” He did seem puzzled as to why I didnt mention his inheritance much. (Of COURSE it was on my mind! But fucking with his head is what made making him miserable SO MUCH FUN!) He needed to be fucked over in a way he’d always remember.

My twisted mind had a horrible and exciting idea. Andrew come here.” He walked towards me from the kitchen sniffing his bottle of poppers sniffling here and there. “How humiliated did you feel when your uncle had to pick you up when you ran out of gas”? “Like a dumb faggot sir. But thank you for leaving me stranded sir.” Turns out we both were with chase bank. He had put his inheritance in a savings account just sitting there, 20 grand. I drove his cash cunt crazy for days and let him tell me the details on his own. I would stir my tea acting plain clueless as he rambled on about how he was out of debt. One morning as the paper woman dropped off my new york times, I casually asked him where MY credit card was while casually flipping the pages even though I wasn’t really reading anything. Just Some stupid bullshit about what Trump is doing yet again. Same old same old.

“Oh that card sir. Yes a year and a half ago I gave it to you I’m sorry sir.” He handed me back my credit card with a 15k limit with a balance of 0, after his mother had cleared his debt. He opened his bag and pulled out a pill and swallowed it. “Um andrew what is that? He sniffed the bottle of poppers again “its molly sir. When i was at my parents an older man from grindr drugged me at a sex party for pigs sir.” Ive only intoxicated my slaves on hydrocodone or klonapin, but molly very few times.

“Please beat me up and rob me sir!” I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice came back and gave it to him. “Thank you sir.” Within 20 minutes his eyes were like flying saucers and said “I love you sir. I love when you fuck me over sir.” I put a butt plug in his hole as he winced at first. I then grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him to his knees. I shoved my cock in his mouth without notice which made him gag at first. I seductively told him his cash was fucking mine, and how I wanted every fucking dollar so he can go home being a worthless loser. All he could do was moan with 8 inches of cash cock in his mouth.

I told him to bend over my bed while he sniffed his poppers. I then tossed him his phone and told him to call his bank. He hesitated at first and to bring back memories i surprised him again with a blade to his throat, with my other hand i moved the butt plug around in circles as we were on the phone setting up a bank transfer of $5,000. While on the phone the teller asked if he was alright as he was moaning. “I’m a cash faggot miss davis!” She seemed thrown off guard as if she didnt hear that. I laughed at what was going through this womans head, it was hilarious to me. I removed the butt plug snd shoved my entire fist as he yelped really loud into the phone, until she hung up. I removed the blade from his throat as he was in complete subspace moaning as my knuckles hit his prostate. We were on hold again uttered, “Sir you are SO POWERFUL!! Punch my cash cunt hard sir!!!” The third and final transfer of 10 grand left his bank account at $17. His entire inheritance was now in my bank account.

After we hung up I climbed on him shoving all 8 inches inside. As I picked up pace I shoved my rank higntops under his face and told him to sniff. While sniffing i put the poppers to his nose as he moaned “Thank You for robbing me sir! Thank you for fucking me over sir!!” I shopping online as he moaned moving his cash cunt against my cash cock. I went on ebay and amazon, buying whatever I wanted. Most of it I didn’t need I just wanted to drive him into debt once again because it was fucking hot. The card froze only once. As I was nearing the max limit he started moaning like he never had before and started to orgasm through his cock cage oozing out after a month of orgasm denial. Knowing he had just lost 35 grand within an hour set me over the edge as I exploded inside him while moaning.. “I JUST FUCKING RINSED YOUR WALLET OF 35 GRAND YOU FUCKING IDIOT.”

I pulled out as he was still rolling… then he turned to me drugged out, “Thank you for ruining me once again sir.”

Part 3

Andrew had once again been cash fucked out of 35 grand for the second time. Later down the road of our BDSM relationship he called me still living at his parents. At this time they decided to move back to their home state to get andrew away from heroin. “I lost my entire inheritance, my credit is ruined, and I had my virginity forced from me that I was saying for marriage.” I listened to excitement and pleasure in his voice. “How does that make you feel you fucking idiot?” He sighed into the phone “I’m fucked up in the head sir, I love being a dumb faggot sir.” I asked how he was doing. “I am working 2 jobs now sir, my parents bought me a new car but had me go to rehab for addiction even though I don’t even use heroin. I had to tell them I relapsed again.” “Do you feel ashamed of yourself?” He sighed again, “I’m a reckless piece of shit of course sir. It feels amazing to be an idiot JUST for you sir. I feel embarrassed sir. I deserved to be humiliated sir.” He did all kinds of crazy things while he was away from me. He would lick toilets and send photos of himself telling me he’s now a toilet pig.

I realized long before now that he was obsessed and addicted to me. I had this moron wrapped around my finger. I could tell him to burn his hair off and he would because he’s that fucking stupid. I told him its best he gets his life back on track and try to reestablish somewhat of a relationship with his parents. Because in the end, I don’t want him to face regret in the end as he got older. We talked for months as his parents ONCE AGAIN bailed him out and paid off all his cards. Once his cards were once again debt free, he began with “I need to be put back into debt sir. I live to be in debt sir. A dumb faggot doesn’t deserve to have this much money. I would just spend it on stupid things for myself.” I told him to relax and to calm his cash pussy down. I had other fun plans in mind. “You’re gonna fly to see me in Chicago for a weekend. So pack your bags. You can buy poppers at the lions den (adult bookstore) here in Chicago. When you see your dr ask to be put on something called prep. Ask for Truvada.”

