Ancien+ Bug Cha$er & Negative Accounts

This goes back to 2016. Many I’ve talked to recently have had this fantasy, and my response is always “it’s not worth it.” However this was one morbid pig that was on a path for destruction, whether it was me taking the wheel or not. Certain things will kept my memory and won’t be shared for various reasons. Use your imaginations.  I was on this different app but not the typical one I always used. It was used JUST for men into morbid kinks and all kinds of BDSM. I would just log on and leave my iPad open while I was on Skype playing video game whatever. But this night I had Beach Boys spinning on my player celebrating a massive cash fuck from hours before. I had gotten a message with no photos. “Hello sir, I’m a disgusting crack whore.”

“What are you into fucking whore?!”  “Well sir I’m a sex addict and do sick shit because I’m fucked up in the head.” I replied to him telling him my “resume” with all the kinks and sadistic things I enjoyed. “That’s so hot sir knowing you destroyed those faggots and rightfully so. But could you truly destroy a pig like me?” He proceeded to give me his number which I saved in my phone as we continued talking. We talked about substances and my past submissives.
I eventually called him on the phone, as we had been talking for about an hour via text. He was an old mortician but still made a fair amount of cash on top of stock he had invested in. I heard a crackling noise like Rice Crispies. “I’m a crack whore! And a walking ATM sounds so fucking hot…. thats what I need to be. ANOTHER hot way to be destroyed sir. I’ve been chasing danger for years and am too pathetic to even come close… I don’t know what I’m doing all I want to do is be ruined but its so lonely doing it myself.  I was unsure of what he meant by “another” but I knew all would come in due time.

“I am like your slave andrew ryan and kyle you told me about..theres another I forgot his name I’m always fucked up sir and I’m so old sir. I’m too old to remember much yet I keep frying my brains anyway. It’s just so much fun. I’m what you call an old bug chaser. I like doing really dangerous things. I’ve whored myself out back in my day but I’m SO OLD NOW. I’m 66 years old and I’ve started to look in the mirror and accept I AM a sick pig. It feels good to be a sick pig Master. Just so… RIGHT. I need a Master to grab me by the hand and really destroy me!”  I was flipping the 45 to Heat Of The Moment/Only Time Will Tell (Asia) as I took in his comments about being so fucking old. He was clearly into humiliation, and the thought of another idiot putting his life in my hands made me rock hard. I remembered very well what a bug chaser was watching queer as folk. This was ALL new to me as I had never dealt with a pig this fucked up. My satistic mind was spinning like a shellac record at 78RPM.

“Well Larry, I do know what a bug chaser is, and tbh I NEVER thought I’d meet one. Before when I saw it on Queer as Folk I thought that kid chasing the professor was fucked up in the head. He had screws missing in his head and went to that conversion party. Then again if YOU’RE a bug chaser, you’re pretty fucked up in the head as well.”  He began talking over me quickly strung out as hell “Thats so hot when you call me fucked up it just establishes what I’ve always felt. YES I need to be controlled. I’ve waited for this so long! I’m digging around to find my checkbook to give you my account number and routing number. Maybe fucking me over a new way will make you fuck me over in the most ultimate way. This is just OH SO exciting!”

Now this man had not known me very long! He was already willing to hand over access to bank account just because I mentioned findom and it was just so enticing that he didn’t want to back down. He had set the phone down and I could hear him yell “you only live ONCE SIR! I’m so OLD I’m running out of time!” My mind was swimming with a wave of emotions as I had never dealt with any submissive in this type of nature. He started repeating numbers rapidly to where I just gave up and went along with it. He didn’t know a thing about computers because like he said, he was OLD.  

“I want you to download something called team viewer, its very easy to use. It will be MUCH easier for me to fuck you over! This is EXACTLY what you’ve always wanted. All you need to do is download install team viewer, give me some
numbers you see, and jerk off as I fuck you over like the whore you used to be!” An inhale of poppers “Yes sir. I’m installing it now…. Ok I see these numbers… “ He gave me his user ID and password and I saw that standard desktop background to windows XP. You know the one that looks like the green grass on Teletubbies. “Now what sir?” I rummaged through his computer after locking it. “I can’t move my mouse sir… whats going on?!” I laughed and told him to hit his crack pipe again (which he didn’t hesitate to do!) I’m taking control of you, and am about to fuck you in one of the hottest ways possible.”

“I love being fucked sir I don’t care How or where as long as I’m being FUCKED I DONT CARE!” I went into his browser as I was glad all his passwords were saved. I went into his First National Bank account as I heard him shudder. “THIS IS HOT!!!” I moved my mouse over the screen “now tell me why there are multiple accounts Larry?”  He gasped surprised yet excited. “I just pissed all over myself sir. I’m so terrified but I’ve never been so turned on in my life!! Please Keep going!!!” I asked him again as I opened a second tab to see if he had a PPal, which he did :-).  “One is where my check gets deposited, one is my savings, the other is money set aside for a rainy day.” I sent myself $200 on PPal to see his general reaction as I told him His rainy day money will not be touched. “Oh Sir can you take more money? That was fun!” Just to tease him I went back to the other tab and refreshed the page to his checking account and showed the difference in his funds. “Omg sir this is more fun then a Casino! Please fuck me HARDER!! I’m old but I’m a brave man! In my day I’ve Taken 2 cocks at once!!!” I had already clicked the PPal tab as he rambled taking $500 then going back to the other tab to refresh again. “Oh sir this feels so good… *SNIFF*  I can’t believe I’m masterbating while you’re literally taking my money.” I moved back to paypal and sent myself $1000, then refreshing the page to his account once more as I heard him moaning and cumming all over himself.

He quickly hung up the phone.


He called me back 2 nights later in the middle of watching Old SNL clips of Sarah Palin. It was so funny that one clip was exactly what she said with Katy Couric.. but his call was far more interesting.

“Sir I need to be destroyed. That was so fucking hot the other night… I was just shocked. I had never cum so hard in my life it was Like I was in another universe!” I turned the TV off and reached for my bong. “That’s called subspace Larry. I’ve been thinking about you actually. I think the best solution to be destroyed is taking a trip with me to Chicago. There are a ton of biohazard pigs desperate to cum in any hole.”  He interrupted me with a sigh of stress “But I’m too OLD they will find some crystal twink instead!!” I cut him back off “Not if we whore out your bank account…. You pay for each cock. You charge $100 since nobody else is, you get as many loads as you can get in one sitting.” There was a moment of silence until I heard that sound of Rice Crispies again. “You’re so smart sir, this is why I need a rude cold hearted kid to fuck me over because I’m too stupid to do it myself.”

We met at Cupid’s treasure and in person for the first time. Before meeting up, I told him to pull a large amount of cash from his checking account and to bring it in a Crown Royal Bag. ATMS only let you withdraw so much…. He approached me and handed it to me. I found it strange for him to be walking with a cane. “I have joint pain in my knees sir. I can walk without it just makes me feel more proud to be old.” We each paid to get in as I flicked off others who were eying me. We took a small room with a bench and I told him to spread his legs as I stuffed his mouth with my 6 day worn socks and took out black marker that could be seen in the very dim light. I wrote a $ symbol on each of his ass cheeks and gave him a minimum dose of Morphine and told him to relax as crack wasn’t allowed. “Is the chase gonna be over after tonight sir? Will I be the faggot I’ve longed to become?”

I looked out the door and posed as bait stretching and showing myself off. I whispered to pigs that that my whore was paying $100 for raw loads… 2 quickly followed both fucked up on meth and poppers. We closed the door as I handed one pig $100 as the other reached his hand out as I told him to wait his turn. He was horny as fuck, drugged out, and also had no idea what he was truly doing either. Larry was getting ass stuffed as he screamed through the socks as it had been decades since he’s had a dick up his ass. I handed the ugly pig $100 and told him to cum inside…. and he did. He quickly left not even closing the door as others stood outside watching. The methed out bear start plowing away slurring asking for the cash which I took from Larry’s Crown Royal bag, his hard earned money. Larry was paying to get fucked over in not just one way but TWO WAYS.