November 2017

So around thanksgiving he flew to see me again… telling his aunt and uncle he wanted to spend the holidays with them.. AGAIN. This time like previously he took an uber instead. When he stepped into my room once again he sighed like he always does in his flamboyant manner, “this is where being a dumb faggot all started. Where you first beat the shit out of me like I rightfully deserve. I hope you destroy me again sir. I deserve to be destroyed sir.” I briefly pulled down his jeans to make sure the same chastity device was still on him that he been wearing for 6 months. “Of course it’s on sir. It warps my brain into executing orders like a drone.” I pulled his jeans back up and casually burned my cigarette on his arm while he screamed. “Thank you for hurting me sir. I deserve to be burned and injured sir.” Without words I grabbed him by the shirt pulling him towards me and wrapped a blindfold around his head. “Are you going to do horrible things to me sir? I hope you do.” I slapped him across the face with the back of my hand. He just stood there with no reflex like this was totally normal. “Thank You sir.”

“Andrew we are going to this place called steelworks downtown Chicago. We can get you a membership with MY credit card thats being kept in your wallet.. aka mine. I haven’t been there since I was 19 so I’ll need one as well.” He grabbed at his caged cock “Why don’t you go yourself sir?” “Because its full of nasty disgusting pigs like yourself.” I took my tony hawk belt and whacked it on his balls with full force. All he did was stand, moan and thank for hurting him. “Then thats where I deserve to be sir, after all I am a disgusting pig.” I opened up my bag of toys and tortures devices to find a bottle of ‘tools” to intoxicate remembering that MDMA worked just fine for him. I didn’t tell him to open his mouth, I opened his jaw, spit in his mouth and told him to swallow a dose of euphoric destruction. I grabbed him a plastic certain of orange juice to keep him hydrated that I had planned for the occasion. I then proceeded to order the uber to steelworks and we were on his way while he rambled how much he loved me and the driver like a fucking idiot. I put a pacifier in his mouth to keep him from biting his tongue.

After we paid our membership I went to a room upstairs full of whores as I made Andrew change into nothing but a dog collar, light up pacifier, glow stick, and his pink chastity cage. I attached a thin chain to his dog collar yet pulled him around by the other chain tied to the lock on his chastity device. I opened his mouth and gave him half another dose of molly. I have reasons for every sinister thing I do. We went into a room with a bunch of dudes fucking all over the place (readers if you come to Chicago, trust me you don’t wanna go there its a breeding ground for hiv) as I pulled andrew along by his chastity device with the loose chain dangling from his neck. “I’m rolling so fucking hard sir I love you. I love everything you’re so beautiful.” He kept repeating himself as guys started staring at this fresh meat (i gave them that fuck off look) nude and clearly a drugged out faggot.

“Sir Wouldn’t it be so hot if I let all these men rob me?” Other guys started following us like trolls (typical.) “Lay on the couch on ur back and put ur legs up on the arms of the chair.” He did so without hesitation. “You’re gonna beg for cock and PAY to receive every raw load.” Others stood around hear this and were grabbing themselves, a few sniffing poppers and drugged out on god knows what. (There are a ton of crystal queens in this scene over here.) One guy stroking himself asked if I was pimping out my slave. I told 2 guys with 6 packs to grab a hold of each chain, one to his neck and other to his chastity device. They both stood away just enough for andrew to remain motionless or he would experience very horrible pain. Andrew kept sipping his orange juice by instinct. I pulled out a glass bottle with a dropped. “Andrew this is LSD I’m going to place 2 drops in your mouth. This will be called candy flipping.” He opened his mouth looking excited. “I have always wanted to try LSD! Thank you for frying my brain sir. Its not like theres any reason for a dumb faggot to do its own thinking. Thats why I have my master to make dangerous decisions for me.”

While andrew was talking one guy put some lube on himself as I asked the man if he had venmo or paypal while others looked confused. “This is a cash faggot. His favorite way to get fucked is his cash pussy, his bank account.” He moaned loudly rolling hard as Britney Spears Work bitch blasted through the speakers. “Getting cash fucked feels just as good as an ass fucking if not EVEN BETTER. Thank you for whoring out my cash cunt sir.” The same man got between andrews legs “Oh financial domination fetish I see? I’ve read online about this shit. Fucking hot.” He looked at andrew and demanded he pay $200 to take his raw load. I took andrews phone and sent $200 from his venom to this lowly muscle pig as he shoved himself inside andrew. Andrew’s eyes rolled back as the Acid was taking full effect. “This is what dumb fags were made for. I finally realize the truth sir.” He was slurring his words as I heard balls slapping against his ass. He came inside andrew shortly as another guy eager to fuck him quickly took the other pigs place. “I think $500 Is worth taking this thick 9 inch black dick.” The black pig gave me his paypal as I sent $500 from his bank account. “Thank you for spreading the legs to my bank account so I can get fucked sir..”

The black guy started wrecking andrews hole as he kept screaming and begging him not to stop. He also came in him as cum just flowed out as he was soaked up his ass. Obviously others were turned on by this and were anxious to get inside this twink boys ass and inside his bank account. Horny and greedy guys asked what was going on as others whispered this was a cash pig getting whored out. The next guy demanded another $500 as the previous guy. Andrew belted out “I’m a fucking drone sirs, my master has total control of my life and my bank account so I can get fucked hard like a dumb faggot deserves. I deserve to be a cum dump for cash cock and raw loads!”

An Hour later Andrew started moaning his social security number and his mothers maiden name as he had gone through 11 loads and had lost 8k. Other guys started demanding $100 just to stuff andrews mouth while he got fucked. Another guy stood next to him and demanded another $100 so he can jerk him off. I sent $700 between 3 guys at once who were all raping andrew as he moaned “Thank you for pimping me out as the retarted cash whore I am sir. I deserve to be in debt sir. I live to be in debt to you for eternity master. It’s The greatest joy in life.” I sent myself 5k, as I am the master who owns him after all! I smacked him across the face again. “You’ve been rinsed of 14k you dumb faggot!” I mentioned the safe word to andrew signaling this was the end. I told others that he was done (didn’t want regret) and we got andrew into the shower.

When we got back to my house he called his mother and said he had relapsed again. There was a lot of crying and andrew emotionlessly responded he’s a fucking idiot over and over. It was all paid off again a month later. They had however taken the emergency card that was in their name as they finally were onto him. Once AGAIN they did paid off his card as they didn’t want him to be in debt. After all, his parents both make 6 figures. I instructed andrew to take 5-HTP for 7 days to rebuild his serotonin to reduce the come down. (Gave him intensive aftercare for 2 days before thanksgiving.) We got him tested for advanced rapid testing before he flew back. (Expensive as hell.) Thankfully the truvada worked (that was actually his idea btw to those reading this. This is why I told him to get on prep as I didn’t want him catching anything.)

When he got back home to his Mass. he went and got tested for all the curable STDS and came up clean for everything. We talked about meeting in another 6 months. “Thank you for whoring out my cash cunt sir. So much better then ass fucking…”

Part 4

It had been a year since Andrew had been whored out at steamworks, one of the most depraved bathhouses in the nation. Throughout the 7 years of serving me, he found himself seeking bigger thrills. For those who didn’t read previous encounters, he was stupid give me his social security number while he kept begging me to manipulate him. I maxed out his credit cards along with his parent’s cards. He later down the road got his share of his grandfather’s inheritance money. And all that made him do was spread the legs to his cash cunt as he became addicted to poppers and narcotics. Later on down the road we went to a BDSM convention which hasn’t been written about yet, but appeared in another blog. Later on as he was ordered to go on Truvada, although I did not make a profit off whoring his ass out at the bathhouse. I instead made Andrew “tribute” every dick he sucked or took up his ass. I made him take stranger’s cash cocks who didn’t know a thing about a human atms, but instincts of greed kicked in as Andrew got fucked over once again. Drugged out of his mind Andrew maxed the limits to those credit Cards once again. His parents to this day are still well to do, believing he was a heroin addict… until this very moment as he has been begging me to destroy him. “I’m a dumb loser sir, I deserve to be manipulated and fucked over sir.”

Andrew was too ashamed to stay at his parents house when visiting the area near Chicago. The strangest thing, they were stupid enough to keep getting him out of debt despite his addiction he told them he had. Although he wasn’t using heroin, he was addicted to something else. His addiction to getting used and fucked over which was an urge, something he couldn’t fight. It would nag at his brains until he would lash out at others. The yearning to be fucked over by me would invade his thoughts, even while working his job. Andrew didn’t like the fact that he had normal thoughts at times, so we decided on caging him 365 days a year. One session after he arrived, I pulled out another chastity device which was different to the CB he was used to wearing. “That cage looks bigger sir, I want my clit shrunk down to a nub, I want to be humiliated for eternity master.” I told him to inhale his poppers and just feel the morphine take over his mind while he makes another stupid decision. I found it was best to place Gorilla Glue inside the side lock, so no key would be even needed. I held a paper towel to the lock after applying, just to make sure it wouldn’t leak on the cage itself. Andrew looked at his new clit once I told him it was ok to try moving around. With his head nodding up and down from being intoxicated, “You sealed it shut with glue sir, thats a very good idea that I could never come up with Master. Thank you for sealing me away.” I looked over my work and told Andrew this was necessary so I could keep doing dangerous things to him.

He soon found himself becoming more productive and being more positive about every day things. Andrew works for Comcast now which is far from being a lawyer, his dreams long before he discovered his true purpose. (“Master is right I’m too much of a fucking idiot to be in charge like that. I can barely keep from staring at his cum stains in my wallet.”) Andrew was instructed to keep a photo of my feet in his wallet behind his drivers license, stained with my cum so he remembered why he works to begin with. Andrew would take calls and get frustrated dealing with the billing department. Sometimes he wanted to quit because of how stupid some of the callers were, complaining they didn’t pay for this, or just trying to get something for free. One guy kept complaining she didn’t pay for HBO until he thought he would lose his mind. But as he would stare at his wallet, he would take a sigh of relief that all of this was worth it. His frustration would spread to a depraved smile remembering that this was all just so he get joyfully screwed over by the man he loves so much. On his breaks, he masterbates in the bathroom thinking about when payday would come just so I could screw him over.