Other guys saw me handing this disgusting pig money, as others walked in asking if this loser was paying to get fucked. One stud claimed he should be paying $250 since he’s so fucking ugly and old. I chimed in and agreed while further stuffing my sock in larry’s mouth handing another 150 to the pig who had just cum in him. The guy who demanded $250 got just that as he slid his horse cock into Larry, telling him how pathetic he was paying for cock. I spit in Larry’s face and told him how fucking pathetic he was for losing $1700 2 night ago. Other men walked in the small tiny room till it was packed. “You see everyone he is a dirty pig, he wants every load of cum and doesn’t give a fuck what happens. He is experiencing getting cash fucked and watching his bank account get fucked over hard while spreading his legs in such a risky dangerous way.”

Larry had lost 6 thousand and had taken several loads as I periodically gave him more morphine and muscle relaxers so his ass wouldn’t hurt. (Aren’t I just the nicest?!) Then a man with a 6 pack and huge biceps came in asking if this loser was still buying loads. He seemed anxious to fuck him, and it was the perfect match made in heaven. This guy was around my age and moaned as he stuck his hung dick inside of Larry, “I love spreading my toxic seed… I’m Positive you stupid piece of shit… you still want it?!” Larry moaned and nodded up and down in tears. This young pop pig drilled inside of Larry and I decided Larry should pay him another $500 and me $1000 since He was getting a true confirmed seed. Larry Was obviously so turned on watching the physical exchange of what used to be his cash. He came no hands as this guy was fucking him harder and his balls slapping against his ass. Outside the door there was some short bald fat man sitting on a bench looking in. It was now I started to notice him….

I went into his phone and smirked at Larry. “You put your bank account down to 0?” “I pulled everything out of my main account sir… this cash pussy of mine it needs to be fucked harder. Just transfer my entire savings!!!” I did just that. I transferred all 3 thousand of his checking into my bank account rock hard the entire time. I was really fuck him over hard! His cash pussy felt so fucking amazing I wanted to keep fucking him over even more. I proceeded to do something really fun. “well Larry Now that you may be positive lets make your bank account negative!!!” He slurred his words hard again telling me to please to so… he’s “worthlesssssss….” I made myself a payment of $700 as a /authorized/preauthorized purchase whatever leaving his main checking negative. I then proceeded to do so with his savings account. “You’ve been fucking rinsed of all your life source, now that you’re a biohazard pig you can TRULY waste into nothingness!!!!!!”

Cum was dripping and flowing out of Larry. I took out the sock and gave him some bottled water as he was nodding in and out fucked up on morphine while saying “thank you sir.” I grabbed larry by his throat and his cane carrying him out in a main room. I don’t know what came over me but I whacked his ass with his own cane. I remember it just really turning me on. I had robbed this old man, and just had him pozzed. Still in my own 20s and this being a true first, I was running wild inside. He WAS fucking pathetic. And now that he was broke and a biohazard he TRULY was worthless. One guy who had fucked him asked if this was some hot BDSM shit. I handed him the Cane as I spit on Larry. “You’re so fucking OLD that NOBODY WANTS YOU!” Everyone around the room looked, some were actually jerking off as Larry was getting spit and beaten on.

The bald man came up to me asking me what was going on. His name was James and I could smell submissive obedience radiating right off of him. James was witnessing something that had awakened a light bulb in his mind that very night… But thats for another blog.

Larry’s eyes rolled back. “I’m a stupid faggot. Thank you for beating me sirs!! Take my life take my money FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!” I whispered in his ear, “see aids was meant to destroy all pathetic fags like yourself. NO man will want you now. You truly are… now..A WORTHLESS AND A DISGUSTING BIOHAZARD PIG!!!

Me and two others started using bare fists to beat the shit out of Larry leaving his cane on the side. I was so turned on losing control myself. “GIVE US YOUR REMAINING CASH FUCKING LOSER!!” Drugged out on morphone Larry just took out the crown royal bag and threw the other 3-4 thousand up in the air. “I’m a stupid fairy faggot…. fly…. away…. fly fly…. fly away”

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