Andrew to this day still lives in Massachusetts, although he has moved around multiple times because of the havoc I was running. This goes back to when he was living with 2 roommates of his. His father is a fucking loser but we will get to that later. We obviously had to take breaks, because Andrew had to make it look like he was getting help. They have so much money, at the same time they just enable it to be honest. At one point I told him to go find a nice boyfriend to use as a “beard.” Andrew was confused at first, “But sir Beards are for closet cases who use a GF to lie about themselves.” I explained that having a boyfriend and going to church might make others see him in a new light. Andrew does exactly what I tell him to do, as he’s asked me what if he doesn’t. “I don’t know Andrew because the last one who defied me was never seen again.” There would be a moan from his voice over the phone, “Oh fuck thats hot.” Andrew loves dangerous men along with dangerous things, so I always know just how to get into that weak vulnerable head of his. I tell him exactly what he needs to hear and what orders must be followed. I told Andrew to find a bf who made good cash, so he could screw over his own boyfriend for my benefit. “I really am a loser sir, to be a degenerate with no respect for myself or others, only you sir.”

Andrew found himself this ugly looking chink with eyes looking like Brock from the Pokemon anime. His parents were doctors and Nick was in medical school. Andrew knew deep down this was evil, which just made him swell in his cage even more. Mike asked why Andrew was caged in chastity along with asking him to remove it. Andrew insisted it must stay on because it makes him more loving and devoting, getting on his knees and giving Nick the best blowjob he’s ever had.  After all, Andrew had been whored out to many guys and had plenty good practice. Those skills carried into his sober mind as psychedelic drugs open your mind to who you truly are. Andrew made sure not to tell his new bf his fake “heroin” addiction that he told to his parents, as that would chase just about anybody away. It wasn’t even true to begin with, when his addiction was getting cash fucked. These were urges that kept getting stronger, which made Andrew do anything to get more lube in his cash pussy. Nick was also on Prep, which has become a popular trend amongst whorish fags like Andrew himself. They had similar interests, only because Andrew made Nick’s interests his own. Subconsciously the skills of my manipulation were creeping into him, as he began manipulating others just to please me. Andrew posted photos of them together on Facebook so his family could see, showing false signs of a normal man when he was just a fucking loser.

I directed Andrew to go on dates with Nick and report back to me things they say and do. Andrew helped me make it very easy to bug his boyfriends phone so I could stalk both of them. “I love being an evil depraved faggot sir. I deserve to be ashamed of myself, it feels wonderful.” Andrew would secretly text me at the dinner table that I fucked him better with my cash cock then Nick fucks him. “He’s got such a tiny dick sir, its nothing compared to yours.” I told Andrew to repeat back to me that his boyfriend is a pathetic loser. “Yes sir my boyfriend is a pathetic loser.” I pointed out that Andrew was a fucking whore who’s ass was now loose. “I know sir but the most troubling thing is my cash cunt being loose, it needs to be tightened so you can pound it.” Andrew would do research on things Nick was interested in, bullshit I found boring myself such as gemstones and Chinese New Year. Andrew started some bullshit about needing to fix his credit without asking Nick for help, manipulating his own BF into bailing him out. “I don’t feel guilty at all for milking him just to be fucked by you sir, I’m that stupid and a low life faggot.” Like a heroin addict Andrew’s cunt was twitching 24/7 as his caged clit would ooze precum like a fountain.


Andrew arrived at my house for a regular session, proud to remind me he had been caged for over 8 months. I grabbed him by the throat casually like it was totally normal, like grabbing a faggot by the cash cunt. He opened his mouth, knowing the routine of being intoxicated. He never asked what I was drugging him up on, as he trusts me and knows it will be for the best being the low life loser he is. This time I drugged him on Vicodin and half a dose of MDMA, melting his mind into nothingness. “Get on your knees and kneel at the foot of my bed, fucking idiot!” Andrew looked down as he fluttered his eye lashes, “Yes sir.” I sat on my bed with my size 12 DCs staring him in the face as I spit in his face demanding his phone. My spit glistened on his forehead as it began to drip down, the foam covering his left eye brow. “Thank you for spitting in my face like the trash I am sir.” I entered his code as I hit record while telling Andrew to start licking my hightops. I informed Andrew he would need to get 2 jobs after I screw him over again. “Understood sir.”

“Andrew tell the Nick what You are.” Andrew began slurping at the fat tongues of my shoes, inhaling hard as he reached around in his pockets for the poppers he carried with him. “I’m a cash faggot Nick and not only that I’m a pathetic Loser.” I told Andrew to inhale 10 seconds each and tell Nick about the joy of having his bank account pounded like a pussy. He inhaled deeply as I counted for him, being intoxicated from he pills I had given him. His pupils were huge as he began rolling on MDMA, his mind flooded with serotonin and dopamine. “You see the greatest joy of being a cash faggot is getting fucked so hard you cum harder then getting fucked in the ass… you’re pathetic Mike because master is a REAL man! Only he knows how to truly fuck me right. His cash cock just glides in and out of my wallet, my cash twat. He’s sent me into debt many times and is the reason my credit is so destroyed.” Andrew’s eyes rolled back as he begged to remove my shoes with his teeth. I stopped recording on his phone as I started digging in his paypal now that Nick and his parents helped pay off most of his credit card debt.

I laughed at Andrew begging to sniff my socks and how badly he needed to be screwed over. “Scam me sir, I’m begging you to screw me over. I love when you make my bank account go negative. I always cum hands free in my cage as I see those red numbers.” I charged his card $250 while gloating over I deserved to take whats mine as Andrew kept begging to take my shoes off. I turned the camera back on to record as I gave permission to remove them with his teeth. Whimpering like a dog and grabbing his cage, he did so as he inhaled harder then he did with poppers. “I love your size 12s sir, they’re so huge and cover my entire face.” Andrew began begging me to make his account go red again rather then charge his credit card. “I’m gonna pound that cash cunt till its sore and torn up, just like your butt hole gets red after getting gang banged from being a fucking slut.” Andrew began mumbling he loves going red.

“I love when fags go red sir, which is why I vote republican. I love destroying myself because it gives me the greatest pleasure sir. I’ve even donated money to “religious liberty” organizations because it turns me on.” Andrew was furiously rubbing his cage as he begged me to make a video message to his parents. I looked in Andrew’s bank account and realized there was only $450 in there, so I took 600 just to overdraft his bank account and take what’s mine. “Your cash cunt is red you dumb faggot.” Andrew moaned as he stared into the camera drugged out of his mind. “Dad I’m a cash faggot and I’ve never even used heroin, I just want you to know you’ve always been right about something. I AM a faggot loser sir.” Andrew kept on not realizing he was calling his own father sir. “I can’t help but be proud to be a loser just like you always said I was. I’m going to keep living my life like the loser I am because I’m that fucking stupid.”

Andrew was moaning as I asked him if he was open about voting republican. “Oh no sir, I tell everyone I’m a stupid snowflake like them. It would be so humiliating if all my close friends knew I voted for Trump and republican during midterms.” I teased Andrew as I was moving around in his Facebook while digging through his messages. While sucking the sweat out of my socks, he kept mumbling under his breath how he needs to be screwed over hard. “Sir please change my password and lock me out of my account!” Andrew couldn’t explain why he was begging to be locked out so suddenly, but the reason was his fag urges taking over. He knows that deep down this is what dumb losers do as it gets them off, even if they can’t cum. I demanded the password to his main email tied to his Facebook, which he didn’t hesitate to give me. All of this was being recorded while he begged me to take advantage of him.

I changed he password to his Gmail and his Facebook, claiming them as MINE. Like a fucking animal, andrew chewed through my socks and began inhaling my bare soles through the holes that he had created. I turned off the camera as I reached for the black marker I had in my drawer, writing “$” symbols on his forehead. I then took a picture as Andrew begged me to post it so everyone could see how pathetic he was. I charged his card another $250, the sound notification on both phones making him whimper in lust. I told him I’m not posting anything unless he does what I tell him. Andrew looked at me and began begging. “Please sir I’m begging you to expose me. I want to be exposed, I need to show the world what a dumb faggot I am, I NEED it!” Andrew began spreading his legs on the carpet and began thrusting his caged clit in the air wishing he could release his load. The only way he would be able to cum is by getting fucked over in reckless ways that would make any faggot jealous for how brave he is and having no shame.

Andrew inhaled my bare holes deeply while holding the poppers to his other nostril, proudly frying his brains further. “I want to be exposed sir, and if begging isn’t enough I will do anything you tell me.” I told Andrew I wanted full control of his wallet and to direct deposit his checks to my account instead of his. Andrew moaned and replied, “I’ll do anything you say, and I think it’s a good idea, just like every idea of yours. You’re always right about everything sir because it always ends up fucking me over.” I decided he needed to get a venmo card so he could pay his bills and rent when due, while making him beg for an allowance. “If that’s what it takes to get exposed sir I will do it, I can’t believe I haven’t done that already.” I got up quickly while bashing Andrew’s face with my socked feet, knocking him on his back. “Thank you for kicking me sir, I deserve to be beaten and abused sir.” I placed a vibrating prostate massager up his ass and told him to lay back down. He wiggled around as precum began dripping out of his cage.

I stood on top of him, using him like a human skateboard once again. (“When he stands on top of me I keep remembering just how powerful he is and how weak I am. I can’t even get up, and I don’t even want to. He can break my rips and I’ll still thank for it.”) Going into my own headspace I began stomping on his caged clit while putting my full weight on face face. Skateboarding for so many years gave me much practice for keeping balance on a human doormat. “I’m smashing your clit the way I smash your bank account!” Andrew let out a muffled scream under my feet as I stomped on his balls, “Thank you for torturing me sir!!!” I told him once he gets back to work he will begin the process of having all paychecks go to me so I can continue to destroy him. “Yes sir destroy me, I deserve to be destroyed for being a piece of trash. Destroy my balls the way you destroy my wallet!!!” Andrew began oozing cum as he groaned loudly just by the toy vibrating up his ass and me tormenting his balls with every stomp. “I’m a faggot sir, it’s not like I really need them anyway!!”


Andrew wasted no time talking to his boss about changing his paychecks over to me. Curious questions were asked as to why but none of that really matters. Andrew worked normally, not being able to get the idea of exposure out of his mind. (“I keep throbbing in my cage wanting to be so fucking stupid, I need the world to know how pathetic I am.”) I would tease andrew with snapshots of messages in his Facebook he was now locked out of. I posted a photo of him in a Pink Maga hat from a BDSM convention we had gone to. (Fuck he’s posting on my Facebook, what is everyone saying?”) Meanwhile as his checks came in, Andrew began begging me every Friday to go out and see a movie with his roommates after work. Andrew had already tied his Venmo card to his bank account, just so I could send him what he needed for bills and an occasional allowance. I sent him what he needed for the movie and snacks as he replied with “Thank you sir.” During the movie he text me with a thank you for taking full control over his finances. “I’ll be honest this is a new feeling, its very scary but hot as fuck.” When his rent was due, I made sure the full amount was there 2 days before. There were no drains for this period of time, as his cash was already being 100% controlled by me.

Nick was already getting tired of Andrew but didn’t know quite how to leave him. Little did Nick know, Andrew was trying to distance himself on purpose. Andrew was always needing cash and needing to be bailed out, such as when he told Nick he needed $500 for car repairs. Nick didn’t hesitate to help his bf, but started to feel annoyed. There was nothing really wrong with his car, he just needed to have sex in his cash pussy again, like a sex drive that can’t be ignored. Nick was constantly paying for every date at this point while he complained about wanting his cage to come off. Eventually Nick told Andrew he needed to figure out a second job as he was beginning to feel like he was being taken advantage of. (“Oh darling if you only knew how pleasurable it is to get taken advantage of, its amazing. And yes I am taking advantage of you, all for my master’s benefit.”) Whenever Andrew needed money for groceries, I would send him a budget on his venmo as he sent back the rest with a copy of the receipt. “I Love having no power over my pathetic lame life sir.”

Andrew’s credit card was still in my possession and had been for years. Ages ago he would get hard as I help up that plastic and reminded him that “dumb faggot this is MY card!” Andrew wasn’t caged back then which meant he’d grab himself as he was loosing further control of himself. Andrew began doing Uber on the side knowing his relationship with Mike wouldn’t last much longer. After all, getting his entire paycheck was not enough to satisfy his natural urges of being a dumb faggot. I knew what he desperately wanted was coming soon, which is why I didn’t use his card much. Occasionally I would go out shopping and take video clips of me swiping MY card and tell him to check his remaining credit. Andrew found it to be fag porn as he would milk his prostate until he had partial orgasms in chastity. I eventually got Andrew a remote controlled butt plug that I could control long distance. As Andrew got it in the mail I told him to wear it to work. “Yes sir.”

The first day of having the remote butt plug, Andrew waited in anticipation as he worked for hours. Eventually he felt a deep vibration in his ass while on the phone with a customer over billing. For some strange reason he found the man’s voice intoxicating, making Andrew realize that just about every man on earth was superior to him. For no reason, he gave him a discount on his Comcast bill as I buzzed the remote butt plug to the max. Andrew struggled not to moan as he began gushing in his pants like a water fountain. The customer was still rude as fuck, prompting Andrew to give him free months to movie channels for no reason at all. (“I love when they put me down, it just makes me want to please any man who talks to me like that!”) As Andrew got used to having the plug up his ass daily, he began orgasming beyond his control at the most unexpected moments. As I would send Andrew fag porn swiping that credit card, I’d buzz it to the max. All of this was to psychologically rewire his brain for him so sink lower.

Eventually Nick got tired of Andrew being a dead beat loser, but still cared enough to be his friend. Nick discovered Andrew was still in debt and that his card statements were near being maxed again, which was the nail in the coffin for their relationship. “Andrew I bent over backwards to help you, why are you in debt again?” Nick reached out to Andrews parents only to hear from his parents that Andrew was an addict. Andrew found his parents telling his boyfriend that was was a loser just got his clit excited like always. (“I want everyone to know I’m a low life faggot. A Trump supporting faggot who deserves to go red in my bank account, not just my votes.) Andrew’s parents demanded he come visit his next vacation to discuss getting help for his addiction. (“I don’t want any stupid help, because once a cash faggot you’re always a cash faggot.) Andrew’s roommates began asking why he was always broke and couldn’t go out to the movies on every Friday night like they used to. (“Why does being questioned about being broke turn me on so much… I love being broke to make Master Kris happy.”) Andrew realized watching his balance overdraft on TeamViewer was a bigger thrill then watching a movie and eating popcorn. When Andrew would overdraft he’d find quick ways to suck dick and take cock up his ass for cash, never going off Truvada (Prep.)

Now that Nick was no longer able to lube his cash Cunt for me, Andrew was determined to keep getting screwed over. “What are people saying about my pics in my Maga hat on Facebook sir?” I posted on his Facebook at him, tweeting about financial domination and what faggots are made to do. There were all kinds of responses as some asked what was he talking about from “wtf is that?” Andrew’s cousin Misty told Andrew in a Facebook message she was concerned about his addiction. In his place I told her that he was fine and was doing well by doing Uber on the side. Despite what he had to say, she found it disturbing he was becoming Republican and asked what kind of gay man he was. In his place I responded that he was a loser and asked to be addressed as faggot. She stopped responding, her mind spinning not knowing how to respond. She began to wonder if he had hit rock bottom, even though Andrew longed to go lower then rock bottom. (“I want to gain the record of the faggot with more debt then anyone else!”)


Months has gone by as Andrew announced he would be making a trip back to Chicago, only he would never see his parents as planned. Andrew showed up right at my place once again begging to be drugged off the bat. “I have a new drug for you Andrew and it’s not a pill.” I opened a thin packet similar to a nicotine patch as Andrew asked what it was. “This is called a fetynol patch and is gonna fuck your mind far more then morphine or OxyContin. It makes you not give a fuck what’s happening.” I slapped the sticky patch on his arm as I reached for my black marker and my own Maga hat (which is nothing but a prop.) I placed the Maga Hat on his head while once again writing dollar symbols on his cheeks and forehead. “I’m very excited what you have in plan sir. I’ve done everything you asked just for you to expose me.” I tied a string to Andrew’s cage and dragged him around my room without warning, pulling hard to make him scream.

“Thank you for hurting my useless fag balls sir, I don’t need them.” I looked at Andrew while continuing to furiously yank him by the cash clit. “We’re going to play a favorite game of mine called “Let’s make the faggot scream. It’s simply fun for me because it turns me on to make sounds from a faggot drone.” Putting out my joint on his arm made him scream loudly, his eyes staring at my erection. (“He doesn’t have any remorse or even care about me. Master doesn’t care what happens to me and that’s how it should be.”) I began twisting his nipples harder for my amusement, just to see what different kinds of screams he could make. “Thank you fuck fucking with my mind sir, I deserve to be manipulated and exploited.” I sat on my bed and motioned for him to lay across my lap facing down. I grabbed my paddle and began whacking his bare ass. I found his limit as tears began to form on his face. “I don’t give a fuck about you! I like “Make the faggot scream” and all that matters is that I’m enjoying it!” I shoved his butt plug up his ass as he screamed not expecting it. I laughed sadistically, “Making the faggot scream and making sounds out of it like a musical instrument.”  

Andrew soon complained he was feeling less pain as the fetynol was starting to kick in, being the strongest narcotic/opioid proscribed in the United States. “I want to continue feeling pain sir, but I understand being drugged is necessary for screwing my life over.” I took photos on his phone and made him beg to be exposed. “Please expose me sir. Thank you for making me change direct deposit to my paychecks sir, I deserve to be manipulated and exploited sir. I’m a walking cum dump, ATM, punching bag, and jester for your gain and amusement.” I waved Andrew’s phone with the text about to be posted to his feed on Facebook, teasing him and making him beg for it more. Andrew got so excited that his caged clit began to slightly stand up, feeling the full bliss of being humiliated by everyone in his life. Within moments a photo of him marked with $ symbols was uploaded along with, “I’m not even a real man, I’m a dumb faggot who lets real men use my bank account like a vagina.” As I showed the post to Andrew he thanked me for exposing him on facebook. Andrew then got on his knees, “I beg you to send that video to Nick you made months ago, I need to be reminded how pathetic I am from every superior around the world.”

Using Andrew’s iPhone I split the video into 3 clips and sent them in order. As we waited for a response, I began vibrating his wireless butt plug as I told him soon his entire reputation would be destroyed. “Yes sir please destroy my reputation and fuck my life over, I need to get screwed by your cash cock hard like a bitch in heat.” It wasn’t long before Nick began calling Andrew’s phone and leaving angry texts. Andrew had confessed his love for me and how I make love to his bank account. Andrew remembered stating in the video he was using Nick just so he can get fucked over regularly. I took the butt blog out of Andrew’s ass and forced him down on the bed. I grabbed an Electronic tens unit, attaching it to both his balls, ass cheeks. and inside his chastity cage. “Please continue to hurt me sir, I deserve to be shocked and electrocuted sir.” I didn’t respond as I got on top of him as I told him we were going to be making some FaceTime calls.

We dialed mike as as Andrew was facedown on my bed. Nick came on the screen and asking what the fuck was up with that video. “Nick sir I love being used, I’m a pathetic cash faggot and was never addicted to heroin. I’m actually addicted to getting used and getting my wallet fucked. I had to use a pathetic Chink like you so I could keep living my fag urges. Unlike you, I’m proud to accept my place in society, so that’s why I don’t care about using you.” Nick was furious looking at the expressions on his face. Nick continued to scream why Andrew made fun of his small dick. “What the fuck Andrew were you really getting fucked when we were dating?” Andrew responded that he was just getting his cash Cunt fucked, which was better then any small cock including his. I got on top of Andrew, slightly pulling down my Basketball shorts as Nick saw me come into view. “Who is that?” Nick asked as I took my shirt off. I shoved my 8in cock in Andrew’s hole for the first time in half a decade, only doing so to get his social security long long ago. The concept of my tactics wasn’t about getting off, it was about pure power and humiliation. Andrew moaned as I began pounding his ass as I looked at Nick and told him, “I got a huge white dick, any faggot would take mine over your 4 inch pencil dick. I’ve been watching your phone as I told Andrew to bug your phone.” Before Nick could respond Andrew spoke while moaning like a girl on prom night, fucked for the first time.

“Nick you’re pathetic, a pathetic loser with a small dick, just like Master says. NO loser can fuck me the way he does.” I began going through Andrew’s PayPal that was saved in my phone, since we were FaceTiming on Andrew’s phone. I began running up his parents credit card again, taking $200 for every 15 thrusts inside his physical Pussy. I whispered in his ear seductively, “I’m fucking the cash out of you, I can feel your entire wallet gripping my cash cock like a vice grip.” Nick hung up the call and told Andrew to fuck off, calling him a piece of shit. Andrew tried thanking Nick for the insult, but he had already hung up. Pounding both his cunts, I held poppers under his nose as he started screaming from pure pleasure. “I can feel your cash cock tearing up my physical pussy sir.” I moaned myself telling Andrew I ran his dads credit card by $1500 already. “I want you to keep thrusting inside my ass so you can keep drilling in my cash twat even faster!!” I then turned on the tens unit, shocking the head to his clit inside the cage and on his ass. As I slammed against his ass I pushed the wires deeper into him, making him scream. I held the remote in my hands as I turned it up the max as he moaned I was hitting his prostate. I reminded him, “A loser’s true GSpot is his bank account.”

Using electricity to torture Andrew I informed him it was time for the final exposure. “I don’t care how you screw me over as long as you do it.” He was panting as I was fucking his physical Cunt like a female pussy. I was hitting his physical gSpot while he groaned and sniffed his poppers face down. Andrew read my mind and decided to FaceTime his dad. On my phone I was getting notifications of others replying to his Facebook posts asking if he had lost his mind. I replied as Andrew proudly responding with how he’s fucked up in the head and loves going into debt. I then posted photos of screenshots I had taken over time showing his negative balance. Soon his Facebook was filled with bank statements and humiliating photos. Misty sent him as messaging asking what the fuck is going on. There were posts as to why he was going republican and voting against his own rights. I then changed his cover photo to a banner supporting “religious liberty.” I kept running through his Dad’s credit card as I started fucking him even harder. It wasn’t long before Andrew begged me to send the video to his dad, accepting what his father told him his entire life. He had been told he’s a loser and a sissy faggot that would never go any further then being a hair dresser.

I sent the video to Andrew’s Dad using his phone so he wouldn’t have my number. Andrew kept moaning to fuck him over and max his dads credit card so he could be reminded what a fucking idiot he is. It wasn’t long before Andrew SR. Called Andrew’s phone as he rejected it. “Sir I’d rather him see me on cam sinking below rock bottom, right where a faggot loser belongs.” As his dad answered I pulled out of Andrew and grabbed my boxing gloves to humiliate him further. His dad started screaming why his credit card was almost maxed out again. “What the fuck is a cash faggot you piece of shit? I thought you had a heroin addiction you’ve been lying to me? You need to get fucking help. From now on we aren’t helping you anymore, you’re fucked up in he head!” I began beating on Andrew with my fists in front of his dad as the old man’s eyes went wide with shock. Andrew moaned that I was the master screwing him over and how much he loved me more then his own dad. (“I can’t believe I’m thinking this but I want my Dad to see me get fag Bashed! I AM fucked up in the head, there is no pretending.”)

Andrew was sad I pulled out of him, begging me to bash him in the face like Matthew Shepard as his dad watched. Andrew’s father, Andrew SR, opened his mouth in horror as he saw his own son getting punched in the face and getting electrocuted with a Tens Unit. Now imagine an older conservative breeder seeing all this, think what was going through this man’s head. Andrew faced his phone, “Dad He fucks me better then any man, my pussy is my bank account and his destruction is what I’m truly addicted to.” His dad spoke up with his eyes popped wide open like a Chinese man at a surprise party, “Andrew what the fuck is wrong with you? I knew you were a faggot but freely going into debt because of a fucked up fetish? Andrew you have a black eye!” His dad was more mesmerized at something so insane yet he never shut off the call. “Dad you don’t have to help me out anymore, I’m getting a second job. You were right all along, I AM a fucking loser.” With a sigh, “Son I didn’t mean that you need to stop this right now! I want you to come home and we can talk about getting you the help you need.”

Andrew ignored him as he begged me to turn the electric current to the max, staring at me with his black eye in pure lust. I laughed finally ignoring his dad, “What a fucked up faggot! Getting beat up in front of your Dad and telling him about being a cash faggot! You’ve really sunk lower then pathetic.” Andrew was cringing as I turned the electric current to the max as I shoved him back down on the bed. I spit on his hole and shoved my cock back in, continuing to charge his Dad’s card as he watched in horror by what was happening. I pounded away into Andrew, taking $250 for every 15 trusts, continuing to cash fuck the shit out him. Andrew’s dad covered his eyes, “omg this is too much for me..” with a tone in his voice it almost sounded like he was about to hang up until Andrew spoke up. “Dad I’m using your credit card just so he can fuck me hard the way he’s pounding my hole!” Andrew was getting fucked up the ass and maxing out his own fathers credit card for him to see. His Father began screaming that he didn’t give a fuck about him anymore and would disown him for being fucked up in the head. He threatened to cut the credit card which he should have done along time ago while continuing to tell Andrew what a Piece of trash he was, staring away from the screen as his son was getting fucked in two different ways. I kept pounding Andrew’s prostate as he started moaning in his Dad’s face, discovering his curiosity for another dark Kink. His dad said he was going to hang up and cancel the card just as I took $500. Thrusting harder and slamming his checking account, I made his bank account go RED once again. I grabbed him by the throat as the FaceTime call ended while Andrew screamed like crazy as the electric shocks were hurting him. As his Dad continued to talk shit to him with names via text, the humiliation of being used in front of his dad made him cum. My cock slammed against his prostate and his wallet until the Credit limit went as high as it could and until my balls were empty.

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